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Not that Different

Posted in: Features

Beth Torres, EMBA’11 CEO, Make-A-Wish Middle Tennessee Career Path Milestones: Vice President, Junior Achievement Middle Tennessee and Account Marketing Manager, Reebok As a teenage athlete, Beth Torres once dismissed the prospect of a business career as boring. A job at Reebok after college was a huge turning point for the competitive gymnast. “Once I figured [...]

Seven At the Top

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

Over its four decades,Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management has produced hundreds of leaders in functions and industries all over the globe. Meet seven of them in the CEO circle.

Leadership Lessons

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

One alumnus is CFO of the major airline he joined right out of Owen. Another’s focus on toys has taken him to Europe and back. Vanderbilt alumni share their personal leadership paths.

Collaborative, Communal and Uniquely Owen

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

We asked five alumni one question: What did you learn about leadership at Owen? That was all it took to spark an hour-long roundtable discussion.

Owen’s Anthem on Leadership

Posted in: Cover, Features, Summer 2014

From “136 Words to Live By,” the anthem of Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University

Game On

Posted in: Class Acts, Features, Summer 2014

Alumni-owned OwerDog has recruited hundreds of professional athletes to play the video world’s most popular multiplayer games, including Call of Duty, Madden NFL, FIFA and NBA2K, with fans via the OverDog mobile application.

The Elephant in the Room

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

Every leader has an executive and an elephant inside them, says Dick Daft. Successful leaders must recognize both sides of themselves and use them to be effective.

Right on Schedule

Posted in: mini-feature, Summer 2014

Last October,Amelia Emmert became the first member of Vanderbilt’s 2008 inaugural master of accountancy class to reach the level of audit manager.

Change Agent

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

Dr. Jim Jirjis, EMBA’06 Chief Health Information Officer, HCA Career Path Milestones: Chief Medical Information Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center “Go through the doorway that leads to the most other doorways.” That advice from his premed adviser has served Jim Jirjis very well through a career that has led him to the post of chief [...]

Lead and Succeed

Posted in: Features, Summer 2014

Already, Owen’s one-year master’s program graduates are demonstrating that they have the skills needed to make a difference in the workplace.

Three Pillars

Posted in: Cover, Features, Summer 2014

Great minds, stretching from Aristotle to Steve Jobs, have come up with a variety of different ways to define the essence of leadership. How does Vanderbilt set about teaching leadership, a topic that has so many different meanings for so many different people? It comes down to three important pillars.

Community Leader and Problem Solver

Posted in: Class Acts, Features, Summer 2014

Francis Guess has been a problem solver in business, government, community and nonprofit arenas ever since he returned from Vietnam and picked Vanderbilt’s new graduate management school instead of law school.

Operating at the Personal Scale

Posted in: Cover, Features, Winter 2013

Eric Johnson, Owen’s new dean, is a leader, researcher, teacher, administrator and trailblazer. Discover why he came back to the school where he began his teaching career and why he expects big things and breakthroughs.

Reciprocal Agreement

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

Owen and Vanderbilt’s health care community are taking care of business—together.

Wherever the Next Road May Lead

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

After being injured in the Boston Marathon bombings, an Owen alumnus takes stock.

Virtual Reality

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

Lessons professor David Owens learned teaching an online course to thousands help Vanderbilt students in the clasroom.

All in the Family

Posted in: Class Acts, mini-feature, Winter 2013

Two years ago, Jane Kennedy Greene, BA’75, MBA’81, went from being shareholder in the family business to running it when her father asked her to take over the company’s reins. With 4,000 employees and operations in 30 states and Canada, Greene has her hands full as a third-generation CEO and board chair of Kenco Group [...]

Inaugural Success Part 1: Americas MBA for Executives

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

The new Americas MBA for Executives program opens global doors for students throughout the hemisphere.

Inaugural Success Part 2: MAcc Valuation

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

Only months after graduating its first class, the industry-driven Master of Accountancy Valuation program is a hit with accounting firms, recent undergraduates and Owen.

Researching Health Care—the Owen Way

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

With close ties to the medical community, it’s not surprising that Owen faculty to do innovative research into the business of health care.

Policy Matters

Posted in: Features, Winter 2013

Health care students benefit from a mix of professionals in the classroom. In addition to his Medical Center responsibilities, C. Wright Pinson, MD’80, draws on his experiences as a liver transplant surgeon to teach courses in ethics. R. Lawrence Van Horn has an appointment as associate professor of health policy at the School of Medicine. [...]

Nashville‘s Odds

Posted in: Features, Spring 2013

Restoring Music History…Again

Posted in: mini-feature, Spring 2013

As general manager of the Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville, revered as the Mother Church of Country Music, Steve Buchanan oversaw the building’s million dollar renovation and reinstatement as one of the world’s premiere music venues.

Nashville’s Champion

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2013

Behind television’s hit show Nashville and behind the scenes of the legendary Grand Ole Opry is Vanderbilt Owen alumnus, Steve Buchanan, president of Opry Entertainment and co-creator and executive producer of the new nighttime TV drama.

A Seat at the Table

Posted in: Features, Spring 2013

Changes in the corporate world and the reputation of Owen’s Human and Organizational Performance program put Owen HOP MBAs in high demand.

Jim Bradford—Passing the Baton

Posted in: Features, Spring 2013

What do you say about a 40-year career in both the private sector and academia in just a couple of paragraphs?

Postcards from China

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features, Photo Essay

This past April the Executive MBA Class of 2012 traveled to China, where they toured Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau. What follows is a collection of photos and observations that capture their experience.

Taking Off

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics in 2011, Tim Maloney decided to stay at Vanderbilt for one more year. Having a master’s in finance, he believed, would be an important differentiator in a difficult job market.

Plugging In

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features

In addition to running her own company, Lazenby has a national advocacy role in the oil and gas industry, serving as Board Chair of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. Often the only woman in the room, she promotes understanding about industry concerns, including taxation, accessibility and regulation.

Hands On – Photo Essay

Posted in: Features, Spring 2012

This past October’s Immersion Week encompassed health care, finance, marketing and global education, all of which are highlighted in a photo essay.

Bright and Bold

Posted in: Features, Spring 2012

For David Owens, innovation on a personal level can be hard-wired.

“I am genetically an engineer,” he says. “My wife remarked one day as we were traveling, ‘Why do you always have a bag full of wires when we go on vacation?’ It’s just always been part of my identity.”

On Board

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2012

For a guy from Middle Tennessee, Brent Turner, MBA’99, sure uses a lot of nautical terms. That may be the impact of having lived near the Puget Sound in Seattle for the past 12 years, but his choice of words is fitting nonetheless. Turner is helping steer the future of Owen as chair of the school’s Alumni Board, and his enthusiasm, drive and leadership are just the types of invaluable assets you’d want in someone at the helm.

Global Positioning

Posted in: Cover, Fall 2011, Features

Mario Ramos has a hard time containing his excitement about the freshly unveiled Americas MBA for Executives program at Vanderbilt. To hear him talk, you’d think that he’s among the inaugural class of 12 Owen students who’ll be traveling to Brazil, Canada and Mexico in the coming months to learn about those economies.

Best of Health

Posted in: Fall 2011, Features

Few people get to witness the evolution of a brand new hospital from an insider’s perspective. Even fewer get to play a hand in how it takes shape. Yet, thanks in no small part to Vanderbilt’s Master of Management in Health Care program, four health care administrators from Huntsville, Ala., have had just such an opportunity.

Pressure Cooker

Posted in: Fall 2011, Features

Ashoke “Bappa” Mukherji is no stranger to pressure. Soon after graduating from Vanderbilt with both an MBA and a law degree, he was thrust into one of the more challenging roles a budding young attorney could ask for—sitting second chair in a first-degree murder trial. It was his first trial ever.

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