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Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2013

The Grand Ole Opry is entertainment unlike any other. It broadcasts as a radio show, so the live audience sees artist and equipment changes. Seeing transitions is part of the experience.

Strong Current

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2012

I’m reminded how much I’m in the dark about energy every time that I’m, well, literally in the dark. All it takes is just a few hours without power to make me realize how little I understand it and how much I depend on it.

Dome Stretch

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2012

In this age of technological wonders, it’s easy to forget that ours is just the latest in a long line of innovative periods through history. For every new marvel to come along, there’s likely an equally striking precedent in the past.

The World on Its Ear

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2011

When looking at most world maps, we take for granted our points of reference. North is up, south is down, and the U.S. is in the top left corner, just as it was when we first learned geography in grade school. Not everyone, though, subscribes to this point of view.

Under My Own Steam

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2011

When I was younger and trying to decide on a career path, I briefly thought of going into business for myself. It was an admirable, if short-lived, dream, but in retrospect I’m a little dismayed that I even considered it.

Flood of Memories

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2010

The floodwaters that devastated Middle Tennessee in early May left their mark in more ways than one. The physical destruction was sudden and overwhelming: Lives were lost, and many homes and businesses were in ruins once the muddy water subsided.

Between the Lines

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2010

How a lesson in fundamentals gave me the bigger picture

‘Great’ Expectations

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2009

A writer’s view of the recession

Dollar Ills

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Spring 2009

Checking the vitals of our ailing economy

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Pay?

Posted in: Editor's Memo, Fall 2008

Love comes easy to Owen couples.

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