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Life at Owen, Owen for Life

Posted in: Cover, Fall 2014, Features

Erika King, MBA’99, and MBA student Catalina Lizarralde are drawing on their own perspectives, styles and experiences to help shape how alumni and students interact with the Owen School.

Owen’s Anthem on Leadership

Posted in: Cover, Features, Summer 2014

From “136 Words to Live By,” the anthem of Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University

Many Opportunities to Lead

Posted in: Cover, Data Set, Summer 2014

Students take charge in the more than 40 student-run organizations at Owen.

Leading Groups, Honing Skills

Posted in: Cover, Photo Essay, Summer 2014

Hands-on involvement has always been a hallmark of Owen student groups. See what they were up to this year.

Three Pillars

Posted in: Cover, Features, Summer 2014

Great minds, stretching from Aristotle to Steve Jobs, have come up with a variety of different ways to define the essence of leadership. How does Vanderbilt set about teaching leadership, a topic that has so many different meanings for so many different people? It comes down to three important pillars.

Operating at the Personal Scale

Posted in: Cover, Features, Winter 2013

Eric Johnson, Owen’s new dean, is a leader, researcher, teacher, administrator and trailblazer. Discover why he came back to the school where he began his teaching career and why he expects big things and breakthroughs.

Nashville’s Champion

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2013

Behind television’s hit show Nashville and behind the scenes of the legendary Grand Ole Opry is Vanderbilt Owen alumnus, Steve Buchanan, president of Opry Entertainment and co-creator and executive producer of the new nighttime TV drama.

On Board

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2012

For a guy from Middle Tennessee, Brent Turner, MBA’99, sure uses a lot of nautical terms. That may be the impact of having lived near the Puget Sound in Seattle for the past 12 years, but his choice of words is fitting nonetheless. Turner is helping steer the future of Owen as chair of the school’s Alumni Board, and his enthusiasm, drive and leadership are just the types of invaluable assets you’d want in someone at the helm.

Global Positioning

Posted in: Cover, Fall 2011, Features

Mario Ramos has a hard time containing his excitement about the freshly unveiled Americas MBA for Executives program at Vanderbilt. To hear him talk, you’d think that he’s among the inaugural class of 12 Owen students who’ll be traveling to Brazil, Canada and Mexico in the coming months to learn about those economies.

Theory into Practice

Posted in: Cover, Features, Spring 2011

Market impact. It is part of the very fiber of Owen’s finance department. Members of the school’s finance faculty are not only contributing to the industry’s intellectual underpinnings and analytical tools but also training students who, as Vanderbilt alumni, are putting theory into practice worldwide.

Bill of Health

Posted in: Cover, Fall 2010, Features

Christopher Parks found himself facing an all-too-common dilemma. He and his mother, who was in the midst of cancer treatments, were sitting in her living room going through a stack of her medical bills and those of his father, who had died recently.

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