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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

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It wasn’t really summer vacation—it was work. All 163 first-year Vanderbilt MBA students who wanted an internship were hired for one—and took off for businesses around the country armed with new knowledge to use and a willingness to learn. Here are photos they sent back to Owen with a “Wish you were here.”

Tyler Narveson, Allyson Mariani and Hillary Carroll

DaVita interns with gondola [1]

Tyler Narveson (human and organizational performance), Allyson Mariani (strategy) and Hillary Carroll (finance) in front of the DaVita gondola at the company’s headquarters in Denver. They received Three Musketeers hats and swords at the DaVita academy. DaVita’s CEO is known to roam the halls wearing the same, they noted.

Veronica Barnes

Veronica Barnes in plane [2]

Veronica Barnes (general management) was a human resources pathways intern at Honeywell Aerospace. The staff of Owen’s Career Management Center voted this their favorite intern photo of the summer.

Becky Murphy

Becky Murphy [3]

While working as a marketing intern for Johnson & Johnson, Becky Murphy (human and organizational performance) participated in Global Surgery Day at the company’s subsidiary Ethicon. Here she demonstrates one of their products.

Haque Sheik

Haque Sheik [4]

Haque Sheik (operations management) volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Silicon Valley during his internship with Cisco.

Turhan Jesrai

Turhan Jesrai [5]

All work and no play wasn’t what Nestle Purina intern Turhan Jesrai (brand management) experienced. He’s on the left participating in the company’s Marketing Field Day.

Allie Cowan

Allie Cowan [6]

Allie Cowan (general management) worked as a customer marketing manager intern at Mars Petcare. She also was able to visit the Mars Chocolate plant in Cleveland, Tenn., where they make M&M’s.

Kristen Smithson

Kristen Smithson [7]

Kristen Smithson (general management) worked for SecondMuse, a boutique consulting firm, on an event that culminated at a White House Champions of Change event. She’s standing before the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in D.C.

Solvig Gentile

Solvig Gentile [8]

Solvig Gentile (human and organization performance) interned with Hewlett-Packard. She demonstrates how easy it is to use her HP laptop anywhere—including on location in California’s wine country.

Carolyn Griffin

Carolyn Griffin [9]

Carolyn Griffin (marketing) interned in the marketing department at Hershey company headquarters in Hershey, Penn. One of the most tantalizing things about Hershey is that the whole town smells like chocolate.

Megan Eberhard and Sharde Miller

Megan Eberhard and Sharde Miller [10]

Megan Eberhard (health care) and Sharde Miller (general management) attended a Dodgers game in Los Angeles, courtesy of Eberhard’s internship with biopharmaceutical leader Amgen.

Aaron Gaddie

Aaron Gaddie with Jack Daniels [11]

Aaron Gaddie is on the left, with Gentleman Jack on the right. Gaddie (finance, marketing and strategy) worked in business analytics with Brown-Forman Corp., the spirits and wine company behind the Jack Daniel’s brand.

Thomas Mante

Thomas Mante in Brewers costume [12]

Thomas Mante, business operations intern for baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers, dressed as the Italian Sausage (No. 3) to run the Daily Sausage Race held during home games. Mante (marketing) reports that he actually won the race in that costume.

Anjelica Amable

Angelica Amable [13]

Anjelica Amable didn’t leave her heart in San Francisco, but she did visit there while a human service development program intern at Chevron in San Ramon, Calif.

Maulik Handiwala

Maulik Handiwala [14]

His Medtronic health care marketing internship took Maulik Handiwala (general management) to Switzerland and Italy for a week. Handiwala stands in front of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

Matt Merrick

Matt Merrick [15]

Matt Merrick (general management) spent the summer in Cincinnati as a leadership development intern with Fort Washington Investment Advisers, a subsidiary of Western and Southern Financial Group.

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