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In Memory

Posted in: Around the Mall, Summer 2013

Alumni Berlin Vance, BS’39, of Amarillo, Texas, Jan. 1, 2013. Herschiel S. Barnes, BS’40, JD’48, of Cookeville, Tenn., Oct. 17, 2012. Joe T. Brandon, BS’42, of San Marcos, Calif., Sept. 9, 2012. Selina Stoddard Hopkins, BLS’42, of Summerville, S.C., Jan. 19, 2013. Reba Hayden Vantrease Toft, BA’44, of Clarksville, Tenn., Nov. 20, 2012. Ben Allen [...]

Readers Write

Posted in: Readers Write, Summer 2013

Readers share their feedback and insights.

New books from Peabody professors and alumni

Posted in: Read About It, Summer 2013

New books have been published by Peabody faculty and alumni.

Small Investments Yield Big Rewards

Posted in: Peabody People, Summer 2013

When Virginia Johnson enrolled in Peabody, WWII was just ending and teachers were in high demand.

Building on a Strong Foundation

Posted in: Peabody People, Summer 2013

Chris Lai says Peabody prepared him for the twists and turns of life.

Into the Future

Posted in: Peabody People, Summer 2013

Willard Brown is one of the first in America to own the new Tesla model S electric car.

Change and Continuity

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

The invitation was intriguing: “We’d love to have you write about how undergraduate teaching has changed during your tenure.” “Yes!” I thought, “This could be interesting!”

A Mother’s Mission

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

The light-filled classrooms of The Paragon School in Orlando, Fla., provide everything that this mother ever hoped for in an academic environment for her son. That’s because she created it.

A Remarkable Journey

Posted in: Reflections, Summer 2013

Founder’s Medalist Jesse Neugebauer, who graduated in May with a bachelor of science in early childhood education and special education, led the Peabody Commencement processional behind Camilla P. Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of education and Human Development, and banner bearer Sarah Perlman. Neugebauer, a Nebraska native who is a two-time cancer survivor, is [...]

After Newtown

Posted in: Features, Summer 2013

In the immediate aftermath of the December 2012 murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the public’s horror over the violence escalated into a contentious debate on school safety, bullying, parenting and gun laws. Little is known about why Adam Lanza killed his mother, six educators and 20 first-graders before killing himself. The media replayed the few details that were known, but the traumatic incident left many questions in its wake. Peabody faculty weigh in.

Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools Jesse Register, Dean Camilla Benbow and H. Rodes Hart

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

From the Dean

Posted in: Fall 2012, From the Dean

As a member of the National Science Board, I occasionally have the privilege of hearing firsthand accounts of recent scientific advances. Often the best new ideas result when people with different backgrounds and specialized knowledge are thrown together in unexpected ways and places. Peabody College has its own unique history of fostering innovations in the realms of education and human development.

Readers Write

Posted in: Fall 2012, Readers Write

Children or Goats? I read with interest our summer edition of the Reflector and noted several references to “kids.” However there were no references to goats, who are the progenitors of kids. While observing a high school teacher, who was also a football coach, I learned that he always referred to his students as Mr. or Miss and always [...]

Dean Benbow appointed to Education Sector board

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Camilla Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development at Peabody, has been appointed to the board of directors for the Washington, D.C., think tank Education Sector. Education Sector is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to achieving measurable impact in education, both through improving existing reform initiatives and by developing innovative solutions [...]

Graduate Student Dinner

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Flores co-develops brief for U.S. Supreme Court

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Peabody’s Stella Flores, assistant professor of public policy and higher education, was one of 21 researchers nationwide who developed an amicus brief summarizing key research on affirmative action in anticipation of the case, Fisher v. University of Texas, which went before the U.S. Supreme Court in October. The document was submitted by the Civil Rights [...]

Susan Gray School

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

New Faculty

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Gary T. Henry, professor of public policy and education in the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations, comes to Peabody from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Joe Rodgers, professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology and Human Development, comes from the University of Oklahoma. Melissa Gresalfi, associate professor of math education [...]

IRIS Center receives $7.5M grant

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

A five-year, $7.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs will continue funding of the IRIS Center at Peabody. The IRIS Center develops coursework and teacher training materials to help students with disabilities achieve their academic potential. Director Naomi Tyler, associate professor of the practice of special education, says [...]

‘Scaling up’ effective practices in urban high schools

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

The National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools at Peabody announced the next phase of their partnership with Broward County Public Schools to study and “scale up” effective practices of these Florida high schools. As part of an ongoing, five-year study funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute on Education Sciences, researchers first studied [...]

Randall K. Harley

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Randall K. Harley, (MA’54, PhD’62) professor emeritus of special education, who taught at Peabody for over 29 years, was honored with a reception on campus in September during which he was presented with a stone to be placed in the Hall of Legends at the American Printing House for the Blind. During his tenure at [...]

Returning teachers feed workforce, gender differences prevalent

Posted in: Around the Mall, Fall 2012

Former teachers may be an important source for the teacher labor supply, with as many as 30 percent of this population re-entering the field at some point, but who is most likely to return to the classroom after a hiatus? New research from Peabody examines what factors affect teachers’ decisions to re-enter the teaching profession [...]

Read About It

Posted in: Fall 2012, Read About It

Magdalene House: A Place about Mercy, (Vanderbilt University Press, 2012) by Sarah VanHooser Suiter, PhD’10, is a participant-observation account of the history of this remarkable community founded in 1997, its structure, its Thistle Farms beauty products operation, and Reverend Becca Stevens’s communal and spiritual vision. The book was developed from Suiter’s doctoral dissertation. Strength in [...]

Reluctant readers? There’s an app for that.

Posted in: Fall 2012, Peabody People

An acclaimed young adult novelist is now applying her vision, talent and Peabody connections to engage young readers with Shakespeare.

A firm foundation in life and work

Posted in: Fall 2012, Peabody People

Thomas H. Powell, EdD’82, currently in his 10th year as president of Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmetsburg, Md., has led the nation’s second-oldest Catholic university to new heights.