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AWARDS & HONORS Sun-Joo Cho, assistant professor of psychology and human development, was named a 2013 National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellow. The $55,000 award will allow her to pursue research through summer 2015. Bob Crowson, professor of leadership, policy and organizations, has been selected for the Roald Campbell Lifetime Achievement Award from the University [...]

Special Education new faculty named

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The Department of Special Education announced the appointment of six new faculty members. They are (front row, left) Blair Lloyd and Victoria Knight, (back row, left): Chris Lemons, Joe Lambert and Erin Barton. Not pictured is Jennifer Ledford. (Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt)

Staff member earns Commodore Award

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The Commodore Award, Vanderbilt’s highest staff honor, was presented during the Service Awards Celebration Sept. 10 in Langford Auditorium to Rosemary Moody, an educational coordinator in the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations. The annual award recognizes and rewards significant achievement in Vanderbilt’s pursuit of excellence in education, health care, research and community service. She [...]

Former University of Minnesota president receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

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Peabody College bestowed its 2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award on educational psychologist Robert H. Bruininks during Commencement on May 10. Bruininks earned his master’s degree in 1965 and a doctorate in 1968 in educational psychology from the George Peabody College for Teachers. He had previously graduated with honors from Western Michigan University. After completing his doctorate, [...]

Exodus of physicians to America causing ‘brain drain’ in Africa

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The past decade has seen a dramatic rise in the number of physicians trained in sub-Saharan Africa emigrating to the United States—40 percent overall when compared to the last decade—resulting in a “brain drain” on nations in the greatest need for affordable and accessible health care. This conclusion was put forth by Akhenaten Tankwanchi, Phd’12, [...]

Group prenatal care leads to improved birth outcomes

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Women with access to group prenatal care had improved birth outcomes, including longer gestational periods and higher birth weight, in a study conducted by researchers at the Peabody Research Institute. The most striking finding was that group prenatal care had “statistically and clinically significant beneficial effects on very low birth weight and fetal demise relative [...]

Positive interactions vital to pre-K classrooms

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Positive interactions in a pre-kindergarten classroom may be equally or more important to the future academic development of 4-year-olds than learning letters and numbers, according to Dale Farran, senior associate director of the Peabody Research Institute and co-author of a new study. It shows that young children improve self-regulation skills in classrooms where teachers exhibit [...]

Early spatial reasoning predicts later creativity and innovation

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Exceptional spatial ability at age 13 predicts creative and scholarly achievements more than 30 years later, according to results from a longitudinal study led by David Lubinski, professor of psychology. The study provides evidence that early spatial ability—the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects—predicts the development of new knowledge, and especially innovation [...]

New evaluation process offers better outcomes for juvenile offenders

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Peabody researchers are partnering with juvenile justice systems around the country to evaluate the potential of delinquency intervention programs to reduce recidivism in hopes of improving outcomes for young offenders. Mark Lipsey, research professor in human and organizational development and director of the Peabody Research Institute, is the lead researcher on the Juvenile Justice Reform [...]

NSF grant yields insights on math teaching

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A grant of $200,000 from the National Science Foundation will enable Peabody researchers Thomas Smith and Paul Cobb to collaborate with Chinese researchers to identify instructional supports that lead to higher levels of mathematics achievement. Smith, associate professor of public policy education and director of graduate studies in leadership, policy and organizations, and Cobb, professor [...]

From the Dean

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Peabody is committed to excel on the international front, rooted in the knowledge that the best solution to conflict and chaos resides in education.

$10M grant establishes center for special education

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The National Center for Special Education Research has awarded $10 million to a team of researchers led by Doug and Lynn Fuchs, the Nicholas Hobbs Professors of Special Education and Human Development, to develop new math and reading strategies aimed at improving student success. The five-year grant, which establishes an Accelerated Academic Achievement Research Center, [...]

Wehby receives Chancellor’s Cup

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A Faculty Senate meeting was delayed briefly Oct. 3 by a surprise guest—Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos—who interrupted the session to award the 2013 Chancellor’s Cup, now in its 50th year. The recipient was Joe Wehby, associate professor of special education and co-director of graduate studies in special education. He lends his time and resources to [...]

A goulish ghord appears at Wyatt

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Fall weather arrived reluctantly and late to Peabody lawn. When crisp temperatures at last contested summer’s vestiges, this ghoulish gourd, as if by magic, appeared on the steps of the Wyatt Center. Mischievously grinning beneath its leafy crown, it stood watch as sweaters and scarves materialized in the frost-tinged mornings, squirrels scurried to gather provisions, [...]

Citizen of the world, ambassador by default

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Keegan Fellow Kathleen Russell shares her journey: 373 days, 24 countries, five continents—and a life transformed.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

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A mobile farmers’ market, a fair wage bakery and a newspaper that employs the homeless are just a few of the social entrepreneurship efforts launched by HOD students.

Gold Standard

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Finding one’s passion is the key to a fulfilling life, says Betsy Wills, and helping young people tap into their passions has become one of hers.


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Rawlings executives John and Robert Parish carry on the family tradition of working in the sporting goods industry.

Fall 2013 Staff

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Visit Peabody College’s website at Joan Brasher, Editor Jan Read, Senior Director, Integrated Communications Donna Pritchett, Art Director Chris Collins, Designer Bonnie Arant Ertelt, Class Notes Editor Contributors: Kurt Brobeck, Lisa A. Dubois, Bonnie Arant Ertelt, Jennifer Johnston, Kathleen Russell, Jane Sevier, Jennifer Wetzel Camilla Persson Benbow, Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education [...]

Foreign Exchange

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In a fragmented world, education can build bridges across oceans, mountains and deserts; it can draw connections between cultures that seemingly have little in common; and it can break the knots of tightly bound prejudices through shared experiences and mutual concerns. For these reasons, Peabody College has embarked on a journey of robust international exchange.

For more than a decade, Peabody faculty members have been crisscrossing the globe to study and teach best educational practices. They have invested in programs to bring teachers and education leaders from other countries to the Vanderbilt campus and have collaborated with education researchers abroad to find solutions to the most impregnable problems facing schools today.

Luck + hard work = success

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Nearly 50 years later, Chong-Moon Lee recalls the generosity he encountered during his first visit to the Peabody Library.