Spring 2014 Issue


A Closer Look

There are two computer screens on the desk of Christine Micheel, Ph.D., one constantly monitoring the Web traffic on MyCancerGenome.org. “I can see how many people are on the website right now and where they are in the world. We get about 1,000 visits every day, and less than half are from the U.S. International [...]


Myth: Ovarian cancer does not have symptoms. Fact: It does. Cheri Barrow knows this all too well. In 2007, after months of struggling with severe bloating, reduced appetite, lower pelvic pain and hot flashes, the Elkton, Ky., school teacher went to the doctor and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is currently on her fifth [...]


My name is Wade Hayes. I am a singer/songwriter/ musician here in Nashville. I can now add colon cancer survivor to my resume. I started this journey back in 2011. I had been experiencing symptoms for a few years such as minor bleeding and lethargy. I attributed my symptoms to heavy weightlifting and a hectic and [...]

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