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Now and Later
by Mardy Fones | Spring 2012Up Close

Yearlong project sets out to change the campus and the world for the better.

Would you refuse to drink bottled water if it would help your yet-to-be-born great grandchild? That’s a delicate balance—the contemporary demand for immediate gratification and the responsibility to secure and protect resources for the future. Understanding and managing these competing issues has been the topic of the Sustainability Project, a yearlong Vanderbilt-wide exploration under the aegis of the College of Arts and Science’s American Studies program and funded by the College of Arts and Science’s Fant Fund.

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Math to the Nth Power
by David Salisbury | Fall 2011Up Close
The mathematics department quietly experiences dramatic growth in rankings and research prominence.

The next time you pull out your smartphone, take a moment to appreciate the tremendous amount of mathematics that it embodies. Math is involved in converting the sound of your voice into radio signals that connect you to your friends. It is used to create the complex shapes of the fonts in your email messages. In fact, all the phone’s functions are performed by executing basic logical operations on binary code, strings of ones and zeros.

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In the Lab Early
by Sandy Smith | Spring 2011Up Close

As Beckman Scholars, undergraduates experience responsibility and research life.

The typical undergraduate life isn’t filled with lost sleep over curing cancer. But for Joseph J. Crivelli, participation in research has done just that. For Tesniem Fathi Shinawi, her undergraduate life has featured the learning experience of juggling classes, homework and research.

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Active Earth
by Mardy Fones | Fall 2010Up Close
EES researchers study Earth’s history while the planet is still making it.

In the College of Arts and Science, if you’re going to study Earth and environmental sciences (EES), you get out of the classroom. So in the Cascade Range of Washington State, Professor Calvin Miller and his students examine Mount St. Helens. Beside a river in Bangladesh, Associate Professors Jonathan Gilligan and Steven Goodbred Jr. help students try to find answers to that country’s fresh water needs. And in frozen Antarctica, Professor Molly Miller tracks environmental changes in the face of global warming.

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The Craft of an Art
by Jan Read | Spring 2010Up Close
Selective M.F.A. program in creative writing draws attention and applicants.

Within the brick walls of Benson Hall’s top floor lies an incubator for the next generation of writers. Home to Vanderbilt’s master of fine arts program in creative writing, the fourth-floor hallways are lined with books, comfortable reading chairs, and the workplaces of renowned authors mentoring some of the campus’ best student writers.

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Behavior and the Brain
by Sandy Smith | Fall 2009Up Close
Psychology department strengths lead to national recognition and discovery.

Forget what you’ve seen on The Sopranos, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Frasier or cop shows. Despite the almost universal depiction of psychology in the media, the Department of Psychology in the College of Arts and Science focuses on the bigger picture: how brain processes affect human behavior.

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Broadly Concentrated
by Sandy Smith | Spring 2009Up Close
Sociology department builds on existing strengths in key areas.

Sociology department builds on existing strengths in key areas. Sometimes new leaders make their mark on an organization by changing everything. Fortunately for the Department of Sociology, new chair Katharine Donato doesn’t hold that philosophy. Instead Donato is building on the strengths of the programs in place to generate growth.

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Fully Equipped
by Sandy Smith | Fall 2008Up Close
The Managerial Studies program blends liberal arts strengths with business know-how.

The Managerial Studies program blends liberal arts strengths with business know-how. In this global, fast-changing, digital age, people in business need to know more than just business. That’s why the Managerial Studies program in the College of Arts and Science combines a liberal arts education—cultivating creativity, knowledge, innovation and the ability to think critically—with a strategic foundation in business methods.

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Change the World
Spring 2008Up Close
One major combines learning, research and service to develop real world solutions now.

One undergraduate travels to Jamaica to research whether the health clinic is open when the population needs it most. Another works with a local hospice. A third studies the effect of literacy on diabetics’ renal function. Vanderbilt has always strived to educate its students so they will go forth and contribute as leaders after they graduate. But why wait?

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