The battle erupts every time the economy nosedives: skills training versus education. With unemployment high and the future uncertain, should students focus on a trade or a broad-based education? Employers, corporate recruiters and education experts say short-term thinking will cost you in job growth and lifetime income potential. Their preference? The liberal arts education.

Their preference? The liberal arts education.

Long on critical thinking, writing, communication, problem solving, and development of analysis and synthesis of data, a liberal arts education fosters a capacity for lifelong professional success.

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heard-gaventa-thumb How Nixon, Campus Protests and Alexander Heard Still Inspire Social Change

I live in Sussex, England, though most of my work takes me to poorer parts of the world in Africa, Asia or Latin America. The College of Arts and Science, from which I graduated almost 40 years ago, often seems a long way away. But when I learned last year of the death of Chancellor Alexander Heard, I began to reflect on the connections between my years at Vanderbilt and my work in international development today.

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mouzon-siddiqi-150x150 Five Minutes With … Mouzon Siddiqi

Mouzon Siddiqi has participated and thrived in international relations from Alabama to Afghanistan. Most of that time and effort have been on the Vanderbilt campus, where she serves as program coordinator for the Graduate Program in Economic Development (GPED).

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bangladesh-boats-thumb Active Earth

In the College of Arts and Science, if you’re going to study Earth and environmental sciences (EES), you get out of the classroom. So in the Cascade Range of Washington State, Professor Calvin Miller and his students examine Mount St. Helens. Beside a river in Bangladesh, Associate Professors Jonathan Gilligan and Steven Goodbred Jr. help students try to find answers to that country’s fresh water needs. And in frozen Antarctica, Professor Molly Miller tracks environmental changes in the face of global warming.

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original-cast-thumb Back in the Day

In fall 1975, four undergraduates with love for performing and Broadway musicals launched a new campus organization called the Original Cast, a Broadway revue troupe. That first year, they had to find their own funding, run auditions, find places to rehearse and perform, and put on a show. Now 35 years later, the group started [...]

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