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Faculty Promotions

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Promoted to Professor

Katherine Crawford, history
William Franke, comparative literature and Italian
Jane Landers, history
Anna Roe, psychology
Mark Schoenfield, English
Virginia Scott, French
Robert Talisse, philosophy

Newly Named Associate Professors with Tenure

Brandt Eichman, biological sciences
Shane Hutson, physics
Richard Lloyd, sociology
Richard McGregor, religious studies
Nancy Reisman, English
Elizabeth Zechmeister, political science

New Tenured and Tenure-Track Appointments

Tyson H. Brown, assistant professor of sociology, on the tenure track
Robert Ford Campany, professor of Asian studies, with tenure
Celso Thomas Castilho, assistant professor of history, on the tenure track
C. André Christie-Mizell, associate professor of sociology, with tenure
Nicole K. Clay, assistant professor of biological sciences, on the tenure track
Jennifer Fay, associate professor of film studies, with tenure
Monique L. Lyle, assistant professor of political science, on the tenure track
Philip James McFarland, assistant professor of German, on the tenure track
Paul Benjamin Miller, assistant professor of French, on the tenure track
Evelyn J. Patterson, assistant professor of sociology, on the tenure track
Kamal Saggi, professor of economics, with tenure, and Director of the Graduate Program in Economic Development
R. Jay Turner, professor of sociology, with tenure
Alan E. Wiseman, associate professor of political science, with tenure

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