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Dean’s List

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Dean’s List

($5,000 to $9,999)

Steven and Ellen Adams (parents)
Mary Patrice Mahon Alcus, BA’85
John D. Alexander Jr. and Claire L. Alexander (parents)
Antonio J. Almeida, BA’78, and Margaret Taylor Almeida, BS’79
Judy Kemp Amonett, BA’69
Philippe and Robin Amouyal (parents)
Glenn Allen Andreas III, BA’92, and Jennifer Thau Andreas, BA’93
William Earl Ansapch III, BS’82, and Cecilia S. Anspach
Dwight Ian Arnesen, BA’77
Tyler Baldwin Jr. and Ellen Coker Baldwin (parents)
W. Marston and Katharine Becker (parents)
Jon R. Berquist, BA’76 (parent)
William D. Booth Jr. and Vicki U. Booth (parents)
Robert G. Bradley and Cardin Wyatt Bradley, BA’88
Francis S. Branin Jr. and Cordelia Penn Wilcox Branin (parents)
John and Gloria Braskamp (parents)
David and Shawn Brevard (parents)
Stephen and Gail Brookshire (parents)
Christian T. Brown (parent)
Martin S. Brown Jr., JD’92, and Cathy Stewart Brown, BA’86, MBA’90
J. W. Barry Bruckmann, BE’73, and May Beth Bruckmann (parents)
Lytle D. Burns III and Bebe Selig Burns, BA’68 (parents)
John M. Colvin Jr., BA’55, MS’58, JD’65, and Beth E. Colvin
Charles Eugene Cook Jr., BA’94, and Patricia Elston Cook, BA’83, MA’90
Bruce and Janet Corser (parents)
Michael P. Donovan and Nancye L. Green (parents)
Victor and Mary Dowling (grandparents)
James Edwin DuBose, BA’79, and Victoria Ann Adams, BSN’79 (parents)
Jay and Patricia Fischoff (parents)
William L. Ford III, BA’53, and Mary Elizabeth Wellford Ford, BA’57 (parents)
John and Laura Foster (parents)
Jerome and Leah Fullinwider (grandparents, parents)
Curt Ingram Futch, BA’96, and Ann Howell Futch
James L. Garard III and Linda P. Garard (parents)
Judith Scobey Gentry, BA’61 (parent)
Todd C. Giacco, BS’87
Richard J. Glasebrook II and Lucy Glasebrook (parents)
Qung Wing Go, BA’73
M. Williams Goodwyn Jr., BA’77, and Maura R. Goodwyn (parents)
John P. Greer, BA’72, MD’76, and Gay Nienhuis Greer, BSN’74 (parents)
Paul and Diane Guidone (parents)
William B. Hanlon III and Victoria S. Hanlon (parents)
Philip and Sara Hawk (parents)
Kenneth and Leslie Heisz (parents)
Peter and Lucinda Holbrook (parents)
Robert M. Holder Jr., BE’51, and Ann M. Holder (grandparents, parents)
Jay Underwood Howington, BA’92, and Corinne Meek Howington, BA’94
Willis J. Hulings III and Xima Lee Harlin Hulings, BA’81 (parents)
Benoît and Jessie Jamar (parents)
John Paul Jones, BA’42, and Sandra Sanders Jones
Heidi W. Kaess (parent)
Scot E. Karr, D’78, and Patricia M. Karr (parents)
David and Darcie Kent (parents)
Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner (parents)
Kenneth Krushel and Patricia Fili-Krushel (parents)
Lee A. Lahourcade, BA’79, and Virginia Dunnam Lahourcade
Robert H. Lawrence Jr., BA’65, and Gale Lawrence
Patrick and Dania Leemputte (parents)
Charles Don Leone II, BA’90, MBA’92, and Sharon Castrow Leone, BA’91
Bruce and Joanne Levy (parents)
H. Hays Lindsley, BS’80, and Allyson S. Lindsley (parents)
Jeffrey C. Lynch, BA’84
B. Michael Marino, BA’88, and Anne M. Helms Marino, BA’88
George Thomas Martin Jr., BA’63, and Joanna W. Foley, BA’65
John and Christiana McConn (parents)
David and Nicki McDonald (parents)
Russel Leeds Miron, BA’82
Marion Brinkley Morse and Laura L. Boyd, BA’77
Nagy Morsi and Sarah Augusta Mayfield, BA’89
J. Davenport Mosby III, BA’78, and Glenn Bush Mosby, BA’78
Michael Brian Orkin, BA’81, and Judy Orkin (parents)
Sharon A. Pauli, BA’70
Leon M. Payne Jr. and Julie S. Payne (parents)
Bradley and Cindy Pearman (parents)
H. Ross Perot Sr. and Margot Perot (grandparents, parents)
Daniel and Susan Plaine (parents)
Douglas Michael Quartner, BA’77, and Jan R. Quartner (parents)
Walter and Susan Rakowich (parents)
Margot Bell Roberts, BA’82
Russ Robinson, BA’79, and Leslie Robinson
D. Bruce and Bettina Ross (parents)
Jesse A. Sasser Jr. and Frances Dannals Sasser, BA’74 (parents)
Robert C. Schiff Jr., BS’77 (parent)
Scott Schoelzel and Katie Schoelzel (parents)
Steven and Roberta Schulman (parents)
Allison Scollar
Richard Lerner and Jennifer Scully-Lerner, BA’92
Harold and Ida Semel (grandparents)
Neil and Michele Semel (parents)
Tomas W. Sennett and Marjorie Tillman Sennett, BA’82
Henry Z. Shaub and Jacqueline D. Sidi-Shaub (parents)
Joel Silverman and Gail Babnew (parents)
Thomas E. Skains and Sherry E. Skains (parents)
Paul R. Smith and Ann Potts Smith, BA’82
Rodney Bruce Steiner and Jane Besthoff Steiner, BA’84
Timon V. Sullivan, BA’76, and Diana O. Sullivan (parents)
Brandon and Lise Sweitzer (parents)
Winston M. Talbert and Laura Watson Talbert, BA’90
Cooper L. Terry, BA’85, MD’89, and Virginia Self Terry, BA’87
Carter Reid Todd, JD’82, and Laurie O’Brien Todd, BA’83, MLAS’96 (parents)
Norman H. Tolk and Marilyn N. Tolk
Gregory J. Trapp and Pamela Forsythe Trapp, BA’80
Richard C. Unger Jr., JD’77, and Shelton Sumner Unger, BA’78 (parents)
Cy and Jean Waddle (grandparents)
Bruce and Betsy Walker (parents)
Charles and Sharon Warshaver (parents)
W. Scott and Susan Webber (parents)
Herron P. Weems, BA’75, and Cary W. Weems (parents)
Russell Cornelius Weigel III, BA’86, and Luz Weigel
Giffen and CiCi Weinmann (parents)
William A. Wise, BA’67, and Marie F. Wise
Rodney S. Yanker, BS’80, and Mary Maxwell Yanker (parents)

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