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Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level

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Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level

($25,000 and above)

Greg Scott Allen, BA’84, and Elizabeth Sauereisen Allen, BS’83
Samuel E. Allen, BA’58, and Angie Allen (parents)
Bequest of Grace M. Almon, BA’53
John Douglas Arnold, BA’95, and Laura Arnold
William W. Bain Jr., BA’59, and Ann D. Bain (parents)
Lee and Ramona Bass (parents)
Carol Bernick (parent)
John F. Bookout III and Ann Bookout (parents)
James Cowden Bradford Jr.* and Lillian Robertson Bradford, BA’63
Arthur and Nancy Bunn (parents)
John and Wilma Byrnes (parents)
Ben and Leigh Carpenter (parents)
Ruth Montgomery Cecil, BA’65
Celeste Wickliffe Cheatham (parent)
William Millard Choate, BA’74, and Susan Spieser Choate
Jack and Nancy Cohen (parents)
Cecil D. Conlee, BA’58 (parent)
Claiborne and Elaine Deming (parents)
Roger K. Deromedi, BA’75, and Sandra Deromedi
John and Pamela Egan (parents)
Ike Lawrence Epstein, BA’89, JD’92, and Michelle Epstein
Lester G. Fant III, BA’63, and Susan Braselton Fant, JD’88
Brian Allen Grove, BA’82, MBA’83, and Charlotte Sunderland Grove
Steven D. Grushkin (parent)
Joanne Fleming Hayes, BA’68 (parent)
Richard G. Holder, BA’52, and Patricia Holder (grandparents, parents)
Keith Alexander Hoogland, BA’82, and Susan Moore Hoogland, BS’82 (parents)
Allan B. Hubbard, BA’69, and Kathryn F. Hubbard (parents)
Lewis Mitchell Jeffries, BA’80
Mary Elizabeth Kirsch, BA’84, and Adam White Kirsch
Charles and Elizabeth Kojaian (parents)
Spencer and Rhonda Kravitz (parents)
Peter and Maureen Lee (parents)
Robert M. Levy, BA’72, and Diane v. S. Levy
John R. Loomis, BA’51 (parent)
Mark Harold Loomis, BA’89, and Stephanie M. Nelson Loomis
William and Helene Lortz (parents)
George and Susan Matelich (parents)
Richard and Sheila McCarty
Caroline R. McGuire, BA’08
Patrick McMullan III, BA’74
Scott Lewis Miller, BA’81, and Julie Miller
Geoffrey T. Moore and Lucie H. Moore, BA’79
Charles M. Myer III, BA’75, and Virginia Place Myer, BSN’75 (parents)
D. Craig Nordlund, JD’74, and Sally Baum Nordlund, BSN’74 (parents)
Bequest of Alison Brooke Overby
Craig S. Phillips, BA’76
Wesley Railey Powell, BA’91
Randall S. Preissig, BA’68
Frank Adams Riddick III, BA’78, and Carol Mykoly Riddick
Joe L. Roby, BA’61, and Hilppa A. Roby
Robert M. Rogers, BA’75, and Carolyn Thomas Rogers, BA’75
John Willson Ropp, BA’84, and Adrienne Dreiss Ropp
Richard and Amy Ruben (parents)
John M. Samuels, BA’66
Anne Elizabeth Schaad
Gayle Fambrough Snyder, BA’56 (parent)
Karen Joachim Sobotka, BA’84
Eric Spomer and Betty Wiener Spomer, BA’83
William Michael Tomai, BS’81
William E. Turner, BA’54, and Cathy Wilson Turner (parents)
Eugene H. Vaughan Jr., BA’55, and Susan Westbrook Vaughan (parents)
Anne Marie Newton Walker
Thomas B. Walker Jr., BA’47
Richard F. Wallman, BE’72, and Amy Wallman
Steven and Caryn Wechsler (parents)
Carl and Jimmy Westcott (parents)
George Howard White III and Patricia Early White, BA’76 (parents)
James and Alinda Wikert (parents)
William H. Wilcox, BA’74, and Elizabeth L. Todd
William M. Wilson, BA’70, and Caroline Cooke Wilson, BA’85

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photo credit: Daniel DuBois, John Russell

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