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Chancellor’s Council Level

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Chancellor’s Council Level

($10,000 to $24,999)

G. Hughes Abell, BA’72
F. Duane Ackerman and Katherine King Ackerman, BA’66
Akram Aldroubi
Ruthanna Jolley Bost, BA’71
John F. Brock III and Mary R. Brock (parents)
John H. Broocks III and Nancy N. Broocks (parents)
W. H. G. Caldwell Jr., BA’57, and Margaret Buford Caldwell (parents)
Norman R. Carlson and Margaret Ann Davis Carlson, BA’63 (parents)
Ruth Montgomery Cecil, BA’65
Robert A. Christensen, BA’55
Jan Clark (parent)
Ann Hicks Clements, BA’86 (parent)
James and Rebecca Craig (parents)
Lee S. Cutcliff, BA’61, LLB’67
Mark F. Dalton, JD’75, and Susan K. Dalton (parents)
Robert and Maureen Decherd (parents)
Wallace H. Dunbar Jr. (parent)
Woods E. Eastland, BA’67, and Lynn Wood Eastland
Dwight Hillis Emanuelson Jr. and Claire Emanuelson (parents)
Jeff and Marcia Fettig (parents)
Russell M. Flaum, BA’72, and Virginia L. Flaum (parents)
Allan H. Goldman (parent)
Sandra Norsworthy Hoffman, BA’66
John and Jill Holder (parents)
Richard S. Holson III, BA’75, and Sherry Holson
Lee L. Kaplan and Diana M. Hudson, BA’73 (parents)
James B. Johnson Jr., BA’54 (parent)
F. Lex Jolley Jr., BA’74, and Rebecca G. Jolley (parents)
Donald and Diane Kane (parents)
Christopher G. Lea, BA’81
Charles B. Lebovitz, BA’59, and Betty Lebovitz (parents)
John L. Lisher and Mary Katherine Sturmon Lisher, BA’72
Bill E. Matthews (parent)
Robert P. Maynard, BA’54
Francis D. McIntyre
L. Clifford McKee, BA’54, MD’57, and Guat-Siew Lee, MD’76
Gary and Janet Mead (parents)
Michael Moshan
Theodore and Julie Mundt (parents)
William R. Orthwein Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein
Gene Ruffner Page, BA’81, and Virginia White Page, BA’81 (parents)
William and Marcia Rafkin (parents)
Scott J. Ratner and Marjorie J. Van de Stouwe (parents)
Lawrence and Alison Rosenthal (parents)
James F. Sanders, BA’67, JD’70, and Cheryl Ann Sanders (parents)
William Sanford II, BS’81
Edwin and Maureen Schloss (parents)
Thomas Schweizer Jr., BA’66
Michael Conner Searcy, BA’96, and Virginia Elizabeth Buxton Searcy, BA’96
Eugene B. Shanks Jr., BA’69, and Susan B. Shanks (parents)
Brettany Kane Shannon, BA’98
Steven and Rebecca Singer (parents)
Steven B. Starr, BA’75, JD’78, and Gwen Starr
John F. Stein, BA’73, MBM’75, and Beth A. Stein (parents)
John R. Tauscher and Georgia A Tauscher (parents)
Charlie Thomas (grandparent)
Christopher Duncan Traut, BA’83, MBA’87, and Lee Butler Traut
Heidi Jane Ueberroth, BA’87
Greg and Wendy Watchmaker (parents)
Stephen and Lauren Weiss (parents)
Chart Hampton Westcott, BA’07
Court Hilton Westcott, BA’01, and Kameron Westcott
Kenneth J. Wiesen, BA’63, and Juanita Wiesen
Paul D. Young and Carolyn Dever

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