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College Cabinet 2008-2009

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Every year, we take the opportunity formally to say thank you to the alumni, parents and friends who support the College of Arts and Science in providing students with an exceptional educational experience.

This page lists the College Cabinet, which recognizes those donors who contributed $1,000 or more during our last fiscal year, July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.

In the 2008–2009 fiscal year, the generosity of College Cabinet members totaled nearly $8.3 million. Gifts from College Cabinet members make up nearly three-fourths of all unrestricted giving to the College of Arts and Science. This year, unrestricted giving to the College of Arts and Science helped:

  • hire 27 new faculty who are leaders in their fields of study and outstanding teachers in the classroom and laboratory. These new faculty members are key in sustaining the breadth and depth of the Arts and Science curriculum.
  • enhance financial aid to attract and support the best and brightest students from around the country and around the world. As you know, student financial need grows in this challenging economy.
  • support classes in fieldwork. For example, this year, the Petrology and Structural Geology classes did research in the Appalachian Mountains, and students in a new course, Geology of National Parks, studied in the Grand Canyon.
  • finance activities of the Vanderbilt Debate Team. One of the premier programs in the country, our debate team won national awards from all the major intercollegiate debate organizations and numerous top speaker awards.

These are only a few of the challenges and needs met by the generosity of College Cabinet members this year, and all of us in Arts and Science are most grateful for their support.

If you are not a member of the College Cabinet, I’d like to invite you to consider joining with an annual gift of $1,000. If you are a recent graduate within 10 years of commencement, you can join the College Cabinet with an annual gift of only $500.

The contributions of College Cabinet members are vital to the success and strength of the College of Arts and Science. We are sincerely grateful to you, and all our donors, for your dedication and support.

Carolyn Dever


Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level

($25,000 and above)

Samuel E. Allen, BA’58, and Angie Allen (parents)
Judy Kemp Amonett, BA’69
John Douglas Arnold, BA’95, and Laura Arnold
Lee and Ramona Bass (parents)
Carol Bernick (parent)
Stephen and Jacquelyn Boesel (parents)
John F. Bookout III and Ann Bookout (parents)
James C. Bradford Jr. and Lillian Robertson Bradford, BA’63
Robert G. Bradley and Cardin Wyatt Bradley, BA’88
Arthur and Nancy Bunn (parents)
Ben and Leigh Carpenter (parents)
Celeste Wickliffe Cheatham (parent)
Cecil D. Conlee, BA’58 (parent)
Robert and Maureen Decherd (parents)
Roger K. Deromedi, BA’75, and Sandra Deromedi
Paul D. Young and Carolyn Dever
Robert V. Dilts
Daniel M. Edelman and Cynthia Greener Edelman, BA’74 (parents)
Steven Neal Fayne, BA’73, and E. Lynne Fayne
Jeff and Marcia Fettig (parents)
Elena Wallace Graves, MEd’85
Brian Allen Grove, BA’82, MBA’83, and Charlotte Sunderland Grove
Steven and Arlene* Grushkin (parents)
J. Michael Hayes and Joanne Fleming Hayes, BA’68 (parents)
Keith Alexander Hoogland, BA’82, and Susan Moore Hoogland, BS’82 (parents)
Jay Underwood Howington, BA’92, and Corinne Meek Howington, BA’94
Allan B. Hubbard, BA’69, and Kathryn F. Hubbard (parents)
Lee L. Kaplan and Diana Morton Hudson, BA’73 (parents)
Donald and Diane Kane (parents)
Stephen Andrew Kennedy, BA’84
Robert M. Levy, BA’72, and Diane v.S. Levy
John R. Loomis, BA’51 (parent)
William C. Lortz, A’60, and Helene S. Lortz (parents)
Jeffrey C. Lynch, BA’84
Benedict Michael Marino, BA’88, and Anne M. Helms Marino, BA’88
George and Susan Matelich (parents)
Bill E. Matthews (parent)
Richard and Sheila McCarty
Caroline R. McGuire, BA’08
William B. McGuire Jr. and Susanne McGuire (parents)
W. Patrick McMullan III, BA’74
John and Alexandra Mosko (parents)
Sharon Maginnis Munger, BA’68 (parent)
William C. Murphy, BA’76
D. Craig Nordlund, JD’74, and Sally Baum Nordlund, BSN’74 (parents)
H. Ross Perot Sr. and Margot Perot
(grandparents, parents)
Randall S. Preissig, BA’68
W. Clinton Rasberry Jr., BA’63
Joe L. Roby, BA’61, and Hilppa Roby
Robert M. Rogers, BA’75, and Carolyn Thomas Rogers, BA’75
Richard and Amy Ruben (parents)
John M. Samuels, BA’66
Michael Conner Searcy, BA’96, and Virginia Buxton Searcy, BA’96
Gayle Fambrough Snyder, BA’56 (parent)
Karen Joachim Sobotka, BA’84
Steven B. Starr, BA’75, JD’78
Jane Besthoff Steiner, BA’84
Andrew Adams Tisdale, BA’84, and Nesrin Tisdale
Eugene H. Vaughan, BA’55, and Susan Westbrook Vaughan (parents)
Carl and Jimmy Westcott (parents)
Chart Hampton Westcott, BA’07
Court Hilton Westcott, BA’01
George Howard White III and Patricia Early White, BA’76 (parents)
Kenneth J. Wiesen, BA’63
James and Alinda Wikert (parents)
J. Lawrence Wilson, BE’58, and Barbara Burroughs Wilson, BA’58 (parents)
Anonymous (8)

Chancellor’s Council

($10,000 to $24,999)

G. Hughes Abell, BA’72
F. Duane Ackerman and Katherine King Ackerman, BA’66
John F. Brock III and Mary R. Brock (parents)
Billy F. Bryant, MA’48, PhD’54, and Mary Nelle Bryant
W. H. G. Caldwell Jr., BA’57, and Margaret Buford Caldwell, A’60 (parents)
Robert A. Christensen, BA’55
Jan Clark (parent)
Ann Hicks Clements, BA’86 (parent)
Bequest of Byron T. Cook (parent)
Lee S. Cutcliff, BA’61, LLB’67
Mark F. Dalton, JD’75, and Susan K. Dalton (parents)
Claiborne and Elaine Deming (parents)
Wallace H. Dunbar Jr. (parent)
Russell M. Flaum, BA’72, and Virginia L. Flaum (parents)
Mary Claiborne Frediani, BA’79
Qung Wing Go, BA’73
William B. Hanlon III and Victoria S. Hanlon (parents)
Duncan and Laura Hennes (parents)
Sandra Norsworthy Hoffman, BA’66
Andrew Hoine, BA’96, and Jennifer Hoine
John and Jill Holder (parents)
James B. Johnson Jr., BA’54 (parent)
Howard F. Johnston, BA’63, and Barbara Davis Johnston, BA’63
F. Lex Jolley Jr., BA’74 (parent)
Christopher G. Lea, BA’81
Robert P. Maynard, BA’54
Michiel C. McCarty, BA’73 (parent)
Gary and Janet Mead (parents)
Geoffrey T. Moore and Lucie Howard Moore, BA’79
David and Lisa Mossy (parents)
Julie Blankenship Mundt (parent)
Oscar and Cathy Munoz (parents)
William R. Orthwein Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein
Gene Ruffner Page Jr., BA’81, and Virginia White Page, BA’81 (parents)
James F. Sanders, BA’67, JD’70, and Cheryl Ann Sanders (parents)
Thomas Schweizer Jr., BA’66
James Cole Seuss Jr., BA’85
Eugene B. Shanks Jr., BA’69, and Susan B. Shanks (parents)
Steven and Rebecca Singer (parents)
John F. Stein, BA’73, MBM’75, and Beth Stein (parents)
Winston M. Talbert and Laura Watson Talbert, BA’90
Christopher Duncan Traut, BA’83, MBA’87, and Lee Traut
Samuel D. Turner, BA’69, MA’73
William E. Turner Jr., BA’54, and Cathy Turner (parents)
Heidi Jane Ueberroth, BA’87
Frank J. Walter III, BA’78, and Marguerite Mudd Walter, A’80 (parents)
Stephen and Lauren Weiss (parents)
William H. Wilcox, BA’74, and Elizabeth L. Todd
Francis Wintle and Susan Segal (parents)
Robert Brand Womsley Jr., BA’86, and Stacey Mundt Womsley, BA’88
Margaret Shook Zeiger, BA’79 (parent)

Dean’s List

($5,000 to $9,999)

Steven and Ellen Adams (parents)
John D. Alexander Jr. and Claire Alexander (parents)
Glenn Allen Andreas Jr. and Toni Andreas (parents)
Glenn Allen Andreas III, BA’92, and Jennifer Thau Andreas, BA’93
Dwight Ian Arnesen, BA’77
Tyler Baldwin Jr. and Ellen Baldwin (parents)
Michael and Katherine Ball (parents)
Ann Wheat Barksdale, BA’58, MA’59 (parent)
George Barrett and Deborah Neimeth (parents)
W. Marston and Katharine Becker (parents)
Jon R. Berquist, BA’76
Robert and Diane Bok (parents)
William D. Booth Jr. and Vicki Booth (parents)
Francis S. Branin Jr. and Cordelia Penn Wilcox Branin (parents)
John and Gloria Braskamp (parents)
Edward Breen and Caren Siebert-Breen (parents)
David and Shawn Brevard (parents)
John H. Broocks III and Nancy N. Broocks (parents)
Stephen and Gail Brookshire (parents)
Christian T. Brown (parent)
James Christie Busch, BA’84
Charles C. Cahn Jr. and Jane Cahn (parents)
Cassandra Colvin Carr, BA’66
Ruth Montgomery Cecil, BA’65
Jack and Nancy Cohen (parents)
Michael and Alice Conlon (parents)
Michael and Pamela Davalle (parents)
Jeffrey Alan Day, BA’81, and Elizabeth Updike Day (parents)
James D. Decker, BS’82, and Marcia Levy Decker, BA’82
M. Maitland DeLand (parent)
Victor and Mary Dowling (grandparents)
James Edwin DuBose, BA’79, and Victoria Ann Adams, BSN’79 (parents)
Michael and Mary Helen Fabacher (parents)
John and Heath Faraci (parents)
Joanna W. Foley, BA’65
William L. Ford III, BA’53, and Mary Wellford Ford, BA’57 (parents)
Richard J. Glasebrook II and Lucy Glasebrook (parents)
Frank A. Godchaux III, BA’49, and Agnes K. Godchaux (grandparents, parents)
Jonathon Evan Green, BA’98, and Cathleen Cook Green, BS’00
John P. Greer, BA’72, MD’76, and Gay Nienhuis Greer, BSN’74 (parents)
Paul and Diane Guidone (parents)
Steven and Lynne Hamontree (parents)
Philip and Sara Hawk (parents)
Julius M. Herz, MA’58
Michael and Marjorie Hogan (parents)
Harry C. Howard Jr., BA’51
Charles N. Hubbard, BA’70, and Marilyn Hubbard (parents)
Mark V. Hughes III and Susan Hughes (parents)
Willis J. Hulings III and Lee Harlin Hulings, BA’81 (parents)
Benoît and Jessie Jamar (parents)
Heidi W. Kaess (parent)
Jeffrey and Andrea Kaminsky (parents)
Scot Earl Karr, D’78, and Patricia Karr (parents)
John and Jane Kauffmann (parents)
Daniel and Robin Klaes (parents)
Bradford and Jean Kopp (parents)
Tyler Woodworth Kopp
Jay and Bryna Kranzler (parents)
Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner (parents)
Bart Leonard and Barbara Krumsiek (parents)
Peter and Maureen Lee (parents)
Reid and Anne Leggett (parents)
Bruce and Joanne Levy (parents)
Roy and Karen Linville (parents)
Mary Katherine Sturmon Lisher, BA’72
Philip and Nita Maddox (parents)
Nino and Patricia Marino (parents)
John and Christiana McConn (parents)
David and Nicki McDonald (parents)
Holland N. McTyeire IV and Sherry Pepper McTyeire, BA’55 (grandparents, parents)
Cathy Morello Miller, BA’87
Russel Leeds Miron, BA’82
Robert B. Moore, BA’58, MA’60
J. Davenport Mosby III, BA’78, and Glenn Bush Mosby, BA’78
Gerald T. Nichols and Cheryl Marie Reintjes Nichols, BA’81 (parents)
K. Thomas Noell (parent)
Mary Cosgrove Olson, BA’82
Michael Brian Orkin, BA’81, and Judy Orkin (parents)
Mark and Kimberly Pacala (parents)
Deborah Hower Perkins, BA’84
Ronald C. Piacenti, BA’75 (parent)
Daniel and Susan Plaine (parents)
Wesley Railey Powell, BA’91
Nicolas and Diane Quintana (parents)
William and Marcia Rafkin (parents)
Margot Bell Roberts, BA’82
Lawrence and Alison Rosenthal (parents)
D. Bruce and Bettina Ross (parents)
Robert C. Schiff Jr., BS’77 (parent)
Scott and Katie Schoelzel (parents)
Steven and Roberta Schulman (parents)
Richard and Wendy Schwartz (parents)
Henry Z. Shaub and Jacqueline Sidi-Shaub (parents)
Kenneth Shewer and Susan Winberg (parents)
Joel Silverman and Gail Babnew (parents)
Thomas and Sherry Skains (parents)
Paul R. Smith and Ann Potts Smith, BA’82
Paul W. Springman, BA’73
Timon V. Sullivan, BA’76, and Diana O. Sullivan (parents)
Cooper L. Terry, BA’85, MD’89, and Virginia Self Terry, BA’87
Carter Reid Todd, JD’82, and Laurie O’Brien Todd, BA’83, MLAS’96 (parents)
W. M. Wadlington, BA’67
Bruce and Betsy Walker (parents)
W. Scott and Susan Webber (parents)
Herron P. Weems, BA’75, and Cary W. Weems (parents)
William A. Wise, BA’67, and Marie F. Wise
J. Carter Witt, BA’50, L’52
Jane Woods (parent)
Richard R. Woods, BA’69, and Fiona G. Woods (parents)
James H. Woodson, BA’55, LLB’61
Jeffrey M. Wright, BS’75, and Karen Rauch Wright, BSN’76 (parents)
Paul G. Yale, BA’74
Rodney S. Yanker, BS’80, and Mary Yanker (parents)
Raymond and Etta Zimmerman (parents)

Black and Gold Society

($1,000 to $4,999)

Gregory and Susan Adamo (parents)
Terence Adderley (parent)
James D. Aderhold Jr., BA’61
Michael C. Ainbinder, BA’79
T. Clark Akers, BA’79
Francisco Jose Alarcon, BS’93, MBA’99
Roger Albrecht and Dianne Phillips
Albrecht, BA’71 (parents)
Mary Patrice Mahon Alcus, BA’85
John W. Shearburn, BA’81, and Annette Allen, BA’82
Edward Lefebvre Allen, BA’84
Jean C. Allen, BA’44
Antonio J. Almeida Jr., BA’78
George Allen Alves, BA’85
Thomas N. Amonett, BA’65, JD’68
Philippe and Robin Amouyal (parents)
Dean Anderson, BA’87, and Dana Walner
Paul H. Anderson Jr., BA’70
Gregory Owen Anglum, BA’92, MBA’93
William Earl Anspach III, BS’82
Lindsey Elisabeth Armstrong, BA’08
Mark D. Arons, BA’80
John D. Arterberry, JD’73, and Lisa Wagner Arterberry, BA’73 (parents)
Edward and Vivian Asche (parents)
Alfred V. Atkinson, BA’76, and Susan Hunt Atkinson, BS’76 (parents)
Douglas Clay Atnipp, BA’82, and Veronica Obermayer Atnipp, BA’82
James L. Bacchus, BA’71 (parent)
Richard and Elizabeth Bacon (parents)
Harry N. Baetjer III and Caryl Baetjer (parents)
Howard LaDon Baltimore, BA’71, and Anita Baltimore
Christopher Robert Baltz, BA’92, and Jill Taggert Baltz, BS’92
Gregg Anthony Baran, BS’83, MD’87
Mara Grace Bardinelli, BA’90
Daniel Bythewood Darge III, BE’80, and Susan Aston Barge, BA’81 (parents)
Charles J. Barnett, BA’64
John and Irene Bartenstein (parents)
John B. Bassel Jr., BA’66, MD’69, and Barbara Bassel (parents)
Louis L. Battey Jr., BA’74, and Pamela McCreary, BS’76 (parents)
Nelson Straub Bean, BA’83
Arch Adam Beasley III, BA’88
John S. Beasley II, BA’52, JD’54, and Allison T. Beasley, BA’55 (parents)
Robert P. Bedell, BA’65, and M. Constance Bedell
Andrea C. Beldecos, BA’81
J. Thomas Bentley, BA’71
Peter Andrew Bernick, BA’04
Stephen Hay Berry, BA’84
W. Irvin Berry, BA’51, and Annie Laurie Hunt Berry, BA’52
William H. Bessire, BA’65 (parent)
Omar Billano (parent)
Frederic T. Billings III, MD’72, and Susan Riley Billings, BA’68, MA’71 (parents)
John P. Blazic, BA’73, G’74, and Barbara Blazic (parents)
David E. Blum, BA’77
Melvyn and Linda Blum (parents)
Mary Beth Cranch Body, BA’60
Robert Ettore Boniface, BA’87
Harry M. Boon Jr., BA’58
Fredricka M. Borland, BA’72
Donald E. Bowles Jr., BA’67, and Jane Ralston Bowles, BA’67
Robert Rankin Boyce, BA’81
Douglas Paul Braff, BS’82, and Margaret Williams Braff, BS’90
William Perry Brandt, BA’74, JD’77
Cassady Vaughn Brewer, BS’83
Kathryn Tomlinson Bridges, A’55
Frank L. R. Briggs, BA’63
Steven Richard Briggs, BA’81
Judith Pond Britton, BA’58
Jeffrey Norman Brouillard, BA’04, and Sara Goudge Brouillard, BS’05
Heddy Murphey Brown, BA’82
Joseph E. Brown Jr., BA’61
Kenneth Carlton Brown, BA’90
Loraine Gronberg Brown, BA’92
Susan G. Brumfield, BA’73
Mary Nell Bryan, BA’89
Alexander B. Buchanan, BA’75, JD’78
Marvin R. Bubis, BA’42, and Bess Rosenblum Bubus,* A’43
Thomas R. Buckner, JD’72, and Karen Wagner Buckner, BA’71 (parents)
Thomas and Char Bumol (parents)
John C. Burch Jr., BA’66
Rick and Sharon Burdick (parents)
Kenneth Munn and Anne Marie Burr (parents)
James and Susan Burroughs
Rodney and Melanie Buscher (parents)
R. Stuart Bush and Carla Sinor Bush, BA’81 (parents)
David William Busker, BA’01, and Laura Mead Busker, BA’01
Matt M. Callihan, BA’77, and Margaret Lynch Callihan, BA’77, EMBA’04 (parents)
William H. Cammack, BA’52, and Eugenia Hecker Cammack, A’54 (grandparents)
Harrison Shields Campbell, BA’83
John Thomas Carlisle, BA’93, and Allison C. Bruhl Carlisle, BA’94
John R. Carloss Jr., A’69
Charles A. Carter III, BA’58
Meredith Lynn Corbett Carter, BA’93
P. Michael Caruso, BA’72, and Virginia Rubel Caruso, BA’73 (parents)
Karen E. Casey, BA’84
Stuart A. Chalfin, BA’72
Carolyn Baile Chandler, BA’71
Jack G. Charney, BA’68
Patricia Williams Charron, BA’58 (parent)
Brad and Wendy Chayet (parents)
Kathryn Bumgardner Cheek, D’55
Charles E. Cherry, BA’67
Lee Ellen Churchill, BA’62
Jennifer Anne Clarke, BS’01
John W. Clay Jr., BA’63, and Anne Campbell Clay, BA’65
William S. Cochran, BA’59, and Anita Kirby Cochran, BA’59 (parents)
David Allen Cockrell, BS’99
Claude C. Cody IV, BA’74
James Randall Coffey, BA’82
Timothy Cohen and Christina Dillon Cohen, BA’89
Charles Westfield Coker Jr., BS’81, and Sylvia Sparkman Coker, BA’81 (parents)
John W. Colbert, BA’72
Liz Stegbauer Collins, BA’80
John M. Colvin Jr., BA’55, MS’58, JD’65, and Beth E. Colvin
John H. Bryan III and Louise Comiskey-Bryan, BA’87
Andrew Joseph Condie, BA’86
Daniel A. Conklin, BA’73
Stephen and Ellen Conley (parents)
Thomas Bryan Conner III, BA’88
Lara Kathryn Cooley, BA’04
William Richard Cooper Jr., BE’69
Robert B. Cousins Jr., BA’67
Angela Tilley Crates, BA’90
Thomas Crawford Jr., BA’59 (parent)
John Baker Crenshaw, BA’81, and Julia Thigpen Crenshaw, BA’78
Barbara L. Cresswell, BA’68
Curtis Lynn Crofford, BA’95
William T. Cross, BE’72, and Kitty Bankston Cross, BA’72
Overton Anderson Currie, BA’75, and Betty Jo Lancaster Currie, BA’75 (parents)
Thomas N. Curtin, BA’75, and Kari Peterson Curtin, BA’75
W. Cleland Dade, BA’77, JD’82
Charles Joseph Dahlem, BA’88
Carlos R. Dalence, MD’84, and Nancy McBride Dalence, BA’82
William Danforth (grandparent, parent)
Heather Hewitt Daniel, BA’82
Mary Summers Daugherty, BA’81 (parent)
Thomas A. Davidson, BA’74, MBA’83
Cody Fowler Davis, BA’81 (parent)
Paul T. Davis and Jane Murray Davis, A’78 (parents)
Richard H. Davis, BE’69, and Barbara Callander Davis, BSN’69 (parents)
J. Hallam Dawson, BA’58
Richard M. Dearman, BA’73
Joseph William Deering III, BA’88
Ira J. Deitsch, BA’74
William F. Denson III and Deborah Davis Denson, A’69
Susan Thompson Derryberry, BA’51
Susan Elizabeth Dew, BA’73
Paul and Eleanor Dewald (grandparents)
Kenneth B. Dinnegan, BA’81
Lisa Jones Dobbs, BS’87
John M. Donnelly Jr., BA’51, and Martha Douglas Donnelly, BA’54
Michael Donovan and Nancye Green (parents)
Nicole DeFelice Donovan, BS’85
C. Powers Dorsett Jr., BA’66 (parent)
James F. Dowden, BA’74
James and Elizabeth Duff (parents)
David Erwin Dunham, BA’84, and Amy Johnson Dunham, BA’84
Charles William Dunn, BS’80
William K. Dwyer, BA’57, and Linda Koman Dwyer, MSN’81
Christopher Oliver Eades, BA’92, and Nicole Adele Clark Eades, BA’93
Marshall C. Eakin
Woods E. Eastland, BA’67
Claud and Elizabeth Eley
David Alan Elliott, JD’88, and Martha Matthews Elliott, BS’85
Theo J. Emison Jr., BA’65 (parent)
Richard Alan Engle, BA’77, JD’81
Roy T. Englert, BA’43
Frank W. Essex, BA’66, MAT’67, PhD’78
Joseph H. Estes, BS’81
Martin and Margaret Evans (parents)
Thomas C. Evans, BA’77
Jean I. Everest II and Gayle Everest (parents)
Jill L. Fachilla, BA’75
Jonathan L. Fales, BA’77
Laura Ferman Farrior, BA’89
R. Kent Farris, BA’63, MD’66, and Susan Additon Farris, BSN’67 (parents)
Jane Porter Feild, BA’59, MS’61
Manley N. Feinberg Sr., BA’57
Richard R. Felker, BA’51
Peter S. Felsenthal, BA’75
Gregor and Mary Ferguson (parents)
Kristin Lynch Ficery, BA’91
Curtis Finch Jr., BA’55
Frederick Eli Finger IV, MBA’01, and Kathryn Wells Stafford Finger, BA’01
John T. Fisher Jr., BA’50, L’54, and Carolyn Reynolds Fisher (parents)
Robert and Noreen Fisher (parents)
William Edward Fitzgibbon IV, BA’90, and Dawn Victoria S. Fitzgibbon, MBA’00
G. Stephen Fletcher Jr., BS’97, and Nancy Brown Fletcher, BS’99
Julia Mather Flowers, A’73
Russell and Hillary Fogarty (parents)
Samuel Alexander Fogarty
Kevin and Lynn Foley (parents)
Jack H. Folk, A’45
Jerry Glen Ford, BA’86
Gilbert S. Fox, BA’42, and Lois Kuhn Fox, A’45
Scott and Amy Frew (parents)
Patrick Bridge Frost, BA’82
Troy Allen Fuhrman, BA’90, JD’93, and Catherine Gibbs Fuhrman, BS’91
Thomas E. Fullilove, BA’62
Robert Ware Gamble, BA’97
Dick Game, BA’83, and Anne Zipp Game, BA’83
David Todd Garrett, BA’80
Jose Antonio Garrido III, BS’03
Dale N. Garth, BA’72
Theresa Coates Garza, BA’83
Mark and Glenda Gast (parents)
Donald P. Gatley, BE’54, and Jane Douglass Gatley, BA’54
David R. Gelfand, BA’84, JD’87, and Katherine McKenna Gelfand, JD’88
Robert and Stacey Gendelman (parents)
Ted M. George, BA’49, MA’57, PhD’64
Todd C. Giacco, BS’87
Steven H. Gibson, BA’69
Letty Lou Haber Gilbert, BA’51 (parent)
George K. Gill, BA’61, MA’63, and Sallie Gill (parents)
Richard H. Gill, BA’62, and Minnie Gill (parents)
Sarah Elizabeth Lee Gill, BA’94
Clarke Houston Gillespy Jr., BA’94
James S. Gilliland, BA’55, LLB’57, and Lucia Flowers Gilliland, BA’59
Robert S. Wilkerson Given, BA’81
Steven Mark Glassman, BA’86
Mae Foung Go
Robert B. Golder (grandparent)
Ashley Dianne Goldsmith, BA’94
Glenn Gollobin and Nancy Glenn Gollobin, BA’75 (parents)
Betsy Callicott Goodell, BA’77
M. Williams Goodwyn Jr., BA’77, and Maura Goodwyn (parents)
Thomas Napier Gordon, BA’73, JD’76
Jeffrey Robert Grable, BA’93, and Maureen Grable
John R. Grace, BA’88, and Sherri Lipton Grace, BA’85, MBA’90
Kevin E. Grady, BA’69, and Mary Elizabeth O’Brien Grady, BA’72 (parents)
Terry C. Graves, BA’64 (parent)
Daniel Eastman Green, BA’02, and Janelle Marie Green, BS’03
James Reed Green Jr., BA’89
Robert Wayne Grout, BA’66
Scott Duncan Gullquist, BA’82, and Melissa Mills Gullquist, BA’85
Dayton F. Hale Jr., BA’72 (parent)
Faye Simpkins Hale, BA’67 (parent)
A. Post Howland and Mary Hall Howland, BA’84
Marion Wall Hall, BA’82 (parent)
Charles H. Hambrick, BA’52, and Joyce B. Hambrick
Jack L. Hammond, BA’75
Judith M. Hammond, BA’63
Marjorie Brown Hampton, BA’48
William Justin Hancock, BA’90, MBA’92, and Sidonie Ellis Hancock, BA’90
Kenneth S. Handmaker, BA’60 (parent)
Tania Regard Hardage, BA’86
Ross C. Hardison, BA’73
James T. Harris, BA’93, and Tracey Robinson Harris, BS’95, MSN’98
Clifford J. Harrison Jr., BA’49, L’52, and Mickey Harrison
Carolyn Elizabeth Hart, BA’83
Edna Bryant Hastings, BA’41
Bruce and Kathryn Haupt (parents)
Elizabeth Dowling Hawks, BA’79
J. Brevard Haynes Jr., BA’68, MD’72, and Jane Van de Roovaart Haynes, BA’68
Phyllis G. Heard
Vaughan Holmes Hedrick, BA’66, MS’69
Ashley LaRoche Heeren, BS’93
Brian Frederick Hegi, BA’99
Stephen Richard Hennessy, BA’78, and Regina Roane Hennessy, BA’77
Claire Abernathy Henry, BA’02
Thomas J. Herald, BA’79 (parent)
John and Nancy Hevey (parents)
David Alexander Hickerson, BA’83
John Bunn Hill III, BA’90
John Hindle, BA’68, PhD’81, and Joan Hindle (parents)
Hugh Gates Hines Jr., A’59, and Marjorie Herndon Hines, A’63
Eleanor Rosson Hitt, BA’49
W. Charles Holland
Donald and Donna Hoscheit (parents)
Sarah McCanless Howell, BA’52,
MAT’54, MA’67, PhD’70 (parent)
Vincent K. Hubbard, BA’60, JD’63
George Barlow Huber, BA’79
Jeffrey Charles Huebner, BA’98
William F. Hughes Jr., A’65, and Mary Katherine Weems Hughes, BA’66 (parents)
Richard Monroe Hull Jr., BA’92
John H. Hunt, BA’78
Granbery Jackson III, BA’67, and Mary Lee Whitehead Jackson, BA’72 (parents)
Myron H. Jacobs, BA’65, and Randee B. Jacobs
Johnnie and Julann James (parents)
Stuart S. Janney III and Lynn Janney (parents)
Kimberly Hodgson Jardine, BA’80
Robert G. Johnson, BA’66, JD’69
Scot Wallace Johnson, BA’92, MBA’94
Elizabeth McCaleb Johnston, BA’46
Charles Edgar Jones Jr., BA’66, and Jeanne Moran Jones, L’80
David Ward Jones, BA’81, and Lauren Wood Jones, BA’81
Marjory Letner Jones, BSN’75 (parent)
William Steven Jones, BA’71
Hunter and Claudia Judson (parents)
Win Jui, PhD’77
Charles J. Kahn Jr., BA’73 (parent)
James H. Kaminer Jr., BA’69, and Barry Stout Kaminer, BS’86
Thomas P. Kanaday Jr., BA’65, LLB’67, and Sally Richardson Kanaday, BA’65
Emily Connors Kaplowitz, BA’97
Tasia Theoharatos Katapodis, BA’81
Georges and Patricia Kaufman (parents)
James R. Kelley, BA’70
Andrew Howard Kellum, BA’78
Karen L. Kendall, BA’78
Robert Preston Kennedy, BA’92, MBA’93
Sidney Anderson Kenyon, BA’81
Tasia Economou Khan, BA’75
Gary Robert Kimball III, BS’84, MBA’85, and Carroll Edwards Kimball, BA’84
Orman L. Kimbrough Jr., BA’75
Jerome Frank Kinney IV, BS’81
Michael* and Elena Kissel (parents)
Michael Klynn, BA’58
Larry M. Knox, BA’72, and Sherilyn Knox
Ronald F. Knox Jr., BA’67, G’69
John Stewart Koch, BA’87
Spencer and Rhonda Kravitz (parents)
Heather Kreager, BA’80
Donald and Leesa Kurdziel (parents)
John and Shirley Lachs (parents)
Barton Ward LaGrone, BS’90
Charles B. Lahan, BA’59
Mason H. Lampton, BA’69, and Mary Lucile Hardaway Lampton
James H. Landon, BA’67
Sovern John Larkins, BA’52, and Elizabeth Gardner Larkins, BA’53 (parents)
Alfred W. Lasher III, BA’68
John Willis Lea IV, BE’73, MD’77, and Ellen Bradford Lea, BA’73, JD’76 (parents)
William Gentry Lee Jr., BA’94, and Amy Hughes Lee, BS’95
Patrick and Dania Leemputte (parents)
James Leffers II, BA’69
Anthony Darrell Lehman, BA’94
Joseph and Patricia Leintz (parents)
Alison Hopkins Leithner, BA’04
Charles Don Leone II, BA’90, MBA’92,
and Sharon Castrow Leone, BA’91
Judy Porch Leone, BA’78
Lewis Linn and Phyllis Cohen (parents)
Joseph A. Little, BA’40, MD’43, and Sarah Goodpasture Little, BA’40
(grandparents, parents)
Thomas and Patricia Loeb (parents)
Eric and Marivic Lohse (parents)
Adrian D. Lorentson, BA’75, and Katherine M. Lorentson
Samuel C. Loventhal, BA’36, and Clare Loventhal
Daniel Brian Lovinger, BA’87, and Linda Watson Lovinger, BA’87
Colin H. M. Luke, BA’88
Patricia Erwin Lummus, BA’85
Nelson Lytle and Lydia Lasichak (parents)
Lawrence M. Magdovitz, BA’59, JD’61
Sandra Rowe Maier, BA’78
Ted Mankin, BA’82
Patrick Henry Mann Jr., BA’58, JD’60 (parent)
Victoria Thomas Mannes, BS’82
Stephen John Maroda Jr., BS’79, and Julie McFall Maroda, BS’82, MEd’84 (parents)
Carla M. Martin, BA’77
Ellen Wills Martin, BA’58 (parent)
James G. Martin III, BA’69, JD’74
Paula Johnson Martin, A’62, MA’69
Richard David Martindale, BA’92, and Heidi Stanley Martindale, BA’94
Jorge Martinez
Linda Shaw Marzialo, BA’75
Alyne Queener Massey, BA’48 (parent)
Michael Brian Masterson, BA’92,
and Gloria Masterson
Jason Corey Matt, BS’91
James Michael Matthews, BA’69
Randall S. Matthews, BA’73, and Theresa Brevard Matthews, BA’73
Joseph May and Lynn Hewes May, BA’60, MEd’82
Sarah Augusta Mayfield, BA’89
Mark D. Mayo, BA’77, and Kelley Dreaden Mayo (parents)
Helen Wagner McAfee, BA’84
Sara Annsley Heidtke McAleer, BA’97
Edward V. McAssey III and Linda McAssey (parents)
Willard McCall Jr., BA’53
Claire Biesterfeldt McCarty, BA’73
Stephen L. McCord, BE’69, and Katherine Rathbone McCord, BA’71 (parents)
Thomas F. McCoy, BA’66
Roy William Wunsch and Mary Ann McCready, BS’74
Allen Polk McDaniel, BA’65, and Sara Sherwood McDaniel, BS’65 (parents)
Barrie Jeffrey McDowell, BA’81
Robert G. McEniry, BA’63
James R. McFerrin, BA’71
L. Scott McGinnis III, BA’80, and Roline Hamilton McGinnis, BA’82
Michael S. McGraw, BA’77, and Mary Randolph McGraw
Leonard E. McKeand III, BA’58, and Missy H. McKeand
Julia C. McKinney (parent)
Anne Wall McLeod, BA’67 (parent)
Marc Matthew McManus, BS’99, and Melody Paige Wredberg McManus, BE’98
David and Carolyn McMillin (parents)
Tyler Scott McMullen, BA’91, and Stephanie Cornelius McMullen, BA’91, MS’95
Martin F. McNamara III, BA’58, and Ann Marie Mathis McNamara, BA’65 (parents)
Robert E. McNeilly Jr., BA’54, MAT’55, MAT’55, and Bette Sue McNeilly (parents)
Donald R. McPheron, BA’71, MAT’75
Holland Nimmons McTyeire V, BA’81, JD’84
Michael R. McWherter, BA’78, JD’81
William C. McWhorter, BE’57
Eric and Susan Meder (parents)
John and Kathleen Methfessel (parents)
Edward H. Meyers, BA’95
David R. Miller, BA’74
Jim and Deborah Miller (parents)
John and Susan Miller (parents)
John Crow Miller, BA’83
William Miller and Kathryn Loken Miller, BA’90
Scott Lewis Miller, BA’81, and Julie Miller
Steven Miller and Victoria Fraser (parents)
Frank Mocek and Mary Lane Mocek, BA’83
Robert R. Mohr (parent)
Preston Chapman Moister, BA’03
Roger W. Moister Jr., BA’67, JD’71 (parent)
Hugh J. Morgan Jr., LLB’56, and Ann Ward Morgan, BA’52 (parents)
Robert and Janice Morgan (parents)
Martha Mann Morrow, A’58 (parent)
Ronald Owen Mueller, BA’82
Timothy Martin Mulloy, BA’81
Roger G. Murray Jr., A’53
Gray Muzzy and Phoebe Welsh Muzzy, BA’78
Charles M. Myer III, BA’75, and Virginia Place Myer, BSN’75 (parents)
Bart David Narter, BA’83
Kevin Neal and Nancy Citron Neal, BA’94
Charles Nelson, E’47, and Betty Latham Nelson, BA’49 (parents)
Steven L. Nelson, BA’75
James D. Newell Jr., BA’83
Keith Wayne Newman, BA’81
Henry R. Nichols, BE’77, and Jennifer Gorog Nichols, BA’79 (parents)
Walter B. Nimocks, PhD’65, and Susan Lee Nimocks, BA’58
Byron Douglas Norfleet, BA’83, MBA’84
Donald C. North III, BA’69, and Mary Murrill North, BA’69
Charles Swift Northen III, BA’59, MA’61
Joe M. Norton Jr., BA’69
Thomas E. Norwood III, BA’65, and Charlotte Richardson Norwood, BSN’66
Walter S. Nunnelly III, BA’66
Thomas W. Nygaard, BS’74, MD’78,
and Ellen Nygaard (parents)
Rick Justin O’Brien, BA’86
John Fewell Oglesby, BS’83
Philip J. Olsson, BA’70, MM’72
Steven Ernest Ownby, BA’02, and Anna Sakolosky Ownby, BA’02
Rebecca Oxford, BA’68
Terry Galen Palmberg, BS’78, and Connie Lynn Palmberg (parents)
Alex S. Palmer, BA’68 (parent)
Kevin William Parke Sr., BA’81
Jeffrey David Parsons, BA’80
Richard and Connie Passarella (parents)
G. Douglas Patterson Jr., BS’80
Sharon A. Pauli, BA’70
M. Carr Payne Jr., BA’49
Robert and Ginnie Payne (grandparents)
Anne McVay Pearson, BA’82
Eugene B. Pennell, BA’69, and Lynn Clayton (parents)
Terry Petrone, BA’78
Alton W. Phillips Jr., BA’57 (parent)
Kathryn Reed Phillips, BA’72
Gabriel Joseph Poggi III, BA’00
Cheryl Peters Powell, BA’77
Andrew E. Price, BA’48
Philip Bennett Prince, A’81
Donald Collier Proctor, BS’87, and Allison L. Collins Proctor, BA’87
Susanne Smith Pruitt, BS’83
J. Warren Pullen, BA’91
Romulus W. Puryear Jr., BA’57
Douglas Michael Quartner, BA’77 (parent)
B. Manrin Rains III, BA’71
Michael Anthony Ralston, BA’80, and DeeDee Ralston
Martin Rapisarda and Elizabeth Watson Rapisarda, BA’80, MBA’87
Scott Ratner and Marjorie Van de Stouwe (parents)
Nancy L. Raybin, BA’74
W. H. Mitchell Redd, BA’90
W. Casey Reed, BA’73
Michael H. Regen, BE’74, and Carolyn Regen (parents)
Jennifer Barton Reis, BA’03
Benjamin Alexander Reitzes, BS’94
Arnold and Cathy Reusch (parents)
Louis Gregory Rice, BA’87
Julius Ness Richardson, BS’99, and Macon Miller Richardson, BS’97
Lee Kaaren and Judith Rigby (parents)
Joseph W. Robbins, BA’64
Charles Evans and Lisa Louise Robbins, BS’80
Kenneth L. Roberts, BA’54, JD’59, and Delphine Sloan Oman Roberts, A’61 (parent)
George Gordon Robertson III, BA’69
Richard Mohr Robinson, BE’84, and Barbara Martin Robinson, BSN’84
Beth Schulze Robison, BA’93
Anne Zachry Rochelle, BA’88
Carlos Jose Rodriguez, BA’83
Michael and Sharon Roeder (parents)
Kimberly Justice Rogers, BA’84 (parent)
James G. Rose Jr. and Megan Walker Rose, BA’82
Anne Cunningham Ross, BA’68 (parent)
John J. Ross Jr., BA’68, and Harriet Long Ross, BA’68 (parents)
James Hunter Roth, BA’79, and Laura Ray Roth, BA’85
David and Lisa Roth (parents)
Armand and Marylee Rothschild (parents)
Virginia Freeman Rowan, BA’91
Richard A. Rua, BA’75
Charles F. Rule, BA’78, and Ellen Friedland Rule
Theron and Pamela Russell (parents)
Brian D. Rye, BA’96
Christopher Knox Sadler, BA’83, MBA’84
Charles K. Safley, BA’67, and Ellen Safley
Lucy Sagansky, BA’81
F. Calame Sammons, BA’73, and Dianne Paradise Sammons, BA’73
Robert A. Sanders, BA’71, and Lee Knisley Sanders, BA’71 (parents)
David and Aileen Sarda (parents)
Frances Dannals Sasser, BA’74, and Jesse A. Sasser (parents)
Russell Harper Saunders, BA’76
Burt Schell and Barbara Deal (parents)
Elizabeth Huth Schonrock, BA’65 (parent)
Cheryl Davis Schreck, BA’81
John F. Schultz, BA’79
Matson Forrest Schwalm, BA’94
Erik Anderson Scott, BA’90
Mary Shannon Raeber Scott, BS’88
Patrick Levi Scott, BA’91
W. King Self Jr., BA’70
Marjorie Tillman Sennett, BA’82
Virginia Wiese Sesler, BA’83
Alexander Bresslau Severino, BA’83,
and Sheri Severino
Sanford C. Sharp, BS’84, MD’88, and Joni Lovell Sharp, BA’86
Sandra R. Shelton, BA’68
Flora Sandra Siami, BS’90
Dunning Brewster Silliman, BA’90
Stephen Silverman and Elizabeth Shapiro Silverman, BA’75 (parents)
David Michael Simms, BA’80
David and Linda Simon (parents)
Linda Leckie Sinsar, BA’74
John and Jessica Skipper (parents)
Joseph Frank Skowron III, BA’91
Harmon and Lori Skurnik (parents)
Ann Unterberger Smith, BA’83
Joseph Larkins and Bethany L. Smith, BA’76
Bradford William Smith, BA’92
Clifton Smith, BA’65, and Renee Price Smith, BA’65 (parents)
David and Denise Smith (parents)
Patrick William Smith
Philip C. Smith, BA’76
Randall W. Smith, BA’84, MDiv’88, and Beth Ann Pattillo, MDiv’90
John Shiver Snelling, BA’87, and Bridget Roche Snelling, BA’89
Charles Edward Soderstrom, BA’86, and Mary Stream Soderstrom
Jerry W. Southwood, BA’67, and Jeanne Welty Southwood, BA’67, MLAS’04
Edward Spacapan Jr., BS’76, and Lise Taylor Spacapan, BS’79
Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel, BA’58, MAT’59
Henry and Carol Spinelli (parents)
J. David Spivey, BS’85
Betty Wiener Spomer, BA’83
James D. Spratt Jr., BA’76, JD’79
John Gilbert Stallings Jr., BA’88
Jeffrey Starke and Joan Shook (parents)
James and Jan Starnes (parents)
Thomas Rye Steele, BS’76, and Katie G. Steele (parents)
David Steine Jr., BA’72, MBA’78
Elise Levy Steiner
George Stelljes III, BA’84
Marcia Kemp Sterling, BA’65
Loring L. Stevens (parent)
George Langworthy Stewart II, BA’85
J. Lindsay Stradley Jr., BA’71, and Jacquelin Masterson Stradley, BA’71
Joe R. Straus III, BA’82
Mary Ann Sugg, BA’51
Timothy Michael Sullivan, BA’89
Dennis Swaney, BA’71
Thayer F. Swartwood, BA’96, and Heather Donlan Swartwood, BA’96
James Robert Sweeney, BA’71, and Karen H. Sweeney
C. Neal Tate*
Eric Jay Taube, BA’79, and Judy Mills Taube, BA’79 (parents)
Clarence H. Taylor Jr., BA’56 (parent)
Elisabeth Kahora Taylor, BS’95
Mary Christian Taylor, BA’82
Richard D. Taylor III, BA’64
Timus G. Taylor Jr., BA’56, and Mary Ready Weaver Taylor, BA’56 (parents)
James V. Temple, BA’74, and Katherine Loveland Temple
James and Alison Tennant (parents)
G. William Thackston Jr., BA’58, and Mary Helen Huddleston Thackston, BA’58
DeWitt C. Thompson IV, BE’68, and Jacqueline Glover Thompson, BA’68 (parents)
Evelyn Pugh Thompson, BA’73
Robert B. Thompson, BA’71
Kate W. Thweatt, BA’64
Jerome P. Tift, BA’71 (parent)
Louis B. Todd Jr., BA’56 (parent)
Norman Tolk
William Michael Tomai, BS’81
Kelly E. Toole, BA’87
Julia Robert Kaminski Trampe, BS’82
Elizabeth Ann Traster, BA’00
David M. Travis, BA’47, MD’51
Michael Byron Tulloss, BA’80
Edward L. Turner III, BA’66, JD’70, and Mary Lee Hunter Turner, BA’67
Edward R. Uehling, BA’50
Richard C. Unger Jr., JD’77, and Shelton Sumner Unger, BA’78 (parents)
Gordon Van Dusen and Karen Stadler Van Dusen, BA’81
Henrik Vanderlip (parent)
J. Pace VanDevender Jr., BA’69, and Nancy Manning VanDevender, BA’67
Susan Franklin Veillette, BA’84
Alexander Wainwright, BA’09
Bruce Marshall Walk, BS’78, and Melissa Massar Walk, BA’79
James T. Walker Jr., BA’71
Kelly W. Walker, BA’64 (parent)
Robert J. Walker, BA’62, LLB’68, and Barbara Holcomb Walker, BA’63
Stephen and Terri Waller (parents)
Robert F. Ward, BA’68
Jeannette Warner-Goldstein, BA’82, JD’89
Timothy L. Warnock, BA’84
Mitchum E. Warren Jr., BA’56, PhD’63, and Norma Hyatt Warren, BA’61 (parents)
Cynthia Warrick, BA’70
John DeForest Watson III and Ann Morris Watson, BA’80 (parents)
Gregory Stewart Watson, BA’93
Alan and Jennie Weinberger (parents)
Robert T. Weinmann, BA’81
Arnold M. Weiss, BA’56, JD’58
William R. Welborn Jr., BA’64, MD’67, and Linda Herring Welborn, BS’64, MA’68 (parents)
William R. Welborn III, BA’96
Ann Harwell Wells, BA’58, MA’60 (parent)
Faith Sheslow Wheeler, BA’83
Joseph M. Whelan, BA’76, and Deanna Whelan
Reed Daniel Whitcraft
Charles Hampton White, BA’52
Blair Wallace White, BA’82, and Martha Dalton White, BA’81
Raymond C. Whiteaker, BA’51, JD’53
Kenneth Whitney (parent)
Walter D. Wick, BA’77, and Donna Wick
Jean Simmons Wilcox, BA’74
Claire Broyles Williams, BS’95
W. Ridley Wills II, BA’56, and Irene Jackson Wills (parents)
Lawrence A. Wilson, BE’57, and Nancy Stackhouse Wilson, BA’58
Charles Winters Jr., A’74, and Rita M. Winters (parents)
James D. Witherington Jr., BA’71, and Elizabeth Wetter Witherington, BA’72 (parents)
Jonathan Whitney Witter, BA’91
Ronald and April Wolf (parents)
S. Kenneth Wolfe, BA’67
Charlene L. Wyman, BA’05
Paul and Marcia Wythes (parents)
Robert Earl Yancey III, BS’85
Ingrid Yonke (parent)
James Young and Carole Sexton Young, BA’61
Thomas L. Yount Jr., BE’52, and Jane Wilkerson Yount, BA’53 (parents)
Allison Dreeben Zeller, BA’93
Nicholas S. Zeppos and Lydia A. Howarth
James McCord Zimmerman, BA’96, JD’99
Anonymous (3)

Corporations and Foundations

Accenture Foundation
Agilent Technologies
Alternatives Research and Development Foundation
American Academy in Rome
American Cancer Society
American Chemical Society
American Council of Learned Societies
Ardmore Telephone Co.
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Ashland Inc. Foundation
ATandT Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
Barclays Capital
Bessemer Trust
Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation
Black and Decker
Caldwell and Orkin
Canadian Consulate General
Citigroup Global Impact Funding Trust
Coca-Cola Foundation
Columbus Foundation
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Foundation for
Southeast Michigan
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Community Foundation of Richmond
CRT Capital Group
Dahlem Realty Co.
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Dayton Foundation Depository
Deloitte Foundation
Dow Jones and Co.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fannie Mae Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Foundation
FRAXA Research Foundation
Fund for Astrophysical Research
Gaylord Entertainment Co.
GE Foundation
Germantown Bartlett Oral Surgery
Germantown Charity Horse Show
Goldman Sachs and Co.
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Heart of Oak Foundation
Holt Companies
Human Frontier Science
Program Organization
IBM International Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
IMS Health
Jacksonville Jewish Foundation
Jewish Communal Fund of New York
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
Jewish Federation of Greater Washington
Jewish Federation of Nashvillle and
Middle Tennessee
KB Home
Kelly W. Walker Oil and Gas
Kenmar Group
Kimberly-Clark Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Lea Charitable Trust
Lilly Endowment
Lincoln Financial Group Foundation
Marsh and McLennan Cos.
McVean Trading and Investments
McWherter Holdings
Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation
Metanexus Institute
Microsoft Corp.
National Geographic Society
National Philanthropic Trust
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Orion Building Corp.
Pi Foundation
Plains Exploration and Production Co.
Procter and Gamble Fund
Provincial Foundation
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
REAM Foundation
Regions Bank
Robert M. Rogers Investments
Roll Giving
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Sessler Family Foundation
Shell Oil Company Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Sonoco Foundation
Stanley Medical Research Institute
T. Rowe Price Program for
Charitable Giving
Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association
The Dallas Foundation
The Fiduciary Foundation
The Home Depot
The Jewish Community Foundation
The Max Kade Foundation
The McKesson Foundation
The PepsiCo Foundation
The Tinker Foundation
Time Warner Inc.
Towers Perrin
U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
United Negro College Fund
United Telephone Co.
United Way of Central New Mexico
UnumProvident Corp.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Vanguard Group Foundation
Wachovia Securities
Wells Fargo Foundation
Wilmot Wheeler Foundation
Woodrow Wilson National
Fellowship Foundation
Xerox Corp.

Membership on the list presented here is based on gifts received during the fiscal year of July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009. Gifts to the College of Arts and Science through the College Cabinet are counted in the Vanderbilt Fund and included in the Shape the Future campaign.

While the College of Arts and Science Development and Alumni Relations Office has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, we want to hear from you to correct any errors or omissions. Please notify us by e-mailing jen.l.smith@vanderbilt.edu.

To view the list of all other donors to the College of Arts and Science, please go to the Honor Roll.

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