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College Cabinet 2007-2008

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Every year, support from alumni, parents and friends ensures that the College of Arts and Science continues to provide Vanderbilt students with an exceptional educational experience.

The College Cabinet recognizes our most generous supporters, donors who contribute $1,000 or more annually during our fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. Since its establishment in 1976 by 27 charter participants, the College Cabinet has grown to nearly 1,000 members. 

In the 2007-2008 fiscal year, the generosity of College Cabinet members totaled nearly $9.6 million. Gifts from College Cabinet members make up nearly 76% of all unrestricted giving to the College of Arts and Science. Unrestricted giving benefits Arts and Science by:

Funding scholarships and increasing financial assistance to allow top students to attend Vanderbilt, regardless of their family’s financial situation 

Providing funds to recruit and retain top faculty 

Allowing for the renovation and construction of classrooms and laboratories

Funding curriculum enhancements such as the addition of new majors and classes 

We are most grateful to the members of the College Cabinet for their support. Thank you! If you are not a member of the College Cabinet, I’d like to invite you to consider joining with an annual gift of $1,000. If you are a young alumnus within 10 years of graduation, you can join the College Cabinet with an annual gift of $500.

The contributions of College Cabinet members are vital to the success and strength of the College of Arts and Science. We are sincerely grateful to you and all our donors for your dedication and support.

Carolyn Dever
Interim Dean

Cornelius Vanderbilt Founder’s Level

($25,000 and above)

G. Hughes Abell, BA’72, and Betsy Goodman Abell
Richard Wright and Mary Beth Adderley-Wright (parents)
Michael L. Ainslie, BA’65, and Suzanne Ainslie
Judy Kemp Amonett, BA’69
Dwight Ian Arnesen, BA’77
William W. Bain Jr., BA’59, and Ann D. Bain (parents)
Lee and Ramona Bass (parents)
J. Thomas Bentley, BA’71
Stephen and Jacquelyn Boesel (parents)
John Bookout III and Ann Bookout (parents)
Robert and Jeannette Bourne (parents)
James C. Bradford Jr. and Lillian Robertson Bradford, BA’63
Wayne Brandt and Lisa Ann Gruy Brandt, BA’82
W. H. G. Caldwell, BA’57, and Margaret Buford Caldwell, ’60 (parents)
Ben and Leigh Carpenter (parents)
Celeste Wickliffe Cheatham (parent)
Cecil D. Conlee, BA’58 (parent)
Laura K. Crim
Robert and Maureen Decherd (parents)
John O. Downing, BA’78, and Frances Von Stade Downing, BA’78 (parents)
William K. Dwyer, BA’57, and Linda Koman Dwyer, MSN’81
Daniel M. Edelman and Cynthia Greener Edelman, BA’74
Lester G. Fant III, BA’63, and Susan Braselton Fant, JD’88
Steven Neal Fayne, BA’73, and E. Lynne Fayne
John T. Fisher Jr., BA’50, and Carolyn Reynolds Fisher (parents)
William L. Ford III, BA’53, and Mary Wellford Ford, BA’57 (parents)
James P. Gray II, BA’75
Brian Allen Grove, BA’82, MBA’83
Steven and Arlene Grushkin (parents)
Frank W. Harvey, BA’57
J. Michael Hayes and Joanne Fleming Hayes, BA’68 (parents)
Peter and Julianna Holt (parents)
Keith Alexander Hoogland, BA’82, and Susan Moore Hoogland, BS’82 (parents)
Allan B. Hubbard, BA’69, and Kathryn F. Hubbard (parents)
C. Hastings Johnson and Edith Hickerson Johnson, BA’75, MAT’76
Caroline Marie Kibler, BS’97
Frank M. Kibler, BE’69, and Anne Cowart Kibler, BA’70 (parents)
Adam White Kirsch and Mary Elizabeth White Kirsch, BA’84
Michael Kirk LaMotte, BA’92, and Wendy W. LaMotte
J. Hicks Lanier, BA’62, and Jane Darden Lanier (parents)
Robert M. Levy, BA’72, and Diane v. S. Levy
John R. Loomis, BA’51, and Carol J. Loomis (parents)
Frederick R. Lummis II, BA’76, and Claudia Owen Lummis, BA’76 (parents)
Wayne and Suzanne Maggin (parents)
Paul and Diane Margolis (parents)
George and Susan Matelich (parents)
Bill E. Matthews (parent)
Michiel C. McCarty, BA’73 (parent)
Caroline R. McGuire, BA’08
William B. McGuire Jr. and Susanne McGuire (parents)
W. Patrick McMullan III, BA’74, and Rachel McPherson
Danny R. Moates, MA’66, PhD’68
John and Alexandra Mosko (parents)
Charles M. Myer III, BA’75, and Virginia Place Myer, BSN’75
H. Ross Perot Sr. and Margot Perot (grandparents, parents)
Frank H. Pinkerton, BA’67, and Robbie L. Pinkerton
Joseph Gerald Reves, BA’65, and Margaret V. Cathcart Reves (parents)
Frank Adams Riddick III, BA’78, and Carol Mykoly Riddick
Margot Bell Roberts, BA’82
Joe L. Roby, BA’61, and Hilppa Roby
Robert M. Rogers, BA’75, and Carolyn Thomas Rogers, BA’75
John Willson Ropp, BA’84
John M. Samuels, BA’66
James F. Sanders, BA’67, JD’70, and Cheryl Ann Sanders (parents)
Robert C. Schiff Jr., BS’77, and Dawn W. Schiff (parents)
James Cole Seuss Jr., BA’85
Maureen M. Snell
John F. Stein, BA’73, MBM’75, and Beth A. Stein (parents)
Charles Lynn Stone Jr. and Sara Shipley Stone (parents)
William E. Turner, BA’54, and Cathy Wilson Turner (parents)
Eugene H. Vaughan, BA’55, and Susan Westbrook Vaughan (parents)
Richard F. Wallman, BE’72, and Amy Wallman
Steven and Caryn Wechsler (parents)
Carl and Jimmy Westcott (parents)
James and Alinda Wikert (parents)
J. Lawrence Wilson, BE’58, and Barbara Burroughs Wilson, BA’58 (parents)
Anonymous (4)

Chancellor’s Council

($10,000 to $24,999)

F. Duane Ackerman and Katherine King Ackerman, BA’66
Bequest of Robert Bernstein, BA’42
Richard and Collier Blades (parents)
John F. Brock III and Mary R. Brock (parents)
John H. Broocks III and Nancy N. Broocks (parents)
Bebe Selig Burns, BA’68 (parent)
Ruth Montgomery Cecil, BA’65
Robert A. Christensen, BA’55
Ann Hicks Clements, BA’86
Everett R. Cook II and Karen Cook (parents)
Lee S. Cutcliff, BA’61, LLB’67
Mark F. Dalton, JD’75, and Susan K. Dalton (parents)
Roger K. Deromedi, BA’75, and Sandra Deromedi
Robert V. Dilts
Wallace H. Dunbar Jr. (parent)
Qung Wing Go, BA’73
Kevin E. Grady, BA’69, and Mary Elizabeth O’Brien Grady, BA’72 (parents)
David Berger Graves III and Elena Wallace Graves, MEd’85
John P. Greer, BA’72, MD’76, and Gay Nienhuis Greer, BSN’74 (parents)
Jenard M. Gross, BA’50, and Gail M. Gross (parents)
Charles H. Hambrick, BA’52, and Joyce B. Hambrick
Sandra Norsworthy Hoffman, BA’66
Lee Kaplan and Diana Morton Hudson, BA’73
Pradeep K. Jain
William F. James Jr., BA’73, and Nancy Johnson James (parents)
F. Lex Jolley Jr., BA’74, and Rebecca G. Jolley (parents)
Christopher G. Lea, BA’81
L. Bates and Marica Lea (parents)
Mary Katherine Sturmon Lisher, BA’72
William C. Lortz, ’60, and Helene Stehlin Lortz (parents)
H. Mark and Tracey Lunenburg (parents)
Robert P. Maynard, BA’54
Richard and Sheila McCarty
Charles D. McVean, BA’65
Gary and Janet Mead (parents)
Theodore and Julie Mundt (parents)
Mark E. Nicol, BA’76
Bradley Olson
William R. Orthwein Jr. and Laura Rand Orthwein
Robert W. Pittman
John C. Pracht Jr., BA’51, LLB’51
Akunuri and Krishna Ramayya
Daniel and Sharyn Robinson (parents)
Thomas Schweizer Jr., BA’66
Susan L. Segal (parent)
Gail J. Sezna (parent)
Eugene B. Shanks, BA’69, and Susan B. Shanks (parents)
John Bennett Snyder Jr., BA’81, and Mignon Wattigny Dupepe, BS’82
John W. Stokes Jr., BA’59, and Anne Heard Stokes, BA’59
(grandparents, parents)
Christopher Duncan Traut, BA’83, MBA’87
Heidi Jane Ueberroth, BA’87
Frank J. Walter, BA’78, and Marguerite Mudd Walter, ’80 (parents)
Michael H. Wehrle, BA’78
Charles S. Weiss, BA’74
William H. Wilcox, BA’74, and Elizabeth L. Todd
Francis Wintle (parent)
Paul G. Yale, BA’74
Martin and Maryann Young (parents)

Dean’s List

($5,000 to $9,999)

Ruth Kelleher Agather, BA’83
Philippe and Robin Amouyal (parents)
Glenn Allen Andreas, BA’92, and Jennifer Thau Andreas, BA’93
William Earl Ansapch III, BS’82, and Cecilia S. Anspach
Tyler and Ellen Baldwin (parents)
William and Katharine Becker (parents)
Jon R. Berquist, BA’76
Gregory and Laura Bird (parents)
Robert G. Bradley and Cardin Wyatt Bradley, BA’88
Francis S. Branin Jr. and Cordelia Penn Wilcox Branin (parents)
William and Deborah Bridy (parents)
Stephen and Gail Brookshire (parents)
William J. Bryan Jr., BA’54, and Ann S. Bryan (parents)
Arthur and Nancy Bunn (parents)
Charles C. Cahn Jr. and Jane Cahn (parents)
Norman R. Carlson and Margaret Ann Davis Carlson, BA’63 (parents)
John and Sharon Casey (parents)
Meredith Collins Casey, BA’08
Cathi G. Chandler (parent)
Claude C. Cody IV, BA’74
Charles W. Coker Sr. and Joan Coker (grandparents)
John W. Colbert, BA’72
Michael and Alice Conlon (parents)
Jeffrey Alan Day, BA’81, and Elizabeth Updike Day (parents)
James D. Decker, BA’82, and Marcia Levy Decker, BS’82
M. Maitland DeLand (parent)
Michael P. Donovan and Nancye L. Green (parents)
Victor and Mary Dowling (grandparents)
Raymond V. Duffy, BA’68
Edwina Davis Dutton, BA’86
Richard and Judith Ellis (parents)
Michael and Mary Helen Fabacher (parents)
Jill L. Fachilla, BA’75
John and Heath Faraci (parents)
Jeff and Marcia Fettig (parents)
Daniel Manning FitzPatrick, JD’83, and Helen Ix FitzPatrick, BA’82
Jerome and Leah Fullinwider (grandparents, parents)
Duncan T. Fulton III and Kay L. Fulton (parents)
Steven and Vicki Gage (parents)
Whitney Elizabeth Gage, BA’08
Donald P. Gatley, BE’54, and Jane Douglass Gatley, BA’54
Timothy and Barbara Gilbert (parents)
Robert and JoAnn Glick (parents)
Mae King Go, BA’72
Frank A. Godchaux III, BA’49, and Agnes G. Kirkpatrick Godchaux (grandparent, parents)
John Birkhoff and Robin Goland-Birkhoff (parents)
Thomas M. Graves, BA’58, and Catherine Turner Graves, BA’58
Jonathan Evan Green, BA’98, and Cathleen Cook Green, BS’00
Luther and Claire Griffith (parents)
Paul and Diane Guidone (parents)
Steven and Lynne Hamontree (parents)
Mary Daugherty Hartong, BA’81 (parent)
Gary J. Haugen and Barbara Richards Haugen, BA’72
Philip and Sara Hawk (parents)
John Hindle, BA’68, PhD’81, and Joan Barr Hindle (parents)
Robert G. Hoehn, BS’80, and Cynthia C. Hoehn (parents)
Michael and Marjorie Hogan (parents)
Harry C. Howard, BA’51, and Telside Matthews Howard
Mark V. Hughes III and Susan D. Hughes (parents)
Willis Harlin Hulings and Lee Harlin Hulings, BA’81 (parents)
Durant and Sara Hunter (parents)
Heidi W. Kaess (parent)
Jeffrey and Andrea Kaminsky (parents)
Donald and Diane Kane (parents)
John and Jane Kauffmann (parents)
D. Scott Kenney, BA’82
Geoffrey and DeWitt Kierstead (parents)
Addison Lanier II and Jamie Lanier (parents)
Peter and Maureen Lee (parents)
Reid and Anne Leggett (parents)
Bruce and Joanne Levy (parents)
Roy and Karen Linville (parents)
James and Susan Locke (parents)
Jeffrey C. Lynch, BA’84
Victoria Thomas Mannes, BS’82
George Thomas Martin Jr., BA’63, and Joanna Winston Foley, BA’65
Paula Johnson Martin, MA’69
William G. McCanne
David and Nicki McDonald (parents)
Janet M. McDonnell
Warren and Stephanie McGovern
Holland N. McTyeire IV and Sherry Pepper McTyeire, BA’55 (parents)
Jeffrey William Melcher, BA’85, and Angelia Carter Melcher
Cathy Morello Miller, BA’87
John and Susan Miller (parents)
Scott W. Morgan and Lisa Mumma Morgan, BS’82 (parents)
Belinda M. J. Ward Morris, BA’86
David and Lisa Mossy (parents)
Gray Muzzy and Phoebe Welsh Muzzy, BA’78
Robert Neely Sr. and Laura Neely (parents)
Ronald and Nancy Norelli (parents)
Scott and Lynda Norman (parents)
Dina M. Norris, BA’77
Mary Cosgrove Olson, BA’82
Joseph and Joan Patton (parents)
Marshall and Dee Ann Payne (parents)
Daniel F. Peck Jr. and Patricia Peck (parents)
Ronald C. Piacenti, BA’75, and Terri Brisendine Piacenti, MA’74 (parents)
Jack M. Pinkerton, BE’50, and Susanne Neal Pinkerton, BA’51 (parents)
Wesley Railey Powell, BA’91
Percy R. Pyne IV and Alison Pyne (parents)
Douglas Michael Quartner, BA’77
J. Liston Roberts, BA’65
D. Bruce and Bettina Ross (parents)
David and Lisa Roth (parents)
Peter and Katherine Sachs (parents)
Robert A. Sanders, BA’71, and
Lee Knisley Sanders, BA’71 (parents)
Scott and Katie Schoelzel (parents)
Marcus and Amy Schwartz (parents)
Henry Z. Shaub and Jacqueline D. Sidi-Shaub (parents)
Paul R. Smith and Ann Potts Smith, BA’82
David Allen Sobotka and Karen Joachim Sobotka, BA’84
Betty Wiener Spomer, BA’83
Thomas F. St. Maxens II, BA’73
Steven B. Starr, BA’75, JD’78, and Gwen Starr
Jane Besthoff Steiner, BA’84
Loring L. Stevens (parent)
Timon V. Sullivan, BA’76, and Diana O. Sullivan (parents)
MacDonald Sutherland, BS’82
Winston M. Talbert and Laura Watson Talbert, BA’90
Cooper L. Terry, BA’85, MD’89, and Virginia Self Terry, BA’87
Robert and Suzanne Thomas (parents)
Carter Reid Todd, JD’82, and Laurie O’Brien Todd, BA’83, MLAS’96 (parents)
Julia Kaminski Trampe, BS’82
W. M. Wadlington, BA’67
W. Scott and Susan Webber (parents)
Wilson C. Wearn Jr. and Debbie Wearn (parents)
Herron P. Weems, BA’75, and Cary W. Weems (parents)
Kenneth J. Wiesen, BA’63
William A. Wise, BA’67, and Marie F. Wise
S. Kenneth Wolfe, BA’67
Robert Brand Womsley Jr., BA’86, and Stacey Mundt Womsley, BA’88
Myrna Wooders
Jane Woods (parent)
Richard R. Woods, BA’69, and Fiona G. Woods (parents)
James H. Woodson, BA’55, LLB’61
Jeffrey M. Wright, BS’75, and Karen Rauch Wright, BSN’76 (parents)
Rodney S. Yanker, BS’80, and Mary Maxwell Yanker (parents)
Charles Morrow and Ann Yingling, BA’68

Black and Gold Society

($1,000 to $4,999)

David Welborn Adams, BA’88
Steven and Ellen Adams (parents)
Terence E. Adderley (parent)
James D. Aderhold Jr., BA’61, and Glyna Aderhold
Michael C. Ainbinder, BA’79
T. Clark Akers, BA’79, and Elizabeth Nedelkoff Akers, MBA’94
Roger Lewis Albrecht and Dianne Phillips Albrecht, BA’71 (parents)
Mary Patrice Mahon Alcus, BA’85
Patrick L. Alexander, BA’77, JD’80, and Mary Wilson Alexander, BA’77
Bruce G. Allbright, BA’51, and Kylene D. Allbright
John Woodley Shearburn, BA’81, and Annette Allen, BA’82
Jean C. Allen, BA’44
Lisa Carol Allen, BA’94
Samuel E. Allen, BA’58, and Angie Allen (parents)
Antonio J. Almeida, BA’78, and Margaret Taylor Almeida, BS’79
Thomas N. Amonett, BA’65, JD’68
Dean Anderson, BA’87
Paul H. Anderson Jr., BA’70
Judith A. Andrews
Nelson C. Andrews, BA’50, and Susan Adams Andrews, BA’51 (parents)
William and Elisabeth Armstrong (parents)
Mark D. Arons, BA’80
John D. Arterberry, JD’73, and Lisa Wagner Arterberry, BA’73 (parents)
Douglas Clay Atnipp, BA’82, and Veronica Obermayer Atnipp, BA’82
Andrew J. Auerbach, BA’77
James L. Bacchus, BA’71 (parent)
Richard and Elizabeth Bacon (parents)
David Brian Badesch, BA’79, and Melanie D. Badesch (parents)
Carlos and Veronica Badiola (parents)
Harry N. Baetjer III and Caryl M. Baetjer (parents)
Donald W. Bailey, BA’55
H. LaDon Baltimore, BA’71, and Anita Baltimore
Christopher R. Baltz, BA’92, and Jill Taggert Baltz, BS’92
Daniel Bythewood Barge, BE’80, and Susan Aston Barge, BA’81 (parents)
Charles J. Barnett, BA’64, and Sharon T. Barnett
George S. Barrett and Deborah A. Nelmeth (parents)
John and Irene Bartenstein (parents)
John B. Bassel Jr., BA’66, MD’69, and Barbara Bassel (parents)
David and Natalie Batchelor (parents)
Douglas Thompson Bates III, BA’69, and Molly Bates
Louis L. Battey Jr., BA’74, and Pamela Ann McCreary, BS’76 (parents)
Thomas L. Baumann, BA’72
Earl Beasley, BA’55, and Kay Russell Beasley, BA’56
John S. Beasley II, BA’52, JD’54, and Allison Tidman Beasley, BA’55 (parents)
Steven and Mary Alice Beck (parents)
Robert P. Bedell, BA’65, and M. Constance Bedell
Andrea C. Beldecos, BA’81
Margaret Bass Berglund, BA’68 (parent)
Michael Thomas Berolzheimer, BS’00, and Michelle Campo Berolzheimer, BA’00
W. Irvin Berry, BA’51, and Annie Laurie Hunt Berry, BA’52
William H. Bessire, BA’65 (parent)
Linda Kimberly Funnell Bettinger, BA’84
Igor and Tatjana Bidikov (parents)
Frederic T. Billings III, MD’72, and Susan Riley Billings, BA’68, MA’71 (parents)
Kenneth E. Blackburn II
Michael Warrick Blackburn, BA’86, EMBA’94, and Theresa S. Blackburn
Russell M. Blain, BA’74
Paul M. Bland, BA’75
Elizabeth A. Blankenship (parent)
John P. Blazic, BA’73, and Barbara Blazic (parents)
David E. Blum, BA’77
Melvyn and Linda Blum (parents)
Donald E. Bowles, BA’67, and Jane Ralston Bowles, BA’67
Catherine McKenzie Bowman, BA’84
Marianne Ruth Dunstan Brady, BA’77
Douglas Paul Braff, BS’82, and Margaret Williams Braff, BS’90
William Perry Brandt, BA’74, JD’77
Edward Breen and Caren Siebert-Breen (parents)
David and Shawn Brevard (parents)
Gretchen Wilson Brevnov, BA’82
Roger T. Briggs and Frances Currey Briggs, BA’86
Steven Richard Briggs, BA’81
Richard A. Brooks and Nora Toohy Brooks, BA’82
Nancy E. Brower, BA’82
Heddy Murphey Brown, BA’82
Jay T. Brown, BA’67 (parent)
Kenneth Carlton Brown, BA’90, and Harriett Searcy Brown
Loraine Gronberg Brown, BA’92
Steven and Susan Brown (parents)
Willard W. Brown Jr., BA’71
John H. Bryan III and Louise Comiskey Bryan, BA’87
Marvin R. Bubis, BA’42, and Bess Rosenblum Bubis
Thomas R. Buckner, JD’72, and Karen Wagner Buckner, BA’71 (parents)
Margaret Robinson Buker, BA’78
Thomas and Char Bumol (parents)
John C. Burch, BA’66, and Susan K. Burch
John R. Burch, BA’53, and Linda J. Burch
Rick and Sharon Burdick (parents)
Barbara P. Burke, BA’78
Kenneth Munn and Anne Marie Burr (parents)
Robert Stuart Bush and Carla Sinor Bush, BA’81 (parents)
David William Busker, BA’01, and Laura Mead Busker, BA’01
Marco John Caggiano, BA’93
John E. Cain III, BA’56 (parent)
Ronald Lee Calhoon, BA’85
Matt M. Callihan, BA’77, and Margaret Lynch Callihan, BA’77, EMBA’04 (parents)
William H. Cammack, BA’52, and Eugenia H. Cammack, ’54 (grandparents)
John and Lisa Campbell (parents)
Catherine Daniel Canfield, BS’95
John R. Carloss Jr.
Charles Carroll IV and Geraldine Carroll (parents)
Charles A. Carter III, BA’58
P. Michael Caruso, BA’72, and Virginia Rubel Caruso, BA’73 (parents)
Karen E. Casey, BA’84
Hugo Castro-Malaspina and Agnes
Elisabeth Pasquier-Castro (parents)
Michael and Louise Catalano (parents)
Carolyn Baile Chandler, BA’71
Jack G. Charney, BA’68
Charles E. Cherry, BA’67
Lee Ellen Churchill, BA’62
Russell Jack Clark, BS’87, and Karen Ann Brown Clark, BS’86
John W. Clay, BA’63, and Anne Campbell Clay, BA’65
William S. Cochran, BA’59, and Anita Kirby Cochran, BA’59 (parents)
James Randall Coffey, BA’82
Timothy Cohen and Christina Dillon Cohen, BA’89
Edward H. Cole Jr., BA’77
Morgan Carroll Cole, BA’92
Robert T. Coleman, BE’51, and Ann Gambill Coleman
Thomas Hewitt Coleman, BA’67
John M. Colvin Jr., BA’55, MS’58, JD’65, and Beth E. Colvin
Stephen and Ellen Conley (parents)
Terrence John Connelly Jr., BA’96
Thomas Bryan Conner III, BA’88
Bruce and Carter Conway (parents)
Byron and Grace Cook (parents)
Charles Eugene Cook Jr., BA’94, and Patricia Elston Cook, BA’83, MA’90
Byron Lester Cooley, BA’69, and Rosalind R. Cooley (parents)
Lara Kathryn Cooley, BA’04
William Richard Cooper, BE’69, and Gayle Petrone Cooper, BS’69
E. Ralph Cotham IV, BA’62, JD’64
William J. Courtenay, BA’57
Robert B. Cousins Jr., BA’67
Charles B. Cox III, BA’72, JD’75, and Lucy Dade Cox, BA’75 (parents)
Angela Tilley Crates, BA’90
Thomas Crawford Jr., BA’59 (parent)
John Baker Crenshaw, BA’81, and Julia Thigpen Crenshaw, BA’78
William T. Cross, BE’72, and Kitty Bankston Cross, BA’72
Lindsay Ann Cullum, BA’08
Gregory Stockton Curran, BA’85, and Emily Mosby Curran, BA’85
Overton Anderson Currie, BA’75, and Betty Jo Lancaster Currie, BA’75 (parents)
Thomas N. Curtin, BA’75, and Kari Peterson Curtin, BA’75
Michael and Denise Cushman (parents)
W. Cleland Dade, BA’77, JD’82
Charles Joseph Dahlem, BA’88
Kent Edwin Daiber, JD’80, and Elizabeth Ackerley Daiber, BA’80
Lawrence and Beverley Dale (parents)
Mary Walker Dale, BA’44 (parent)
William H. Danforth (grandparent, parent)
Heather Hewitt Daniel, BA’82
Joan Chaffin Daugherty (parent)
Thomas A. Davidson, BA’74, MBA’83
Cody Fowler Davis, BA’81, and Elizabeth Holton Davis, BA’82 (parents)
Richard M. Dearman, BA’73
Joseph William Deering III, BA’88
Ira J. Deitsch, BA’74
William R. DeLoache Jr., BA’77, and Mary Cain DeLoache, BSN’78, MSN’80
William F. Denson III and Deborah Davis Denson
Susan Thompson Derryberry, BA’51
Susan Elizabeth Dew, BA’73
Henry L. Diamond, BA’54
Marilyn Mandle Dick, BA’46
Michael C. Dillon, BA’71
George Michel Dimitri II, BA’98
Kenneth B. Dinnegan, BA’81
Lisa Jones Dobbs, BS’87
John M. Donnelly Jr., BA’51, and Martha Douglas Donnelly, BA’54
Nicole DeFelice Donovan, BS’85
C. Powers Dorsett Jr., BA’66 (parent)
James Edwin DuBose, BA’79, and Victoria Ann Adams, BSN’79 (parents)
David Erwin Dunham, BA’84, and Amy Johnson Dunham, BA’84
Dennis and Diana Durden (grandparents)
Walter T. Durham, BA’48, MA’56, and Anna Coile Durham, BA’49 (parents)
Marshall C. Eakin and Michelle Beatty Eakin
Matthew Glenn Easley, BA’04
Woods E. Eastland, BA’67
James S. Eaton Jr., BA’58
David Alan Elliott, JD’88, and Martha Matthews Elliott, BS’85
Joseph Stearns Ellis Jr., BA’87, and
Lina Bowyer Ellis, BA’87, MEd’90
Richard Alan Engle, BA’77, JD’81
Roy T. Englert, BA’43
Joseph H. Estes, BS’81
Martin and Margaret Evans (parents)
John W. Ey, BE’79, and Elizabeth Hovda Ey, BA’79
Steven and Judi Fader (parents)
Jonathan L. Fales, BA’77
R. Kent Farris, BA’63, MD’66, and Susan Additon Farris, BSN’67 (parents)
Conner M. Fay and Evelyn Buford Fay, BA’57
Thomas J. Fazio and Susan K. Fazio
Jane Porter Feild, BA’59, MS’61
Manley N. Feinberg Sr., BA’57
Peter S. Felsenthal, BA’75
Gregor and Mary Ferguson (parents)
Kristin Lynch Ficery, BA’91
Curtis Finch Jr., BA’55
T. Aldrich Finegan
Michael and Catherine Fischer (parents)
Robert and Noreen Fisher (parents)
Frances Craigie Fitzgerald, BA’85
James Curtis FitzGerald, BA’00, and Jennifer Allridge FitzGerald, BS’01
William Edward Fitzgibbon IV, BA’90, and Dawn Victoria S. Fitzgibbon, MBA’00
Russell M. Flaum, BA’72, and Virginia L. Flaum (parents)
Daniel and Betsy Fleetwood (parents)
Julia Mather Flowers
Victoria Long Foley, BA’89, MBA’91
Jack H. Folk
Gordon and Regina Ford (parents)
Marcia Marie Fordyce, BA’94
Gilbert S. Fox, BA’42, and Lois K. Fox
J. Michael Franks, BA’71, JD’74, and Alma Alexander Franks
Scott and Amy Frew (parents)
Jay and Joyce Friedrichs (parents)
Patrick Bridge Frost, BA’82
Thomas E. Fullilove, BA’62
David Jon Furbish
Curt Ingram Futch, BA’96
Dick Game, BA’83, and Anne Zipp Game, BA’83
David Todd Garrett, BA’80
Dale N. Garth, BA’72
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gast (parents)
Sara M. Gast
Dewitt R. Gayle III, BS’73, and Belinda Gayle (parents)
David R. Gelfand, BA’84, JD’87, and Katherine McKenna Gelfand, JD’88
Judith Scobey Gentry, BA’61 (parent)
Ted M. George, BA’49, MA’57, PhD’64
Marie Grimes Gerrity, BA’80
Todd C. Giacco, BS’87
Steven H. Gibson, BA’69
Letty Lou Haber Gilbert, BA’51 (parent)
George K. Gill, BA’61, MA’63, and Sallie A. Gill (parents)
Richard H. Gill, BA’62 (parent)
Clarke Houston Gillespy Jr., BA’94
Nancy Giordano
Robert S. Wilkerson Given, BA’81
Richard J. Glasebrook II and Lucy Glasebrook (parents)
Edward J. Glaser Jr., BA’49
Gordon H. Glenn, BA’70
Mae Foung Go
Andrew Mark Goldenberg, BA’79
Michael E. Goldston, BA’77, and Charlotte W. Coles-Goldston
Glen Gollobin and Nancy Glenn Gollobin, BA’75 (parents)
Katherine Harwood Gooch, BA’63 (parent)
Betsy Callicott Goodell, BA’77
Peter Scott Goodman, BS’82
M. Williams Goodwyn Jr., BA’77
Elizabeth Kamp Graham, BA’83
Terry C. Graves, BA’64 (parent)
Frederick and Iris Green (parents)
Daniel and Robin Greenspun (parents)
Charles William Griege Jr., BA’85, and Jessica Griege
W. G. Griggs III, BA’92, and Blakely Dickson Griggs, BA’92
Robert Wayne Grout, BA’66
Nelson and Cynthia Grumney (parents)
Scott Duncan Gullquist, BA’82, and Melissa Mills Gullquist, BA’85
William D. Gutermuth, BA’74, JD’77, and Ellen Ewing Gutermuth, BA’78
Michael Patrick Hagerty, BS’87, and Robin Lynch Hagerty, BA’87
Dayton F. Hale Jr., BA’72, and Charlotte B. Hale (parents)
R. Walter Hale III and Faye Simpkins Hale, BA’67 (parents)
Joe Hall, BA’82, and Marion Wall Hall (parents)
G. Marc Hamburger, BA’64
John S. Hamilton Sr., BA’50
Marjorie Brown Hampton, BA’48
Kenneth S. Handmaker, BA’60
William B. Hanlon III and Victoria S. Hanlon (parents)
George Lamar Harmon, PhD’57, and Jean R. Palmer Harmon
Phyllis Pedigo Harris, BA’82
Clifford J. Harrison Jr., BA’49, and Mickey Harrison
Robert E. Harwell Jr., BA’57, and Elizabeth Creighton Harwell, BA’59 (parents)
James E. Harwood Jr. (parent)
Edna Bryant Hastings, BA’41
Daniel J. Haughton II, BA’72
Bruce and Kathryn Haupt (parents)
Edwin A. Heard
Phyllis G. Heard
Vaughan Holmes Hedrick, BA’66, MS’69
Jeffrey C. Heeren and Ashley LaRoche Heeren, BS’93
Ricki Rhodarmer Tigert Helfer, BA’67
Bradley Mark Hemminger, BA’82, and Pamela Somers Hemminger, BS’82
Carol Bearden Henderson, BA’53
John and Maureen Hendricks (parents)
Claire Abernathy Henry, BA’02
Thomas J. Herald, BA’79, and Mary K. Herald (parents)
Elton A. Herrick III, BA’52
David Alexander Hickerson, BA’83, and Caroline Smoak Hickerson, BA’83, MEd’84
John Bunn Hill III, BA’90
Hugh Gates Hines and Marjorie H. Hines
Russell H. Hippe, BA’61, JD’64, and Eleanor Hill Hippe, BS’61
Leland A. Hodges Jr.
Virginia Carson Hofstetter, BA’38 (parent)
Andrew Hoine, BA’96
Meredith Gast Hollomon, BA’92
William and Cheryl Howard (parents)
Jay Underwood Howington, BA’92, and Corinne Meek Howington, BA’94
Vincent K. Hubbard, BA’60, JD’63
George Barlow Huber, BA’79
Ellen Hudson
Jeffrey Charles Huebner, BA’98
William F. Hughes Jr. and Mary Katherine Weems Hughes, BA’66
Richard Monroe Hull Jr., BA’92
James Robert Humphreys, BA’69
John H. Hunt, BA’78
Scott Carter Ilgenfritz, BA’79, and Margaret Diane Mathews, BA’79
John E. Ingle, BA’57
Carl H. Iseman and Diane R. Iseman
David B. Ivester and Audrey Edmondson Ivester, BA’85
Charles and Kathy Izard (parents)
Granbery Jackson III, BA’67, and Mary Lee Whitehead Jackson, BA’72 (parents)
Stuart S. Janney III and Lynn Janney (parents)
James Q. Jardine, BA’77, and Kimberly Hodgson Jardine, BA’80
Lewis Mitchell Jeffries, BA’80
James B. Johnson Jr., BA’54 (parent)
Robert G. Johnson, BA’66, JD’69
Scot Wallace Johnson, BA’92, MBA’94
Elizabeth McCaleb Johnston, BA’46
Jean Kirby Jones, BS’91
David Ward Jones, BA’81, and Lauren Wood Jones, BA’81
Marjory Letner Jones, BSN’75 (parent)
Milnor Jones, BA’45, MD’48, and Miriam Conner Jones, BA’51
William Steven Jones, BA’71
Bjarni Jonsson and Harriet Parkes Jonsson, BA’52 (parents)
Win Jui, PhD’77
Charles J. Kahn Jr., BA’73
James H. Kaminer Jr., BA’69, and Barry Stout Kaminer, BS’86
Craig Allan Kaplowitz, MA’95,
Graduate School, PhD’99, and Emily Connors Kaplowitz, BA’97
Daniel Henry Karna, BA’03
Gerald B. Kasting, BA’75, and Barbara Glenn Kasting, BA’75 (parents)
Tasia Theoharatos Katapodis, BA’81
John M. Keenum, BA’68, and Katherine Griffeth Keenum, BA’69
James R. Kelley, BA’70
Karen Lee Kendall, BA’78
Robert Preston Kennedy, BA’92, MBA’93, and Claire Lynn Kennedy
Sidney Anderson Kenyon, BA’81
W. Michael Kern, BE’69, and Elizabeth Lee Kern, BA’69
Tasia Economou Khan, BA’75
Gary Robert Kimball III, BS’84, MBA’85, and Carroll Edwards Kimball, BA’84
Orman L. Kimbrough Jr., BA’75
Michael Smithson Kinnard, BA’68
Jerome Frank Kinney IV, BS’81
Michael and Elena Kissel (parents)
John Stewart Koch, BA’87
Spencer and Rhonda Kravitz (parents)
Donald and Leesa Kurdziel (parents)
John, and Christine Kustusch (parents)
John and Shirley Lachs (parents)
Vaden M. Lackey Jr., JD’56, and Nancy Denney Lackey, BA’52 (parents)
Charles B. Lahan, BA’59
Lee A. Lahourcade, BA’79, and Virginia Dunnam Lahourcade
Mark C. Lamarre and Jennifer Stratton Lamarre, BA’90
Mason H. Lampton, BA’69, and Mary Lucile Hardaway Lampton
James H. Landon, BA’67
Rebecca Sims Lepanto, BA’67 (parent)
James M. Lapeyre Jr. and Sally Lapeyre (parents)
Joe P. Larkins and Bethany Smith Larkins, BA’76
Sovern John Larkins, BA’52, and Elizabeth Gardner Larkins, BA’53 (parents)
Richard F. LaRoche, JD’70, and Gloria Jane LaRoche, BA’67 (parents)
Richard J. Larsen
Kenjiro David LeCroix, BA’07
Patrick and Dania Leemputte (parents)
Joseph and Patricia Leintz (parents)
Alison Hopkins Leithner, BA’04
Charles Don Leone II, BA’90, MBA’92, and Sharon Castrow Leone, BA’91
Judy Porch Leone, BA’78
M. Richard Lewis, BA’73, JD’76, and Melissa Jonas Lewis, BA’76
Brandon James Linn, BA’93
Leslee Kay Johnson Linn, BA’76
Joseph A. Little, BA’40, MD’43, and Sarah Goodpasture Little, BA’40 (grandparents, parents)
Thomas and Patricia Loeb (parents)
James B. Lootens, JD’81, and Sara Clark Lootens, BA’81
Adrian D. Lorentson, BA’75, and Katherine M. Lorentson
Samuel C. Loventhal, BA’36, and Clare Loventhal
Daniel Brian Lovinger, BA’87, and Linda Watson Lovinger, BA’87
James R. Lowe, BA’61
Patricia Erwin Lummus, BA’85
Nelson K. Lytle and Lydia Marie Lasichak (parents)
John B. Mabry, BE’59, and
Barbara Hancock Mabry, BA’61
Thomas and Sharon Macduff (parents)
Jennifer Porter MacKenzie, BA’86
Thomas A. MacKenzie, BA’57
Paul and Karen Mahan (parents)
Julie Wofford Malott, BA’81
Theodore Howard Mankin, BA’82
Patrick Henry Mann Jr., BA’58, JD’60, and Ann Rule Mann, BA’60 (parents)
Richard Allen Maradik, BS’91, and Anne Jackson Maradik, BA’91
Carla McClurkin Martin, BA’77
James G. Martin III, BA’69, JD’74
Stephen Mitchell Martin, BA’80
Thomas R. Martin, BA’75, and Wanda Martin
Richard David Martindale, BA’92, and Heidi Stanley Martindale, BA’94
Jorge Martinez
Linda Shaw Marzialo, BA’75
Alyne Queener Massey, BA’48 (parent)
Michael Brian Masterson, BA’92, and Gloria S. Masterson
Randall S. Matthews, BA’73, and
Theresa Brevard Matthews, BA’73
George S. Mauerman, BA’59 (parent)
Joseph L. May and Lynn Hewes May, BA’60, MEd’82
Sarah Augusta Mayfield, BA’89
Mark D. Mayo, BA’77, and Kelley Dreaden Mayo (parents)
Helen Wagner McAfee, BA’84
Sara Annsley Heidtke McAleer, BA’97
Edward V. McAssey II and Linda McAssey (parents)
Willard McCall Jr., BA’53
Sam F. McClanahan, MA’58, and Marjorie Thorpe McClanahan, BA’63
John Wall McCollum, BA’92, and Yancey Lanier McCollum, BA’92
Stephen L. McCord, BE’69, and Katherine Rathbone McCord, BA’71 (parents)
Thomas F. McCoy, BA’66
Roy William Wunsch and Mary Ann McCready, BS’74
Allen Polk McDaniel, BA’65, and Sara Sherwood McDaniel, BS’65 (parents)
M. Elizabeth McDaniel, BA’66
Cheryl Kay McDonald, BS’85
Barrie Jeffrey McDowell, BA’81
Robert G. McEniry, BA’63
L. Scott McGinnis, BA’80, and Roline Hamilton McGinnis, BA’82
Michael S. McGraw, BA’77, and Mary Randolph McGraw
Leonard E. McKeand III, BA’58
Herbert and Joan McKenzie (parents)
Alan and Julia McKinney (parents)
Elizabeth Carlen McLean, BA’42
Karen Vaughan McManus, BA’90
Marc Matthew McManus, BS’99, and Melody Paige Wredberg McManus, BE’98
Tyler Scott McMullen, BA’91, and Stephanie Cornelius McMullen, BA’91, MS’95
Martin F. McNamara, BA’58, and Ann Marie Mathis McNamara, BA’65 (parents)
Robert E. McNeilly Jr., BA’54, MAT’55, and Bette Sue McNeilly (parents)
Donald R. McPheron, BA’71, MAT’75
Holland Nimmons McTyeire V, BA’81, JD’84, and Tippi A. McTyeire
Michael R. McWherter, BA’78, JD’81, and Mary J. McWherter
Eric and Susan Meder (parents)
Ronald C. Melcher, BA’87
William and Sally Merrell (parents)
Craig and Debra Messinger (parents)
Edward H. Meyers, BA’95
Leo and Jane Milleman (parents)
David R. Miller, BA’74
J. Bruce Miller, BA’62, LLB’65
Jim and Deborah Miller (parents)
William P. Miller and Kathryn Loken Miller, BA’90
Scott Lewis Miller, BA’81, and Julie Miller
Rebecca Johnson Milne, BA’78
Scott Thomas Milner, BS’81
Frank William Mocek and Mary Lane Mocek, BA’83
Roger W. Moister Jr., BA’67, JD’71 (parent)
Lucie Howard Moore, BA’79
Polly Frazer Moore, BA’80
Robert B. Moore, BA’58, MA’60
Hugh J. Morgan Jr., LLB’56, and Ann Ward Morgan, BA’52 (parents)
Robert and Janice Morgan (parents)
Brian Thompson Morris, BA’84, and Patricia Diamonon Morris, BS’86
Martha Mann Morrow (parent)
David J. Morse
J. Davenport Mosby III, BA’78, and Glenn Bush Mosby, BA’78
Cantwell F. Muckenfuss III, BA’67, and A. Angela Lancaster
Ronald Owen Mueller, BA’82
Timothy Martin Mulloy, BA’81
Oscar and Cathy Munoz (parents)
Davis Murfree, BA’02
Roger G. Murray Jr.
Thomas Irving Sachson, BA’88, and Laura Catherine Musial, BA’88
Louis D. Myre
Thomas E. Nash Jr. and Brenda G. Nash (parents)
Kevin M. Neal and Nancy Citron Neal, BA’94
A. Guy Neff, BA’72, and Dawn Thompson Neff
Charles A. Nelson and Betty Latham Nelson, BA’49 (parents)
Steven L. Nelson, BA’75
Julie Sommers Neuman, BA’83
James D. Newell Jr., BA’83
Keith Wayne Newman, BA’81
Gerald T. Nichols and Cheryl Marie Reintjes Nichols, BA’81 (parents)
Henry R. Nichols, BE’77, and Jennifer Gorog Nichols, BA’79 (parents)
George Walter Niedringhaus IV, BA’86
Randy Scott Nissinoff, BS’86
Donald C. North, BA’69, and Mary Murrill North, BA’69
Charles Swift Northen III, BA’59, MA’61
Joe M. Norton Jr., BA’69
Walter S. Nunnelly III, BA’66
Thomas W. Nygaard, BS ‘74, MD’78, and Ellen Gebhardt Nygaard (parents)
Carroll McCullough O’Brien, BA’74 (parent)
Rick Justin O’Brien, BA’86
Susan Swearingen Oelsen, BA’79
Van Oliver, BA’71, JD’74, and Anne Martin Oliver, BA’71 (parents)
Philip J. Olsson, BA’70, MM’72, and G. Gayle Cryer Olsson, BE’72
Michael Brian Orkin, BA’81, and Judy Orkin (parents)
Mark and Kimberly Pacala (parents)
Alex S. Palmer, BA’68, and Margaret Allen Palmer, MA’69 (parents)
Joyce Grimwood Pannell, BA’65
Harry and Jacqueline Pappas (parents)
Kevin William Parke Sr., BA’81
Richard Arnold Parr II, BA’79
Robert W. Parsons and Elise Hampton Parsons, BA’52 (parents)
Jeffrey David Parsons, BA’80
Richard and Connie Passarella (parents)
Vinit and Katie Patil (parents)
G. Douglas Patterson Jr., BS’80
Martha Priddy Patterson, BA’71
Tom Patterson, BA’63, and Michael K. Eldred
John Collins Paty III, BA’81, and Alma Hale Paty, BS’82
M. Carr Payne Jr., BA’49
Robert and Ginnie Payne (grandparents)
Robert Pearson and Penelope Parrot Pearson, BA’61
Craig Anthony Peckham, BA’95
Eugene B. Pennell, BA’69, and Lynn Clayton (parents)
Eric Gill Peterson, BA’00, and Melissa Lane Peterson, BS’99
Philip M. Pfeffer and Pamela K. Pfeffer, MAT’68 (parents)
Kathryn Reed Phillips, BA’72
Vito and Maria Portera (parents)
Cheryl Peters Powell, BA’77
William Anderson Preston, BS’94, MD’98, and Kimberly Wormer Preston
Andrew E. Price, BA’48
Scott Prigge and Brittain Ellis Prigge, BA’91
Philip Bennett Prince
Donald Collier Proctor, BA’87, and Allison L. Collins Proctor, BS’87
J. Warren Pullen, BA’91
Romulus W. Puryear Jr., BA’57
Bard Quillman, BA’70, and Nancy Jones Quillman, BA’71 (parents)
Nicolas and Diane Quintana (parents)
Stephen M. Raeber, BA’63, and Carol Wikle Raeber, BA’64 (parents)
Thomas M. Ramee, BA’77, and Ann P. Ramee
Krishnamurthi and Rajeshwari Ramprasad (parents)
Christopher and Mary Randolph (parents)
Cindy Collins Randolph, BA’67
Martin D. Rapisarda and Elizabeth Watson Rapisarda, BA’80, MBA’87
Kenneth Charles Ray, BA’83, and Martha Woolbright Ray, BA’83
Nancy L. Raybin, BA’74
Mary Whitney Rayner, BA’92
W. H. Mitchell Redd, BA’90
Julia Brooks Reed
Louis Gregory Rice, BA’87
Julius Ness Richardson, BS’99, and Macon Miller Richardson, BS’97
Harris D. Riley, BA’45, MD’48, and Margaret Barry Riley (parents)
Mark B. Riley, BA’77, JD’80
J. Thurston Roach, BA’63, and Catherine B. Roach
S. Curtiss and Leslie Roach (parents)
Lisa Louise Robbins, BS’80
George Gordon Robertson III, BA’69
R. Lee Robinson, BA’74
Beth Schulze Robison, BA’93
Anne Zachry Rochelle, BA’88
Bequest of Mildred Fite Rogge, BA’34
Megan Walker Rose, BA’82
John J. Ross, BA’68, and Harriet Long Ross, BA’68 (parents)
James Hunter Roth, BA’79, and Laura Ray Roth, BA’85
Armand and Marylee Rothschild (parents)
G. Hunt Rounsavall, BA’69
Richard A. Rua, BA’75
Brian D. Rye, BA’96, and Colleen B. Rye
Christopher Knox Sadler, BA’83, MBA’84
Charles K. Safley, BA’67, and Ellen Safley
F. Calame Sammons, BA’73, and Dianne Paradise Sammons, BA’73
Douglas S. Sandage, BA’73
Gerald Sandler
Frances Dannals Sasser, BA’74
Russell Harper Saunders, BA’76
Al B. Sawyers, BA’82
Ralph and Luci Schey (grandparents)
Marc Warren Schmidt, BA’98, and Julie Johns Schmidt, BA’98
Steven and Roberta Schulman (parents)
Dugan Hardy Schwalm, BE’97, MS’00
Matson Forrest Schwalm, BA’94
Richard and Wendy Schwartz (parents)
Patrick Levi Scott, BA’91
Gregory A. Seib, BA’92, MBA’93
W. King Self Jr., BA’70, and Judy Henry Self
M. Edward Sellers, BA’66
Marjorie Tillman Sennett, BA’82
Will Edwards Settle, BA’94, and Rachel Delaney Reeves Settle
Sanford C. Sharp, BS’84, MD’88, and Joni Lovell Sharp, BA’86
Marion Sharp (grandparent)
Loyd Edward Shaw, BS’84, and Bebe Gish Shaw, BS’84
Michael H. Shelly, BA’70
Margaret Tiller Wilkinson Sherwood, BA’75, MA’76
William F. Shouse and Sarah Newman Shouse, BA’54, MA’68
Flora Sandra Siami, BS’90
Eugene E. Siler Jr., BA’58
Dunning Brewster Silliman, BA’90
Stephen I. Silverman and Elizabeth Shapiro Silverman, BA’75 (parents)
Joel Silverman and Gail Babnew (parents)
Henry Evans Simpson, BA’56
Jeffrey Keith Skilling Jr., BA’08
Joseph Frank Skowron III, BA’91
Harmon and Lori Skurnik (parents)
Ann Unterberger Smith, BA’83
Clarence H. Smith, BA’72
David Fitzsimmons Smith, BA’82
Lisa Thompson Smith, BA’85
Philip C. Smith, BA’76
John Shiver Snelling, BA’87, and Bridget Roche Snelling, BA’89
Jeffrey and Diane Soukup (parents)
Jerry W. Southwood, BA’67, and Jeanne Welty Southwood, BA’67, MLAS’04
Edward Spacapan, BS’76, and Lise Taylor Spacapan, BS’79
Elizabeth Morgan Spiegel, BA’58, MAT’59
Henry and Carol Spinelli (parents)
J. David Spivey, BS’85
R. Wendell Spragins, BA’57
James D. Spratt Jr., BA’76, JD’79
Paul W. Springman, BA’73
E. Jeffrey Stann, BA’66, MA’68, PhD’75, and Patsy Haley Stann, BA’66
Jeffrey R. Starke and Joan E. Shook (parents)
James and Jan Starnes (parents)
David Steine Jr., BA’72, MBA’78
Elise Levy Steiner
George Stelljes III, BA’84
George Langworthy Stewart, BA’85, and Susan Robinson Stewart, BSN’84
Scott Alan Stichter, BA’84
J. Lindsay Stradley, BA’71, and Jacquelin Masterson Stradley, BA’71
William N. Stratigos and Deborah Feller (parents)
Laurie Jo Glime Straty, BA’77
Joe R. Straus III, BA’82
Frank B. Strickland, BA’58, and Anne Link Strickland (parents)
Paul R. Stumb III, BA’56, MD’60, and Mary Schlater Stumb, BA’57 (parents)
Mary Ann Sugg, BA’51
Timothy Michael Sullivan, BA’89
Dennis Swaney, BA’71
Thayer F. Swartwood, BA’96, and Heather Donlan Swartwood, BA’96
James Robert Sweeney, BA’71, and Karen H. Sweeney
Benjamin Rawlings Tarbutton, BA’92
C. Neal Tate and Carol M. Tate
Catherine Shackelford Taylor, BA’06
Clarence H. Taylor Jr., BA’56 (parent)
Phillip C. Taylor, BA’57 (parent)
Richard D. Taylor III, BA’64
Timus G. Taylor Jr., BA’56, and Mary Ready Weaver Taylor, BA’56 (parents)
Gladys Dowdy Thigpen, BA’48
DeWitt C. Thompson, BE’68, and Jacqueline Glover Thompson, BA’68 (parents)
Norman Trepner and Sarah Susan Thomsen, BA’81
Kate W. Thweatt, BA’64
Jerome P. Tift, BA’71 (parent)
Louis B. Todd Jr., BA’56 (parent)
William Michael Tomai, BS’81
Kelly E. Toole, BA’87
David M. Travis, BA’47, MD’51
Jeffrey and Kimberlee Trocin (parents)
Tony Albert Trujillo Jr., BA’79
Denise Tucker, BA’90
Edward L. Turner III, BA’66, JD’70, and Mary Lee Hunter Turner, BA’67
Samuel D. Turner, BA’69, MA’73
Edward R. Uehling, BA’50
Richard C. Unger Jr., JD’77, and Shelton Sumner Unger, BA’78 (parents)
Nicholas and Nancy Valeriani (parents)
J. Pace VanDevender, BA’69, and Nancy Manning VanDevender, BA’67
Wolf and Deidre Vedder (parents)
Marvin H. Vickers Jr., BA’64, MD’68
Ann Rosamond Patton Viebranz, BA’77
John and Caroline Walker (parents)
Kelly W. Walker, BA’64 (parent)
Philip Smith Walker Jr., BA’84
Stephen and Terri Waller (parents)
Thomas A. Waltz, MD’58, and Nell Foster Waltz, BA’57, MA’60 (parents)
Robert F. Ward, BA’68
John S. Warner, MD’56, and Margaret Smith Warner, BA’58 (parents)
Jeannette Warner-Goldstein, BA’82, JD’89
Tim Warnock, BA’84, and Maryglenn McCombs Warnock, BA’93
Mitchum E. Warren Jr., BA’56, PhD’63, and Norma Hyatt Warren, BA’61 (parents)
Cynthia Warrick, BA’70
Lucy Hunter Washburne, BA’76 (parent)
Jack Wasserman and Dorisanne Wasserman
Ray Weber and Gay Morris Weber, BA’83
Arnold M. Weiss, BA’56, JD’58
William R. Welborn, BA’64, MD’67, and Linda Herring Welborn, BS’64, MA’68 (parents)
William R. Welborn III, BA’96
Faith Sheslow Wheeler, BA’83
Joseph M. Whelan, BA’76, and Deanna Whelan
W. Ridley Wills II, BA’56, and Irene Jackson Wills (parents)
Charles Hampton White, BA’52
Blair Wallace White, BA’82, and Martha Dalton White, BA’81
Raymond C. Whiteaker, BA’51, JD’53
Kenneth C. Whitney (parent)
Walter D. Wick, BA’77, and Donna Wick
Kathleen E. Wides, BA’75
Jean Simmons Wilcox, BA’74
David W. Wiley, BA’52, LLB’54, and Margaret Hayes Wiley, BA’53 (parents)
Claire Broyles Williams, BS’95
Lawrence A. Wilson, BE’57, and Nancy Stackhouse Wilson, BA’58
Charles Winters Jr. and Rita M. Winters (parents)
James D. Witherington, BA’71, and Elizabeth Wetter Witherington, BA’72 (parents)
J. Carter Witt, BA’50
David and Beth Wittig (parents)
Ronald and April Wolf (parents)
Steven J. Womack
Robert W. Wood, MA’55
Thomas S. Woodroof, BA’56, JD’61 (parent)
Charles R. Work and Veronica A. Haggart (parents)
George Forrest Wortham III, BA’79
Paul and Marcia Wythes (parents)
Ingrid Yonke (parent)
James F. Young and
Carole Sexton Young, BA’61
Van and Elizabeth Young (parents)
Thomas L. Yount, BE’52, and
Jane Wilkerson Yount, BA’53 (parents)
David Andrew Zimmerman, BA’96
John and Margaret Zunka (parents)

Corporations and Foundations

Accenture Foundation
AgriGrow Technologies
Altria Group
American Academy in Rome
American Airlines
American Cancer Society
American Chemical Society
American Council of Learned Societies
Ardmore Telephone Company
American Society for Mass Spectrometry
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
BellSouth Corporation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Canadian Consulate General
Citigroup Global Impact Funding Trust
The Cleveland Foundation
Coca-Cola Company
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of Louisville
Community Foundation of North Texas
Community Foundation of Richmond
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Community Foundation for
Southeastern Michigan
Credit Research & Trading Capital Group LLC
Cumberland Trust
Dahlem Realty Company
The Dallas Foundation
Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
Dayton Foundation Depository
Deloitte Foundation
Emerson Electric Company
Ernst & Young Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Foundation for The Carolinas
Gaylord Entertainment Company
Gaylord Entertainment Foundation
General Electric Foundation
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Goldman Sachs & Company
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Hamill Professional Centre
Holt Companies–Corporate Division
The Home Depot
Human Frontier Science Program Organization
IBM International Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
International Paper Company Foundation
Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore
Jewish Federation of Nashville &
Middle Tennessee
Johnson & Johnson
Dow Jones & Company
The Max Kade Foundation
KB Home
Kimberly-Clark Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Lazard Freres & Company
Legend Automotive Group
Lehman Brothers Holdings
Marsh & McLennan Companies
James S. McDonnell Foundation
The McKesson Foundation
McVean Trading and Investments
Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation
Metanexus Institute
Microsoft Corporation
J. Bruce Miller Law Group
Millipore Foundation
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
North Georgia Community Foundation
Northrop Grumman
OncoLogics, Inc.
OneBeacon Insurance
Orion Building Corporation
Pfizer Incorporated
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Procter & Gamble Fund
The Pyne Companies
Regions Bank
Robert M. Rogers Investments
Roll Giving
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Searle Scholars Program
Sigma XI Scientific Research Society
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Spastic Paraplegia Foundation
Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh
Stanley Medical Research Institute
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation
Susman Tisdale Gayle Architects
Thomson Tax & Accounting
Time Warner Incorporated
Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association
Towers Perrin
United States Charitable Gift Trust
United Way
United Telephone Company
United Way of Central New Mexico
UnumProvident Corporation
Vanguard Charitable Endowment
Vanguard Group Foundation
Vulcan Materials Company
Kelly W. Walker Oil & Gas
Wells Fargo Foundation
Whitehall Foundation
Woodrow Wilson National
Fellowship Foundation
Winston-Salem Foundation

Honor Roll

$1000 and under

Maria Elizabeth Aaron, BA’91, MD’95
Adel and Dale Abadir (parents)
Donald R. Abaunza
Emily Faye Abbott, BA’03
Lee E. Abelson, BA’75
Marie-Louise Haddad Abram, BA’85
Jared Schuyler Abrams, BA’05
Nicholas Justin Accrocco, BA’04, MEd’06
James and Linda Achard (parents)
Robert E. Ackley, BS’77, and Ann Dillard Ackley (parents)
Salvador V. Acosta Jr., BA’74
Russell and Leanne Acuff (parents)
Gregory and Susan Adamo (parents)
Angela McClendon Adams, BA’82
Boyce and Donna Adams (parents)
Gregory and Jeannine Adams (parents)
Howell E. Adams Jr., BE’53, and Madeline Reynolds Adams (parents)
Jaquelin Pope Adams, BA’47
Jeffrey Guy Adams, BS’84
Jennifer Tindall Adams, BS’91
Katherine Bell Adams, BA’78, and Ben C. Adams Jr., JD’81 (parents)
Marion S. Adams Jr., BA’53 (parent)
Mark C. Adams, BA’79, MD’83, and Nell Emery Adams, BSN’81
Stephanie Whitsitt Adams, BA’91
Steven C. Adams, BA’70
Aaron Weldon Aday, BS’05
Joseph Adeeb III and Brenda Reese Adeeb, BS’75 (parents)
C. Mark Aderman, BA’68
Frank and Diane Agostino (parents)
Mary Ann Savadelis Agre, BA’85
Frederick T. Agricola III, BA’71
Preston Harrison Ahearn, BA’85
Catherine Ann Ahern, BA’72
Rachel L. Ahlum, BA’06
Faruque and Sheema Ahmed (parents)
K. Porter Aichele, BA’69, MA’71
James David Ajello, BA’05
Charles David Akers, BA’70, JD’73
William Christopher Akers, BA’98
Rebecca Cochran Akin, BA’71
James Thomas Albamont Jr., BS’97
Aldolphus and Laurin Albertie (parents)
Christopher Lewis Albrecht, BA’06
Peggy Warren Albright, BA’49
Thomas A. Alderson, BA’78, and Caroline Wiser Alderson, BA’80
Akram Aldroubi
Joseph F. Alessi, BA’76
David and Ingrid Alexander (parents)
Elise Pritchett Alexander, BA’41, MA’42
James E. Alexander Jr., BA’67, MD’74, and Elizabeth Urban Alexander, BA’69, MAT’71
Jeffrey and Rhonda Alexander (parents)
Urey W. Alexander Jr., BA’67, and Sheryl Carman Alexander, BA’67 (parents)
Anne Rose Alferink, BS’76
William L. Alford, BA’48, and Ruth Wiggs Alford, BA’48
Betsy Van Vleck Aliffi, BS’81
Alison Hopkins Allen, BA’78 (parent)
Harriett Murphy Allen
Carl Edward Allen, BA’82, and Trina R. Wiggins
Cory Taylor Allen, BA’01, and Chelsea Bond Allen, BS’00
E. Clement Allen
Elizabeth Lamar Allen, BS’80
John Leatherbury Allen, BA’01
L. Ross Allen, BE’78 (parent)
Lindsay A. Allen Jr., BE’57
Martha H. A. Allen (parent)
Mary Upham Allen, BA’54
Michael L. Allen, BA’68
Nancy Hunt Allen, BA’61 (parent)
Ray and Esther Allen (parents)
Robert Moore Allen, BA’61, and Jo Lynn Palmer Allen, MA’61
Rufus Carl Allen, BA’01
Wendall E. Allen, BA’58, MA’61
William M. Allen, BA’72, and Sara Anderson Allen, BA’69
Gayle Grizzard Allen, BA’66
Myron K. Allenstein, BA’67
Elizabeth Biggs Allin, BA’74
Brian Edward Allsmiller, BA’81
Bond Almand Jr. and Virginia Neal Almand, BA’64 (parents)
Clopper Almon Jr., BA’56
John D. Alspach, BA’65
Steven Burton Altemeier, BS’87, MBA’92
Matthew Michael Altenau, BA’99
Virginia Coil Alverson, BS’00
George Allen Alves, BA’85
Larry Amato (parent)
Kenneth Charles Ambrecht II, BA’97 and Kimberly Jane Balfour, BS’97
Douglas John Ammon, BA’79
R. Clark and Carol Amos (parents)
Annette Hall Anderson, BS’99
Daniel Patrick Anderson and Catherine McDonnell Anderson, BA’84
Donald A. Anderson, BA’64
F. Scott Anderson, BA’78
James D. Anderson, BA’74, JD’77, and Lauren W. Anderson
James Gray Anderson, BA’93
James M. Anderson, JD’66, and Marjorie Caldwell Anderson, BA’65
John Eric Anderson, BA’90
John F. Anderson, BA’73
Keith Gregory Anderson, BS’80, and Katherine M. Anderson
Linda J. Anderson, BA’75
Lynne Riggs Anderson, BA’84
Mary Ackerly Anderson, BA’82
Maurice Dean Anderson Jr., BA’81
Norma Elizabeth Anderson, BA’87
Roland Bird Anderson, BA’85, and Virginia Dowling Anderson, BA’86
Sally Smith Anderson
Scott Foster Anderson, BA’81
Steven Alan Anderson, BA’82
Thomas Page Anderson III, BA’90, MA’99, PhD’02
William B. Anderson III, BA’74
Christian Andrade, BA’02
Frank M. Andrews and Carol Coles Andrews, BA’85
Carroll Wommack Andrews, BA’82
Cedrick Andrews, BA’06
Diana Dunker Andrews
Ethan William Andrews, BA’90
Kristen Rosenthal Andrews, BA’97
Lynn Archer Andrews, BA’69, PhD’78
Ted Spiros Angelakis, BA’85, JD’89
Danny R. Anglin
Gregory Owen Anglum, BA’92, MBA’93
Gregg and Dee Ann Anigian (parents)
Julie Marie Anstine, BS’06
Robert H. Anthony and Nancy Bargo Anthony, BA’72
Susan Pressly Anthony, BA’78
David and Carolyn Antoine (parents)
Henry E. Apfelbaum, BA’61
Bruce H. Appel
Katharine Elizabeth Appel, BA’08
Sebastian Arango, BA’00
James and Gina Arata (parents)
Dennis Archey and Paige Windness Archey, BA’94
Christina P. Arenth (parent)
Bette Benjamin Arey, BA’59, MAT’61
Koorosh Arfaian (parent)
Andre G. Argeaux, BA’72
Emily Dunwody Armfield, BA’80
Nancy Johnson Armour, BA’62
Linda S. Armstrong
Lisa Lewis Armstrong, BA’83
Robert O. Armstrong, BA’56
Thomas Whit Armstrong Jr., BS’99, and Elizabeth Miller Armstrong, BA’00
Kristen Clark Arnett, BA’91
James E. Arnett and Nancy Spratt Arnett, BA’73 (parents)
Robert Alexander Arnett, BS’04
Ryan Christopher Arney, BA’96, and Marisa Bryn Hudson Arney, BA’96
Dana and Leslie Arnold (parents)
Dewitt W. Arnold, BA’69
Frederick Liles Arnold, BA’80
Helen Pryor Arnold, BA’95
Nancy Trapp Arnold, BA’69
William Arnold, BA’73
Daniel H. Aronson, BA’79
George Reed Arrants Jr., BA’84
Greg and Marouso Arsenis (parents)
John Wagner Arterberry, BA’03
Thomas Clifton Arterberry, BA’06
William and Susan Arzt (parents)
Sidney Beckwith Ashmore III, BA’81, and Jennifer Allf Ashmore, BA’82
John Edward Ashworth, BS’96, and Ivy Kennedy Jackson Ashworth, BS’96
Charles Earl Askew, BA’62
Ashli Ulmer Aslin, BA’01
Hamid and Naomi Assadian (parents)
Jeremy Atack and Rebecca W. Atack
Robert Curwen Atherton, BA’91, and Eugenie Crusel Atherton, BS’91
J. Hunter Atkins, BA’71, and Leigh Zerfoss Atkins, BA’72
Kathy Sawyer Atkisson, BA’64
Neal H. Attermann, BA’74, and Dora Attermann (parents)
Nancy Thorne Atwater, BA’71
Charles W. Atwood and Charlotte Callis Atwood, BA’68
Ryan Richard Au, BS’08
Thomas and Marilyn August (parents)
Ingram C. Austin, BA’60
Sarah Grace Auten, BA’08
Shirley Archibald Avakian, BA’72 (parent)
Kirk Avent, BA’61
Caroline Morgan Avery, BA’83
Dennis L. Avner, BA’69
William Hogan Aydam Jr., BA’80, and Joan Routh Aydam, BSN’81
John C. Ayers
Sandra Mitchell Ayers, BA’68 (parent)
Robert Irvin Ayerst Jr., BE’81, and Lisa Blackburn Ayerst, BA’81 (parents)
Hisham and Dina Baalbaki (parents)
Fred W. Babes, BA’70, and Carole Bishop Babes, BA’70
Isobel Ann Baker Babington, BA’70
Marie Taylor Backer, BA’72
Emily Love Backstrom, BS’97
Christopher William Backus, BA’07
Mary Jo LaFuze Baedecker, BA’64
Lygia Baehr-Mandell (parent)
Dennis R. Baer, BA’70, JD’73 (parent)
Henry Wesley Baggett, BA’79
Peggy Moyers Bagley, BA’51 (parent)
Elaine Patterson Bagley, BA’70
Thomas Owen Bagley Jr., BA’79
Annaliese Angelica Bagwell, BA’00
Jonathan Bailey and Erin Casey Bailey, BA’97
Jeff Thompson Bailey, BS’84, and Virginia Adkins Bailey, BA’85
Kenneth K. Bailey, BA’48, MA’49, PhD’53, and Mary Crain Bailey, MA’68
Michael and Linda Bailey (parents)
Pamela Maslansky Bailey, BA’82
W. Lee Bailey, BA’82
Charles E. Bain and Marjorie Baker Bain, BA’55
Herrera and Judy Baird (parents)
Thomas Baird and Emily A. Diltz (parents)
Barbara Miller Baker, BS’86
Bryan Ward Baker, BA’78, and Claire Zivley Baker, BA’79
Frank C. Baker Jr.
James G. Baker Jr., BA’67, and Suzanne P. Baker (parents)
Joyce Tureman Baker, BA’61
Linda J. Baker, BA’70
Lynne Rudder Baker, BA’66, MA’71, PhD’72
Sarah Coleman Baker, BS’97
Thomas E. Baker
Walter Andrew Baker, BA’83
Whitney Jacqueline Baker, BA’08
William Reid Baker, BE’83, MS’84, and Michele Hamilton Baker, BA’85
Kimberly Alario Bald, BA’80
Christopher Barry Baldwin, BA’96, and Danielle Bruno Baldwin, BA’97
Diane Duncan Baldwin, BA’61, MA’74
Edwin Steedman Baldwin Jr., BA’83, and Kristina Burnett Baldwin, BA’84
Michelle Elizabeth Baldwin, BA’03
Wendy D. Baldwin (parent)
William and Margaret Baldwin (parents)
Braden Kirk Ball Jr., BA’93
Marion Upham Ballard
Carol Crawford Ballenger, BS’82
Michael Balliet Jr., BE’87, and Karen Washer Balliet, BA’87
Edward Balloff, BA’41, JD’47 (parent)
Stephen and Rosalie Balog (parents)
John Banan
Linda Logan Band, BA’71
Terril R. Band, BA’71
Sherrill Perkins Bandlow, BA’76
Paul James Baniewicz, BS’92, and Christine Fischer Baniewicz, BS’91
Larry S. Banks, BA’63, and Joan Cowling Banks, BS’67
Elizabeth Ann Bannan, BA’95
Ryan David Barack, BS’95
Rama Bar-Adon (parent)
Kathryn Moffett Barbatsuly, BS’95
Anthony Rodman Barber, BS’80
Ike T. Barber, BA’55, and Marianna Brown Barber, BA’52, MAT’55 (parents)
Susan Margaret Barber, BA’87
Thomas D. Barber, BA’65
Larry and Carol Barbour (parents)
E. Lawrence Barcella Jr., JD’70, and Mary Lashley Barcella, BA’70
Walter Hugh King and Linda L. Barcikowski (parents)
Mara Grace Bardinelli, BA’90
Alice Ann Vaughan Barge, BA’48 (parent, grandparent)
David J. Barie, BA’81
Jon and LaVaughn Barker (parents)
Daniel Clayton Barks, BA’01
John Harris Barksdale
Claiborne Barksdale and Marian Bourdeaux Barksdale, BA’78
Oliver David Barksdale, BA’88
Ellen Donnell Barlament, MAT’69
Nanniebeth Barlow, BA’81
Kevin Brundage Barnard, BA’80
Maxwell N. Barnes, JD’97, and Rebecca Means Barnes, BA’95, JD’98
Richard D. Barnes, BA’74, and Tina Teske Barnes, BS’74
Paige Odam Barnett, BA’94
Penelope H. Barnett, BA’57
Samuel D. Barnett, BA’56, B.Div.’59
Ed Barnwell (parent)
Eloise McBride Barrett, BA’51
Robert L. Barrett Jr. and Elizabeth Barrett (parents)
Ronald Michael Barrett, BS’87
Keller Henderson Barron
Mark R. Barron, BA’77
Maureen J. Barron (parent)
Kevin and Caroline Barry (parents)
Jennie Wynn Bass Bartee, MA’67
Stephen and Cynthia Bartlett (parents)
Bret Anthony Bartolotta, BA’96
Drew K. Bragga and Terri Barton Bragga, BA’95
John Bryan Barton, BA’71
Julia Davidson Barton, BA’80
Patrick Terrence Barton, BA’97
Alexis Pauline Bashinski, BA’07
Robert Burford Bashinsky, BA’70, MD’74, and Rebecca Herren Bashinsky, BA’71 (parents)
Charles and Janie Bashour (parents)
Mark Anthony Bass, BA’88, and Hollis Borders Bass, BA’87
David F. Bassett*, BA’64
Robert and Sarah Bast (parents)
Mary Alice Rhea Batey
Ivan Ricardo Batlle, BA’81, and Karla G. R. Batlle
Henry R. Bauer Jr., BA’64
Jacqueline Banks Bauer, BS’85
R. Gregory Bauer, BA’81
Starr Boldrick Bauer, BA’84
Susan McKeand Baughman, BA’60
Anne Zirkle Baumgartner, BA’71
John Mark Bauserman, BS’01, and Melissa Schweikhart Bauserman, BS’00
Stephanie Ann Lucas Bautista, BA’91
Laura P. Bautz, BA’61
Oscar and Evelyn Baxter (parents)
Ellen Nora Boyle Bay, BS’80
Julia Elizabeth Bay, BA’06
Jeffrey Buckalew Beacham, BA’82
David Anderson Beaird, BA’95
Laurie Gardner Beall, BA’76
Hillary Joyce Bean, BA’01
Carol Nation Beard, BA’77
Robin John Beard, BA’88
Jessica Leigh Bearden, BA’04
John B. Bearden, BA’72, and Laura Massey Bearden
Walter S. Bearden III, BA’61, and Noel Bowen Bearden, BA’63
Jack M. Beasley, BA’63
Arch Adam Beasley III, BA’88, and Vanessa Bowles Beasley, BA’88
Mary Jane Church Beasley, BA’49 (parent)
Yarnell Beatty, BA’85, and Elizabeth Galloway Beatty, BA’85
Robert Bradford Beatty, BA’90
Anne Cowen Beauchamp, BA’42 (parent)
Robert Drake Beauchamp, BA’86
Daniel Lawrence Beaudry, BA’97
Christopher and Rebecca Bechhold (parents)
Robert B. Beck Sr. and Martha Cone Beck, BA’57
Donald and Norma Becker (parents)
George Becker and Janet Jettner Becker, EDD’92
Roger H. Beckham, BE’61, and Joanne Lamphere Beckham, BA’62 (parents)
Kara Marie Beckner, BA’92
Dieder Herbert Becks, BA’97
Andrew John Beel, BA’08
Rebecca Ann Beeman, BA’02
M. Melanie Beene, BA’70, MA’76
Molly Ware Beery, BA’91
Susan Kay Beesley
Brendan James Behlke, BA’97
Larry Roger Behm, BE’79, and Carol Schmitt Behm, BA’79
Richard Hassan Beigi, BA’92, and Luisa Caso Beigi, BS’93
Jason Wayne Beko and Carolyn Anne Ellis Beko, BA’90
Douglas Savage Bell, BS’86, and Elizabeth Atkins Bell, BA’87
Elliot I. Bell, BA’74
Glenda Vaughan Bell, BA’68
Vereen and Jane Bell (parents)
Jane P. Bell, BA’68
Jason Southerland Bell, BA’91
John Fredrick Bell, BS’02
Kathleen E. Bell (parent)
Michael Anthony Bell, BA’06
Patricia Cummins Bell, BA’87
Regina Eleanor Bell, BA’94
Rhodes Patton Bell, BA’05
Abraham Benavides (parent)
Michael Jay Benchich, BE’01, and Elisabeth Ambrose Benchich, BS’00
Carie Lynn Benedetto, BA’00
Paige Jones Benedict, BA’83
Barbara Johnson Bennett, BA’81
Edwin McHaney Bennett, BA’79
Frances Caldwell Bennett, BA’64
Jonathan Reid Bennett, BS’89
Marianne Grindon Bennett, BA’87
William and Leslie Bennison (parents)
Bryce Benson, BA’98, and Amy Ridlehuber Benson, BA’98
Edwin W. Benson Jr., BA’67, and Jamie Benson (parents)
Frank A. Benson, BA’66
John S. Benson, BA’69
Lauren Schildt Benson, BA’87
Robert Paul Bent, BA’85
James and Deborah Benton (parents)
Mark Christopher Benyunes, BA’80
Kimberly Stanley Bergen, BS’94
David Harold Berglass and Tracy Rudman Berglass, BA’85
M. Francille Bergquist
James R. Berkeley, BA’72
Thomas Gerald Berkemeyer, BA’83, and Victoria Clark Berkemeyer, BA’83
Lara D. Berkley, BS’90
Edward and Valerie Berman (parents)
Stacy Reiss Berman, BA’85
Lyndele C. Bernard (parent)
Joanne Farrell Bernstein, BA’44
William P. Berridge, BA’78
Daniel C. Berry, BA’73
Ian Michael Berry, BA’96
James H. Berry Jr., BA’74
John and Lila Berry (grandparents)
Michael James Berryman, BA’79
Trent and Chume Bertrand (parents)
Mary Rowe Beszterczei, BA’62
Daniel and Mary Bettis (parents)
James Michael Beuerlein Jr., BS’82
Tscharner Rich Beverly, BA’94
George Lawton Bevington, BA’90
Carter Kirkpatrick Bevis, BA’90
Desiree Mirabile Beyer, BA’90
Karam Sonu Bhalla, BS’97
Wen Bian
Joseph N. Biase, BA’85
Earl J. Bibb Jr.
Lori Christine Bibb, BS’95
Zoe Elizabeth Lerner Bibb, BS’08
Johnathan E. Bickley, BA’70
Jesse Perkins Biddle, BA’93
David and Kimberly Bienashski (parents)
Wayne D. Bierbaum, BA’76
Robert W. Biggs, BA’71
Mark Eric Bigler, MD’89, and Kathryn Woodson Bigler, BA’85
Omar and Retna Billano (parents)
Kirk Billings, BS’02, and Nancy Liddon Billings, BA’03
William W. Billington and Eleanor Bryan Billington, BA’79
Stuart S. Billington, BA’64
Anthony and Mary Beth Bilotta (parents)
Cara Ann Bilotta, BA’08
Richard Bilotti and Katherine L. Hatton
Raymond and Deborah Bily (parents)
Sharon Bingham-Shultz, BA’94
Carmen David Birch, BS’80
Margaret Ray Bird, BA’69
Thomas R. Birdwell, BA’52 (parent)
Adam Lawrence Birenbaum, BA’00, and Gretchen Anne Sander, BA’00
Kenneth and Sandra Birenbaum (parents)
Dietmar H. Bisch
Ann Baird Bishop, BA’73
Diane Peake Bishop, BA’81
Tom Bjorkman, BA’66
Asa C. Black Jr., BA’65, PhD’74
Elizabeth Ann Black, BA’81, MLS’83
Linda J. Black (parent)
Michael Charles Black, BA’90, and Lisa Lauck Black, BA’90
Sarah Pyeatt Black, BA’72
William Arthur Black, BA’88, and Andrea Z. Black
George M. Blackburn Jr., BA’47, MA’48
James E. Blackburn II, BA’56, MD’59
John G. Blackman Jr., BA’70
Erin Conner Blair, BA’85
Richard Anthony Blair, BE’97, and Sybil Anne Cassara, BA’97
Thomas I. Blair III, BA’79
Bridget Marie Blaise-Shamai, BA’87
Julia Chase Hopkins Blake, BA’88
Todd Austin Blake, BA’88
Patricia Elaine Blake-Rahter, PhD’97
Dorothy Douglas Blalock, BA’83
Linn Ramsey Blanchard, MLAS’00
Daisy C. Blanton, BA’65
Donald M. Blanton, BS’78, and Jane Blanton
Edward and Karen Blaser (parents)
Bronwen Anne Blass, BA’00
J. David Blaylock, BA’61, and Betty Blaylock
Emily Deering Blazer, BA’71
Joan Wells Bledsoe, BA’57
William B. Blew IV and Jennifer Shultz Blew, BA’03
Susan Kimberly Blitch, BA’88
Stephen M. Block, BA’67
Brigid L. Blocker (parent)
Beverly Lynwood Blom, BA’53
Gustav Arthur Blomquist IV, MD’04, and Lisa Travis Blomquist, BA’03, MA’05
Herschel M. Bloom, BA’65
Michael and Nancy Bloom (parents)
Laura McKlveen Blossey, BA’93
Gwynn Lanier Blount, BA’57 (grandparent)
Joseph P. Blount, BA’70
George R. Blue, BA’72, and St. Clair Dasher Blue, BA’74
Charles and Sally Bluhm (parents)
Robert J. Blum, BA’56
Lawrence E. Blumberg, BA’70, and Leslie Winder Blumberg
Stacy Michelle Blumberg, BA’98
Trina Amyx Blunt, BA’70
Lonnie Roy Boaz III, BA’79
Kristina Danielle Bobo, BA’99
Peggie Cook Bobo, BS’86
Stephen T. Bobo, BA’77, and Laree King Bobo, BA’79
David Robert Bockel Jr., BS’99
Carla Commings Boden, BA’82
John Maury Bodley, BA’49, JD’51
Michael Boensch, BA’05
Minnette Wells Boesel, BA’07
Leslie Eugene Bogan III, BA’58
Lyndsay Nicole Boggess, BA’00
R. Daniel Bohl (parent)
Rex and Laura Bohls (parents)
Robert Edwin Bohren Jr., BA’92, and Merrill Strobel Bohren, BA’92
Robert and Diane Bok (parents)
George R. Bolin and Tish Matthews Bolin
Brian and Suzanne Bolton (parents)
Stephanie K. Boman, BS’01
Patty Huddleston Bomboy, BA’68 (parent)
Brian Eric Bomstein, BA’86, and Laurie F. Bomstein
E. King Bond Jr., BA’65
Matthew Bonds, EDD’87
Robert Ettore Boniface, BA’87
Sharon Robinson Bonte, BA’75
Charles S. Boone, BA’74 (parent)
Jess Street Boone, BA’95
Jeffrey A. Bootzin, BA’69
Michael W. Borchers, BA’88
Leonard E. Borg Jr., BA’68
Robert Alan Bories, BS’77, and Bridget B. Bories
Alison Thomas Borland, BA’95
Gregory Nason Boro, BA’87, and Lauren I. Boro
Neal I. Borovitz, BA’70
Michael and Heidi Borowski (parents)
Penny Schindler Bosman, BS’73
Robert A. Bostick, BA’63
William D. Bostick, BA’69
Rebecca S. Boston, BA’76
Frederick de Burlo Bostwick, BA’75, and Linda Watts Bostwick, BSN’75
George A. Bosworth, BA’69
Stephana Bottom, BA’80
Douglas J. Bottomley, BA’73
Brian D. Bouquet (parent)
Hallie Elizabeth Bourland, BA’99
Cindy Warden Bowden, BA’77
Donald W. Bowden, BA’72
Margaret Platt Bowden, BA’72
Patrick and Elizabeth Bowen (parents)
Richard Crawford Bower II, BA’88, and Katherine Cowden Bower, BA’88
Jennifer Pamela Bowers, BS’92
Daniel James Bowles, BS’03
John Laing Bowles Jr., BA’86
Morris Oliver Bowles
Whitney Elizabeth Bowles, BA’99
Catherine Gardner Bowling, BA’60
Roy and Ann Bowling (parents)
Raymond Winston Bowling, EMBA’91, and Susan Peppers Bowling, BA’87, MBA’89
Joseph Hamilton Bowman IV, BA’69, and Gilda T. Bowman (parents)
Mary Katherine Hooberrry Boyd, BA’48
David and Susan Boyd (parents)
Diane Boyea (parent)
Anne Patten Boykin, BA’66
Alex Boyle and Margaret Roberts Boyle, BA’63
Thomas William Boysen
Judith Olin Brace, BA’81
Alan Forbes Brackett Jr.
Jane Higdon Brackett, BA’71
Patricia Attaway Bradberry, BA’87
Marisa A. Bradford, BA’06, MEd’07
Laurence A. Bradley, BA’71, PhD’75
William Bragan II, BE’96, and Kathryn Lee Bragan, BA’98
Anne Durham Bragg, BA’50
Linda Rogers Brand, BS’75, MS’76
John and Karin Brandewie (parents)
David and Karen Branding (parents)
David C. Brandon Jr. and Suzanne Brandon (parents)
Carolyn Sayres Brandt, BA’63
Lee E. Brandt-Emerson, BA’62
Anthony N. Brannan, BA’76, MD’80, and Jane Montgomery Brannan, BA’76
William Breece Brannan, BS’80
C. Dewey Branstetter, BA’78, JD’81, and Julia Harrington Branstetter, BS’82, MEd’84
John F. Brantley Jr.*, BA’49, and Mary Brantley
Martha Achenbaum Bratt, BA’83
James R. Bratton, BA’50
Charles Bunyon Bray, BA’40
Mary Alice Bray
Douglas and Josie Breeden (parents)
Martin A. Brenner and Janet Mari Peck (parents)
Robert B. Bressler, BA’73
Michael B. Bressman, BA’89, and Lisa Schultz Bressman
William S. Brettmann and Lelia Shearer Brettmann, BA’61
William S. Brewbaker III, BA’81, and Rebecca W. Brewbaker (parents)
Cassady Vaughn Brewer, BS’83
Nathan Cole Brewer, BA’98, and Julie Stocchetti Brewer, BE’98
Lucy A. Breyer, BA’69
Gregory and Mary Brickhouse (parents)
Lori Donna Brickman (parent)
John R. Bridgewater and Betty Anderson Bridgewater, BA’47 (parents)
Blaine A. Briggs and LaVerne S. Briggs
Frank L. R. Briggs, BA’63
Richard Clark Briggs, BA’00
Walter L. Brignon III, BA’74
Robert and Pamela Brinson (parents)
E. Holmes Brinton
Martha Van Sciver Briscoe, BS’84
Mary F. Bristow, BA’73, JD’77
Deborah Schulte Britt, BA’77
Frank and Barbara Brittan (parents)
Judith Pond Britton, BA’58
Carolyn Clark Brock, BA’49
Eric Brodbeck and Hanna Doran (parents)
Mary Brodnax, BA’78
David Henry Brody, JD’89, and Perry Finney Brody, BA’87, JD’90
Kevin and Nena Brogan (parents)
Jody Collins Bronstein, BA’82
William T. Atkins and Mildred A. Brooke, BA’74 (parents)
Eleanor I. Brooks, BA’73
Eleanor Mann Brooks, BA’77
George S. Brooks II, BA’73, and Katherine C. Brooks
Grailyn Berryhill Brooks, BA’45
Nancy Bogle Brooks, MA’72
S. Randall Brooks, BA’70
Susan Butterfield Brooks, BA’67
Charles Brooks and Vanessa Bennison Brooks, BA’94
Jerry H. Brookshire, MA’67, PhD’70, and Judy Heiman Brookshire, BA’66, MLS’73 (parents)
Matthew James Brophy, BS’92
Janice Glazier Brottman, BA’85
Amy Robin Brown, BA’81
Carter Heidrich Brown, BA’95
Clarence and Suzanne Brown (parents)
Dan Brown, BA’06
Daniel Bernard Brown, BA’80, and Myra Goldstein Brown
David and Susan Brown (parents)
Dennis W. Brown, BA’66
Douglas Robert Brown, BA’81
Wayne Andrew Brown, BS’88, and Elizabeth Broach Brown, BA’87
Elizabeth Bryan Brown, BA’66, MLS’67
L. Carl Brown, BA’50
Marybeth Dunn Brown, MA’76, MAT’79
Morton L. Brown Jr., BA’68
R. Hutton Brown Jr., BA’53, and Helen Caulkins Brown, BA’56 (parents)
Geoffrey M. Brown and S. Claire Pelster Brown, BA’79
Thomas H. Brown Jr., BA’43, MD’45
William B. Brown, BA’58, and Beth Barnes Brown, BA’58
James Edwards Broyles, BS’84, and Elizabeth Honekamp Broyles, BA’84
Jane McPherson Bruce, BA’71, MA’75
Mark A. Brueggeman and Elizabeth Barrow Brueggeman, BS’81
John W. Brumbach, BA’71
Janet Waters Brumit, BA’57
Jennifer Lynn Brundige, BA’93
Charles and Rosemary Bruno (parents)
Charles A. Bruno Jr., BS’97
John Bruno III, BA’67, MS’70, MD’74, and Emily Glasgow Bruno, BA’68, MSN’96
Russell and Tullia Bruno (parents)
Barry and Sally Bruns (parents)
Karen McLaughlin Bruns, BA’79
Laura Pollnow Bryan, BA’01
Russell and Valerie Bryan (parents)
Stuart and Laura Bryan (parents)
E. Clay Bryant Jr.
Richard E. Bryant, BA’69
Harolda Gail Bryson, BA’08
Cristina Strauss Buaas, BA’86
Alexander B. Buchanan, BA’75, JD’78, and Ann P. Buchanan
Joel R. Buchanan, BE’51, and Jane Gray Buchanan, BA’51 (parents, grandparents)
John B. Buchanan, BA’72
John G. Buchanan III and Denise Buchanan (parents)
John Grier Buchanan IV, BA’05
Carol Honey Buckhout, BA’75
Melissa Helms Buckner, BA’80
Roger McCartney Budd III, BA’01, and Leslie Kennerly Budd, BA’02
Grace Maureen Buechlein, BA’83
Randolph Edward Buehler Jr., BS’94
Margaret McCullough Buescher, BA’76
Paul Robert Buikema, JD’92, and Angela Blanton Buikema, BA’90
Bradford Chapman Bull, BA’89
Benjamin P. Bullington, BS’77
Bill Bullington, BA’75
Elizabeth Ellen Bullington, BA’02
Anne Riedinger Bullock, BS’86
Clayton Randolph Bullock, BA’95
Jean Hughes Bumpas, BA’60
Harvey and Shari Bumpers (parents)
Robert R. Buntin II, BE’57, and Carolyn Carmichael Buntin, BA’60
H. Speer Burdette, BA’74, and Deborah Dennis Burdette, BS’74
Matthew Clark Bures (parent)
David J. Burge, BA’82
Linda Cooper Burgert, BA’67
Gene E. Burges, BA’68
Kay Howard Burghard, BA’66
James William Burke Jr., BA’67
Kevin J. Burke, MA’72
Bernard Gary Burkett, BA’66
M. Terry Burkhalter, BA’68 (parent)
William A. Burkhart, BA’78
Cheryl Lynn Matthews Burks, BA’86
Jan Getty Burks, BA’77
Ramsey M. Burks, BA’56
Michael and Nancy Burky (parents)
Charles R. Burnett, BA’73, and Susan Fritts Burnett, BA’73
Weston D. Burnett, BA’72, and Barbara Feicht Burnett, BA’73
Guy E. Burnette Jr., BA’74
William C. Burnette Jr., BA’83, MD’87, and Jacqueline Tiongson Burnette, BS’83
C. Patrick and Janet Burns (parents)
Patrick J. Burns, BA’71
Patrick Joseph Burns, BA’84
Debura Burrell (parent)
Roderic Scott Burrill, BA’96
Victoria A. Burrus
James Christie Busch, BA’84
Jeffrey Arthur Busch, BA’84
Laina Maria Bush, BA’85
Rebecca Goforth Bush, BA’95
Tracy Ginter Bushkoff, BA’84
Richard Scott Bushley, BA’96, and Danielle Bushley
Ingrid Hulander Bushong, BA’83
Alfredo Federico Bustamante, BS’83, and Mary Busby Bustamante, BA’84
Frank and Claudia Butler (parents)
Glenn A. Butler, BA’72
James W. Butler, BA’76, and Leigh A. Sisk, BA’77
Kira Benzar Butler, BA’05
Robert I. Butler and Betty Thompson Butler, BA’48
Brian Timothy Butler and Stacy Grove Butler, BA’84
Stephen T. Butler
Thomas Kirk Buxton, BA’73
James E. Byassee, BA’70, and Jean Byassee
Charles W. Byrd Jr. and Donna G. Byrd (parents)
Robert L. Byrd Jr., BA’54
J. Patrick Byrne Jr., BA’86
William Ray Cadenhead Jr., BS’80
John Bright Cage, BA’75, and Bonnie E. Cage
Elizabeth Cagle
Wendy Cahalan (parent)
Carolyn Crusel Caindec, BA’87
Jeanelle M. Cala (parent)
Jim Calandruccio, BS’76, and Louise Collier Calandruccio (parents)
Thomas E. D. Calender, BA’92, JD’95
Sean Douglas Caley, BS’91, JD’00, MBA’00
Alan E. Calhoun and Amy Coombs Calhoun, BA’96
Wallace E. Calhoun III, BA’74
Jane Dunlap Callahan, BA’84
Joel Travis Callahan Jr., BS’90, and Natalie Callahan
P. Duncan Callicott and Virginia Jones Callicott
Jeffrey Faber Calnan, BA’80
Diana Schuhmacher Calvert, BA’82
J. Robert Calvert, BA’71
Karla McPherson Calvert, BA’89
Juliet Given Calvin, BA’54
Stephen A. Cambisios, BA’71, MA’76, and Robb Rilee Cambisios
Thomas Jefferson Cambisios, BA’78, MAT’79
Lyn Dunn Cameron, BS’82
William Howard Cammack Jr. and Shelley Long Cammack, BA’81, MBA’88 (parents)
Dorothy Evans Fisher Campbell, BA’58
Dorsey Fenner Campbell, BA’84
E. Paul Campbell, BA’76, and Virginia Irwin Campbell, BA’75
George M. Campbell, MS’56, PhD’63, and Gayle Christianson Campbell
Gordon and Marie Campbell (parents)
J. Michael Campbell, BA’70, and Kathleen Bordewieck Campbell, BA’70
Judith DeMoss Campbell, BA’63
Mary Christine Campbell, BA’93
Robert and Rina Campbell (parents)
Chris H. Campbell and Tamara Kay Norris Campbell, BA’92
Michael Ray Canady, BA’81, and Kimberly Case Canady, BS’81
David Phillip Canas, BA’89
Roberto Cañizares and Gail Anderson Cañizares, BA’74 (parents)
Billie Julianne Cantrell, BA’00
Rosemary Drumright Cantrell
Mark Andrew Carano, BA’91, and Jane Sewell Carano, BA’92
Matthew James Carbine, BA’99
John B. Carden III and Karen P. Carden (parents)
Julye Nesbitt Carew, BA’92
Catherine E. Carey, BA’79
James J. Carey Jr. (parent)
Janet Elaine Carey, BA’01
Scott David Carey, BA’89, and Susan Daniel Carey, JD’89
John Bennett Carico, BS’90
Harry L. Carlile, BA’52
James and Deborah Carlisle (parents)
Thomas S. Carlock, BA’63
Alfred B. Carlson, BA’60
Donie Martin Carlson, BA’91
David L. Carlton
Eric L. Carlton, BA’70
James A. Carmody, BA’67, and Helen Valin Carmody, BSN’68
Jaclyn Felton Carney, BS’04
Eileen A. Carpenter, BA’69
Thomas M. Carpenter and Julie Johnson Carpenter, BA’83
Marc J. Carpenter and Victoria White Carpenter, BA’72 (parents)
Carolyn Harwell Carr, BA’61
Felicia Morgan Carr, BA’79
Joyce K. Carr (parent)
Susan Gregory Carr, BA’61
Melanie Lynn Carrin, BA’03
Dennis R. Carrithers, BA’73
Ann M. Carroll, BA’74
Cynthia Anne Carson, BS’02
Robert H. Carson Jr., BA’77
Thomas H. Carson Jr. and Jane Sutherland Carson, BA’48
William K. Carson, BA’65
Beth Ann Carter, BA’77
Felicia D. Carter (parent)
Lori Ayn Hayes Carter, BA’84
Melissa Tillman Carter, BS’78
Ruth Putnam Carter, BA’57
Sam T. Carter Jr., BA’74
William O. Carter Jr., BE’56, and Elizabeth Fosdick Carter
Glenn A. Carus
Richard Vaughn Carus, BE’56, and Gloria Stratton Carus
Nancy Saltsman Carver, BA’79
Chad Case, BA’97
Christopher D. Casey and Marian Moore Casey, BA’89
James B. Cash, BA’73
Lois D. Cashell, BA’69
Paul Aldo Casi II, BA’91
Lisa Christine Cassidy, BA’89
Jose and Maria Castillo (parents)
LaVerne Benner Castillo, BA’82
Harold J. Castner, BA’56, and Susan Thomas Castner, BA’55 (parents)
Richard M. Cate, BA’57, and Carolyn Cate
Michael H. Catenacci and Kaira King Catenacci, BA’98
Margot Steenland Cater, BA’64 (parent)
Coretta Lorraine Catlin, BA’08
Kathryn Sawtelle Caudle, BA’90
Gerald and Elizabeth Caughman (parents)
Linda Armstrong Causey, BA’63
Charles Albert Cavallo, BA’95
Geoffrey B. Cavanaugh, BA’68
Christopher W. Cavanaugh, BA’86, and Pamela Blanks Cavanaugh, BS’86
Richard Frame Cavenaugh and Elizabeth Bankston Cavenaugh
Van A. Cavett and Caroline Bradley Cavett
Susan E. Cavin, BA’70
Juliet Elizabeth Caviness, BA’07
William W. Cawood Jr., BA’67
Douglas Cazort, BA’66 (parent)
Jaroslav and Kerrie Cervenka (parents)
Joseph Michael Cesarini, BE’78, and Catherine Balikes Cesarini, BS’78 (parents)
Alexander Carl Chae, BS’84, and Lou Ann Garner Chae, BS’85 (parents)
Michael and Kimberly Chaffin (parents)
Andres Felipe Chagui, BA’02
Stuart A. Chalfin, BA’72
Louise Burchett Chamberlain, BA’77, MS’80
Larry L. Chamberlin, BA’64
Christine Perkins Chambers
Daniel and Bet Har Chan (parents)
S. Kim Chapin, BA’78
Catherine B. Chapman, BA’93
R. Llew Chapman Jr., BA’52
Bennett Riley Chapple, BS’83, and Sharon Jones Chapple, BA’83
Richard B. Chardkoff, BA’61 (parent)
James A. Charron, BE’59, and Patricia Williams Charron, BA’58 (parents)
Susan Krienke Chase, BA’70
Jonathan Jay Cheatwood, BS’86, JD’89, and Carole Matthews Cheatwood, BA’86
Arrena Andrews Cheek, BA’61
Martin L. Chen, BA’88
William I. Chenault Jr., BA’76
Thanh Chi Cheng, BS’91, MD’95
Charles W. Cherry, BA’63, LLB’66, and Ruth Brown Cook, BA’74
William Walker Cherry IV, BS’72
Robert L. Chess, BA’75, MD’79
Rosylene A. Chester
Charles S. Chester, BA’50
Paul Devereux Chesterton, BA’88, and Elizabeth Rives Chesterton, BS’87, MEd’88
Lauren McDaniel Childers, BS’01
Emily Dobson Childress, BA’60
John T. Childress and Sandra W. Childress
Sidney Gause Childress, BA’80
Susan Boackle Childress, BS’85
Durena Chisholm (parent)
Whewon Cho, BA’61, MA’63, PhD’71
Young-Jin Cho, PhD’06, and Nah-Young Shin, PhD’04
Tae and Seung Choo (parents)
Betty Daugherty Chrisman, BA’43
John Howard Christel, BA’83
Benjamin F. Christian Jr., BA’76
Caitlin Fowler Christian, BA’06
G. H. Christianson II, BA’70
Thomas H. Christopher, BA’73
Joseph H. Christovao IV, BA’78, and Holly Hunter Christovao
Marilyn Preston Church, BA’51
Mary Ashley Churchwell, BA’80
Michael Curtis Cian and Laurie Harris Cian, BA’95
Adam Joseph Ciarleglio, BA’05
Gerald and Teresa Ciarleglio (parents)
Thomas M. Cicotello and Samantha Moore Cicotello, BA’99
Kerry Lynn Cietanno, BA’95
Brian Christopher Claassen, BE’98, and Anna-Marie Laime Claassen, BA’98
Carolyn Cordes Clark, BA’83
Cherrie Clay Clark, BA’78 (parent)
Cornelia A. Clark, BA’71, JD’79
D. Gene Clark, BA’52, and Helen Grizzard Clark, BA’51
G. Edmond Clark, BE’76, and Sue McCown Clark, BA’77
James A. Clark, BA’76
Kathryn Marie Clark, BA’05
Linda Owens Clark, BA’74
Martha Fitts Clark, BA’61
Joseph Wesley Clark and Pamela Davis Clark, BA’83
Shelton Dowsley Clark, BA’85, and Catherine Gray Clark, JD’88
Ward Christopher Clark, BA’62
Richard amd Diana Clarke (parents)
John B. Clayton IV and Ellen Wright Clayton (parents)
Brian C. Clearman, MA’77
Walter and Lisa Cleary (parents)
Hubert Clemmons and Maud Butler Riggs Clemmons, BA’51
David R. Clemmons and Kathy Silverman Clemmons, BA’71
Rebecca Folmar Clendenin, BA’03
Barbara Hansen Cleveland, BA’63
Richard and Lois Cleveland (parents)
Dale Lothrop Clifford, BA’66
Peter Zeibig Clifford, BA’83
Nancy Climo (parent)
Richard Lee Clinton, BA’60, MA’64
Nancy McCall Clish, BA’48, MD’51
William B. Close, BA’52, and Sarah Mathes Close, BA’52
Marion Collins Clouser, BA’52
Christopher See Co, BA’89
Edward Cornish Coates, BA’52
Janet Hendershot Cobb, BA’77
Jeanne Cobb (parent)
Mary Kay Campo Cobb, BA’78
Matthew Peter Cobb, BA’97
Clark R. Cobble, BA’66, MD’70, and Judith L. Cobble
Laird C. S. Coby, BS’02
Eric M. Wolf and Mary Louise Cocci (parents)
Amelia Weaver Cochran, BA’32 (parent)
James B. Cochran II, BA’66
Linda J. Cochran, BA’73
Linda Menzies Cochran, BA’73
Thomas Eric Cochran, BA’00
Mari Hayes Cockerell, BA’02
Brooke Dyan Cocklin, BA’07
Douglas Randall Cockrill, BA’64
Wesley and Elizabeth Coddou (parents)
Daniel Christopher Coffey, BS’95
Joseph Hiram Coggin Jr., BA’59
Betty Solomon Cohen, BA’59
Brandon Adam Cohen, BA’08
Darryl and Kathy Cohen (parents)
Bryon R. Fisher and Janice L. Cohen (parents)
Joseph C. Cohen, BA’49, MA’51
Mortimer Cohen and Marilyn Stein Cohen, BA’47
Aliya Haque Coher, BA’99
Esther Hecht Cohn, BA’60
Judy C. Cohn, BA’63
Stuart and Vivian Cohn (parents)
William G. Coke Jr. and Florence Fletcher Coke, BA’59, MS’62
Roberts C. Coke, BA’72
Charles Westfield Coker, BS’81, and Sylvia Sparkman Coker, BA’81 (parents)
Cindy Cole (parent)
Gayle Roden Cole, BA’60 (parent)
Robert Lockey Cole, BA’69
Gregory Ian Coleman, BS’88, and Jessica Q. Coleman
Mary K. Coleman, BA’79
W. Kent Coleman, BA’77, and Cecil B. Coleman
Marian Lewis Coley, BA’68
John Robert Collett, BA’87, and Elizabeth Oldham Collett, BA’89
Mary Ruffin Collett
Alan Gray Collier, BA’53, MA’54
Judith Collings-Kesslering (parent)
Anne Douglas Collins, BA’71
Bobby Joel Collins, BA’51
Clyde E. Collins, BA’68, and Janetta Hankal Collins, BSN’70 (parents)
Liz Stegbauer Collins, BA’80
McLean Collins, BA’04, MEd’06
Zachary Snyder Collins, BA’05
Christina Renee Colquitt, BS’97
John O. Colton Jr., BA’62, and Julia R. Colton
Thomas J. Colven, BA’76, and Jan Bullard Colven, BA’76
Jack B. Combs, BA’64, JD’68
Ashley Marie Comer, BA’02
Andrew Joseph Condie, BA’86
Frances White Cone, BA’89
Ann Gray Conger, BA’06
Daniel A. Conklin, BA’73
Anne Conlee-Mazlish, BA’87
Walton T. Conn, BA’56, JD’61, and Bonnie Sue E. Conn
Douglas Duff Connah Jr., BA’56
Dan Connally, BA’97, and Allison Connally
Thomas and Erin Connally (parents)
Brooke Benson Connolly, BA’92
Joseph Conlin Connors Jr., BA’96
Donald William Conrad Jr.
Martha Prueher Conzelman, BA’62
Frank Beaury Cook, BA’47, and Jessie Bennett Cook
William Gilbert Cook Jr., BA’60
Youndy C. Cook, BA’92
Lot H. Cooke, BA’74
Kathleen Cooney-Porter, BA’86
Louis Whatley Coons, BA’79
Tracie Vuletich Coop, BA’99
Douglas Brendon Cooper, BS’93, and Dottie Huntress Cooper, BS’93
Edwin D. Cooper, BA’67
Frank Victor Cooper, BA’83
Gary Howard Cooper, BA’66
Gregory and Bonita Cooper (parents)
Horatio and Sharon Cooper (parents)
Jonathan Aaron Cooper, BA’04
Kimberly Anne Cooper, BA’06
James and Carroll Coplin (parents)
Marilyn Jones Corbett, BA’67
Ronald E. Cordell, BA’71
Robert T. Cornell Jr. and Diane F. Cornell (parents)
Jane Brooks Cornett, BA’83
Douglas and Pamela Cornforth (parents)
Anne Elizabeth Corona, BA’00
Shirley Ogletree Corriher, BA’56
Joseph and Susan Corsaro (parents)
Jack R. Cortner, BA’51
Jean Morgan Cortner, BA’54 (parent)
John S. Cossum, BA’78
Anna Costantino (parent)
Margaret Cothran, BA’59, MAT’62
John and Cheryl Cotner (parents)
Cameron Ward Cotten, BA’04
Kathleen Hill Cotter, BA’94
Stanley W. Cotton, BA’74 (parent)
Catherine Pearson Couey, BS’74
Heather McArthur Coughlin, BA’95
Lee Coulter, BA’71
Michael Council (parent)
Randall L. Courduff, BA’76
Walter R. Courtenay Jr., BA’56
Elizabeth Vickers Courtney, BA’51
Frances Gail Courtney, BS’90
Jay Bradford Courtney, BA’81, and Barbara Erickson Courtney
Peter L’Hommedieu Courtney, BA’88
Andrew C. Cowan, BA’82, and Susan M. Cowan (parents)
Donald Matthew Cowan, BA’08
Melissa Skidmore Cowan, BA’81
Robert E. Cowan Jr., BA’51
Wade Bonham Cowan, BA’78, JD’81
William Curtis Cowan Jr., BA’85
Jim and Christine Cowden (parents)
Bradford L. Cowgill Sr., BA’74, and Margaret Riner Cowgill (parents)
Irvin S. Cowie, BA’58, and Candice Cowie
Charles Cox and Bene Scanlon Cox, PhD’80 (parents)
Cory Michael Cox, BA’07
Irving J. Cox, BA’66
John E. Cox, BA’67
Fred Cox and Kathryn Knutson Cox, BA’71
Keith and Melanie Cox (parents)
Lucy Alexander Cox, BA’08
Marshall Cox, BA’54
Kenneth Wade Cox and Susan Huffstetler Cox, BS’96
Brian Michael Coyne, BA’91
Shawn Thomas Coyne, BA’81
Jason Lorohn Crabb, BA’97
William H. Crabtree, BA’44, JD’48, and Martha Kirkpatrick Crabtree, BA’48
Robert Kelly Crace, BA’82
Harlen W. Cragon, BA’56
Stephen D. Cragon Sr., BA’50
Ann Bradshaw Craig, BA’48
Mack Wayne Craig, BA’46, MA’48, PhD’58
Walter and Andrea Craig (parents)
John Cramer and Kay Stephenson Cramer, BA’73, MA’77, JD’81
Michael and Toni Crapser (parents)
Karen Sue Cravens, BA’83
Jean Bass Crawford
Pamela McNees Crawford, BA’72
Winston Crawley, MA’42
Gerard B. Creagh Jr., BA’58
David L. Crecraft, BA’67, and Julia Stinson Crecraft, MA’68
Marion V. Creekmore Jr., BA’61
Mark Randall Erickson, BS’95, and Gwen Rene Creel-Erickson, BA’95
Dorothy Hix Cresap, BA’39, BLS’40
Larry B. Creson Jr., BA’58, LLB’61
Virginia Murray Creveling
James B. Crew Jr., BA’65
Brenda Campbell Crews, BA’71
William Lowrey Crews Jr., BA’06
John Thomas Eli Cribb Jr., BA’82
Thomas H. Crichlow Jr., BA’60
Robin Cyphers Crick, BA’88
Tom W. Crider, BA’72
Timothy A. Harr and Winfield Crigler Harr, BA’73
John Crispin and Rosalie Adams Crispin, BA’59, MAT’61
Lawrence Crist, BA’61
Seth Peter Crist, BA’04
Robert D. Critton Jr., BA’71
Deidre Denise Crocker, BS’98
Thomas Preston Crocker, MA’98, PhD’00, and Holly Adryan Haskins Crocker, MA’95, PhD’99
Curtis Lynn Crofford, BA’95, and Margo Bandy Crofford
Thomas Ed Cromer, BA’74, and Constance H. Cromer
Richard and Sherill Cronin (parents)
Philip S. Crooke and Barbara Cooke
Matthew and Sandra Crooks (parents)
James Hilley Crosby, BA’84
Robert and Kim Crosby (parents)
Dan A. Cross, BE’63, MS’65 (parent)
Dennis W. Cross, BA’76, and Susan Haire Cross, BSN’85, MSN’89
DeWitte Talmadge Cross III, BA’75
Michael Scott Cross, BS’83, MBA’84, and Cynthia Britton Cross, BS’84 (parents)
Susan Cross
Margaret Walker Crossland, BA’75
Betty Jean Croswell*, BA’67
Walter H. Crouch, BA’67, and Ruth Reeder Crouch, BSN’67
Janice Salzman Crow, BA’69
John Wallace Crow II, BA’06
Matthew Robert Crow, BA’91, and Alice Trotter Crow, BA’92
James H. Crowell Jr. and Nancy D. Crowell (parents)
Lucas Michael Crowley, BA’01
Robert D. Crowley, BA’66
Brian Crump and Megan Doll Crump, BA’95
Marion Ferriss Crumplar, BA’72
Steven E. Csorna (parent)
William H. Cull
Charles Jones Cullom, BA’42, JD’47
Lindsay Ann Cullum, BA’08
Christopher Mark Culp, BS’84, and Lynn Ann Mercier Culp, BS’83
Richard and Elizabeth Culp (parents)
Gayle Bracey Cummings, BA’63
Kevin and Guinevere Cummings (parents)
Amanda Ring Cunningham, BS’98
Carin Lee Cunningham (parent)
Dorothy W. Cunningham, BA’54
James F. Cunningham Jr., BA’56, and Patricia C. Cunningham (parents)
Jeffrey Donald Cunningham, BS’92, and Mary Kelly Kirkland Cunningham, BA’93
Linda Seidler Cunningham, BA’72
Louise White Cunningham, BA’68
Shannon Alane Cunningham, BA’94
Walker Crittenden Cunningham III, BA’00
Doyle E. Currey Jr., BA’67
James G. Currey Jr., BA’50, MA’62, PhD’75
Martha Thach Currey, BA’42, MA’65, MLS’74
Juanita Curry (parent)
Ernest J. Curtis Jr., BA’51, and Sally Richardson Curtis*, BA’51 (parents)
Harriet Atkinson Curtis
Karen Heard Cushing, BA’82
Jerri A. Custer (parent)
Cynthia Jaekle Cute, BS’85
Frederick S. Cuthbert II, BA’63
Neal and Carol Cutrone (parents)
Thomas and Paula Cygan (parents)
Sara Bennett Cyr, BA’94
John and Anne Czura (parents)
Eddie and Josette Dabady (parents)
Clifton J. Daigle and Lorna Meyer Daigle, MA’84
William Bently Daily, BA’92
Glen Kenneth Dakan, BS’03, and Kelli Deel Dakan, BA’02
Dorothy Lester Dake, BA’68, MS’69
Carlos R. Dalence, MD’84, and Nancy McBride Dalence, BA’82
Anna Marguerite Daley, BA’04
Linda Carrigan Daley, BS’85
Cindy Denice Dalmau, BA’97
Terrance D. Dalrymple (parent)
Erik Mark Dalton, BA’03
Frederick and Aida Dalton (parents)
Robert S. Dalton, BA’70, and Patricia R. Dalton
Dennis and Sandra Daly (parents)
Lindsay Daly, BA’05
William and Julie Damon (parents)
Harold Dean Damuth III, BA’03
John R. Dana, BA’76
Curran Croskeys Dandurand, BA’80
Vincent Christopher Daniel, BA’94
William Roger Daniel, BE’66, and Betty Wells Daniel, BA’66 (parents)
Leon P. Daniels, BS’77
Joseph and Ellen Danklef (parents)
Nate Scott D’Anna, BS’02
Rebecca Marie Danylchak, BA’97
John Palmer Darnall III and Jane Thomason Darnall, BA’58
Lawrence C. Datz, BS’80, and Risa W. Datz
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum
David O. Daume, BA’70
Michael J. Daumen, BA’89, and J. Rebecca Gordon Daumen, BS’90
Lucy Tallas David, BA’88
James Stephen Davie, BA’87, and Elizabeth Barron Davie, BA’89
James Edward Davies, BA’90
Theodore E. Davies, BA’67
Aaron Walker Davis, BA’06
David B. Davis II, BA’55, and Kalani Frances Davis (parents)
George Washington Davis, BA’53, and Jo Ann Faulkner Davis
Adelaide Geny Davis
J. Robert Davis, BA’62
James H. Davis Jr., MS’85, PhD’86, and Patricia Moriarty Davis
Paul and Jane Davis (parents)
Jane Woodbridge Davis, BA’76
Jefferson Davis Jr., BA’58
W. Ryan Davis and Jennifer Salvitti Davis, BA’95
Robert C. Davis and Joanne Cheves Davis, BA’48
Joe H. Davis Jr., BA’63, and Linda Dean Davis
John R. Davis
Leticia Hegewald Davis, BA’68
Luke Addison Davis, BS’01, MEd’02, and Rebecca Hut Davis, BS’02
Martha Davis (parent)
Martha Simkins Davis, BA’80
Mary Willetts Davis, BA’50
Jonothon W. Davis and Melissa Kilpatrick Davis, BA’81
Milford H. Davis, BA’54, and Mary Crockett Davis, BA’54
Paul Ryan Davis, BA’08
Richard Anthony Davis, BA’89, and Karen Lee Davis, BA’90
Steven R. Davis, BA’73
Thad Alan Davis, BA’91
Tiffany A. Davis, BA’93
Walter Winn Davis, BA’65, JD’68
Alistair Byrne Dawson, BA’86
William L. Dawson and Catherine Tucker Dawson, BA’79 (parents)
J. Hallam Dawson, BA’58
Rachel Grace Dawson, BA’05
Jonathan Charles Day, BA’96
Mary Kavanugh Day, BA’85, MBA’86
Robert and Leslie Day (parents)
Robert Warren Day, BA’99, and M. Madison Boedeker Day, BA’01
Nicola Louise de Montille, BA’06
Winhelmus and Nancy de Wit (parents)
Barbara Bundschu Deal, BA’81
Charles J. Dean, BA’53, B.Div.’56, and Mary Dean
Marshall Harkless Dean Jr. and Jill Deramus Dean (parents)
Michael and Charlene Dean (parents)
Miles P. Dean, BA’76
Stephen Michael Dean, BS’04, and Anne Maria Proffitt, BA’04
Susan Thorpe Dean, BA’70
Sarah Elizabeth Dearing, BA’07
Theodore Dennis Dearing, BA’79
Hillary Blythe Debenport, BA’68 (parent)
Charles and Patricia Debich (grandparents)
John Raymond Deboben III, BA’97, and Cristina Maria Deboben
Patterson Augustus DeCamp, BA’77
David A. Dedman, BA’82
Joseph and Judy DeFelice (parents)
Zachariah Michael DeFilipp, BS’06
James Bernard DeGeorge Jr., BA’79
Scott N. Degerberg, BA’80, and Jennifer Fritz Degerberg, BA’79 (parents)
Stephanie Davis Deitzer, BS’80
Petrina Rosetty DeKoster, BA’83
Ann Robison Del Simone, BA’81
Sidney C. DeLair, BA’75, and Deborah J. DeLair (parents)
Paul H. DeLaney Jr., BA’63, JD’66 (parent)
Thomas Mark McCulloch, MA’80, and Mindel DeLaTorre, BA’80
Charles F. Delavan, BA’68
Eileen A. Delgado (parent)
Julie A. Delheimer
Thomas and Susan Delisio (parents)
Lauren Pheeney Della Monica, BA’95
Susan Marie Dell’Osso, BA’95
Catherine Calvert DeLoach, BA’87
Charles and Eugenia Delzell (parents)
James H. DeMain, BA’54
Ann Wuehrmann DeMaine, BA’64
David and Johanna Demers (parents)
Claiborne Payne Deming Jr., BA’06
Susan Pinckernell Denecke, BA’88
Teresa Sbuttoni Deneen, BA’82, MBA’84
Robert and Margarete Denicola (parents)
Daniel Denny, BA’75
Jonathan T. Densford, BA’72
T. Lowell Dent and Mary Robinson Dent, BA’65, MA’67, EDS’70, PhD’71
Richard Denton Jr. and Patrice Michele Pizitz Denton, BA’88
Joan P. DePree (parent)
Jack LeGrand DePriest, BS’82, and Mary Meyers DePriest, BA’82
Don W. Der and Anne Wigginton Der, BA’51
Anne Derbes, BA’69, MA’71
Joel E. Derby III and Katherine Godchaux Derby, BE’76 (parents)
Dave Dermon II, BA’55
Glenna Hamilton DeRoy, BA’08
Joseph and Isabelle DeRoy (parents)
James B. Derryberry, BA’70, and Roxanna Hodges Derryberry, BS’70
Richard L. DeSelm and Tracy Martin DeSelm, BA’82
Paul M. DeSisto and Kim Calabrese DeSisto, BA’87
Gordon O’Brien and Jill Marcel DeTemple, BA’90
Paul D. Young and Carolyn Dever
John P. DeVincenzo III, MD’88, and Andra Phillips DeVincenzo, MA’87
Kelly Winter Devlin, BA’04
Emily Kennard DeVoe, BA’08
Claire Dewar
Claire Cravens Dewar, BA’79
Lee Scott Dewey, BA’60, JD’65
Diane DeWitt, BA’84, JD’93
John Donovan DeWitt II, BA’93
John H. DeWitt III
Susan Crowther DeWitt, BA’82
Diana Crawford Diamond, BA’64
David and Marcia DiAsio (parents)
Guido and Caroline Diaz (parents)
Catherine Dulany DiBenedetto, BS’85
Christopher Douglas Dickason, BS’93
Arthur N. Dickerson, BA’52, MA’54 (parent)
Patricia Long Dickerson, BA’58
Ruth Hines Dickson, BA’62
Ruth Robinson Dietrich, BA’45
Judith Ann Dietz, BS’91
Patrick M. Diggins III and Sally Diggins (parents)
George J. Dillinger, BA’74
Smith Tenison Dillon and Beverly Patton Dillon, BA’51
John and Alison Dillow (parents)
Peter Andrew Dimitruk, BS’02
Courtney O’Connor Dimling, BA’05
Thomas John DiNella, BA’86, and Leslie Blake DiNella, BA’84
Brian Lee Dinerstein, BA’99, and Liz Dinerstein
Erin Marie Webb Dippold, BA’99
William P. Dismukes Jr., BA’56
Stephen Douglas Bruno and Melissa Elizabeth Dittmar, BA’99
Steven Christopher Ditto Sr., BE’84, and Elizabeth Alsfelder Ditto, BA’84
John Kane Ditto, BA’94, and Laurel Scruggs Ditto, BA’96
J. Alston Thompson Jr., BA’69, and Jennifer I. Diversi, BS’83
Andrew Raymond Dix, BA’87
Charles W. Dixon*, BA’65, JD’67, and Mary Laird Dixon, BA’66 (parents)
David L. Dixon, BA’69, and Carolyn Sartor Dixon, BA’72
Elizabeth Exparza Dixon, BA’85
John Robert Dixon and Yoniece Mitchell Dixon, BA’88
Idit Dobbs-Weinstein
John M. Dobson
Jonathan Dobson and Stephanie Mendillo Dobson, BA’01
F. Towers Dodd, BA’63, and Sara Barry Towers Dodd, BA’63 (parents)
Jonathan Dodd, BS’96
Marie Brakenridge Dodd, BA’54 (parent)
Henry C. Dodge Jr., BA’63 (parent)
Robert B. Dodge, BA’59
Dahlem Dodson and Amy Bradley Dodson, BA’91
Donald C. Dodson, BA’70
Thomas F. Dodson, BA’67, and Janice Raley Dodson
William F. Doering, MA’39
Kristina Nicole Doerr, BS’03
Barbara Vogler Doherty, BA’77
Jacqueline Adams Dolin, BA’67
Andrew Jeffrey Domescik, BA’96
Mary Nunn Domingos, BA’49
Carla Jenkins Donahue, BA’85
Heather O’Cain Donato, BA’92
Mark Donheiser, BA’78
Chris Donnelly and Carolyn Bitetti (parents)
Burnett W. Donoho, BA’61 (parent)
Daniel and Pam Donovan (parents)
Kimberly Harper Donovan, BA’88
John Andrew Donsbach, BA’96
Martha Raffety Donsbach, BA’65 (parent)
Bequest of Herman Doochin
John and Carol Doris (parents)
Clyde Powers Dorsett III, BA’98, and Tate Sned Dorsett, BS’02, MEd’04
Lisa Dorsey-Glass, BA’86
Donald B. Dorwart, BA’71
Burgin E. Dossett Jr.
Natalie Musgrave Dossett, BA’86
Charles A. Doty, BA’51
Bennett B. Doubleday, BE’46, and Josephine Durrett Doubleday, BA’48
John and Maribeth Dougherty (parents)
Michael Joseph Dougherty, BA’91, and Wendy Dougherty
Craig H. Douglas, BA’69, and Pamela G. Douglas (parents)
Tommy and Lera Douglas (parents)
David Paul Douglass, MD’96, and Joanna Ellis Douglass, BA’90
Patricia Gene Douglass, BA’53
Blake Rutledge Dow, BA’05, MSF’06
Robert and Heidi Dowgwillo (parents)
Victor James Dowling III, BA’08
Kate McDonnell Downing, BA’49
Charles E. Downton III and Meredith R. Downton (parents)
Emanuel O. Doyne, BA’67, MD’71, and Ellen Shavin Doyne, BA’69 (parents)
Elizabeth Ashley Dozier, BA’04
Frank S. Dozier, BA’66, and Mary Ann Curran-Dozier
J. L. Dozier Jr., BA’64
George S. Dragnich, BA’68
Carl Gungoll Drake, BA’86
George A. Drake Sr. and Dorothy J. Drake (parents)
Mitchell C. Ketchens Sr. and Monica Drake (parents)
David and Emilie Dressler (parents)
Jonathan Lander Drew, BA’02
D. Dwight Drinkard, BA’70, and Margaret Thweatt Drinkard, BE’72
Gavin Michael Driskill, BA’08
David W. Dross, BA’78
Ester En-jie Du, BS’03
J. Marshall and Susan Duane (parents)
John E. Dubois, BA’76
Lucius Beddinger DuBose, MA’70, and Lenda Bates DuBose, BA’64
Marlene S. DuBose (parent)
Martha Hailey DuBose, BA’68
David Charles Ducharme, BA’89, and Lesa Geldmeier Ducharme, BS’89
John J. Dudas and Alice Whitten Dudas, BA’70 (parents)
Randall Edward Duderstadt, BS’94
Wayne and Margaret Dudgeon (parents)
Finn Duerr, BA’73
Raymond G. Dufresne Jr., MD’80, and Laura Riddick Dufresne, BA’76
Mary Noel Duggan (parent)
Phyllis M. Duhm (grandparent)
Betty Jo Dulaney, BA’93
Elizabeth Litten Dulin, BS’81, MEd’92
Wallace H. Dunbar III, BA’05
Anne Pritchett Duncan
Buell G. Duncan III, BA’75
Dennis and Tammy Duncan (parents)
Troy Alexander Duncan, BA’93, and Jennifer Gries Duncan, BS’93
Yvette Gajewski Duncan, BS’86
W. T. Dungan, BA’51, MD’54 (parent)
Amy Ruth Dunlap, BA’91
Elizabeth Daniel Dunn, BA’62
Elizabeth Schick Dunn (grandparent)
James E. Dunn, BA’59
Jasper W. Dunn III, BA’58
Judith Sherman Dunn, BA’80
Robert E. Dunn, BA’58
Peter Phillips Dunning, BA’08
Son Ha Duong and Thanh Do (parents)
Susan Marbut DuPré, BA’90
Cynthia Albrecht Durham, BA’81
M. Freeman Durham, BA’80
Alison Talbott Durland, BA’93
Ryan M. Durst, BA’98
Jayson Louis Dusse
Amrita Dutta-Gupta, BA’03
Cherry Wise Dutton, BA’64
James and Rebecca Duty (parents)
Sheri C. Duxin (parent)
Matthew J Dveirin, BA’97
Eric M. Dye
Dwight and Mary Dyer (parents)
M. Aldo Dyer, BA’04
Lillyan Major Dylla, BA’71
Stephen Matthew Dyott, BA’08
William Gibbs Eady, BA’08
John Calhon Eagar Jr.
Robert C. Eager, BA’67
William Prentice Eager, BA’04
Charles Eagles and Brenda Marks Eagles, MLS’83 (parents)
Rachel Phillips Eagles
Linda Hagens Earle, BA’74
Claire Larkin Earll, BA’08
John Harvey Early, BA’82
Madie Conn Early, BA’61
Michael Bradford Early, BS’93
Robert L. Early, BA’71, M.Div.’76, and Kimberlee Maphis Early, M.Div.’81
Joan Triplett Easterly, BA’67, MA’71, PhD’73 (parent)
Amanda Kate Eaton, BA’01
Sarah Christina Eayrs, BA’03, MEd’04
Robert and Virginia Eckardt (parents)
Melvin C. Eckley
Edith Lindsey Eckman, BA’82
Matthew E. Edelman and Susan D. Edelman
Paul H. Edelman and Suzanna Sherry (parents)
Jacqueline LaPan Edgerton, BA’98
William D. Edmondson, MA’52
Anne Oser Edmunds, BA’94, MEd’99
Bingham David Edwards Jr., BA’93
H. Wallace Edwards Jr. and Elizabeth Edwards
Joanne White Edwards, BA’51
Joseph M. Edwards, BA’84
Linda Gray Edwards, BA’76
Mary Adamson Edwards, BA’82
Morris D. Edwards, BA’72
Peter H. Edwards Jr.
William A. Edwards, BA’54, LLB’57, and Carol McQueen Edwards
William I. Edwards III, BA’52
Charlotte R. Egan (parent)
Robert Duke Eggleston, BA’88, JD’91, and Melissa Montgomery Eggleston, BA’90
Eric Karl Egli, BS’88, and Nena Elizabeth Walker, MSN’95
Jeff and Connie Ehrnschwender (parents)
Michelle Pickholz Eickelbeck, BA’83
Deborah Wertheim Eidson, BA’83, MBA’84
Lynda Hammons Eidson, BA’65
William and Robin Eiland (parents)
Jeff D. Eisenberg, BS’78
Melissa Jean Eisner, BA’96
Ivan Rodney Elder, BA’69
John and Judith Elder (parents)
Marshall P. Eldred Jr., BA’60
Jean Brengle Eldred, MA’69, PhD’73
Katherine Cobb Eldridge, BA’65
Susan Smith Elfstrom, BA’73
Bernice B. Elkin
Catherine Kurtz Elkins, BA’94
Daniel Pope Ellard, BS’77, and Meredith McKay Ellard, BS’77
Clinton Kenneth Ellenberg, BS’05
David W. Elliot, BA’77
Eugenia Jarman Elliott, BA’58
Hoyt M. Elliott, BA’78, and Elizabeth Libba Battey Elliott, BS’79
James Richard Elliott, BS’76
John Yeuell Elliott III, BA’90
Lesley Elliott, BA’01
William Pierce Elliott Jr., BA’58
Winn Rollins Elliott, BA’90
Valeska Short Ellis, BA’70
Joan L. Elliston, BA’69
Phillip S. Elmore and Dixie David Elmore, BA’78
Monicia Elrod-Erickson, BS’91
Janis E. Elsner
Mary L. Elson, BA’74
Michael S. Elting, BA’71
Emil H. Emanuel
Paul Moody Embree, BA’81
Bradley E. Emerson, BS’93
Richard Emerson and Jennifer Farrin Emerson, BA’87
John C. Emms Jr. and Patricia A. Emms (parents)
Sara Ann Engber, BS’91
Kurt and Dale Engelbert (parents)
Paul Allen England, BA’02
Gregg Erik Englehardt, BS’94
Thomas J. English, BA’75, and Valanca Hicks English, BS’75
Patricia Miner Engstrom, BA’66
Leslie B. Enoch II, BA’64
Robert and Mary Lou Entzminger (parents)
Kenneth W. Epps, BS’90
Bryan and Kim Eppstein (parents)
Steven D. Eppstein, BA’71
Ike Lawrence Epstein, BA’89, JD’92
Robert A. Erb (parent)
Katherine M. Erdman, BA’63
Patricia Parry Erdmann, BA’68
Jane O’Hagan Erickson, BA’71
Kristi Ellen Erickson, BS’00
Stephen W. Erickson, BA’74
Martha Goodman Ericson, BA’79
Raif Eric Erim, BS’99
Rebecca Steinmark Erwin, BA’97
William and Dora Esakov (parents)
Aaron and Rebecca Esbenshade (parents)
Robert and Dianne Esbrook (parents)
Charles and Deborah Escher (parents)
Romulo and Eloina Espinosa (parents)
Frank W. Essex, BA’66, MAT’67, PhD’78
Mark D. Esterle, BA’73
Lula Lake Brockman Estes
T. William Estes, BA’55, and Allister McDougall Estes
Joseph S. Fossick, BA’59, and Carol Ann Etherington, MSN’75
Mark and Susan Etscheidt (parents)
Neil Allan Ettinger, BS’79
Thomas G. Eubank, BA’76, and Cheryl W. Eubank
James R. Eustis Jr., JD’70, and Barbara Simmons Eustis, BA’71
Barbara E. Evans (parent)
Brent Lee Evans, BS’07
Elizabeth Ritter Evans, BA’87
Grace Haven Cutting Evans, BA’99
Mildred Chipps Evans
Kathryn Thiel Evans, BA’68
Lucinda L. Evans, BA’59, MAT’60
Thomas C. Evans, BA’77
Wallace Evans and Dorothy Grabbe Evans, BS’74
Jenny Lowry Ewig, BA’02
Randall and Lowry Ewig (parents)
Debra Hash Ewin, BA’78
L. Bradley Stanford, BA’56
Kelleesa Ann Ewing, BS’87
Charles Raymond Talor, PhD’93, and Suzanne Marie Ewing, BA’87
R. Mark Ezell, BA’72
Michael and Ann Faber (parents)
Eileen B. Fader, BS’82
Harold and Harriet Fagan (parents)
Donna Tanner Fagerholm, BS’74
Keith and Susan Fahnhorst (parents)
Elizabeth Kern Fairback, BS’75
Charles Fairchild and Susan Tuggle Fairchild, BA’82
Brian P. Fairhurst and Elizabeth Kleeman Fairhurst, BA’77
David Faison and Kim Weller Faison, BS’74
Lois Black Faison
Amy C. Falconer (parent)
John J. Faldetta Jr., BA’97, MBA’01, JD’01,and Susan Bartlett Faldetta, BA’98
Peter Alfonso Falivene, BA’93, and Kara L. Falivene
Randall M. Falk*, BA’76
Jane Menendez Fall, BA’83
David A. Fardon and Terry Bushman Fardon, BA’80
Maen and Kimberly Farha (parents)
Ryan Maen-Jamal Farha, BA’08
James and Julia Farley (parents)
Patricia O’Conor Farley, BA’80
Brian Colfax Farmer, BS’02
Scott C. Farmer, BA’97, and Jeanie Lovell Farmer, BS’96
Michael Reinhart Farmer, BA’98, and Amanda Collins Farmer
Jeffrey P. Farran, BA’68
John L. Farringer III, BA’69, and Maribeth Ann West Farringer, BA’70 (parents)
Laura Ferman Farrior, BA’89
Madeleine Julie Farrow, BA’08
Ruth Ide Fast, BA’73
Jane Powell Faulkenberry, BA’77
Gregory Hadden Faulkner, BS’99
Shawn Allen Faulkner, BS’96, and Kimberly Pittinaro Faulkner, BS’96, MSN’97
William T. Fay, BS’76
Scott Fayne, BA’79
Angela Taylor Fears
Douglas E. Featherstone, BA’77
Allison Haley Federoff, BA’08
Steven and Sheila Fein (parents)
Sandra Mills Feingerts
John L. Feininger, BE’84, and Elleanore Lawwill Feininger, BA’85
Noah W. Feinstone, BA’02
Samuel H. Feist, BA’91, and Danielle Heyman Feist, BS’93
Amy Hudgins Feldman, BA’76
Howard and Dana Feldman (parents)
Leonard C. Feldman and Elizabeth G. Feldman
Marshall J. Feldman, BA’65, and Suzanne Carrell Feldman
Nicole M. Feliciano, BA’92
Pamela Neal Fellows, BA’79
Gina Raye Felts
Robert Forest Felvey, BS’82, and Elizabeth Travis Felvey, BA’82
Brian T. Fenelon and Frances Walton Fenelon, BA’79 (parents)
Judith Fenton
Samuel and Elizabeth Fentress (parents)
Charles P. Ferdon, BA’53
Amanda Reed Ferguson, BA’01
Anne B. Ferguson, BA’72
Cynthia Renee Couch Ferguson, BA’88
William H. Ferguson and Gayle Smith Ferguson, BA’87
James L. Ferguson Jr., BA’65
Jonnisa Marie Ferguson, BA’08
Kate Fullinwider Ferguson, BA’96
Oliver Watkins Ferguson, BA’47, MA’48
Silous C. Ferguson Jr., BA’67
Stephen Schuyler Fernandes, BA’93, MA’96
Ellen B. Fernandez (parent)
Ernesto and Vivian Fernandez (parents)
Jason Wells Fernandez, BA’03
Robert I. Fernandez, BS’78
Susan Green Fernie, BA’80
Nalton F. Ferraro and Meredith August (parents)
Benjamin James Ferron, BA’90
David and Anita Fesmire (parents)
Gretchen Elizabeth Feulner, BS’94
Derek John Feussner, BS’08
John and Carol Feussner (parents)
Hilary d’Lacy Fey, BA’97
Barbara T. Fichman, BA’76
Daryl Burton Fick, BA’01
Robert Bunten Field Jr. and Elizabeth H. Field (parents)
Robert Bunten Field III, BA’95
Stephen A. Field, BA’61
James Brandeis Fields, BA’95
Marilyn Johnson Filbrun, BA’66
Stephen and Mary Filipek (parents)
Les M. Finch, BA’58
Larry and Bonnie Finchum (parents)
Richard Fine and Cynthia Smith Fine, BA’78 (parents)
H. Thomas Finley Jr., BA’53
John Miller Finley, BA’76
Randall Wayne Finley, BA’79
Kathleen O’Conor Finn, BA’76
Nancy Verne Wells Finnerty, BA’75
Lara Ham Finnila, BA’92
Vincent J. Fioramonti and Catherine Graffy (parents)
Dennis J. Fischer, BA’61
Charles and Rhys Fish (parents)
John E. Fisher, BA’49, MA’51, and Nancy Borum Fisher
Lauren Elizabeth Fisher, BA’06
Robert Randall Fisher, BS’82
Scott and Joy Fisher (parents)
Marc and Cathy Fishman (parents)
William and Diana Fiste (parents)
Alan Thomas Fister, BA’80, JD’83
Earl E. Fitz and Julianne V. Fitz
Brian James Fitzgerald, BA’96
Edmund and Laura Fitzgerald (parents)
Ellen Perkins Fitzgibbon, BA’08
Katherine Peeler Fitzpatrick, BA’63
Daniel Grant Flagler, BA’87
Milton and Becky Flanagan (parents)
Nancy Maynard Flanagan, BA’80
Thomas and Anita Flanigan (parents)
Thomas Daniel Fleetman, BS’01
Matthew Bennett Fleischer, BA’06
Norman Fleischer, BA’58, MD’61
James M. Fleming, BA’61, and Helen N. Fleming
Jason Bates Fleming, BS’86, and Alison Grage Fleming, BS’87
Joseph R. Fleming, BS’76
Patrick Drew Fleming, BE’91, and Kara Cammerer Fleming, BA’92
Robert M. Fleming, BA’68, and Diane Davis Fleming, BA’68 (parents)
A. Leslie Harris Fletcher, BA’72
Clarissa Adams Fletcher, BA’86, MA’90
Michael W. Fletcher, BS’74, and Stephanie Strohm Fletcher, BA’76
Charles and Katherine Flood (parents)
Christopher James Floyd, BA’99
Kathryn Mae Floyd, BA’94
Simon A. Fluckiger Jr. and Kathleen Fluckiger (parents)
Eric William Flynn, BA’06
Alisa Tammen Foley, BA’95
James H. Foley III and Jane Foley (parents)
Joseph M. Foley, BA’76
Kevin and Lynn Foley (parents)
Frederick R. Folz, BA’73
Samuel and Stella Foncham (parents)
Debra J. Foote (parent)
Michael W. Driskill and Elizabeth B. Ford, BA’75 (parents)
Harvey A. Ford, BA’76
JanaRuth Ford, BA’77
Jerry Glen Ford, BA’86
Marian Burnett Ford, BA’60
Mary Call Proctor Ford, BA’87
William L. Ford III, BA’53, and Mary Wellford Ford, BA’57 (parents)
Annie Reid Forsyth, BA’51
John David Foshee Jr. and Dabney Bragg Foshee, JD’80 (parents)
Charles H. Foster, BA’69, and Susan Downey Foster, BA’69 (parents)
W. Sterrett Foster Jr., BA’62, and Virginia Aber Foster, BA’63
Wendy A. Foster, BA’96
Winston G. Foster, BA’78, and Elizabeth B. Foster
Yousef and Erca Fotouhi (parents)
John Paul Fougerousse, BA’00, and Heyward Morris Fougerousse
Edward Robert Fourticq, BA’96, and Gretchen Hillary Fourticq
Edward D. C. Fowler, BA’88
Lewis W. Fowler Jr., BA’56
Mary Huth Fowler, BA’63 (parent)
William R. Fowler Jr.
Bob Fox and Dona J. Tapp
Elizabeth M. Fox, BA’71
Robert L. Fox Jr., BA’66
Frederick W. Frailey and Catherine Bennett (parents)
Richard and Jeannette Fraley (parents)
Douglas Charles Franck, BA’88, and Lara Sanders Franck, BA’92
Phillip N. Franck and Laura A. Franck
J. Lanier Frank, BA’83
Jennifer Marler Frank, BA’98
Nancy Sparks Frank, BA’65
Randolph Adams Frank Jr., BA’79
Rosalind C. Frank, BA’68
Bruce L. Frankenberg, BA’77, and Kari Severson Frankenberg, BA’77
William G. Frankenberry
Jane Vance Franklin
Mary Lucy Franklin, BA’62
Wilson Stevens Franklin, BA’74
Jeffery J. Franks and Jinghua Xiong, MA’01, PhD’05
Laura Hale Franks, BA’72
John Leslie Frattarelli, BA’89
Eugene L. Frazer, BA’57, and Constance M. Frazer
Randle D. Frazer Jr., BA’65
William Michael Frazier, BA’82
James and Joan Frede (parents)
David M. Freed (parent)
Robin Noelle Freed, BA’99
Harriet Arnold Freedman, BA’65
Cynthia Elaine Freeman, BA’82
Elizabeth Watson Freeman, BS’92
John G. Freeman, BA’71
W. Criswell Freeman, BA’76, and Angela Beasley Freeman
Andrew Joseph French III, BA’84, and Janice Jacoby French
James Edward French, BA’59
Jeffery Scott Frensley, JD’95, and Susanne Herndon Frensley, BA’90, MEd’94
Charles A. Frenzel, BA’69
Byron Frezel and Ethelyn Hamilton Frezel (parents)
Charles and Tammy Friday (parents)
Edward Friedman and Susan Krug Friedman
Lindsey Hoskins Friedman, BA’04
Robert Steven Friedman, BA’83
Lisa Anne Friedrichs, BA’05
Macalyne Watkins Fristoe, BA’53, MS’60, PhD’72
Gregory W. Fritz, BA’75, and Virginia Crehore Fritz, BSN’78 (parents)
Myra L. Frizzell, BA’49
Jack Meyer Frost, BA’79, MBA’81
Michael and Kristin Fruehwald (parents)
A. Brent Fruin, BS’93, MD’98
Ami Fry (parent)
Fred M. Fry, BA’62
Laurence Dwight Fry, BA’81, and Mary Louise Fanton Fry, JD’83
Sandra Lenhardt Frymire, BA’83
Joe and Carol Fuller (parents)
Jonathan Mark Fuller, BA’85
Duncan Thomas Fulton IV, BA’08
Margaret M. Funk (parent)
G. Keith Funston III, BA’06
Clarke B. Futch, BA’89
John Francis Gabriel Jr., BA’86
Anne Page Gaebe, BS’04, MEd’05
Christopher and Virginia Gaebe (parents)
William Patton Gaffney, BA’64
Howell Nicholson Gage III, BS’99
Robert Joseph Gagliano, BA’84
William Roderick Gagne and Pamela Bashore Gagne, BA’77
Walter Frye Gaillard Jr., BA’68
Landers and Inetta Gaines (parents)
Erik N. Stavrand and Susan Rose Gaire (parents)
David Watson Adams, BA’03, and Jessica Leigh Galbraith, BS’02, MEd’03
Charles W. Gale, BA’69
John Kennedy Gallagher, BA’87
Rachel Walker Gallagher, BA’88
John and Sue Ellen Galligan (parents)
H. Mills Gallivan, BA’73, and Carol Anne Provence Gallivan, BA’73
Lois Schwartz Gallon, BA’64
Katherine Russell Galloway, BA’90
Nicholas T. Gallucci Jr., BA’76
Kevin Wright Gamble, BA’99
Harry W. Gamble Jr. and Molly Franklin Gamble, BA’63 (parents)
Robert Joseph Gambrel, BA’08
Robert and Jane Gambrel (parents)
Dahn Dean Gandell, BS’87
Ganesh Ganesan and Veena Kandaswamy (parents)
Richard M. Gannaway, BA’50, MAT’57, and Joann Pickering Gannaway, BA’52
John Sexton Gannon Jr., BA’83
Alan T. Gantt, BA’69
Steven D. Hollon and Judy Garber
Mario A. Garcia (parent)
Cynthia Leigh Gardiner, BA’68
Barbara Gardner (parent)
Darci Lauren Gardner, BA’07
Ricky and Bonnie Gardner (parents)
David Bernard Garfinkel, BA’85
Joseph and Mary Jo Gargano (parents)
Steven Edward Garlock, BA’84, and Britt Challoner Garlock, BS’87
Kirsten A. Garlock, BA’08
Lee K. Garlove and Amy Lehman Garlove, BA’93
Harry E. Garner and Elizabeth Lamar Garner, BA’63
Joey Fail Garner, BA’90
John W. Garnett II, BA’59
Phillip and Jane Garrett (parents)
William C. Garriott, MA’69, PhD’74, and Mary Beth Oliver Garriott, BA’69, MLS’70
Jo Frances Ferguson Garrison, BA’80
Loring M. Garrison Jr., BA’69, and Catherine Lester Garrison, BA’70 (parents)
Clifton H. Garrott, BA’60
Janet Bestpitch Garry, BA’82
Russell Y. Garth*, BA’67
Nancy Holt Garver, BA’56
Diana Y. Garza, BS’75, MS’78
John Richard Gasdaska, BA’82
Louise Hollberg Gaskin, BA’86
Sara M. Gast
Jeannette Carr Gastil, BA’50
John Jeffrey Gates, BA’97, and Carolyn K. Gates
Sarah Harries Gates, BA’95
Douglas and Andrea Gathany (parents)
Michael Allen Gatje, BS’83
Jonathan Hartley Gaunt, BA’03
Stephanie Shorts Gay, BA’95
Volney P. Gay
Richard Evans Gazala, BA’83, JD’86
Bill F. Gee, BA’56
John G. Geer
Dawn Nolin Geiger, BA’84
Dorothy Dean Ferguson Geiger, BA’47
Erik David Geiger, BA’01
James and Michelle Geihsler (parents)
Richard E. Geist, BA’60
Bernard A. Gelb, BA’53
Michael Gelb, BA’56, and Louise P. Gelb
Gabrielle Gendzier (parent)
Sarah Randel Generes, BS’98
Harold L. Gentry, BA’66
Jackie Marie Gentry, BA’03
Patrick Ryan Gentry, BS’08
Richard and Cynthia Gentry (parents)
Anne Dewitt George
Steven George and Carolyn Duff George, BS’70
Douglas and Ellen George (parents)
Nancy Sweet George, BA’68
Robert L. George, BA’67, and Mary Lou Cooke George
Susan Garrett George, BA’83
Adrienne George-Eliades, BA’88
Steven Geovanis (parent)
Mark Benjamin Gerber, BS’90
Christopher Gordon Gerlach, BA’98
Sandra Fernald Gerow, BA’65 (parent)
Windsor Davis Gerrish, BA’92
Malcolm Getz
John William Gewin, BS’98
William Charles Gewin, BA’70 (parent)
Mary Ann Gholson, BS’81
William Lockhart Gibbons, BA’72, JD’76, and Julia Smith Gibbons, BA’72 (parents)
Adelia Huffman Gibson, BA’48
Daniel Lewis Gibson, BS’95
Michele Hanley Gibson, BA’90
Brooke Altenau Gies, BA’97
Richard K. Gilbert, BA’70
William R. Gilbert, BA’73, and Loura Miller Gilbert, BA’72
Yamiece Elizabeth Gilbert, BS’07
Jeffrey and Rebecca Gilbreath (parents)
Patrick Lowry Gilbreath, BS’08
Ben Marshal Giles, BA’72, and Harriet Thaxton Giles, BA’72 (parents)
Gregory Marshall Gill, BA’89
David Gillece and Nancy Roberts (parents)
Victoria Hazemey Giller, BA’94
Douglas Stewart Gillespie, BA’89
James E. Gillespie, BA’66
Thomas E. Gillespie Jr., BA’56
Rebecca Lou Gillespy, BA’85, MBA’89
Robert H. Gillespy III, BA’75
Sally Gillette-Kahn, BA’72
James D. Gilmer, BA’66, and Jacqueline Dienna Gilmer, BSN’67
Brian James Gilmour, BA’94, and Paula J. Gilmour
Thomas H. Gilpin, BA’71
James and Linda Ginzer (parents)
Eric Lee Girion, BA’87
S. Perry Given Jr., BA’78
Lyn Weaver Givens, BA’84 (parent)
Kevin Lee Glasgow, BA’87, and Bernadette Glasgow
Carla Grace Glass, BA’74
Suzanne L. Glassburn, BA’87
James and Beth Glassman (parents)
Michael Augustine Gleason, BA’03
John and Carol Gobel (parents)
Frank Kirkpatrick Godchaux, BA’84
Ross M. Goddard Jr.
Rodrigo Godoy, BA’04
G. Will Godwin III, BA’75
Carol Woods Goehring, BA’75
Richard D. Odom and Inka E. Goell-Odom, BA’77, MS’78
Edwin LeRoy Goff, BA’67
Nancy Whitehurst Goggans, BA’68
Stephen and Mary Goggins (parents)
Jacquelyn A. Going, BA’72
David and Bonnie Gold (parents)
Gerald and Kathy Golden (parents)
Jack Golden, BA’55
Hawkins Golden II, BA’74, and Leslie Black Golden (parents)
Mark and Jennifer Golder (parents)
Betty Johnson Goldiamond, BA’44
Jean Russell Goldman, BA’46
James E. Goldsberry, BA’71, and Virginia Turner Goldsberry, BS’72
Ashley Dianne Goldsmith, BA’94
Robert D. Goldsmith, BA’77
Stuart Martin Goldsmith, BA’81
David Markus Goldstein, BA’93
Donald and Janet Goldstein (parents)
Gary and Janice Goldstein (parents)
Sidney Rogers Golsby
Alvaro Rodrigo Gonzalez, MA’96, and Alletta Menozzi Gonzalez, BA’95
Robert D. Gooch Jr. and Kate Harwood Gooch, BA’63 (parents)
Steven L. Goodbred Jr. and Catherine O. Goodbred
Houston John Goodell, BA’04
Joseph Guillen Goodell, BA’06
Richard W. Goodgame, BA’71
Ellis Len Goodin, BA’72 (parent)
John Jacob Goodman, BA’83
Nancy Goodman (parent)
Patricia I. Goodson, BA’70
Charles and Beverly Goodwin (parents)
Randolph and Nancy Goodwin (parents)
Jon Foster Goolsby, BA’90, and Sharlene Goolsby
Douglas Allen Gordon, BS’82
Helen Block Gordon, BA’48
S. Ralph Gordon, JD’63, and Phyllis Lefkovitz Gordon, BA’62
William and Linda Gordon (parents)
Alan L. Gorrell, BA’67, and Sandy Morris Gorrell, BA’68 (parents)
Ashley Potter Gosnell, BA’06
Allan S. Goss, BA’61, and Phyllis Diane Goss
Connie Gossett (parent)
Gary M. Gossett (parent)
Michael David Gothard, BS’93, and Lisa Quinn Gothard, BS’94
Alan S. Gottlieb, BA’63
Richard Eric Gottlieb, BA’81, and Leslie Brooksher Gottlieb, BA’83
Robert A. Gottlieb, BA’71
Grover C. Gouker Jr.
Everett E. Gourley Jr., BA’50
Ned and Catherine Graber (parents)
Stanley E. Graber, BA’60, MD’64, and Sara Kleinman Graber, BA’62 (parents)
Jeffrey Robert Grable, BA’93
William Porter Grace III, BA’60
Craig Lee Graham, BS’79
Katherine Breckinridge Graham, BA’86
Robert G. Graham Jr., BA’62
Shannon Ligon Graham, BA’89
Todd R. Graham
Trevor C. Graham, BA’99
Susan Sill Gramatges, BA’70
Langley Granbery, BA’77, and Lois Freeman Granbery, BS’84
Kimberly Leavenworth Granger, BS’90, MSN’93
Leadrester W. Granger (parent)
Edward and Lucille Granillo (parents)
John Philip Granville, BS’98
Robert and Valerie Grassia (parents)
Margaret Beam Grattan, BA’88
Lori Catherine Graves, BS’05
M. Lee Graves Jr., BA’63, LLB’66
Thomas H. Graves, BA’69
Anthony Scott Gray, BA’91
Arthur and Rosalyn Gray (parents)
Charles Robert Gray, BA’78
E. Thomas Gray, BA’62
Howard Gray Jr. and Jannie M. Gray (parents)
Jane Graham Gray, BA’70, EDD’95
Michael Chase Gray, BS’99, and Diedre Johnston Gray, JD’03
Nonie Perdigao Grayson, BS’82
Margaret Rich Gready, BA’52 (parent)
Ashley Jean Green, BA’08
Cynthia Hayter Green, BA’80
Daniel Eastman Green, BA’02, and Janelle Williams Green, BS’03
James Reed Green Jr., BA’89
John Campbell Green, BA’81, MBA’88
John E. Green and Gloria F. Green
Larry W. Green (parent)
Rachelle Garner Green, BA’85
Randolph Paul Green, BS’90, and Monica Radford Green, BA’92
Richard O.C. Green II and LaNell P. Green (parents)
Roy D. Green, BA’49, MA’58
Stephen and Dorothy Green (parents)
JoAnn Flom Greenberg
Joel I. Greenberg, BA’56, MD’59, and Marjorie Weinstein Greenberg, BA’58 (parents)
William and Judith Greenblatt (parents)
C. Scott Greene, BA’79
Retha McBride Greene, BA’86
Charles A. Greenfield, BA’67
Sheila Greenfield (parent)
Robert Warren Greenhalgh, BA’04
Dustin Douglas Greenleaf, BS’01
Joseph M. Greenlee Jr., BA’67
Stewart and Nancy Greenlee (parents)
Fred and Sandra Greenwald (parents)
John and Sara Greer (parents)
Debbie Brice Greeson, BA’76
Donald and Anna Gregory (parents)
Mary Jane Gregory, BA’75
Whitney Smith Gregory, BA’95
Wendel Calhoun Greider, BA’90, MBA’96
Ralph H. Greil, BA’70, and Rachel Hallas Greil
Thomas Robert Greiner, BA’88, and Dana Michele Stryk, BS’88
Jennifer Lawrence Gremillion, BS’78
Darwin and Barbara Grener (parents)
Peter Michael Gresens, BS’84
Stan Grey and Anita Cohen Grey, BA’58
Richard M. Grey
Richard Thomas Griffey, BA’61
Alma Whitfield Griffin, BA’57
Betty Anne Masten Griffin, BA’61
Craig and Carolynne Griffin (parents)
Edmond and Georgia Griffin (parents)
R. Page Griffin and Margaret Neill Griffin, BA’52 (parents)
William P. Griffin IV, BA’64, JD’67
Charles and Irene Griffith (parents)
Randy and Carla Griggers (parents)
Emmitte H. Griggs, BA’78, and Cheryl Anne Stevens Griggs, BS’78
D. Andrew Grimes and Betty Mosby Grimes, BA’50
W. Thomas Grimm and Sonja N. Grimm-Lied (parents)
Colleen W. Grissom, BA’71
Joseph Wilt Griswold, BE’55, and Katherine R. Griswold, BA’54 (parents)
Andrew James Grogan, BA’94, and Erin E. Loree
Walter C. Gross III, BA’59, LLB’62, and Elizabeth Lane Gross, BA’62
Suzanne Lynn Grossman, BS’98
Jennifer Patton Grosvenor, BA’89, JD’93
David D. Groves, BA’74
Mimi Griffin Grube, BS’84
Henning Grunwald
Brian Craig Grushkin, BA’05
Michael Gryll and Lee Notowitz Gryll, BA’79
Steven L. Gryll, MA’72, PhD’75, and Lynn Brachman Gryll
Leonard and Susan Guberman (parents)
Russell and Leslie Gugllelmo (parents)
Maria Ruth Guidetti, BA’06
Edward Hunt Guilbert III, BA’98, MBA’03
F. Stuart Gulley, BA’83
John and Donna Gunther (parents)
Ilya Gurevic, BA’08
W. Quinton Gurley Jr., BS’81, MD’85, and Stephanie Williams Gurley
Eric Albert Gustafson, BS’02, and Kimberly Alban Gustafson, BS’03
David C. Guth, BA’77, and Carol Baldwin Guth, MA’72
Christopher P. Guthrie and Tracey E. George
Candace Sheris Gutierrez, BA’75
Ralph G. Gutmacher, BA’47
Mark and Allison Gutner (parents)
Jerome B. Guttman, BA’48, and Albee Pastermack Guttman
Edward Harrison Burgess, BE’80, and Anita Louise Guy, BS’79
Phil and Shirley Guy (parents)
Samuel D. Guy (parent)
Gregory Paul Guyton, BS’89, and Michele S. Jenkins-Guyton, BA’89
John Leonard Gwin Jr., BA’80
Bryan Christopher Haas, BA’99
Murray J. Haber
Rebecca Susan Haberacker, BS’01
Lisa Munick Haffer, BA’82
Dorothy Farrar Hagen, BA’48
Larry Melvin Hagerman, BA’61
Elizabeth Rosson Hagewood
Nelson L. Haggerson Jr., BA’49
James Ben Ali Haggin, BA’89
Richard Haglund (parent)
Eleanor Hill Hahn, BS’80
David William Haines Jr., BA’79, and Kathryn Granger Haines, BA’79
Robert Frederick Haisch, BA’01
Robert Brandt Halbach, BA’94, and Melissa Menson Halbach, BS’94
Nathan G. Hale Jr. and Ann W. Hale (parents)
Colleen Hughey Haley, BA’97
Alan E. Hall and Elizabeth Raebeck Hall, BS’78
John W. Hall, BA’48
L. Parker Hall III, BE’65, and Linda Lester Hall, BA’66
Michael Hall, BA’68
Patricia Salvant Hall (parent)
Peggy Jo Hall
Samuel A. Hall
Trent and Allison Hall (parents)
Willine Hall, BA’51, MA’68, PhD’76
Mark and Margaret Hallam (parents)
Winthrop M. Hallett, BA’67, and Reneau Matthews Hallett, BA’68
David H. Halliwell, BA’73, and Mary Davis Halliwell, BS’73
Henry I. Hamburger (parent)
Stuart Russell Hamel, BA’95
Battle M. Hamilton, BA’66
James and Nancy Hamilton (parents)
John Kent Hamilton, BA’95
Joseph H. Hamilton Jr.
Noel D. Hamilton and Katherine Reed Hamilton, BA’82
Kevin and Debra Jo Hamilton (parents)
Karen Denise Hammack, BA’97
Melissa Kaye Hammel, BA’87
Richard K. Hammel Jr. (parent)
Cary Lyn Hammond, BS’98
James Lee Hammond and Dianne Ervin Hammond, BA’65
Herschel Towles Hamner III, BA’98, and Lauren Sparks Hamner, BS’99
Jeffrey and Cynthia Hampton (parents)
William S. Hamrick, PhD’71, and Lois Streett Hamrick, PhD’75
Deborah Grant Hamzah, BA’74
Michael Kunhi Han, BA’95
Douglas Lowe Hancher, BA’81, and Erin C. Davlin
C. Dwight and Mary Hancock (parents)
Henry Hancock, BA’82
J. David Hanes, BA’65, and Dixie Ann Hanes
John Ashley Haney, BS’93, and Hays Thompson Haney, BA’94
Elizabeth Hanneken (parent)
James Patrick Hannigan, BA’05
George and Wendy Hansen (parents)
Andrew L. Bundy and Karen V. Hansen (parents)
Ann Miller Hanson, BA’62
Meredith Ann Hara, BA’92
Thomas Reynold Harbert, BA’84
William P. Harbin, BA’70, MD’74, and Elizabeth Cimmino Harbin, BA’70 (parents)
L. Hall Hardaway, BE’57, and Linda S. Hardaway (parents)
Walter W. Hardcastle Jr., BE’53 (parent)
Tony Scott Hardee, BS’87
Royal and Wanda Hardeman (parents)
Donald Ray Hardin, BS’80
Ross C. Hardison, BA’73
Leslie R. Hardy and Epp Kotkas-Hardy (parents)
William V. Harford Jr., BA’68, and Madeline W. Harford
Harry A. Hargrave*, BA’54, MA’55, MAT’55, PhD’66
Margery Marple Hargreaves
John Page Hargrove, BA’84
Paul E. Hargrove, BA’51
Peter T. Haring, BA’68
Richard G. Harless, BA’65
John R. Harman III, BA’74
Robert and Delia Harmony (parents)
John C. Harmuth, BA’74, and Jill Westbrook Harmuth, BA’78, MLS’82 (parents)
Glenn A. Harper, BA’68
Imogene Bratton Harper, BA’36
James Robinson Harper Jr., BA’80
Jennie Ellen Harper, BS’06, MSN’08
Sam T. Harper, BA’75
Andrew W. Harrell, BA’70
Brittany Windsor Harrell, BA’95
Eugene W. Harrell, BA’69
Julie Boring Harrell, BA’70
Amelia Johnston Harris, BA’71
Benjamin R. Harris
Claire Katherine Harris, BA’08
J. David and Del Harris (parents)
Jerry L. Harris, BA’68, and Patricia Lewis Harris, BA’68 (parents)
Linda L. Harris
Linda Webber Harris, BS’79
Nancy A. Harris,
Ryan Gregory Harris, BS’96
Sampson and Annie Harris (parents)
Susan Luckett Harris, BA’83
Suzanne Straight Harris, BA’66
William Harris (parent)
William L. Harris, BA’56, MA’63
Charles E. Harrison Jr., BA’56, and Mary Ponder Harrison, BA’56
Joseph G. Harrison Jr. and Robin Harrison (parents)
Gail Harris-Schmidt, BA’71, MA’72
Eric Lampton Harry, BA’80, MBA’83, JD’84
Joel Alan Hart, BA’04
Matthew Lyndall Hart, BS’06
Ronald and Jackie Hart (parents)
Anne Phillips Hartje, BS’76
Richard Patterson Hartley, BE’97, and Jessica Stone Hartley, BS’97
Margaret Carroll Hartman, BS’88
Mary Pigg Hartnett, BA’39
Michael T. Hartney Sr. and Sheryl Hartney (parents)
David and Karen Hartz (parents)
George E. Harvey III, BA’67, and C. Kaye Harvey, M.Div.’04
Shirley Moore Harvey, BA’55
Anthony Lee Harwell Jr., BA’92, and Stacey Ashworth Harwell, BS’93
Jonathan Harwell, BA’61, LLB’64, and Mary Anne Harwell*
James E. Harwood Jr. (parent)
Alan E. Harzman, BS’97
David Kent Haseltine, BA’96
Christa Hawkins Hash, BA’83
John and Anne Hasson (parents)
K. Dwayne Hastings, BA’76
Betty Anne Cotton Hatch, BA’76 (parent)
James Gregory Hatcher, BA’90
Georgia Callahan Hatcher, BA’46
Robert D. Hatcher Jr., BA’61, MS’62
Walter Sanders Haugen, BA’82
David W. Haun, BA’72
Linda Hostetler Havel, BA’88
George A. Hawes Jr., BA’64, and Sandra Scott Hawes, BA’65
Charles E. Hawkins, BA’48, MA’49, and Helen Clark Hawkins, BA’49
Denise H. Hawkins (parent)
Laura Leigh Hawkins, BS’02
Olivia Noelle Hawkins, BA’04
Paul Matthews Hawkins Jr., BA’82, and Hollis Rawson Hawkins, BS’82
Willo Anne Hitt Hawkins, BA’58
Blake Reynolds Hawley, BA’93
John and Barbara Hawley (parents)
Arthur N. Hayden Jr., BA’74
Andrew Martin Hayes, JD’89, and Amy Michelle Gaither-Hayes, BA’91
Robert A. Hayes
Christopher A. Haynes, BS’96, M.Div.’99
David Franklin Hayse, BA’72
Joan Stumpf Hayssen, BA’76
Lillian Ann Harpole Hazelton, BA’79
David B. Hazelwood, EMBA’89, and Claudia Manson Hazelwood, BA’74, MAT’78 (parents)
Mary Ella Meek Hazelwood, BA’81
Daniel and Samia Hazim (parents)
F. Hamilton Hazlehurst and Carol Hazlehurst
Catherine Schmidt Hazlitt, BA’93
Lisa A. Head, BA’74
Susan Frazier Healey, BA’87
John Rowland Healy, BA’86
Benjamin Frost Heard, BS’02
Christopher Durbin Heard, BA’01
Joe H. Hearn Jr., BA’63
Joseph C. Hearne, BA’61, and Nancy Kise Hearne, BS’61
Christopher Charles Heath, BE’05, MS’08, and Kristin Best Heath, BA’05
Arthur F. Hebberger
Ann Marie Heckmann, BS’83
Henry E. Heffner IV and Rickye Sarno Heffner, BA’68
John J. Heflin III, BA’75, JD’78
R. Scott Heflinger, BE’72, MS’82, and Craig Anne Roberts Heflinger, BA’73, MA’75, PhD’89
Lydia Rae Hefner (parent)
Mary McDougal Hefner, BA’72
Carl E. Hegewald Jr., BA’73 (parent)
Mary Louise Heiman, BA’79
Robert and Kathy Heimbrock (parents)
Michael Fletcher McElduff, BS’95, and Laura Anne Hein McElduff, BA’92
Larry Allen Heiser (parent)
Stephen J. Heishman, BA’75
David R. Heitholt, BA’78
Matthew Stroud Hellebusch, BS’87, and Annamarie Geppert Hellebusch, BSN’88, MSN’90
Deidra Dempsey Heller, BA’80
Winder McG Heller, BA’69
Christopher LaMont Hellman, BA’82, and Sarah Means Hellman, BS’82 (parents)
Richard Ward Helms, BS’00
Norman Patrick Hely, BA’06
Bud Hemann
Wylie C. Hembree III, BA’60
J. Winslow Hemperley, BA’60, PhD’71
Emaline Henard, BA’66
James and Claire Henderson (parents)
Joseph K. Henderson, BA’68, and Ann Price Henderson, BS’68
Peter Van Ness Henderson, BA’69, JD’81
Stuart Douglas Henderson, BS’85
T. Gerald Henderson, BA’71
Joseph O. Hendley, BA’59, and Birgit Winther (parents)
David W. Hendon, BA’69
Gordon E. Hendrich, BS’76
Joseph and Frances Hendrick (parents)
Jennifer Meghan Hendricks, BA’03
Katharine Elizabeth Hendricks, BA’05
Kristen Louise Hendricks, BA’08
Doris A. Hendrix, BA’63
Ernest C. Henegar Jr., BA’64, and Nancy Peddicord Henegar, BA’64
Lucy Lyles Henner, BA’80
Erin K. Hennessey, BS’03
Kevyn Rigby Hennessey, BA’88
Peter Robert Hennessy, BA’82
Earl O. Henry Jr., BA’67
James H. Henry II, BA’76
Melinda A. Henson (parent)
Thomas B. Henson, BA’77, and Barbara Blair Henson, BA’78
John L. Herbert, BA’73
David and Shirley Hercules (parents)
Andrew Shawn Herda and Courtney Pelant Herda, BA’05
Robert Scott Hereford, BA’89
Roy Hergenroeder
Marc and Hillary Herman (parents)
John E. Hermann, BA’52
Edgar and Evelina Hernandez (parents)
Gregorio Hernandez
Jesus Carlos Hernandez, BS’94, and Isabel Lasater Hernandez, BA’93
Stephanie Ann Herrin, BA’96
Walter Clay Herron, BA’81, MBA’82, and Martha Hurst Herron, BA’83
Sara Scott Herstin, BS’03
Mary Herzog
Laura Gartin Hester, BA’96
P. Lawrence Hester, BA’69
Elizabeth G. Hetzler, BA’80
John and Nancy Hevey (parents)
Colin Dwight Hewett, BA’05, and Melissa Kemph Hewett, BS’04, MEd’05
Lyons J. Heyman, BA’48
Scott Kirkland Heysell, BA’98
Janet Bushmiaer Heyward, BA’75
John and Cheryl Hibbard (parents)
Edith Morrow Hickerson, BS’41
George B. Hickey, BA’49
James C. Hickey, BA’59, and Anne Ewing Hickey, PhD’83
Helen Shapard Hickman, BA’69
Carolyn F. Hicks, BA’69
Kara Albert Hicks, BA’97
Clifford C. Higby, BA’85
Cynthia Green Higgins, BA’85
David L. Higgins, BA’75
Thomas E. Higgins, BA’74
Amanda Giardina Highlander, BA’06
Anne House Hightower, BA’57 (parent)
Amanda Halley Hill, BA’90
Andrew J. Hill III and Jacquelyn L. Hill (parents)
Barbara L. Hill, BS’77
Cooper Jackson Hill, BS’98
Harry Hill III, BA’70
Harry and Loretta Hill (parents)
Hoyt G. Hill, BA’75, and Elizabeth D. Hill
James Edward Hill, PhD’84, and Jeanette R. Hill
Judy Haynie Hill, BA’64 (parent)
Kimberly Nelson Hill, BA’97
Earl Brent Hill, BA’91, and Maureen Connor Hill, BS’91
Benjamin Harvey Hill IV, BA’90, and Michelle Straatmann Hill, BSN’89
Robert C. Hill Jr. and Ami L. Hill (parents)
Tiffany Anderson Hill, BS’04
Vianda Hale Hill, BA’70
Arthur Hiller and Gwen Hiller
Jeffrey Stuart Hillier, BA’80
Joseph and Amelia Hills (parents)
Scott Andrew Hilton, BS’88, and Mary Lowe Hilton, BA’89
Bruce C. Hinckley (parent)
Jennifer Elizabeth Hinckley, BA’01
Harold E. Hinds Jr., MA’67, PhD’76
Jennifer Lambeth Hinds, BA’93
Adam Philip Roger Hines, BA’02
Louis C. Hines, BA’57 (parent)
Brenda Brakefield Hinesley, BA’74
Rebecca Stiles Hinkle, BA’78
Bilkis Rajabali Hirani, BS’93
Jerry A. Hirsch, BA’62
Nathaniel Wallace Hite, BA’02
Lyle Shawn Hitt, BA’90, and Susan M. Hitt
Steven and Elisabeth Hitt (parents)
James E. Hix Jr., BA’63, PhD’68
Margaret Mitchell Hixon, BA’69
Elizabeth Waite Hoag, BA’97
Rita Virginia Hoard, BS’92
Claiborne Rankin Hobbs, BA’89, and LuAnne Staley Hobbs, BA’89
Clinton Hobbs, BA’63
Matthew and Cela Hobbs (parents)
William Miller Hobbs Jr. and Peggy Batson Hobbs, BA’56, MA’59
John Steven Hobby, BS’93
Laura C. Hobson, BA’77
Cornelia Beall Hockridge, BA’42
Michael P. Hodges and Penny Harrington, JD’82
Steven C. Hodges, BA’68
Willie E. Hodges, BE’67, and Pamela Curtis Hodges, BA’68
Jean McIntyre Hodgkins, BA’64
John S. Hodgson Jr., BA’57
Debra Lynn Hoekstra (parent)
James and Tracey Hoff (parents)
John and Debbie Hoffman (parents)
W. Andrew Hoffman III and Norma S. Hoffman (parents)
Matthew James Hofheimer, BA’05
Julie Marie Hofmeister, BA’05
James C. Hofstetter, BA’71, JD’74, and Cindy Hofstetter
John A. Hoganson, BA’72
Kelly P. Holcomb (parent)
Susan Cox Holden, BA’73
Walter Hale Holden, BS’99, and Lauren Martin Holden, BS’99
George and Carol Holder (parents)
Keith P. Holder, BA’78
Lawrence E. Holder, BA’64
Mark W. Holladay, BA’77, and Carol W. Holladay
Michael Laughrey and Jill Holland (parents)
Paul and Rebecca Holland (parents)
Angie Carter Holleman, BA’98
James G. Holleman Jr., BA’53, and Christa N. Holleman
Michael E. MacMillan and Nora Ellen Holley (parents)
H. Douglas Holliday, BA’71, MD’76
Joseph H. Holliday III, BA’69
Sarah Dallas Holliday, BA’46 (parent)
Annie Cecil Hollins, BA’55
Eugene Latimer Hollins, BA’83
Jack and Karen Hollins (parents)
John Oaks Hollon, BA’91
Betsy Bugg Holloway, BA’92
Mayo Holloway Jr., BA’56, and Eve W. Holloway (parents, grandparents)
Michelle Holmes Johnson, BA’04
Alexandra Watson Holmes, BA’08
J. William Holmes, BA’65
Judy Kay Douglas Holmes, BA’74
Steven Landis Holmes, BA’90, and Ann Whitman Holmes, BA’90, MS’95
John R. Holsten, BA’52, MA’55, PhD’57
Daniel and Jane Holt (parents)
Mary McChesney Holt, BA’74
Wilfred E. Holton, BA’64
Michael L. Holtsclaw and Deborah Osborne Holtsclaw, BS’80
Donald B. Holtzinger and Rebecca Bickart Holtzinger, BA’88
Eugene and Mary Holtzman (parents)
Amy Celeste Holtzman-Piechock, BA’98
Charles O. Hon III, BA’67, and Emily Eliot Hon, BA’67 (parents)
Hyejeong Hong (parent)
Katherine Lyons Honour, BA’43
James Guerry Hood, BA’01
Daniel P. Hooper, BS’78, and Martha Jones Hooper, BA’78
Joseph and Kristine Hope (parents)
Tobin Edward Hopkins, BA’90, and Courtney Wright Hopkins, BA’90
John D. Hopkins, BA’59
Kirby DeLoach Hopkins, BA’98
M. Holliday Hopkins, BA’81
William F. Hoppe, BA’73
George Wade Hopper, BA’79, JD’82, and Margaret Weeks Hopper, BE’79
Victor and Rochelle Horadam (parents)
Daniel and Abigail Horn (parents)
Huston Horn, BA’56, and Polly Carroll Horn, BA’56
Louis G. Horn, BA’59, MD’63, and Joanne Faust Horn, BA’60 (parents)
Karen Hankamer Horne, BS’92
William Collins Horne, BA’80
Jeffrey John Horner, BA’80
Gregg M. Horowitz and Ellen Sue Levy, PhD’04
Marion McCain Horsley, BA’68
George I. Horton Sr. and Susan Horton (parents)
John Butler Horton, BA’94, and Stephanie King Horton, BA’95
Susann Rae Horton, BA’79
William Wiley Horton, BA’82
Anna White Hosea, BA’02
Brian T. Hoskins, BA’98
Glenn A. Hoskins, BA’76
Hossein and Fleur Hosseini (parents)
Thomas S. Hotchkiss, BA’82
William G. Hougland, BA’71, JD’75, and Lorie Ricker Hougland, BA’77
Caribe Cotton Hourigan, BA’82
Donald C. House Jr., BA’75
Scott and Carol Houseknecht (parents)
Michael and Suzanne Houser (parents)
John Thomas Houston, BS’97
Joe S. Howard and Melissa Chinnery Howard, BA’84
Jason Todd Howard, BA’99
Julia Lee Howard, BA’82
Karen Olsen Howard, BA’72
William C. Howard, BA’96, and Anne R. Howard
James H. S. Howe, BA’87
Bunyan S. Howell Jr., BA’43
Deborah McWhorter Howell, BA’79
John McWilliams Howell Jr., BA’87, and Virginia H. Howell
Louise Howell, BA’41
Lynne Dehls Howell, BA’80
Robert S. Howell Jr., BA’73
Sarah McCanless Howell, BA’52, MAT’54, MA’67, PhD’70 (parent)
Jack L. Howison, BA’62, and Delores Howell Howison, BA’62 (parents)
Mary Hall Howland, BA’84
Thomas S. Howorth, BA’76
G. Scott Hubbard, BA’70
Joe and Patricia Hubbard (parents)
Julie Morgan Hubbell, BS’85
John A. Hubbuch, BA’71 (parent)
Nancy C. Hubert (parent)
C. Scott Huddleston, BS’75
Leigh McClain Huddleston, BA’86, MBA’88
Lysle Waggoner Huddleston, BA’85
Sara Anderson Huddleston, BA’00, MEd’01
Matthew Noble Hudnalll, BA’90, JD’94, and Anne Kornegay Hudnall, BA’93, MS’95
George Trammell Hudson, BA’75, and Sarah L. Hudson (parents)
Walter Bryan Hudson, BA’87
Jeannette R. Huey, BA’82, MEd’84
Paul Jackson Huffman III, BA’92, MBA’93
Harold L. Huggins
Bill and Shelly Hughes (parents)
Elizabeth Estess Hughes, BA’86
Joni West Hughes, BA’79
Lois Alexander Hughes, BA’69
Thomas G. Hughes and Aileen Marshall Hughes
Camilla Leitch Hughes, BA’65
John H. Hughes and Tish Callender Hughes, BS’74 (parents)
William and Ann Hughes (parents)
Jessica Wing-Yung Hui, BS’08
David G. Hulan, BA’58
David W. Hull, BA’77
Henry H. Hull Jr., BA’70
William F. Hull, BA’72
Elizabeth Watkins Hults, BA’78
David Richard Human, BA’81, and Marisa Longrais Human, BS’84
Kraig Eckman Humbaugh, BA’83
Brian C. Humphrey, BA’94, and Tucker Eby Humphrey, BA’94
Frank T. Hundley III, BS’82
Austin Hunt, BA’80
Bobbie Jean Hunt, BA’53
E. L. Roy Hunt, BA’55
Jeffrey and Patricia Hunt (parents)
Judy Van Hemert Hunt, BA’69
Mike O. Hunt and Dru Henson-Hunt (parents)
Susie Petrie Hunt, BA’60, MS’61 (parent)
Ann Wotton Hunter, BA’93
Eric and Elizabeth Hunter (parents)
Katherine Diana Hunter
Margaret Jackson Hunter
Michele Parker Hunter, BS’86
Peter Jeffrey Hunter, BA’99, and Kathryn Gaines Hunter, BS’01
Rebecca Teague Hunter, BA’62
William E. Hunter, BA’52
Stanley and Joan Hurder (parents)
Jacob E. Hurwitz, BA’74
John and Phyllis Huse (parents)
Berit Hayes Huseby, BA’00
Eugene E. Huskey, BA’74, and Janet E. Martinez, BA’75
Lauren Nicole Hussey, BA’05
Mrs.Charlene Foster Hutcherson, BA’46
Linda G. Hutchison
Erick Edward Huth, BA’83
Becky Wolfe Hutton, BA’85
Nancy Smathers Hutton, BS’84
W. Thomas Hutton, BA’65
David J. Huyser and Jayne Blemly Huyser
Richard W. Hylton, BA’70
Michael and Patrisha Hyman (parents)
Jeremy Hynd, BA’04
Laurie Durbrow Hyndman, BA’74
R. William Ide III and Gayle Oliver Ide, BA’65
Clara Pingon Iler, BA’55
Elaine Marple Illes, BA’84
Elizabeth McKnight Illig, BA’55
Amy Ettenger Imber, BA’80
Michael and Joyce Imboden (parents)
Margaret B. Ingraham, BA’72
Carola E. Ingram
Dorothy Stamps Ingram, BA’68, MLS’71
Marguerite Colville Ingram, BA’59
Martha Rivers Ingram
Sherry E. Ingram, BA’72
Deborah Bates Inman, BA’71
John W. Interlandi, MD’76, and Elizabeth Compton Interlandi, BA’74
Christopher Kevin Iorio Jr., MD’98, and Tamara Stone Iorio, BA’94, MD’98
Michael A. Iosue, BA’70
Candice Cook Irvin, BS’96
Grace Sims Irvin, BA’49
Steven Patrick Irvin, BA’90
Michael Scott Irwig, BA’95
Panda P. Irwin (parent)
Lisa McGuan Isaacs, BA’08
Euclid A. Isbell Jr., BA’58
Lauren Facher Iselin, BA’79
Jerry Ishee and Sue Birdwell Ishee, BA’77
John Stephen Ishmael, BA’94, and Courtney Ishmael
Hugo C. Isom, BA’87
Stephen and Theresa Ivey (parents)
Macon Paxton Ivy, BA’82
Michael E. Jabaley, BA’57, and Mary Galbreath Jabaley, BA’58 (parents)
Donald L. Jackson, BA’59
Elizabeth Ann Jackson, BS’05
Frances A. Jackson, BA’72
Gretchen Heidt Jackson
Jennifer Underwood Jackson, BA’93
Jesse C. Jackson, BA’48
Marguerite McMillan Jackson, BA’64
Wingate A. Jackson III and Marilynn Curtis Jackson, BA’67 (parents)
Ronnie Lee Jackson
Stephen William Jackson, BA’79
Andrew Reed Jacobs, BA’83, and Betsy Cona Jacobs, BS’84
Estelle Fisher Jacobs, BA’48 (grandparent)
Marilee Jacobs, BA’75
John Drexler Jacobson and Josephine D. Jacobson
Mike and Barbara Jacobson (parents)
Kurt and Carolyn Jaeger (parents)
Lorin Marie Jaeger
Jack A. Jaffe, BA’56, MD’59, and Carol Gelber Jaffe*, BA’59 (parents)
Chinnaswamy and Shobha Jagannath (parents)
Anna Gale James, BA’59
John and Loretta James (parents)
Wayne James and Mary Brown James, BA’56
Michael Lucas James, BA’95, and Courtney Rand James, BA’96
Monica Wolk James, BA’83
Patricia A. James
Louis M. Jamison, BA’69, and Michelle Davis Jamison, BS’70 (parents)
Jay Robert Janco, BA’97, and Paige Trager Janco, BA’97
Dietrich A. Jander, BS’98
Klaus and Deborah Jander (parents)
Stefan and Janet Jansen (parents)
Claude M. Jarman Jr., BA’56
Mark F. Jarman and Amy Kane Jarman
Anne Oswald Jarrett, BA’82
Dale L. Jarrett, BE’75, and Mary Wilson Jarrett, BA’75
Robert W. Jarrett, BA’63
Anthony Thomas Jarrin, BA’00
Lisa Gault Jaynes, BS’90
Hunter Jefferson, BA’95, JD’98
John Tillman Jeffery, BA’99, and Leslie Tant Jeffery, BA’00
Frank Z. Jemison Jr. and Jeanne Stewart Jemison, BS’75
Alton R. Jenkins, BA’63
George R. Jenkins, BA’58
Lynn Biggs Jenkins, BA’69
Margaret F. Jenkins (parent)
Mary McGannon Jenkins, BA’89
Stephen Lindsay Jenkins, BA’01
Karen Lynn Jenner, BA’86
Robert Jennings III and Lenneia R. Jennings (parents)
Gary F. Jensen and Sheila Carroll Jensen
Kathleen Hamil Jensen, BA’91
Emily Eldridge Jernigan, BA’72, MEd’97
Paul Jessen Jr., BA’58
Mary Frances Jett, BSN’70, PhD’77
John W. Jewell, BA’50, MS’51 (parent)
Kimberly Howison Jewell, BA’89
George Jiang, BA’08
Julio and Elizabeth Jimenez (parents)
Perry and Linda Wang (parents)
Don and Sarah Joe (parents)
George L. Joe, BA’72, and Elizabeth Branscomb Joe, BA’74
Peter Sheffey Joffrion, BS’80
Lynn Holliday Johanson, BS’91
Per Anders Johansson, BA’81, MBA’85
Baxter Johns, PhD’71, and Dena Murphy Johns, BA’69
Christopher M. S. Johns
Barbara Ackerman Johnson, BA’70
Brenda Johnson, BA’60
David Duane Johnson, BA’87
Diane Murphree Johnson, BA’85
Elizabeth I. Johnson, BA’92
Emily Wilford Johnson, BA’46
Erik William Johnson, BA’00
Glenn D. Johnson Sr., BA’60, and Donna Johnson
Greg A. Johnson
Harold B. Johnson II, BA’77
James Lee Johnson III, BA’86
Jeff Johnson (parent)
Jennifer Owen Johnson, BA’93
Jessica Lynn Johnson, BA’02
John B. Johnson Jr., BA’66
John C. Johnson Jr., BA’66, MD’69
Joseph E. Johnson III, BA’51, MD’54 (parent)
Karen S. Johnson
Kathy Thrower Johnson, BA’61
Keith R. Johnson, BA’78
Kelly Paige Johnson, BA’96
Philip C. Johnson III, BA’75, and Linda Daniel Johnson, BA’75 (parents)
Margaret Waddell Johnson, BA’65 (parent)
Mary Elizabeth Lloyd Johnson, BA’46
Mark Daniel Johnson, BA’82, and Melanie Millsaps Johnson, BA’79
Michael and Janice Johnson (parents)
Alan D. Johnson, BA’78, and Margaret Whittington Johnson, BA’76
Normastel Mosby Johnson, BA’83
Robert Alan Johnson, BA’74, and Phyllis Voigt Johnson, BA’74
Robert C. Johnson, BA’78
Ronald C. Johnson
Russell Norman Johnson, BA’84
Sarah Raup Johnson, BA’77
Scott J. Johnson, BA’71, JD’74 (parent)
Sharon Rubin Johnson, BS’75
Thomas E. Johnson, BA’60, and Barbara D. Johnson
W. Roscoe Johnson III, BA’64
Whitney and Mollie Johnson (parents)
William A. Johnson Jr., BA’62, and Carole O’Daniel Johnson, BA’61
Charles L. Johnston, BA’62, MAT’67 (parent)
Emeline Grace Johnston, BA’04
Harriet Genne Arnold Johnston, BA’62
Jarmin Steffner Johnston, BA’88
Mark and Jessica Johnston (parents)
Richard Boles Johnston III, BS’85, MD’89
William and Anne Johnston (parents)
Arnita Ament Jones, BA’62
Rodney E. Jones, BA’76, and Catherine Ives Jones, BSN’76 (parents)
Cecil D. Jones Jr., BA’51, and Jane Jones
Charles E. Jones
Christine Rebecca Jones, BA’79
Dale and Sherry Jones (parents)
Dana Goolsby Jones, BA’94
David M. Jones, BA’71
Elizabeth H. Jones
Elizabeth Walton Jones (parent, grandparent)
Hubert P. Jones Jr., BA’41
James M. Jones Jr., BA’44
Judson Paul Jones, BS’80, and Janna Hardin Jones, BA’80 (parents)
R. Steele Jones, BA’75, and Marcey McCarrell Jones, BSN’76
Raymond L. Jones
Robert Beaufort Jones and Sarah Jones
Rowena Rice Jones, BA’54
Samuel B. Jones, BA’57, and Betty Burleigh Jones
Scott Jason Jones, BS’96
Stewart G. Jones, BA’54, MD’57
Christopher Alan Jones and Suzanne Clark Jones, BA’01
Todd Edward Jones, BA’81
William B. Jones, MA’55, PhD’63, and Martha Hadley Jones, BA’56
William Donald Jones, BA’80, and Terri M. Jones
William H. Jones III, BA’53
Doris Jones-Walls (parent)
Henry K. Jordan, BA’64
John I. Jordan, BA’88, and Shannon Dahle Jordan, BA’89
W. Carl and Lisa Jordan (parents)
Marc Ward Joseph, JD’83, and Ann Lilly Joseph, BA’84
Anthony A. Joseph, BS’75
John Barthell Joseph III, BA’85
Shantaram and Sumangala Joshi (parents)
Ruth K. Josimovich (parent)
Linda A. Jost, BA’73
Breton Chester Juberg, BA’85
Christian Lee Juckett, BA’89, and Anne Milton McMillin, BA’90
James and Mary Judge (parents)
Jeffrey P. Juliano and Leigh Kenan Juliano, BA’90
Kurt Junger and Ellen McKeever Junger, BA’84
Akbar Abdul Kabani, JD’01, and Khadija Shivji Kabani, BS’01
Jatin and Rupal Kadakia (parents)
Alison M. Kadzik, BA’04
Alice Tubb Kaige*, BA’44, BLS’47
Blair Burke Kaine, BA’89
Karen Scofield Kaiser, BA’89
Patrick and Susan Kalan (parents)
Lou Franklin Kalil, BA’76
William James Kalinowski Jr., BS’83
Scott Andrew Kalishman, BA’07
Michael A. Ozer and Patricia A. Kalmans, BA’72
Adriana Kalthoff (parent)
Alice Benton Kamerschen, BA’90
John S. Kaminer, BA’70
Adam Michael Kamm, BA’01
Leigh Kammerer, BA’70
Robert and Karen Kane (parents)
Philip Sung Kang, BS’85
Gregg R. Kantak, BA’76
Brent Jeffrey Kaplan, BA’80, and Theresa Fry Kaplan, BA’80 (parents)
Daniel S. Kaplan, BA’66
Sherman Eskind Kaplan
Solomon Kaplan, BA’47
Richard J. Kapner, BA’80
Arvind and Medha Karandikar (parents)
Michael and Amanda Karoff (parents)
Jordan David Karp, BS’95, and Meredith Karp
Richard and Gail Karpf (parents)
Kathleen Birch Karwelies, BA’99
Colleen Miller Kasel, BA’02
Arthur R. Kasey III, BA’62
James and Susan Kasten (parents)
Steven Louis Katsikas, BA’89
Steven E. Katten, BS’75
Joe J. Katterjohn
Michael and Andrea Katz (parents)
Mary Coots Katzel, BA’68
Irvin A. Kaufman, BA’68
Desmond and Eden Kavanagh (parents)
Patricia Patterson Kawaoka, BA’92
Wendy E. Kaye, BA’78
A. Houston Keach Jr., BA’74
Sarah Hedrick Kearney, BA’88
Miriam Reynolds Keat, BA’67
Timothy Pierce Kebbe, BA’82
Elizabeth Blake Keeley, BA’03
William and Beverly Keeling (parents)
Thomas and Lauren Keenan (parents)
Wendell R. Keener, BA’56
Helen Bailey Keesey, BA’83
James M. Keeton Jr., BA’68
Brad Kehler, BS’97, and Lori Ann Kehler
Robert E. Keith, BA’53, and Sharon Wemhoener Keith, BA’53 (parents)
Steven Howard Keith, BA’81
Chester Kelley III, BA’77
Eileen Mayhew Kelley, BA’08
John F. Kelley III and Margaret A. Kelley (parents)
Christopher L. Kelley and Pamela Andress Kelley, BA’81
Wayne P. Kelley, BA’55
Edward S. Kelly Jr., BA’67, JD’70
Frank Kelly (parent)
Gordon M. Kelly Jr., BS’76
Jon M. Kelly
Kathryn A. Kelly, BA’65
Mary Ann Kelly, MBA’82
Warren Hill Kelly, BA’99
Edie Johnston Kelsey, BS’87
Karlton H. Kemp Jr., BA’72
Katherine Kemp, BA’62 (parent)
Aimee Guthrie Kemper, BA’88
Robert Anthony Salzer and Traci Kemp-Salzer, BS’86
Melinda Cross Kenan, BS’85
Kevin Mark Kendall, BA’81
Martine Chaffin Kendall, BA’43 (parent)
Philip W. Kendrick, BA’78
Charles Dimon Kendrick-Holmes Jr., BS’90, and Elizabeth Haynes Kendrick-Holmes, BA’90
Coleman D. Kenison Jr., BA’72
Bradley B. Kayser and Gemma T. Kennedy (parents)
Jerry Lee Fortenberry Sr. and Barbara J. Kent-Fortenberry (parents)
Kevin Walsh Kern, BA’80, and Kathleen Kuehn Kern, BS’80 (parents)
Eleanor Owen Kerr, BA’82, MEd’83, JD’90
James and Mimi Kerr (parents)
Laurie Bregman Kerschen
Jill Farren Kershner, BA’66 (parent)
Elizabeth Palmer Kervella, BA’00
Mark S. Kessler, BA’75
Tony Kessler, BA’74
Laura Floyd Ketcham, BA’02, JD’05
William Rabun Ketchum III, BA’88, and Melissa Murfee Ketchum, BA’87
Kenneth and Karen Kevelson (parents)
Lewis E. Key, BS’76
Richard Garrett Key, BA’99, MD’06, and Laura Riley Billings Key, BA’99
Jade Khouri, BA’01
Nagi and Sylvana Khouri (parents)
Carim Victor Khouzami, BA’97
Marc Victor Khouzami, BA’01
Troy Alan Kiber, BA’03
Shoarega and Haregewoin Kidane (parents)
Thomas P. Kidd Jr. and Judith W. Kidd (parents)
Barbara Sharrock Kiefer, BA’74
Gretchen Hahn Kiernan, BA’61
Michael Kiernan, BA’69
Sean Edward Kiernan, BA’00
Thomas E. Kilcollin and Wendy Rumsey Kilcollin, BA’74
Margaret Kilgore, BA’66
Paul S. Killion, BA’78, and Bettina Weis Killion, BA’81, JD’85
Judith Herman Kilpatrick, BA’89
Chun and Jin Kim (parents)
David Paul Kimball, BA’05
James and Tina Kimbrell (parents)
Carolyn Lamson Kimbrough
Thomas C. Kimbrough and Joy Kimbrough
Whit Kincaid, BA’96, and Marilyn H. Kincaid
Charlotte McCauley King, BA’66 (parent)
Wesley I. King and Frances Harris King, BS’85
G. Robert King, BA’69, and Tina Marie King
Jeanne Ann Freeman King, BA’73
Martin S. King, BA’92
Nellie P. King (parent)
Raymond Eldridge King III, BA’79
Sarah McKelley King (parent)
Susan L. King, BS’78
Suzanne V. King, BA’73
Theo F. King Jr., BA’54, and Frances Jones King (parents)
Thomas W. King, BA’77, and Anne Russell King, BA’77
James R. King and Victoria Palmer King, BA’64
William Byron King, BA’37, MA’47
Amanda Brooks Kingery Health, BA’90
Daniel Joseph Kingsbury, BA’84
Paul Francis Kingsbury, BA’80, and June Houghton Kingsbury
John Robertson Kinnett III, BS’82
Jerome F. Kinney III and Carol Steadman Kinney (parents)
Jeffrey David Kinsinger, BA’96
Allen S. Kinzer, BA’85
Dwight Kinzer, BA’61
Ryan Everett Kirch, BS’97
Mary Thomas Kircher
Annie Houston Kirkland, BA’02
Joseph and Karin Kirkland (parents)
George B. Kish
Jill Goldberg Kispert, BA’89
Gretchen Teresa Kissel, BS’07
Ellen Parker Kitchens, BA’71
F. Elizabeth Kittrell, BA’46, MA’47
Kelly and Anna Kittrell (parents)
Judy Klass
Kristopher Neal Klausner, BA’86, and Mary Payne Klausner, BA’87
Alan Klein, BA’73
Patricia Jones Klein, BA’70
William and Myra Kleinman (parents)
Gerald B. Kline, BA’74
Jason Kline, BS’96
William W. Kling, BA’49, and Louise Quayle Kling, BA’47
James R. Klingler, BA’84, JD’87, and Karen Harris Klingler, BSN’86
Bruce William Klingman, BA’79, and Barbara LaChine Klingman, BA’79
Krista Halling Kloppenburg, BA’85
Jennifer Lynn Klos, BA’03
Jessie M. Klyce, BA’68, MS’69 (parent)
Michael Klynn, BA’58
Joseph James Knadler, BS’08
Jeffrey Gale Knauth, BA’65
Jefferson P. Knight Jr., BA’78
Winn Tarver Knight, BS’93
Hugh Michael Knighton, BA’62, and Shirley Bradley Knighton, BA’62
Joy Elizabeth Kniskern-Murphy, BA’72
Christopher John Knisley, BA’85, MBA’86, and Julie Jones Knisley, BS’86
Mark G. Viox and Janet M. Knobbe (parents)
Lynn E. Kober
Melvyn M. Koby, BA’60
Marc Charles Koch, BA’06
William F. Koch Jr., BA’67
Paul and Lisa Koches (parents)
Gene and Peggy Kocian (parents)
David Werner Koelsch, BS’92
B. Irene Koerner, BA’73
Eleanor Brownlee Koets, BA’70
Lisa Lon Reiter Koff, BA’81
Kenneth T. Kohrs, BA’56
Byron L. Kolitz, BA’65
Janet Terry Kollock, BA’65
Timothy P. Komosa, BA’96
Jeffrey Michael Kopita, BA’84
Carolyn Jean Kopprasch, BS’08
Robert and Cynthia Kopprasch (parents)
Usa Gift Kopsombut, BS’08
Flora Mae Blumberg Kornman (parent)
Cory Evan Koslin, BS’93
Alden Nicole Koste, BS’07
Robert John Kotchen, BA’90
Anne Martin Kottman, BA’59
Laura Perhach Kowal, BA’94
Douglas Samuel Kramer, BA’99
Randall and Marsha Kramer (parents)
Jonathan A. Krampner
Margaret Burns Krause, BS’85
Jeffrey L. Kravetz, BA’81
Carl Kravitz and Elizabeth Werner (parents)
Heather Kreager, BA’80
Michael L. Kreager, BA’76
Martha Hutchison Kreamer, BA’66
Cathryn Stanley Krebs, BA’72, MA’74
Paul and Peggy Krebs (parents)
Diana Bliss Kreiling, BA’90
Douglas Frederick Kreysar, BS’91, and Dawn Price Kreysar, BA’91
George C. Merrill and Susan J. Kroeger (parents)
Jeanette E. Krohn (parent)
Russell Joseph Krone, BA’98
Kay McIntyre Krug, BA’62
Karen Louise Krygowski, BA’93
Yie-Wen Yan Kuan and Chia-Jen Kuan, PhD’89 (parents)
Jackson H. Kuan and Lana Choy (parents)
Richard Tadashi Kubota, BA’77
Walter Dean Kucaba and Marcia Parra Kucaba, BS’93
Jeffrey James Kudlata, BA’85, EMBA’96, and Regan Jones Kudlata, BS’87, MSN’90
Victor and Audur Kugajevsky (parents)
George and Mary Kuhlmann (parents)
David Richard Kuhn, BA’83
Nancy Devere Kujawa
Alexander M. Kukurudz
Alice B. Kuller
Fletcher Kurtz, BA’56, MA’57, and Nancy Lassiter Kurtz, BA’57
Paul M. Kurtz, BA’68, JD’72, and Carol Porter Kurtz, BS’71
Bradley Matthew Kurtzman, BS’95
Keith and Stephanie Kushner (parents)
K. Kustanovich and Bettina Warnke
Susan J. Kuyper
Daniel A. Kveselis and Eileen P. Roach (parents)
Alexander Brian Kwak, BA’05
Jane Hindman Kyburz, BA’68
Thomas and Maryellen Kyle (parents)
Hang La (parent)
Rowan and Jung LaBarre (parents)
William Hunt Labrot, BA’04
Ronald Lacey, BA’77
Jared Evan Lack, BA’93
James G. Lackey III, BA’65
C. Joseph Ladd
Julia Starnes LaFevor, BA’55
Martha Kruse Lake, BA’84
Howard Henry Lamar, BA’83, JD’89, and Elizabeth Bass Lamar, MEd’94
Daniel L. LaMarche Jr. and Janet Parks LaMarche, BA’54
William R. LaMear, BS’81, and Rebecca Branham LaMear, BA’81
Lester C. Lamon, BA’64, MAT’65, and Elizabeth Luton Lamon, BS’65
Frank Harrison Lamons Jr., BS’77, and Eloise Mallory Lamons (parents)
Ralph J. Lampert, BA’61, and Priscilla Bernard Lampert (parents)
Dorothy Seigler Lancaster, BA’47
Elizabeth Carol Lancaster, BA’68
Lesa K. Lancaster (parent)
Carol Carter Lance, BA’68
Michelle Duer Landau, BA’80
Jane Gilmer Landers
David C. Landgraf and Linda Shipman Landgraf, BA’67
John R. Landon, BE’69, and Katherine Smith Landon, BA’69
Evan Price Landrum III, BA’76
Alicia Hayes Landry, BS’97
Michael and Karen Landry (parents)
John B. Lane, BA’71
Matthew Morgan Lane, BA’05
Tracy Tosh Lane, BA’93
W. Robert Laney Jr., BA’74, MEd’81
Gary Richard Langford, BA’84
Robert Shelton Langley, BA’52, MA’53, and Mary Brock Langley, BA’42 (parents)
Kimberlee Lucas Langway, BA’91
Whit Lanier, BA’97
Bazile R. Lanneau Jr., BA’74
John M. Lannom, BA’75
Deloris Dooley Lansche, BS’79
Killian Lapeyre, BA’07
Eric and Rebecca Laptook (parents)
Michael Joseph Larcher, BA’06
Michael Allan Largent, BA’91
Anthony A. LaRiche Jr., BA’74, and Jackie Burns-LaRiche (parents)
Nancy R. LaRiviere (parent)
Penny Steele Larkin, BA’87
David E. Larkins, BA’49
Erik C. Larsen, BA’62, JD’65
James C. Larsen, BA’47, JD’49, and Anne Vaughn Larsen, BA’45 (grandparents)
Hugo C. da Silva and Patricia Ann LaRue (parents)
Patricia Johnson Lasher, BA’69
Daniel Herbert Lasselle, BS’03
Catherine Walton Latham, BA’49
Vickie B. Latham
Christopher Thomas Latta, BA’92
Stephen Ka-Haem Lau, BS’91
Louise Osborne Lauber, BA’82
Patricia Vander Broek Lavender, BS’86
H. Grant Law Jr., BA’68
Nora Victoria Law, BS’99
Elizabeth Greever Lawler, BA’61
Marie Cullum Lawrence, BA’51 (parent)
Sarah Tuckerman Lawrence, BA’04
William S. Lawrence, BA’50
Robin Ann Lawson, BS’87
William H. Lawson and Edith Daniel Lawson, BA’54
William J. Layng Jr., BA’71
Edward H. Lazar, BA’63 (parent)
Bryan M. Lazare, BA’75
Mark Henry Lazarus, BA’86, and Elizabeth Cunningham Lazarus, BA’86
Anthony A. Lea, BA’54
Maxwell Amos Lea III, BA’98
Robert Everett Lea III, BS’82
Tara Eastland Leclerc, BA’97
Geoffrey Gustav Leder, BA’00, and Michelle Alderson Leder, BE’00
Michelle Young Leding, BA’89
Walter A. Ledwith, BE’70, MS’72, and Debra Ludwig Ledwith, BA’71
Bruce M. Lee, BA’54
David Patrick Lee and Catherine Fletcher Lee, BS’74 (parents)
Chui and Shirley Lee (parents)
Elizabeth Lee, BA’84
Wyatt Anglea Lee, BS’93, and Elizabeth Huppler Lee, BE’93
Ja H. Lee, MA’61, MS’62, PhD’64
John F. Lee and Sara Rodes Lee, BA’53, MA’56, PhD’89
Joshua and Ann Lee (parents)
Karen Klein Lee, BA’80
Norman K. Lee, MA’58, and Barbara Robison Lee, BA’57
Phil M. Lee
Ruth Owen Lee, BA’54
William and Carter Lee (parents)
William Gentry Lee, BA’94, and Amy Hughes Lee, BS’95
Jacob N. Leech Jr., BA’50
Melanie Bialko Leeth, BA’87
James Leffers II, BA’69
Sandra Leftwich, BA’60
James S. Legg, BA’78, and Eileen M. Legg
Andrew Barrett Lehman, BA’99
Anthony Darrell Lehman, BA’94
Wallace B. Lehman, BA’53, and Sheila K. Lehman
Frederick Peter Lehr, BA’95
David J. Leibson, BA’66
William Herbert Leifeste Jr., BE’83, and Octavia Harvey Leifeste, BS’84
Alison Farn Leigh, BA’86
Jeannette M. Leighton (parent)
Larry Leinweber and Claudia Babiarz (parents)
Perry and Bobbie Leitner (parents)
Jacqueline Gail Leitzes, BA’97
Camille Hughes Lemaster, BA’62
Craig Scott Lengyel, BA’89, and Kathryn Seita Lengyel, BS’90, MEd’91
Richard N. Lenham, BA’65
Joseph A. Lenhard, BA’53, MS’57
Alice Boggs Lentz, BA’74
Alexandra Maria-Christina Leone, BS’05
Phil A. Lepanto, BA’95
Ray O. Lerer, BA’73
Manerva Clements Lescher, BA’39, MA’40
Elyse Wilson Lesley, BS’93
J. Harvey Lester Jr. and Elizabeth M. Lester
William Lambeth Lester and Pattie French Lester, BA’44
Virginia Bowen Lester, BA’53
Wallace M. LeStourgeon and Carol M. LeStourgeon
Elizabeth Ann Letton, BA’91
Nancy Bing Letts
Orville and Ruth Levander (parents)
Thomas A. Levensailor
Kent S. Levenson, BA’70
John D. LeVert, BA’02
Benton B. Levie, BA’65
Mildred Block Levin
Benjamin and Mindy Levine (parents)
Dan and Donna Levine (parents)
Jonathan S. Levine, BA’77
Andrew Bernard Levinson, BA’96, and Jennifer Horgen Levinson, BS’98
Anthony and Deborah Levinson (parents)
Larry and Kathy Levit (parents)
Allan and Robin Levitt (parents)
Barbara B. LeVoy
Amanda Seaford Levy, BA’97, MBA’00
Pamela Ruth Levy, BA’81
Steven L. Levy, BA’78
Annie Rebecca Lewis, BA’01
Caroline Kirkland Lewis, BA’84
Catherine Porter Lewis, BA’73, MA’76
David B. Lewis, BA’74, and Tara Winkler Lewis, BA’75
Mary Ann Fowler Lewis, BA’61
Howard and Joan Lewis (parents)
Julia E. Lewis, BA’71
Melinda Lewis, BA’96
Robert and Amy Lewis (parents)
Rodger P. Lewis
Julie Lewis-Lapin, BA’01
Karen Sutton Lexow, BA’87
Gina Marie Licari, BA’95, MA’99, MAT’99
Deborah Goodman Lieb, BA’87
Andrew Barrett Lieberman, BA’00
Timothy Edward Lietz, BS’86
Richard C. Lightburn and Kamie Guevara Lightburn, BA’94
Joan W. Lightfoot, BA’61
Warren Bricken Lightfoot Jr., JD’91, and Valerie Young Lightfoot, BA’92
Edward Douglas Lightman, BA’95, and Jennifer Maloney Lightman, BA’95
Mary Frances Schmitt Ligon, BA’59
Daniel and Margaret Liguori (parents)
Erik S. Lillie, BA’89, and Barry C. Heard, BA’98
Edward F. Limato
Kimberly Ann Walther Limcangco, BS’86
Gene W. Lin, PhD’88, and Ruey Ken, PhD’91
Long and Pei Lin (parents)
Susanne Rezek Lindau, BA’48
Stratton Lindenmeyer, BA’53
Kenneth and Tina Lindsay (parents)
H. Hays Lindsley, BS’80
Mack S. Linebaugh Jr., BA’60, and Katherine H. Linebaugh
Jennifer Johnson Linkous, BA’88, MBA’89
Julius E. Linn Jr., BA’63
Lewis M. Linn and Phyllis J. Cohen (parents)
Thomas G. Linthicum Jr., BA’70
MacRae F. Linton and Kelly Akers Linton, BA’81 (parents)
Robert Bruce Lipman, BA’82
Jonathan Jackson Lippincott, BA’02
Joseph Lipscomb Jr., BA’70, and Carolyn Egger Lipscomb, BA’70
John C. Lipsey
Lee Rhyne Morgan Lipsey, BA’71 (parent)
Jeffrey H. Lipsky, BA’72
Douglas S. Lipton, BA’60, MAT’61
Geoff Little
Julie Schmidt Livingston, BA’87
Gretchen Holland Lloyd, BA’85
Janet Vaughn Lloyd, BA’84
Scott MacRae Lloyd, BA’91, and Katie Walsh Lloyd, BA’92
Thomas W. Lloyd III, BA’63
Vicki Castro Lockhart, BS’77
William L. Lockhart, PhD’67
Michael and Nancy Lofano (parents)
John G. Loftin, BA’64, and Sylvia Whitehead Loftin
Brent Raymond Logan, BS’96
John S. Logan, BA’74, and Dawn Miller Logan, BA’75 (parents)
Jeffry Alan Logeman, BA’85
William Kirk Loggins, BA’68
Jose M. Lombrozo (parent)
David Lominadze and Naira Metreveli (parents)
Leslie Anne Wolfe Lomot, BA’84
Kathy L. London, BA’79
Christopher Adam Long, BA’05
Edward Clay Long, BS’88, MAT’90
Jeffrey Long, BA’90, and Catherine Mall Long, BA’91
Rebecca Balton Long, BS’80
Robert Gordon Long, BA’52, MD’55
Thomas L. Long and Peggy L. Bryant (parents)
Selden Longley III, BA’63, MD’67, and Anne Tirrill Longley, BA’63
Graham B. Loper, BA’56
David Lopez and Marian J. Syage-Lopez (parents)
Kristin Rundin Lopez, BA’72
Jay W. Lorch
Keith A. Lorch, BA’75
Anthony and Joanne Losardo (parents)
James David Lott, MA’62, and Pamela Lacy Lott, BA’60
Yahuan and Jean Lou (parents)
Edward T. Lough (parent)
William Edwin Love, BE’90, and Alicia C. Tarr Love, BA’90
David Lewis Love, BS’80
Frank Edward Love, BA’88
J. Richard and Kim Love (parents)
E. Mason Lovell Jr., BA’79
Al Lovvorn, BA’78
Catherine McIntyre Lowe, BA’82
David A. Lowe
Ernest B. Lowe, BA’70, and Patricia Mason Lowe, BA’70 (parents)
John W. Lowe III, BA’67
Justin Keith Lowe, BA’94, and Susan McGuire Lowe
Martha Tull Lower, BA’64
F. Coleman Lowery Jr., BA’55 (parent)
Alan E. Lubel, BA’71
Douglas and Allison Lucas (parents)
Kenan Holmes Lucas, BA’06
William R. Lucas Jr.*, BA’77 (parent)
Martha Singer Ludewig
Robert Stuart Ludlum, BA’97
Ruth Selman Ludwig
Sommer Stripling Ludwig, BS’99
Martin and Virginia Luftman (parents)
Peter Henry Luippold, BA’82
Carol Scholla Lundberg, BA’76
Bradley Alan Lundquist, BA’05
Austin and Jasmine Lundy (parents)
Sarah Anne Lunenburg, BA’08
Jane Nicholson Lupton, BA’53
Abby Abell Lussky, BA’64
Samuel Cowdry Luten, BA’80
Edward T. Luther, BA’50, MS’51
Sally Cline Lutz, BA’75
Eric and Julie Lyerla (parents)
Stewart Lovett Lyman, BA’03, and Logan Quillman Lyman, BS’03
Alan M. Lynch, BA’66
William Isaac Lynch, BA’94, and Dana Weskamp Lynch, BS’93
Rene Dudney Lynch, BA’53
Terrance Lynn, BS’95, MBA’96, and Rebecca Lynn
Wayne Gray Lyster IV, BA’03
Eric Christopher Lyttle, BA’99, and Jill Pike Lyttle, BE’99
Malcolm M. MacDonald and Constance Marsh MacDonald, BA’57
Ian Douglas Macduff, BA’94
Katherine DeGeorge Macey, BS’96
Linda Wilson MacIlwaine, BA’71
Donald and Barbara MacIsaac (parents)
Brian James MacKenzie, BA’98
Alan H. Maclin, BA’71
Julia White MacMillan, BA’90
Edward and Elizabeth MacNamee (parents)
Kevin and Diane Madden (parents)
Mary Ann Stallings Maddin, BA’50
W. P. Maddy, BA’47
James and Lynda Mader (parents)
Christopher J. Madigan, BA’69, and Nancy Knox Madigan, BA’69
Dana Marie Madonia, BA’00
Penelope Cranfield Madsen, BA’71
Marisa Dreisbach Maffett, BS’00
Jerome P. Magdovitz, BA’57, and Barbara Shepp Magdovitz
Lawrence M. Magdovitz, BA’59, JD’61
Ramon and Carolyn Magrans (parents)
Charles and Roberta Maguire (parents)
Ferrell Susan Maguire, BA’07
Charoltte Maguire Mahan, BA’67
Margaret Nicolaides Mahoney, BA’87
Tonya Valdez Mahoney (parent)
Gary Mak, BS’08
Charles and Sophia Male (parents)
Karen Ford Malec, BA’81
Ajaz and Connie Malik (parents)
Edyth Lasky Malin, BA’47
Paula Combs Mallory, BA’53
Albert S. Malone Jr., BA’75, and Nancy F. Malone
Allen T. Malone, BA’63, LLB’66, and Mary Martin Malone, BA’64
Arthur E. Malone Jr., BA’62, and Cornelia Barnes Malone, BA’63 (parents)
Lee J. Malone and Clara Chapman Malone, BA’85
George and Donna Malone (parents)
H. Lee Malone, BA’66
Timothy and Victoria Malone (parents)
Zach and Karen Malpass (parents)
Urmila Sasha Malvadkar, BS’97
Marsha A. Manahan, BA’77
Anne Thompson Mancino, BA’80
Daniel and Amy Mandel (parents)
Oscar and Kim Mandujano (parents)
Elsa Mangiarua (parent)
James M. Manire and Judith K. Bodnar (parents)
Elizabeth Gaye Mankin, BS’80
Clay Woodall Manley, BA’95, and Blair Cothran Manley, BS’96
Elizabeth Waite Mann, BA’94
Marilyn Gardner Mann, BA’77
Neal Manners, BA’71 (parent)
Donald E. Mansfield, BA’94
Lawrence A. Manson, BA’71
Anthony James Manuel, BA’93
Tom A. Marberry, BA’71, and Mary Anne Coe Marberry, BA’73
David Randall Marcrum, BA’84
Courtney Solcher Marcus, BA’95
Leah Marcus
Donald R. Margo, BA’74, and Adair Wakefield Margo, BA’76 (parents)
Victor Claudio Marin, BA’03
Nino and Patricia Marino (parents)
Vernon Markham III, BA’73
Christopher Paul Markman, BS’85
James and Janet Marks (parents)
Jeffrey Michael Marks, BS’83
Kathleen Wall Marks, BS’01
James A. Marks and Patrice Greener Marks, BA’76
Timothy Marlow
Gordon L. Marney and Frances Adams Marney, BA’71 (parents)
Stephen John Maroda, BS’79, and Julie McFall Maroda, BS’82, MEd’84 (parents)
H. Gray Marsee, BS’80
Gary and Sherry Marsh (parents)
Daniel A. Marshall Jr. and Judy B. Marshall (parents)
Howard McCaleb Marshall, BA’01
Billie Patch Martin, BA’60
Brian Douglas Martin, BS’86
Daniel Joseph Martin, BA’98
Douglas V. Martin lV, BA’76, and Kathleen Hunt Martin, BSN’76
James E. Martin, BA’56
James S. Martin, BA’48, MA’61
Jere Allen Martin, BA’73
Ray G. Martin Jr., BA’63
Sarah Eckert Martin, BA’82
Sarah Plunkett Martin, BA’98
Steven and Vevia Martin (parents)
Susan Lovinggood Martin, BA’76
James Robert Martin and Tamara Hicks Martin, BA’69
Rebecca Gayle Harrison Martinie, BA’07
Michael and Marguerite Marz (parents)
Randy and Randye Masel (parents)
H. Jamison Maske, BE’93, MBA’99, and Allyson Brown Maske, BS’92
James David Mason, BA’65, MA’67, and Bettie McDavid Mason, BA’65
Craig Steven Massa, BE’87, and Karen Conway Massa, BA’87
Neal Massand, BS’98
Henry and Janice Massar (parents)
Robert Brian Massey Jr., BA’79
Anissa Masters, BA’04
Drew Kennedy Masterson, BA’84
Frank T. Masur and Linda M. Vierling (parents)
Jason Nicoles Mather, BA’97, and Elizabeth Lee Dorn Mather, BA’98
Frank H. Mathis, PhD’77, and Lenora West Mathis, MA’77
Kathryn Jo Mathis, BA’06
Leslie Robin Mathis, BA’83
William and Susan Mathis (parents)
Jason Corey Matt, BS’91
Michaela Mattes
Ben Gaines Matthews Jr., BA’77
Blanche Davis Matthews, BA’56
David F. Matthews, BA’66, and Eva H. Matthews
Doris F. Matthews, BA’65 (parent)
Edith Matthews (parent)
Dennis Russell Matthews and Maria Kain Matthews, BS’80
Michael and Tricia Matthews (parents)
Kendrick W. Mattox Jr., BA’63
Naomi Caplan Matusow, BA’60
Edward B. Maupin III
Gloria Cherry Maxwell, BA’50
Michael and Katherine Maxwell (parents)
Sonya Durack Maxwell, BA’98
William Rudolf John Maxwell, BA’91
A. J. May, BE’43, and Betty Brinkley May, BA’42
Katherine Martha May
Meredith Sweat May, BA’71
J. William Mayer, BA’63
Irene Gregory Mayes
Barbara Crigler Mayfield, BA’56
Mark Mayfield, BA’87
Joshua Hayden Mazerolle, BA’91
Todd K. Maziar, BA’78
John and Sally McAllister (parents)
J. Vance and Rebecca McBride (grandparents)
Scott McCabe, BA’85, and Kathy Bertram McCabe, BS’83
Michael E. McCadden, BA’78, MD’82
Candace Jane McCall, BS’77
Jack H. McCall Jr., BA’83
William Rogers McCall, BA’59
Spencer J. McCallie III, BA’59
Thomas S. McCallie, BA’56
John M. McCammon and Holly J. McCammon
Robert Garner McCampbell, BA’80
Joann Maguire McCarthy, BA’70
John A. McCarthy
Thomas P. McCarthy, BA’76
Marcia Nelson McCartin, BA’78
Claire Biesterfeldt McCarty, BA’73
John A. McCarty, BA’73
Rody L. McCathern, BE’70, and Virginia Raisor McCathern, BA’69
Mary Brennan McCeney, BA’04
C. Sidney McClain, BA’41
Krista Lamprich McClellan, BA’96
Andrew and Trudie McClelland (parents)
Geoffrey McClelland, BA’62
John Fleming McClelland, BA’68
Victoria Bransford McClendon, BA’73
Donald and Norma McClure (parents)
John C. McCoid II, BA’50, LLB’53
David F. McComb, BA’78
David and Susan McCombs (parents)
Edward C. McConnaughey Jr., BA’63, and Qian Yang
Alicia Kemp McCormick, BA’58
Susan Baker McCormick, BA’75
James E. McCown III, BA’80, and Lorie H. McCown
John B. McCoy, BA’85, MBA’86
John T. McCoy and Anna McCoy
Mark A. McCoy, BA’75
Sean Rumsey McCracken
James and Robbin McCullen (parents)
Michael and Jean McCullough (parents)
Melissa McCurley, BA’96
John Wesley McDade Jr., BA’86
Nancy Gambill McDaniel, BA’57 (parent)
Robert Polk McDaniel, BA’91
Melinda Brakebill McDermott, BA’66
Alicia Catania McDonald, BS’97
Mary W. McDonald
Matthew Clay McDonald, BA’81
Brent Alan McDonald, BA’99, and Morgan Fitz McDonald, BA’99, MD’03
Stuart David McDonald, BS’83
Peter McKay McDonnell, BE’94, and Allison Hindle McDonnell, BA’94
E. Gary, BA’73, and Karen McAlpin McDougal, BA’73
Linda Hunt McDougal, BA’60, MAT’62
Kellie Hunter McDowell, BA’86
W. Douglas McDowell and Patricia Deegan McDowell, BS’82
Ian Andrew McElroy, BS’93
Brian A. McEwen, BA’74
Laura Trimble McFadden, BA’86, MEd’91
William Stova McFadden, BA’85
James R. McFerrin, BA’71
Marion Bostrom McGahey, BA’03
Thomas Wells McGee, BA’95, and Lindy Upton McGee, BS’96
Read F. McGehee III and Mary Catherine Smylie McGehee, BS’86
J. Lucius McGehee IV, BA’76
John F. McGinley and Laura Curtis McGinley, BS’90
Peter M. McGoohan, BA’04
Donnell M. McGough, BA’69
John Graeme McGowan, BS’80
Charlotte Fausett McGreaham, BA’70
Richard J. McGregor
Mary Farley McGrew, BA’82
Kyle A. McGrotty, BS’91
John D. McHenry, BA’74 (parent)
Julianne Joy McInerney, BS’08
Flora Jones McInnes, BA’45
Russell M. McIntire, MA’71, PhD’72, and Suzan B. McIntire
Carl F. McIntosh, BA’81
James Boyd McIntyre, BA’60
Jack McKay, BA’67
Audrey Meredith McKee, BA’07
L. Clifford McKee, BA’54, MD’57, and Guat-Siew Lee
John Wade McKeown, BA’70
Andrew Todd McKinney, BA’99
Ginny Cranor McKinney, BA’94
Rose Beeman McKinney, BA’58
William M. McKinney Jr.
Lisa Davidson McKinnon, BA’78, MBA’87
John B. McKnight, BA’81, and Kris Curtis McKnight, BA’81
Lee A. McKnight, BA’67, JD’73, and Pamela Polk McKnight
Wirt C. McKnight, BA’63, and Suzanne M. McKnight
Joan Elizabeth McKown, BA’80
David Scott McLaughlin, BS’99, and Cherry Abenojar McLaughlin, BE’99
Siobhan McLaughlin-Lesley, BA’82
J. Lindsy McLean Jr., BA’60
Curt McLellan and Elizabeth Ashley McLellan
Kelly Corbett McLoughlin, BA’84 (parent)
Kevin and Bonnie McManus (parents)
Sunne S. McManus
David J. McMillan, PhD’69, and Jean Millspaugh McMillan, BA’67
Stuart Andrew McMillan, BA’88, and Mary McAlister McMillan, BA’89
Thomas S. McMillan, BE’54, and Mary Louise Lakoff McMillan, BA’54
Ronald Allen McMurtry Jr., BA’80
Douglas Stuart McNair, BA’88
Russell Arthur McNair III, BA’84
Rene’ Yvonne McNall-Knapp, BA’90
Edward Jones McNaughton and Margaret M. McNaughton
Alton and Lillie McNeal (parents)
Margaret McNichols, BA’77
Sidney D. McPherson, BA’58
Douglas S. McReynolds, BA’78
Samuel T. McSeveney and Sandra J. McSeveney
David Thomas McTaggart, BA’98
John and Nancy Meade (parents)
Allen and Patricia Meadors (parents)
Lee D. Meadows, BA’66, and Ann Sory Betty Meadows, BA’66
Geny Davis Mears, BA’75
John S. Medart, BA’82
Hardie Davis Medders, MA’55
Joan Kampmeier Medwedeff, MLS’71
M. Douglas Meeks
William R. Mefford, BA’63
Ernesto J. Mejer and Hollace Lindsay Roe (parents)
Carlos A. Enriquez and Maria C. Melendez-Enriquez (parents)
Cara D. Melenyzer, BA’87
Lalise O’Brien Melillo, BA’64
Robert E. Melton, BE’51, and Joann Glover Melton, BA’51
John H. Meltzer, BA’74
Susan Schlegel Melum, BA’69
David Alan Mendelson, BA’88
Louis M. Mendelson
Kim Thoene Menier
Jerry A. Menter and Anne Meckstroth Menter, BA’68 (parents)
Robert Blake Menzel, BS’90, and Melinda Kuhn Menzel, BS’90
Michele Mckay Meracle, BS’81
Dorothy Ragl Mercier, BA’44
Henry C. Merhoff Jr., BA’63
Lynann Sahner Merring, BS’84
Alice Clark Merritt, BA’57, MAT’60
Leigh Ann Merry, BA’08
John Hays Mershon and Anna Jorgensen Mershon, BA’69
Gary Nathaniel Merson, BA’94
John Robert Meserve II, BA’97, and Leslie Kennerly Meserve, BS’97
Florence Mesker
Jane Leo Messina, BA’84
Christopher John Mettler, BS’98, and Kate Ellen Cammerer Mettler, BA’99
Isaac S. Metts Jr., MA’67, PhD’69
Shane McCorkle Metz, BA’93
Jeffrey Paul Meyer, BA’80
Robert W. Meyer, BA’61
William L. Meyer, BA’68 (parent)
Mark Miccioli, JD’81, and Angela Rhea Lynn, BA’86
Barbara Mae Michael, BS’02
J. Creighton Michael, MA’76
Max Michael III, BA’68
Susan Averbuch Michael, BA’73
Martha Northup Michaud, BA’79
James Randolph Michels, BA’98, JD’01, and Clare Heburn Michels, BA’99, MBA’05
Dina Bender Middlekauff, BA’88
Michelle Davis Middleton, BS’88
Christopher and Cassandra Migel (parents)
Courtney Elizabeth Migel, BA’06
Lois Irene Miklas, BA’78
Frank W. Milbourn, BA’62
Alison Paul Miller, BA’82
Barry and Rhonda Miller (parents)
Bobby Rudell Miller Jr., BA’85
Calvin F. Miller and Molly Fritz Miller
Cindy M. Miller (parent)
Cyd Louise Miller, BA’73
Dayton Lee Miller, BA’98
Deborah L. Miller, BA’87
Donald and Barbara Miller (parents)
Doug Miller (parent)
Douglas and Jennifer Miller (parents)
Floy Minor Miller, BA’39
Gary and Connie Miller (parents)
George and Susan Miller (parents)
James Philip Miller, BA’70
Kathleen Anthon Miller, BA’03
David E. Miller and Kathryn Friedman Miller, BA’94
Larry Miller and Robin M. Deutsch (parents)
Louis Jay Miller, BA’74, JD’77
Marian W. Miller
Mary Louise Bard Miller (parent)
Theresa Stockett Miller, BA’45
Nancy K. Miller (parent)
Randall and Marilyn Miller (parents)
Robert A. Miller, BA’53, MS’73, and Shirley Wright Miller
Robert J. Miller Jr., BA’57, and Lynda L. Miller
Samuel Adam Miller, BA’08
Solomon I. Miller, BA’76
Suzanne Rich Miller, BA’80
Thomas and Peggy Miller (parents)
Thomas and Donna Miller (parents)
Karen Elizabeth Miller-Kuwana, BA’90
Wilton and Judy Milliken (parents)
Brooks Pitman Milling, BA’91, and Sydney Rutherford Milling, BS’90, MEd’91
Roberts Clay Milling, BA’88, JD’91, and Jayne Ann Waggener Milling, BS’88
David and Gretchen Mills (parents)
McKay Baur Mills, BA’96
James and DeDe Mims (parents)
Robert and Robin Miner (parents)
Omar Naveed Minhas, BA’02
Paul Stephen Minor, BA’02
Michael and Shirley Minor (parents)
Larry and Allice Minyard (parents)
Andrea Weinert Mirabito, BA’98
Bryan Christopher Misshore, BA’82
Jeffrey Quinn Jackson, BS’91, and Megan Mistler-Jackson, BS’92
Lindsay Brooke Mitchell, BA’03
Marjorie Few Mitchell, BA’49
Mary Anne Mitchell, BA’73
Paul Scott Mitchell, BA’86
Robert M. Mitchum Jr., BA’50, MS’51
RaeAnn Alise Mitrione, BS’04
Samuel Moak, BS’08
Van A. Mobley, BA’90
Mary Lou Moch (parent)
Robin E. Mockenhaupt
Joy Moeller, BA’80
Judith Wood Moeller, BA’64
Angela Merrick Moffet, BA’87, MEd’97
Pooneh Mohajer-Arnold, BA’87
Preston Chapman Moister, BA’03
John and Rose Molchan (parents)
Wayne Scott Moldovan, BA’04
Stephen Lee Moll, BA’83, and Beth Fisher Moll, BA’83
William R. Moller and Molly Tarkington Moller, BA’64
Justin M. Monaghan, BA’82, and Joanne M. Calandra (parents)
Stephen T. Monahan and Mary D. Joyce (parents)
Victoria Lynne Monahan, BA’96
Enrique A. Flores and Erika M. Monckeberg (parents)
William H. Moncrief Jr.
Paul and Nicole Mones (parents)
John O. Monks Sr., BA’53
Jean Kirkman Montgomery, BA’47 (parent)
Millie Wyatt Montgomery, BA’63
Missy Simms Montgomery, BA’86
Robert H. Montgomery Jr., BA’75
Peter R. Moody Jr., BA’65, and Margaret Anne Shahan Moody, BA’66
Robert W. Moody, BA’49
Charles Moon III, BS’80
Theodore C. Mooney, BA’60, and Joan Cathey Mooney
G. Thomas Moor, BA’71
Allen H. Moore*, BA’61, MA’67, and Lynda Stockfisch Moore, BA’65, MA’66
David Alan Moore, BS’80, and Carolyn Hillegass Moore, BS’80 (parents)
Charles Richard Moore III, BA’01
Cynthia Cates Moore, BS’91
Richard W. Moore and Gale Courtney Moore, BA’81
Hollis Hardymon Moore, BA’89
J. Patrick Moore, BA’67
J. Scott Moore, BS’74
James and Carrie Moore (parents)
James L. Moore, BA’65
Jeff R. Moore, BA’50, MD’53
Kenneth W. Moore, BA’54
Lisa Abrash Moore, BA’81
Margaret Pride Moore, BA’92
Mark L. Moore, BS’75
Martha Peeler Moore
Herschel L. Moore and Matilda M. Moore, BA’60 (parents)
Noel Moore (parent)
R. Keith Moore, BA’80, and Tricia Kline Moore, MSN’90
Richard B. Moore, BA’56
Robert R. Moore, BA’69
Robert S. Moore Jr. and Suasan P. Moore (parents)
Stephanie Polk Moore, BS’91
Virgil H. Moore Jr., BA’50, MS’51, and Nancy Moore
William H. Moore, BA’61
Carole Ann Carrington Moorer, BA’62
Lucas McIntyre Moorman, BA’89
Marla Ann Morales, BA’01
Daniel Jacob More, BA’77
Jeffrey and Janet Moredock (parents)
Jeffrey Laurence Moredock Jr., BA’08
Efren and Renee Moreno (parents)
Agatha Scott Morgan, BA’37
Christy Adams Morgan, BS’95
Clive N. Morgan, BA’77
David Conn Morgan, BA’90
Diane Yancey Morgan, BS’81
James Elmore Morgan III, BA’80
Katherine Blair Morgan, BA’08
Morris H. Morgan III, BE’69, and Carolyn Bradshaw Morgan, BA’69
Tom E. Morgan, BA’69, and Ellen Gardiner Morgan, BA’69
Saul and Julie Morgenstern (parents)
Gregory Scott Morrell, BA’73
Herron P. Morris and Betty Nunn Morris, BA’59
David Lee Morris, BA’82
Jack Lewis Morris Jr., BA’81, and Elizabeth Conroy Morris, BA’81
John Steven Morris, BA’79
Joseph Martin Morris Jr., BA’63
Judy Amundsen Morris, BA’71
Richard Maurice Morris, BA’94
Kendall Leigh Morrison, BA’04
Ruth McCaughan Morrison, BA’08
Theodore Morrison, BS’92, and Erin Bartine Morrison, BA’97
Todd Hale Morrison, BA’95
Wynne Ellen Morrison, BA’89, MD’93
Heather Freeman Morrissey, BA’97
John C. Morrow, BA’82
John William Benton Morrow, BA’92, and Lise C. Morrow
George B. Morton Jr., BA’68
Joyce Goldstein Moseley, BA’44
Leann Opotowsky Moses, BS’85
Elliot and Carolyn Moskowitz (parents)
Joseph Lee Moskowitz and Susan Baer Moskowitz, BS’77 (parents)
Ralph I. Mosling, BA’43
David E. W. Mott, BA’67
Andy Mouser and Meredith Steinfeld Mouser, BA’91
Christopher Patrick Moulton, BA’96
Robert W. Moulton, BA’62
Donald B. Mountcastle, BA’64
John Gladden Mowbray, BS’98, and Erin E. Mowbray
Hardy R. Moyers, BA’54, LLB’57
Jean Dougherty Mueller, BS’88
William J. Mueller and Kim M. Robak (parents)
Gordon D. Muir, BA’78, MLS’81
Amita J. Mukherjee, BA’96
Julian and Mary Muldrow (parents)
Thomas J. Mulgrew and La-Voe Griffin Mulgrew, BA’79
Gregory and Beth Mullan (parents)
Margaret Connolly Mullaney, BA’88
Vanessa Jay Mullen, BA’05
J. Scott Muller Jr., BA’92, MD’96
Thomas H. Muller Jr. and Clair McLeod Muller (parents)
Larry F. Mullinax, BA’67, and Barbara Laws Mullinax, BSN’67
Dayna Noelle Mullins, BA’99
Bryan Dean Mullins, BE’91, MBA’94, and Kelly Byrd Mullins, BA’91
William Michael Mullins, BA’67, and Betty B. Mullins
B. Mark Mulloy, BA’76, JD’80, and Linda F. Mulloy (parents)
Mollie Frances Mulloy, BA’05
Daniel M. Mulvena, BA’70
Georgia Duro Munday, BA’71
Leon M. Munday, BA’71
Luther Munford and Virginia Thompson Munford, BA’72
David and Liane Munnikhuysen (parents)
Ricardo and Belinda Munoz (parents)
Howard G. Muntz, BA’80
Noboru and Hiroko Murakami (parents)
Yoko Joy Murakami, BS’06
Wayne and Paulina Muratore (parents)
Patricia Davison Murlas, BA’72
Elaine Lenderman Murphree, BA’65
Janie E. Murphree, BA’64, MLS’68
Deborah F. Murphy (parent)
Felix B. Murphy Jr. and Anne K. Murphy (parents)
Joseph G. Murphy, BA’48, and Grace Trammell Murphy, BA’50
Michael D. Murphy, BA’66
Robert and Barbara Murphy (parents)
Bradford James Murphy and Tricia Spoerl Murphy, BA’79
John Reese Murray III, BA’75, and Marilyn K. Murray (parents)
Lesly Gaynor Murray, BA’74
Richard Murray IV, BA’84, and Nora Riegle Murray, BA’85
Pamela Jean Murray (parent)
Richard Murray III, BA’57, and Mary Harton Murray (parents)
Robert Sands Murray Jr., BA’77, MBA’80
Debbie Rodgers Murrey, BA’73
W. Harwell Murrey and Jane Cary Murrey, BA’57 (parents)
Elizabeth Goldsmith Musser, BA’82
Amy Nichols Myers, BS’96
Richard S. Myers, BA’61
Jacqueline Grant Mynatt, BA’60
Karron Stoll Myrick, BS’85, MBA’86
Michael J. Naber, BA’76, and Mary Kummer Naber
Lucille Corkran Nabors, BA’57, MA’67
Thomas and Joy Nadler (parents)
Emily Meyer Naegeli, BA’80
Sarah Byers Naff, BA’63
Timothy and Karen Nagle (parents)
Gary Bruce Nagler, BS’83
Robert A. Nailling, BA’69, JD’74, and Martha Griffin Nailling, BA’74
Julian C. Nall, PhD’58, and Christine Poole Nall
Marc William Namie, BA’80, and Margaret Womer Namie, BSN’79
Francis C. Nance
Torrey Baxter Nance
Robert G. Nanney, BA’75
Anthony Michael Napoli, BA’87
Harold B. Nash Jr., BA’72
Thomas Edward Nash III, BA’95
William Lafayette Nash III, BA’94
Roy and Lisa Naturman (parents)
Janice Stelljes Naumann, BA’84
Susan Jane Nava, BS’81
Stephen and Denise Navarro (parents)
Christopher James Nay, BS’01, and Katrina Traiforos Nay, BA’01
Anish Harikrishna Nayee, BS’91, MD’95
Robert L. Neaderthal and Julie Greenfield Neaderthal, BA’75
Anne Michelle Martin Neal, BA’83
Kenyon C. Neal, BA’66
Robert Wallace Neal, BA’87
William Thomas Neary, BA’79
Stephen and Deborah Necessary (parents)
Gabriel and Beth Nechamkin (parents)
Bruce and Jeannie Neeley (parents)
Paul and Jami Neely (parents)
David John Negus, BA’88
Charles and Patricia Nehme (parents)
Gregory Albert Neighbor, BA’00
Richard H. Neill, BA’68, and Barbara Frankenfield Neill, BA’68
James Robert Neitzel Jr., BS’92
Rosemary Witherington Nelms, BA’68, MAT’69, MLS’82
Walter Nelms, BA’77
Charles E. Nelson, BA’56
Gregory L. Nelson, BA’78, JD’81, and Jennifer Taylor Nelson, BA’81
Henry S. Nelson, BA’43, MD’45, and Kathryn Wolff Nelson, BSN’46, MSN’63, PhD’68
K.C. Nelson, BA’98, and Gina Gatti Nelson, BE’99
Kenneth Warwick Nelson III, BA’97, and Caroline Burke Nelson, BS’98
Rebecca Evans Nelson, BA’66
I. Armistead Nelson and Sara Harris Nelson, BA’51 (parents)
Matthew Russell Nemer, BA’96
Elizabeth Paige Nesbitt, BA’00
John Preston Nesbitt, BA’06
Eric M. Netherton and Gretchen Gerhardt Netherton, BA’01, MSN’04
Gary L. Neuen, BA’71 (parent)
Neal Anthony Neuenschwander, BS’80
Troy Gerald New, BA’89, and Tracy Bockholt New, BS’89, MSN’91
Elaine Taylor Newbill, BA’51, MA’52
Peter and Marjorie Newell (parents)
G. Scott Newman and Mollie McCarroll Newman, BA’85
Shirley King Newton, BA’57, MA’64
St. Elmo Newton III
Hieu Minh Nguyen, BA’94, MA’97, MEd’98
Anne Payne Nicastro, BA’72
John K. Nicely, BA’65, and Mary Melton Nicely, BA’65
Ridley T. Nichol, BA’48
Allen and Lois Nichols (parents)
Christopher Gary Nichols, BA’90, and Jeane Marie Anderson Nichols, BA’91, MEd’98
Howard H. Nichols, BA’43, MD’45, and Betty Martin Nichols (parents)
John H. Nichols, BA’76, and Jane Trotter Nichols, BS’78
Ellen Magruder Nicholson, BA’47, MA’60
Jerrol F. Nicholson Jr., BA’89, and Nanette Thompson Nicholson, BA’95
John F. Nicholson, BA’55, MD’58, and Judith Scharf Nicholson, BA’56
Charles A. Nickolaus Jr., BA’52, and Myra Jackson Nickolaus (parents)
Tim and Karyn Nicolaou (parents)
Doty Ruff Nicolau, BA’71
Margaret Nicolson, BA’78
Barbara Morris Niehuss, BA’57
Sierra Renee Nielsen, BA’08
Mary Hollis Wrighton Nieset, BA’93
Tawfiq and Patsy Nimri (parents)
Anthony and Mabel Njoku (parents)
Liesl Macdaniel Noble, BA’88
Curtis Iselin Noel, BS’86, MBA’91
William and Barbara Noel (parents)
Winnie Duncan Nofsinger, BA’64
Danton Trent Nolan, BA’97, and Allison Graham Nolan, BA’97
Jeffery and Jackie Nolan (parents)
Patricia Young Nolan, BA’48
Deborah Nold (parent)
Richard Michael Noonan, BA’80, and Elizabeth A. Noonan
Martha Perz Nora, BA’85
Linda Lancaster Norfleet, BA’77
Jason Norman and Colleen Egan Norman, BS’03
Stephen and Jacqueline Norman (parents)
Sheila Normile, BA’97
Peter Andrew Norowski, BA’77
Fletcher R. Norris, BA’56, MA’62, PhD’68, and Janis Cobb Norris, BA’60
Melvin Norris (grandparent)
Rebecca M. Norris, BA’78
Jason Northcutt, BA’97
Frank O. Northrup Jr., BA’71
Ralph E. Norton Jr., BA’66, and Miki Lusk Norton (parents)
William N. Norton, BA’69, JD’72
Diana Lee Wilson Norwood, BA’71
Thomas E. Norwood, BA’65, and Charlotte Richardson Norwood, BSN’66
Ann Ganier Notebaert
Nell Thelin Novak, BA’92, MPP’95
Keith A. Novick (parent)
Gayle E. Novig, BA’73
Andrew Ryan Novotny, BA’98
Kenneth and Elizabeth Nowakowski (parents)
Harold Williamson Nuckols, BS’94, and Kimberly Hauser Nuckols, BA’95
Caroline Ferris Nugent, BA’04
Norman Jack Nuismer, BE’82, and Carol Grant Nuismer, BS’81
Ryan Michael Nunley, BA’98
Mary York Nunn
Robert and Mimi Nusbaum (parents)
Michael A. Nussbaum and Judeth Smith Nussbaum, BA’99
Francesca Stanfill Nye (parent)
Thomas Reed O’Beirne, BS’89
Patrick O’Brien, BA’78
Rebecca Sims O’Brien, BS’01
Sharon Taugher O’Brien, BA’81
Michael Aaron O’Connell and Deborah Hendricks O’Connell, BA’78
Cindy Merz O’Connor, BA’89
Edward F. O’Connor, BA’58
Thomas E. Oden III, BA’57, MS’58
Margaret Moore Odiorne, BA’66
Bradley Syfrett Odom, BA’89
Wesley Syfrett Odom, BA’88
Robert and Leslie Ogan (parents)
Stephen P. Oggel, BA’64 (parent)
Richard Archer Oglesby Jr., BA’86, and Caye J. Oglesby
Melanie Suzanne Oh, BS’97
Kevin Patrick O’Hara, BA’91, JD’96, and Jodi P. O’Hara
Robert and Irene Ojeda (parents)
William and Catherine O’Keefe (parents)
John David Olah, BE’82, and Catherine Snell Olah, BA’82
Russell A. Oldfield Jr. and Jean Ward Oldfield, BA’51 (parents)
Peter M. Oldham, BA’78, JD’82, and Kimberly Hill Oldham
Vincent and Sandra Oleszkiewicz (parents)
Paul E. Olin, BA’77
William Huntley Oliver Jr., BA’72, and Deborah W. Oliver
Ruth Cornelius O’Loughlin, BA’74
Shelley Rossoff Olsen
Alexander Y. Olshanskiy
Brynn Joy Hampton Olson, BA’05
William Olson and Christa Sutphin Olson, BA’95
Peter Ralph Olson, BA’89, and Ellyn M. Olson
David Warren Olstein, BA’08
Michael Norman O’Malley, PhD’81, and Stephanie Samples O’Malley, BS’76, MA’83, PhD’83
Sally Barlow O’Meallie, BA’68
James F. O’Neal, BA’49
William R. O’Neill, BA’74
Beatrice Onyeador (parent)
Thomas Operchal, MD’79, and Mary Ellen White Operchal, BA’75
Howard D. Orebaugh, BA’61, and Suzanne Duke Orebaugh, BA’61
John Fraser Orman Jr., BA’66
Thomas O’Rorke Jr., BS’92
Betty Dunn Orr, BA’46
James A. Orr Jr., BA’52
James A. Orr III, BA’81
Rick Orr, BA’74
Rufus Wilson Orr Jr., BA’59, and Florence Patton Orr (parents)
Charles W. Orth, BA’66
Ronald and Mary Orton (parents)
John G. Osborn, BA’66
Todd Andrew Osborne, BA’89
Valerie Gene Osborne, BS’06
Margaret E. O’Shaughnessey, BA’78
Lisa Marie Koch Ott, BA’92
C. Neil Ottenfeld, BA’50
David Taylor Ottenjohn, BA’82, and Kathy Ottenjohn
Jeffrey M. Ottum, BA’76, and Barbara Ottum
Lucius T. Outlaw Jr. and Freida H. Outlaw
James Hunter Ovelmen, BA’07
Jennifer Elizabeth Overstreet, BA’95
Sue Hagood Overton, BA’58 (parent)
Theron W. Ovitt, BA’61
Elizabeth Ann Nebb Owen, BA’83
Robert and Rebecca Owen (parents)
Sterling W. Owen III, BA’63
Michael William Owens, BS’80, and Ann Marie Deer Owens, BA’76
Richard John Ream and Pamela Jean Owens, BA’69 (parents)
Lindsey Ann Owings, BA’04
William and Jo Ann Owings (parents)
Steven Ernest Ownby, BA’02, and Anna Sakolosky Ownby, BA’02
William N. Ozier, BA’66, JD’69, and Ann Hotchkiss Lewis Ozier, BA’67
Sara Jane Miner Paananen, BS’02
Mary G. Pablo (parent)
John James Pace III, BS’93
Patrick Wheat Pace, BA’94, and Jennie Pace
Sally Padgett
Alan and Kimberly Page (parents)
Ann Moody Page, BA’68
Carl R. Page, BA’71, and Elizabeth Evans Page, BA’71
John T. Paige and Florida Elliott Page, BA’93
William E. Palin Jr. and Linda W. Palin (parents)
Terry Galen Palmberg, BS’78, and Connie Lynn Palmberg (parents)
Jack Reynolds Palmer III, BA’92
Steven K. Palmer and Laura J. Palmer
Helen Howell Palmer-Ball
Thomas J. Palmeri and Amy B. Palmeri
Michael Lawrence Palombi, BA’83
Amanda Pandjiris
Tony F. Pandjiris, BA’98, and Amanda Rusch Pandjiris, BS’98
Samuel H. Paplanus, BA’50, MD’54
Beth Bagwell Pappas, BA’71
Catherine Alvarez Pardo, BA’98
Linda Paris
Alvin and Alice Park (parents)
Jae Hoon Park, BA’92
Lydia Park, BA’04
Rita Waddell Park, BA’69
Janice Parker Watson, BA’72
Aaron and Laurie Parker (parents)
John Thurman Parker, BA’99
Russell L. Parker
Sarah Elizabeth Parker, BS’08
Janet Titus Parkhurst, BA’93
Elizabeth Craig Parkinson, BA’81
Haworth H. Parks, BA’74, and Mary W. Parks
William Allen Parks Jr., BA’61, and Alice Ann Taylor Parks, BA’61
Carolyn Swan Parlato, BA’70
Neil H. Parnes, BA’74, MD’78, and Diana B. Parnes
Marcos and Liliana Parodi (parents)
Ijaz and Bhavani Parpia (parents)
James and Diana Parra (parents)
Allan M. Parrent, MA’55, B.Div.‘61, and Carol Armistead Parrent, BA’56
Jackson Clark Parriott Jr., BA’87, and Ashley Roodhouse Parriott, BA’87
Bryan David Parsels, BA’08
Pat Parsi, BA’89
Noralyn Warren Parsons, BA’70
Patricia Lee Parsons, BA’83
William V. Parsons, BA’66, MAT’68, and Evelyn Bond Parsons
David B. Partlow Jr., BA’72
Brandon Norton Partridge, BA’97, and Caroline Fabian Davis, BA’97
Janardhana Malleswari Paruchuri (parents)
Eddine Bowen Paschall, BA’46
Georgia Tweedy Paschall, BA’58
Richard A. Paskowitz, BA’63
Jann Corinne Pasler, BA’73
Gary A. Passons, BA’76
Scott Allan Pastor, BS’82, and Molly Pastor
Vijay and Alka Patel (parents)
Vipul M. Patel, BS’96
Joseph E. Patrick Jr., BA’67, and Hilda Buchanan Patrick, BA’66
Daniel and Aline Patte (parents)
Lee Weigel Patten, BA’64
Jan Patterson (parent)
Laura Roosevelt Patterson, BA’77
Luke Johnston Patterson, BA’08
Richard O. Patterson, BA’71
William R. Patterson Jr., BA’59
Dalila Evette Patton, BA’99
G. Allen Patton Jr. and Cheryl Patton (parents)
James G. Patton (parent)
Angela Muchmore Patz, BA’83
Melissa Danielle Patzelt Russo, BA’07
John C. Patzke, BA’54
David Peter Paul, BA’84
Milton H. Paul, BA’56
Ronald Irvin Paul, BA’79
Stephen M. Paulsen, BS’90
Barbara Appleton Paulson, BA’55
Roy and Deborah Paulson (parents)
Mary Stephens Pawlow, BA’66
Navid Paydar and Fatemeh Banan (parents)
Barbara Brown Payne, BA’89
Chadwick Thomas Payne, BA’93
D. Charles Payne, BA’75, and Marcia Delk Payne, BS’77
Theodore J. Payne
Roger Grigg Pearce, MBA’83, and Lynn Stichter Pearce, BS’82
Bradley and Cynthia Pearman (parents)
Andrew and Randee Pearson (parents)
Anne McVay Pearson, BA’82
William Robert Pearson, BA’65, and Margaret C. Pearson
Juliet Russell Pease, BA’63
Matthew John Pecevich, BA’05
Lawrence and Sue Peck (parents)
Steven Robert Pedersen, BS’96
Jessica Grady Pedigo, BA’02
Ray Stokes Peebles and Eleanor Foree Peebles, BA’58 (parents)
Jennifer Leigh Peebles, BA’95
John M. Peek and Carey Jacobs Peek, BA’03
Joe C. Peel, BA’65, MAT’69, and Mary Margaret Alsobrook Peel, BA’71
Dudley F. Peeler Jr., BA’53, MA’62, PhD’63, and Mary Elizabeth Nelson Peeler, MAT’59 (parents)
Martha Clemmons Peery
Kenneth and Kathleen Pekala (parents)
Daren and Peggy Pelkie (parents)
D. Steven and Carol Peloquin (parents)
Terri Pendleton (parent)
Raymond Curtis Pendley, BA’87
Michael David Penn, BA’91
Richard L. Pennington, BA’67
Albert Mitchell Pennybacker Jr., BA’53, and Martha Hackney Pennybacker, BS’53
Stephen and Jane Pennycuff (parents)
Jarvis P. Pentecost, BA’49, MA’50, and Betty Miller Pentecost, BSN’50
Claire Schlatter Peper
Elizabeth Lacy Koehler Perch, BA’79
Mary Cristin Perdue, BA’93
Robert C. Perdue Jr., BA’61 (parent)
Ruben and Camerina Perez (parents)
Michael and Mary Perkinson (parents)
Irwin F. Perlman, BA’63
Scott Robert Perlowin, BA’89
Jeffrey Braxton Perrin, BS’93, and Kelly Burton Perrin, BA’92
Alesia Cooley Perry, BA’83
Allyson Needler Perry, BA’95
Richard J. Cooper and Tam Elisabeth Perry, BA’93
William Rhett Perry, BS’92, and Robin Cernuda Perry, BS’92
Joel and Michelle Persky (parents)
Nikhil Perumbeti, BS’06
Lillian Kay Peters, BA’04
Bradley David Peterson, BA’93, and Christine Park Peterson
Charles H. Peterson, BA’68
Lynn Morgan Petkas, BA’63
Dorothea G. Petrie
Jonathan S. Petty and Marjorie A. George
Edward E. Peyronnin, BA’76
James Daniel Pharaoh, BA’81
Walter J. Phelan Jr.
F. Carter Philips, BA’65, and Linda Downs Philips (parents)
Lisa Behren Philipson, BA’80
Clyde and Anita Phillips (parents)
Daniel Lee Phillips, MD’83, and Sherre Lee Florence Phillips, BA’79, PhD’85
Dorothy Wingfield Phillips, BA’67
Harold A. Phillips, BA’74
James B. Phillips III, BA’65, MD’68
Karen Hooper Phillips, BA’72
Ben D. Phillips, BA’94, and Kimberly McGroarty Phillips, BA’94
Margaret B. Philly (parent)
Mary Jane Philpy, BA’05
Robert B. Phipps
Eleanor Commander Piccagli, BA’86
Randolph P. Pickell, BE’63, and Elizabeth West Pickell, BA’62
Shannon Conatser Pickens, BA’88
John B. Pickett, BA’62
Teresa V. Pickney (parent)
Rita Lillard Picton, BA’70
Alexander Webster Pierce Jr., BA’52, MD’56, and Sharron Lowsley Pierce
Lisa Gannaway Pierce, BA’78 (parent)
Julie Novarese Pierotti, MA’07
Dennis Paul Pigg Jr., BS’04
Edgar W. Pigg, BA’50
William H. Pigg Jr., BA’47, and Beverly Johnson Pigg (parents)
Jett John Pihakis, BA’89
David H. Piller, BA’62, and Jane Hieronymus Piller
Matthew Daniel Piser, BA’03
Joseph Allen Pitner and Gaynelle Brown Pitner, BA’57
Harrison Victor Pittman Jr., BA’55
Miriam Ferriss Pittman, BA’01
Robert Pitts (parent)
Ellen Plant (parent)
Kenneth Andrew Platt, BS’86
Brian and Jerrie Plegge (parents)
Lauren McVay Ploch, BA’07
Philip G. Ploska, BA’82
R. Donald Plosser, BA’78
George N. Plumlee Jr., BA’67, and Donna L. Plumlee
Carolyn George Plummer, BS’81
David Robin Plummer, BS’90, and Christy Lane Plummer, BA’91, MEd’05
Mary McCrory Plummer, BA’97
Christopher Jon Plybon, BA’80
Allison Anne Poarch, BS’07
Mary Anne Whitten Poe, BA’75
John Walker Poindexter, BA’89, and Elizabeth Abernathy Poindexter, BS’91
Joshua Payton Pointer, BS’03, and Lauren Rose Pointer, BA’03
Sam C. Pointer Jr.*, BA’55
Kevin William Poirot, BA’96
Jean Maurice Poitras Jr., BA’77
Mary L. Polk, BA’66
William F. Polk Jr., BA’61
William Howard Polk, MD’85, and Julia Bauer Polk, BA’83
Raymond and Isabel Pollack (parents)
Christopher Wilson Pollock, BS’91
T. Joseph Pond Jr., BA’62, MD’66, and Gail Rasmussen Pond, BA’62, MA’63
Herbert M. Ponder Jr., BA’57
Terrence V. Ponder III, BA’84
Ouen and Ratana Pongdee (parents)
Carol J. Poore, BA’70
Beverly Beadles Pope, BA’61
Frances Evans Popham, BA’39, BLS’41
Michael and Linda Popoff (parents)
Curtis H. Porter, BA’63, PhD’73, and Diane Dyer Porter, MLS’69
James Alex Porter, BA’64, JD’71, and Harriet Ann Watkins Porter, BA’65 (parents)
Philip Carrington Porter, BA’87
Philip T. Porter, BA’52, MA’53 (parent)
Robert A. Porter III, BA’67
Rhonda Stockton Portley, BA’70
Jane Dudley Portman, BA’82
Collum Curry Posey, BA’91
Ann Oliphant Post, BA’78
Sara Lynn Cline Postma, BA’70
John Douglas Potashnick, BA’99
William M. Potter, BA’76
Richard A. Pounder and Amy Markarian Pounder, BA’77 (parents)
John Michael Huss and Catherine Petty Powell, BS’82
Terry Bates Powell, BS’76
Timothy Allen Power, BA’82, JD’88, and Margaret Gready Power, BA’81
Joel Jefferson Powers, BA’78
John Y. Powers, BA’51, JD’53
Susan M. Powers, BA’70, MLS’75
Kenneth E. Belliveau and Mary Vereen Bell Prasit, BA’82, MEd’84
Brian James Pratt, BA’99
Richard and Tracey Pratt (parents)
Eric Earl Pratt, BA’90
George Edward Pratt Jr., BA’89
Randall J. Pratt, BA’84, and Jane G. Pratt, MEd’94
James and Linda Precht (parents)
John Lloyd Preston Jr., BA’59
Lee E. Preston, BA’51
Nonnie Thompson Preuss, BA’88
Peter Alexander Prevas, BA’81
Kendrick Wheeler Prewitt, BA’86
Byron Howard Price Sr. and Jan Price (parents)
John Houston Price, BA’95
William Keller Pridemore II, BA’05
Angelo and Melody Prieto (parents)
Charles Gregory Prince and Kathleen Keyes Prince, BSN’79 (parents)
Charlie Pringle and Anne McPherson Pringle, BA’99
Hailey Elizabeth Proctor, BA’06
Lindsay Prophet, BS’04
Catherine L. Propst, BA’67
William Province Jr. (parent)
Anne Pettyjohn Provost, BS’84
A. Robert Provost III and Katherine Vanderpool Provost, BA’87
Michelle Prud’Homme, BA’84
James C. Pruitt, BA’72
Sharron Pruitt (parent)
Jean N. Pruitt-White, BA’71
Hunter Pryor
Andrew C. Puckett Jr., BA’59
Jeffrey and Patricia Pukatch (parents)
David amd Clare Pulman (parents)
Madeleine Frances Pulman, BA’08
Timothy and Terri Purcell (parents)
Andrew Michael Purdy, BA’99
William P. Puryear III, BA’56
Bruce and Susan Putman (parents)
Sol H. Putzel Jr., BA’68
Kazmira Catherine Rose Pytlak, BA’07
Ray W. Qualls Jr., BA’52
Lillian Marlene Quarles, BA’83
Thomas and Courtney Quattlebaum (parents)
Douglas P. Quay, BA’71
Robert Evan Quenon, BA’80
Sterling Ryan Quick, BA’95
Bernard and Jane Quigley (parents)
William and Ethna Quill (parents)
John and Carole Quille (parents)
Katherine Bridget Quille
Michael C. Quillen, BA’72
Whayne S. Quin, BA’59
William L. Quinlen III, BA’68, and Marion Blalock Quinlen, BA’68
John and Monika Quinn (parents)
William Ginter Quinn, BA’97
Alejandro Beggs Quintana, BA’05, MSF’06
Roberta West Quis, BA’73
Laura Ann Raba, BA’08
Mark and Lisa Rabito (parents)
Jay J. Radtke, BA’97
Amanda Jean Raff, BA’04
John Arthur Rafter, MS’91, PhD’94, and Lori Henslee Rafter, MS’93, PhD’96
Mary Ellen McMurray Ragan, BA’53
Frances Stepp Ragland, BA’52
Elsa Virginia Wang Rahner, BA’97
B. Manrin Rains III, BA’71
Eugene O. Rains and Lucinda Riddle Rains, BA’53, MA’67
Thomas L. Raleigh, JD’80, and Charlotte Johnson Raleigh, BA’80
Susan Parks Rall, BA’79
Elizabeth L. Ramage, BA’71
Christian Robert Grose and Sarah Christine Ramage
John and Ann Ramirez (parents)
Julia Gilet Ramonat, BA’83
Alison Blake Ramsey, BA’66
Kelly Crawford Ramsey, BS’96
Gamiel A. Ramson, BA’77
Alice Randall
Louella Higgins Randall, BA’47
Robert Paul Randolph, BA’72
Richard F. Ransom, BA’71
Michael and Adriana Rappa (parents)
Lori Nelson Rappaport, BA’96
Patricia J. Rasbury, BA’78
Valerie Ann Keim Rasmussen, BA’79
Ann Aston Ratelle, BS’84
Gordon S. Rather Jr., BA’61
Karl Rathjen and Carolyn Perot Rathjen, BA’90
Jordan Alexander Rathlev, BA’05
Jonathan E. Rattner, BA’78, and Judith Rattner
Judith S. Raulston (parent)
Joseph M. Rault III and Celeste D. Rault (parents)
Tom E. Rausch, BA’72
Edward A. Rauscher, BA’42
Reid Armstrong Ravin, BS’07
James L. Rawls, BA’63
Katie J. Rawson, BA’73
Cynthia Joann Ray, BA’92
Gregory Allen Ray, BA’95
Mary Lyman Ray (parent)
Stephanie Williams Ray, BA’92
George Scott Rayson and Caroline Phalen Rayson, BA’82
Robert Creswell Rea, BA’77
Wallis E. Reagin
Jerry L. Ream (parent)
L. Walter Ream Jr., BA’75
Robert and Celeste Reason (parents)
Joanne Holter Minard Rector, BA’55 (parent)
Melissa Dula Reddoch, BA’89
Sean Edward Redman, BS’94
James G. Redmon
Ray Redmon, BA’65, PhD’77
Alto Reed (parent)
Monica Reed (parent)
Chelsea Reed, BA’08
George Scott Reed, BA’80
J. Craig Reed, BS’88
Jack R. Reed Jr., BA’73, and Elizabeth White Reed, BA’74 (parents)
Jennifer Hardage Reed, BA’70
John Mark Reed, BA’73, and Kimey Wilhelm Reed, BS’73, MA’74 (parents)
Michael F. Reed, BA’72
Thomas J. Reed, BA’69
William M. Reed, BA’70
William R. Reed Jr. and Karen Lynn Reed (parents)
Susan Gross Reedy, BA’83
Thomas K. Rees Jr., BA’77
Leonard D. Reese III and Cynthia Reese (parents)
Michael G. Reese, BA’63
Renford Renard Reese, BA’89, MPP’90
Jean Davis Reeves, BA’56
Richard W. Reeves, BA’52, and Judith Cragon Reeves, BA’52
Susan Snyder Reeves, BA’78, JD’81
Christopher Richard Rehm, BS’94, and Kris Parks Rehm
Dennis C. Reich and Cynthia Kapor-Reich (parents)
William and Carol Reich (parents)
Hal and Emilie Reid (parents)
Kenneth James Reid Jr., BA’73
Robert Collins Reid Jr., BA’81
Gerald Griffin Reidy, BA’95, and Mary Reidy
Kurt E. Reiger, BA’78
Buck Reilly, BA’99
Kevin Richard Reilly, BA’92, and Paige Hopkins Reilly, BA’95
Priscilla Cole Reimers, BA’64
Dale V. Reiner, BA’69
Kurt Robert Reinke, BA’81
Gregory Paul Reintjes, BA’85
Lance M. Reising, BA’73, and Juliet M. Reising (parents)
Cynthia Young Reisz, BA’80, JD’86
George and Colleen Reisz (parents)
Igor and Lili Remec (parents)
Aleza Simone Remis, BA’08
Leon and Deborah Remis (parents)
Carolyn Merritt Renier, BA’65
Amy Michelle Renshaw, BS’05
David and Julia Renshaw (parents)
Polly Anne Dickson Rerko, BA’81
Robert and Helena Revelli (parents)
Blair and Roberta Rexroth (parents)
Beverley Cann Reynolds, BS’80
Craig H. Reynolds, BA’68, and Mary Anne Baker Reynolds (parents)
Ellen MacElvain Rhett, BS’78
Arthur and Harriet Rhine (parents)
Al J. Rhodes III and Laura Bailey Rhodes, BS’86
Patricia Burnett Rhodes, BA’69
Willoughby O. Rhodes Jr.*
Beth Houck Riccardo, BA’81
Mary Carolyn Schneiter Rice, BA’83
Elisabeth T. Rich, BA’78
John and Susan Rich (parents)
Thomas Joseph Rich, BA’69, and Karen Archer Rich, BA’70
Elizabeth Andrews Richardson, BA’80
Tonya Jo Richardson, BA’08
Tyler Robert Richardson, BA’02, MBA’08
Wells Richardson, BA’54 (parent)
William W. Richardson, BA’67
Joel and Francine Richman (parents)
Leonard A. Richman, BA’63
Scott Andrew Richman, BA’89
Clinton Q. Richmond III, BA’77
Robert and Lois Richter (parents)
Carol Brewbaker Rickard, BS’85
Janet Rickman, BA’72
Lynda Riddle (parent)
Nathan Jefferson Riddle, BA’94
James A. Ridley III, BA’64
Raymond Dyer Ridley, BA’03
Susan B. Ridley, BA’50
Elizabeth Jean Rieckmann, BA’08
Susanne Riepenhoff
Carol Mooney Rietvelt, BA’68
Henry Harmon Riffe, BA’58, and Joan Thompson Riffe, BE’58
Marguerita Chandler Riggall, BA’68, MAT’70 (parent)
Margalee Oelrich Riggan, MA’71
Timothy Lee Riggins, BA’78
Robert Craig Riggs, BA’00
James Lloyd Riley, BS’89, and Joyce Chang Riley, BS’90
Samuel James Riney and Ashley Bryce Riney, BA’06
Michael Elroy Ring, MD’82, and Beth Ring (parents)
Michael Stephen Rintoul, BA’88, MBA’89, and Lisa Pinkerton Rintoul, BS’87, MEd’89
J. Daniel Ritchie, BA’96
Scott A. Ritchie (parent)
Ruth Evelyn Riter, PhD’97
Caroline Schell Rittenberry, BA’94
Elizabeth Miller Rivera, BA’88
Adrienne S. Rivers, BA’78
Sean William Roach, BA’94, and Bridget Rahill Roach
Charles Warren Roan, BS’05
Constancio and Corina Roan (parents)
Benjamin H. Robbins, BA’59, MD’62, and Joanna Tindall Robbins, BA’62
Blair Culbertson Robbins, BA’89
Joseph W. Robbins, BA’64 (parent)
Laura Dunklin Roberson, BA’53
Elizabeth Parler Roberts, BA’65
Jason Roberts, BA’96
John Eric Roberts, BA’94
Kenneth L. Roberts, BA’54, JD’59, and Delphine Sloan Oman Roberts (parents)
Patsy Holley Roberts, BA’73, PhD’98
Rhonda Bailey Roberts, BA’82
Victoria Streuli Roberts, BA’75
William D. Roberts, BA’77, and Laurie Anne Ferguson Roberts, BS’78
William S. Roberts, BA’71
Elizabeth Culley Robertson, BA’59
James Bradley Robertson, BA’04
John C. Robertson, JD’50
James Andrew Robillard, BA’94
John W. Robins, BA’60
Gary Curtis Moss Jr., BA’92, and Elizabeth Baldwin Robinson Moss, BA’92
Charles M. Robinson, PhD’62
Durinda L. Robinson (parent)
Randolph W. Robinson, BA’68, and Catherine Morriss Robinson, BA’68
Susan Estes Robinson, BA’72, PhD’76
Thomas M. Robinson III, BA’53, and Norma Lou Loetz Robinson, MS’54
W. Walter Robinson III, BA’85
Barton F. Robison, BA’62 (parent)
Horace M. Robison, BA’54, and Alice Stockell Robison, BA’54
James Curry Robison, BA’69
Brian Edward Robison and Madeline Wilson Robison, BA’95
Mark Belleman Rockey, BA’81
Steven and Helen Rockwell (parents)
Christopher Rodger and Deborah Walker-Rodger (parents)
Jennifer L. Rodgers, BA’88
Robert Wells Rodgers, BE’81, and Virginia Norton Rodgers, BA’80
Daniel Joseph Rodriguez, BA’07
Michael and Sharon Roeder (parents)
Nancy Bock Roenfeldt, BA’64
W. Alex Roever III, BA’86, and Katharine Shelor Roever, BA’86
Steven T. Kariya and Suzanne Rogacz, BA’76 (parents)
Alfred Tate Rogers Jr., BA’87
Christina Barron Rogers, BA’89
David and Mary Ellen Rogers (parents)
Edward C. Rogers, BA’06
Flournoy Semmes Rogers
Helen Sfikas Rogers, BA’74 (parent)
Isaac David Rogers, BA’02, MBA’08, and Kimberly Girardin Rogers, BA’02, MEd’06
Joseph C. Rogers, BA’52
Joseph and Mary Ann Rogers (parents)
Bruce Frederick Rogers, JD’83, and Kimberly Justice Rogers, BA’84 (parents)
Lee O. Rogers Jr., BA’65
Marguerite Harris Rogers, BA’97
Peter J. Rogers Jr. and Anne V. Rogers (parents)
Rex R. Rogers and Diane Pappas (parents)
Richard Ovid Rogers, BS’82, and Karen Williamson Rogers, BS’81
Robert C. Rogers Jr., BA’70
Michele M. Rohrman (parent)
Charles P. Roland, BA’38
Richard R. Roland, BA’74
David L. Rollins and Mary Rollins
B. Douglas Smith and Louise Rollins-Smith (parents)
Elizabeth Lynch Rom, BS’83
Jonathan Richard Romeo, BA’04
Raleigh F. Romine, BA’71
Kristina Camille Ronneberg, BA’06
Reginald Martin Ronningen, PhD’75
James and Geraldine Roper (parents)
Dan and Connie Rorie (parents)
Peter H. Rosal, BA’97
Omar Weaver Rosales, BA’97
John and Anna Rosanelli (parents)
Duke J. Rose, BA’73, and Gay G. Rose
Grace M. Rose, BA’66
Sara Fortune Rose, BA’76
Stephen L. Rose, BA’78
Eliot M. Rosen, BA’66
Jay M. Rosen, BA’72
Jeffrey Lawrence Rosen, BA’81, and Ashley Olson Rosen, BA’82
Matias R. Rosenberg, BA’06
James H. Rosenblatt, BA’69
Stephen W. Rosenblatt, BA’70, and Elisabeth G. Rosenblatt (parents)
Ruth Anne Rosenblum Ephraim, BA’93
Lisa Felderstein Rosenthal, BA’84
Harry Rosenzweig, BA’59, and Sue Diamond Rosenzweig, BA’60
Allan and Sylvia Ross (parents)
Ann Rollow Ross
Charles Danforth Ross and Anne Cunningham Ross, BA’68 (parents)
Emily Sue Eskind Ross
Ira E. Ross (parent)
John Danforth Ross, BA’94, and Elizabeth E. Ross
Kevin Philip Ross, BA’93
Douglas Alan Finnegan Jr., BA’00, and Kristy Denise Ross, BS’00
Gerald and Lisa Roth (parents)
Edward and Karen Rothen (parents)
Penny Miller Roubion, BA’68
Cynthia P. Rountree (parent)
Corey William Roush, BA’94
Thomas Alexander Rousseau, BA’89, MBA’95
Pierre-Antoine Rovani, BA’88
Shane Benton Rowan, BA’98, MD’02, and Veronica S. Rowan
John Bowman Rowe, BS’91
Barbara Bracewell Rowenczak
William M. Rowlett
John Pegram Roy Jr., BA’89
Jianming Daniel Ruan
Michael Rubenstein, BA’73
Grant Mitchell Rubin, BA’97
Howard C. Rubin, BA’71
Michael and Karla Rubinger (parents)
Lisa Tobin Rubio, BA’85
David John Rudis (parent)
Judy Rudis (parent)
Anne Orgain Rudolph, BA’44
Nick Christian Rueter, BA’08
Herbert and Joanne Ruetsch (parents)
Michael E. Ruff, BA’83, MD’87, and Whitney Parker Ruff, MS’88
John S. Rumble and Catherine McCollum Rumble, BA’81
Tony Rummans, BA’78, and Susan Burch Rummans (parents)
Charles W. Runge, BA’78
Marschall Stevens Runge, BA’76, PhD’79, and Susan Riggs Runge, BA’76 (parents)
William L. Runzel IV and Lauren Cavallo-Runzel (parents)
Catherine Rea Rusch, BS’79
John B. Rushing, BE’71, and Karen Clinard Rushing, BS’71, MS’73
William James Rushton IV, BA’79
Sharon Heather Russ, BA’94
Clyde M. Russell, BA’72, and Lavona Gray Russell, BA’71
Guerry Barnett Russell, BA’60 (parent)
Stephen Wilbon Russell, BA’94
Steven L. Russell, BA’77
Thomas D. Rutherfoord Jr. and Jean H. Rutherfoord (parents)
Samuel Kenneth Rutherford and Mary Manlove Rutherford, BA’51, MA’72 (parents)
Sherrie Rutland, BA’80
Gary and Catherine Rutledge (parents)
S. Lane Rutledge, BA’77
James Thomas Ryan III, BS’07
Kevin Bertman Ryan, BA’99
Robert J. Ryan and Patricia Fisher
Abraham Julian Saad, BS’01
Janette Sabourin (parent)
Arrianna Sales Sacks, BA’00
Mohammad and Melissa Sadeghi (parents)
Adam Paul Sadlowski, BA’05
Howard G. Safer, BA’65, and Arlene S. Safer (parents)
Jay Gerald Safer, BA’68
Lucy Sagansky, BA’81
Bequest of Leland L. Sage, BA’22
Scott and Jean Sailer (parents)
James and Dixie Sakolosky (parents)
J. Michael Salato, MAT’71, MA’75, and Susan S. Salato (parents)
Efrain and Gloria Salgado (parents)
Neema Lee Salimi, BS’02
David F. Salisbury
Mary Maxine Bozeman Salmon, MA’44 (parent)
Cathy Jacobs Saloff-Coste, BA’80
Mary Sue Farmer Saltsman, BA’53
Bruce R. Salzer, BA’82
Karen Lisa Salzman, BS’89
Joseph J. Samarias, BA’93
Joseph and Jeanne Samet (parents)
Greg Sample and Alison Cohn Sample, BA’89
Elizabeth Dunwody Sams*
Marc Nathan Samuelson, BE’95, MS’99, and Jamie Bryant Samuelson, BA’96
James T. Sandefur Jr., BA’69
Paul and Pamela Sander (parents)
Aliceann Cull Sanders, BA’51
Edward K. Sanders, BA’48, LLB’51, and Margaret Boylin Sanders, BA’50, MA’52
Henry V. Sanders
James A. Sanders, BA’48, B.Div.’51
Jennifer Ives Sanders, BA’01
John Stoll Sanders, BA’69, MA’71, and Dancey Trabue Sanders, BS’75
William Evan Sanders, BA’42, and Marlin Jones Phythyon Sanders, BA’53, MS’55
Richard and Andrea Sanders (parents)
Robert W. Sanders, BA’53
Virginia Earthman Sanders, BA’51
Ellen Sanders-Noonan, BA’81
Rodney Patton and Santa Sanders-Patton (parents)
Edward D. Sandidge, BA’60, and Sue H. Sandidge
Carla Leigh Sandler, BA’08
Richard Alan Sandler, BA’87
Richard M. Sandman and Susan DeLarm-Sandman (parents)
Charles Sprigg Sands Jr., BA’77
Christin Ciresi Sandweiss, BA’87
Elizabeth Marie Sanner, BA’99
Emily Jane Santi, BA’96
Samuel D. Sapp
Mark N. Ellingham and Carlin J. Sappenfield, MS’87
Philip and Robin Sarrantonio (parents)
Suzanne Clair Sartori, BA’88
H. Holt Satterfield, BA’81
Rachel Vaughan Satterfield, BA’65
Elizabeth Dankert Sattes, BA’70, MA’75
Reid Welch Saunders, BA’87
Roger and Katherine Saunders (parents)
Virginia Patton Saunders, BA’56
Henry Lee Saurborn Jr., BA’83
Brady McGregor Savell, BA’06
Dennis and Donna Savell (parents)
Jonathan Barrett Sawyer, BS’04
Rebecca Lasley Sawyer, BA’73
Richard H. Sawyer, BA’75
Richard D. Scalera, BA’67
James H. Scarborough Jr.
James E. Scarbrough Jr., BA’72, and Cynthia Jo Scarbrough (parents)
Stephanie Marie Schacht, BA’04
Glenn and Laura Schaedel (parents)
Mary Matlick Schaeffer, BA’65
Charles Schafer and Juliana Sanchez Schafer, BA’00
John Newcomb Schaffner Jr., BA’79, and Carol Ann Schaffner
Aleta Dumas Schanbacher, BA’65
Paul D. Scharmer (parent)
Marcia Ludwig Schaub, BA’76
Annie Lee Smith Schaufele, BS’78
Susan Elizabeth Jones Schechter, BA’86
Jon and Pamela Schellack (parents)
James and Cathy Schenck (parents)
Everett Schenk and Sarah Evans Schenk, BA’71
David Joseph Schenker, BA’82, and Lisa Grater Schenker, BA’81
Peter and Michelle Scheschuk (parents)
Andrea Nancy Schickel, BA’89
Gunther H. Schiff and Jo Ann R. Schiff
Paul Ronald Schilpp, BA’99
Paul Samuel Schklar, BA’78
Robert K. Schlafly, BA’73, and Carol Schlafly
Melvin P. Schlanger, BA’64, and Linda F. Schlanger
Kurt L. Schmalz, BA’78, JD’83
Christoph R. Schmidt, BA’70
John Eric Schmidt, BA’94
Lewis Lloyd Schmidt, BS’81
Paul F. Schmidt II, BA’69
Jeffrey L. Schmitter, BA’77
Susan A. Schneibel (parent)
Ellen Carol Schneider, BS’82
Janet Carney Schneider, BA’73, MAT’76
Richard and Lois Schneider (parents)
Robyn R. Schneider (parent)
Matthew Dexter Schneller, BA’01, and Jessica Harrelson Schneller, BA’01
Ann Yates Schoen
Vanessa Bennett Schoen, BS’91
Rena Dreskin Schoenberg, BS’77 (parent)
Hans and Charlene Schoenenberger (parents)
Alison Ruth Scholly, BA’90
Alan Douglas Schonfeld, BA’80
Elizabeth Huth Schonrock, BA’65 (parent)
Francis E. Schrader II, BA’65
Diane Louise Schrauth, BA’92
John and Kathleen Schreiber (parents)
Mark and Nancy Schreiber (parents)
Mary Elizabeth Schroeder, BA’04
Sangeeta Gill Schroeder, BS’98
Ken Schueler (parent)
Christina Fennell Schuh, BA’90
Erin Foley Schuhmacher, BA’98
Michelle Graber Schulten, BS’90
Michael and Joan Schultz (parents)
Frederick E. Schulz, BS’75
Larry L. Schumaker and Gerda I. Schumaker
Eduardo Schur and Anne Marie Brown Schur, BA’88
Elisabeth Ellen Schussler, BS’92
Claire Wilkerson Schwab, BA’87
Sallie Davis Schwall
Susan Jeffries Schwartz
James Kendel Schwarz, BA’83
Albert B. Schwarzkopf, BA’64, and Janis Bredeson Schwarzkopf, BA’65
Garland and Kathleen Schweickhardt (parents)
Scott Eugene Schwinger, BA’87
Patricia Finney Scibilia (parent)
Rachel Rowsey Scobey, BS’97
John Blue Scofield Jr., BA’89, and Denise Urzendowski Scofield, BA’89
Stephen D. Scofield, BA’75 (parent)
Julian E. Scoggins, BA’49
Daniel R. Scott, BS’96, and Ellen Hoppmann Scott, BS’98
Edward J. Scott, BA’69, and Ann Emery Scott, BA’70
Elizabeth L. Scott, BA’72
Erik Anderson Scott, BA’90
John Thomas Scott, BA’84, and Holly Roub Scott, BS’85 (parents)
Jody Shotwell Scott, BA’72
Leonard L. Scott, BA’64, and Mary Broach Scott, BA’64
Nancy Morgan Scott, BA’75
Virginia M. Scott
Peter Colin Scully, BS’08
C. Patton Seabrook Jr., BA’59
Charlie Oliver Sealy III, BA’01, and Sasha Maria Medenbach, BA’01
Nicole Anne Seanor, BA’98
Michael Conner Searcy, BA’96, and Virginia Buxton Searcy, BA’96
Bonnie A. Seay, BA’66, MA’80
Carl L. Sebelius Jr., BA’61
Becki Badaines Seddon, BA’87
Craig William See, BS’06
Lauren Crump Seeberger, BS’84
Thomas and Lynnette Sefcik (parents)
Georgia Wilson Segal, BA’65
Jeffrey Dean Segal, BA’75
Wendy Deacon Segrest, BA’89
Kelly Seid, BA’74
Susan M. Seidler, BA’71
Margaret Owsley Seigenthaler, BA’60
Benton and Sheila Sellers (parents)
Benjamin Thomas Selman III, BA’84, and Susan Wright Selman, BSN’84
Norman B. Seltzer, BA’66
Rosslyn Stanton Selzer, BA’83
Philip C. Sensenig, BA’75, and Lana Smith Sensenig, BA’74 (parents)
Margaret Setje-Eilers
Beverly Jones Setzer, BA’59
Edward Roy Seufert, BA’86, and Irenea Blanco Seufert, BA’87
Dieter H. Sevin and Ingrid Antje Sevin
John Ross Seward, BA’94
Frank A. Sewell Jr., BA’56
Frank K. Sewell Jr., BA’59
Ronald and Joanie Sewell (parents)
William Sewell and Julianne Huber (parents)
Shelly Seymour, BA’81
Andrew and Laurette Shabshelowitz (parents)
Joseph Roy Shackelford, BA’56, MD’59, and Phoebe Senour Shackelford, BSN’59
John W. Shackleton, BA’67, and Janice McIntire Shackleton, BA’68
Craig Shadbolt, BA’80
Nancy Rajesh Shah, BA’02
Mary Duncan Shahid, BA’81
Lawrence Shainman, BA’71
Ronald Shalowitz
Patricia E. Shaner (parent)
Virginia L. Shanks, BA’04
Joan H. Shannon, BA’71
Alan Paul Shapiro, BS’81
Kelly D. Sharber, BA’78
Alfred Dandridge Sharp, BA’70, and Katherine Purvis Sharp, BA’70
Julia Braly Sharp, BA’51
Kenneth and Jane Sharp (parents)
Robert F. Sharp, BA’61, and Florence C. Sharp (parents)
Lewis A. Sharp III, BS’80, and Susan Sturrup Sharp, BS’79
Logan G. Sharpe, BA’74
Michael Rawdon Sharpe, BA’95, and Rebecca Scott Sharpe, BA’87, MBA’91
Paul M. Sharry, BA’74
Elise de Compiegne Shatto, BA’89
Glyndon B. Shaver Jr., BA’57
Howard William Shaw III, BS’91
Jeanne Sands Shaw, BA’63
John Sherman Shaw III, BA’77
Sandra Lee Shea, PhD’80
Geraldine Woolf Shear*
Michelle Shedd, BA’75
Anne Kimbrough Sheffield, BA’89
William L. Sheftall Jr.
Judy Shelnutt (parent)
Robert Michael Shelor, BA’83, and Ann Wood Shelor, BA’83
Howard W. Shelton, LLB’50
Melinda Paige Erwin Shelton, BA’92
Paige Nicole Shelton, BA’97
Richard and Laura Shelton (parents)
Thomas Shelton, BA’82
Anthony Shen (parent)
Leslie Eiring Shepard, BA’82
Richard Shephard (parent)
Daniel Paul Shepherdson, BA’80
Nancy E. Sherburne, BA’82
Michael Winston Sheridan, BA’84
Glenn Eugene Sheriff, BA’84, MBA’88
Miller Hobbs Sherling, BA’96
Lynn Ray Sherman, BA’85
Rachel Way Sherman, BA’96
Wesley Thomas Sherman, BA’91
Nicole Fox Sheronas, BA’96
Marcus Landon Sherrell, BA’94
Margaret McClintock Sherrod, BA’67
Laurence and Nancy Shield (parents)
Frederick L. Shiels, BA’71
Wayne Dent Shillinglaw*, BA’45, MA’50
Helen Clayton Shingler
Iwao and Adrienne Shiraki (parents)
Anne Fields Shirley, BA’73
William Tobey Shiverick, BA’86, and Carolyn Anthony Shiverick, BA’86
David Oyler Shivers, BA’89, and Mary Link Shivers, BA’88
Olin G. Shivers, BA’78, JD’82, and Nancy Mackenzie Shivers, BA’81 (parents)
Shari Oualline Shivers, BS’84
Neal B. Shniderman, BA’74, and Arlyn Schniderman
Stephen and Carla Shochat (parents)
Erin DeStefano Shocklee, BA’92
Minori Shoji (parent)
Elizabeth Lavette Shorb, BA’83
John Bechtold Shortess, BA’91
Corinne A. Shotliff, BA’74
Eugene E. Shoults, BA’52
Jane Victor Showalter, BA’82
Michael Kenneth Shows, BA’97, and Heather O’Neill Shows
Charles R. Shrader, BA’64
Thurston Drew Shrader, BA’81
Edgar Vaughan Shrum, BA’94
Meredith Noelle Shuey, BS’00
David and Helena Shuford (parents)
Margaret Shepherd Shuttlesworth, BA’88
Ann Gordon Sibold, BA’70
Arthur P. Sibold III, BA’65
Usman A. Siddiqui (parent)
John J. Siegfried and Patricia Lovell Siegfried, EMBA’83
Christopher Ross Siemens, BS’95, and Melissa C. Siemens
Melanie Rita Siemens, BA’05
James Paul Sieradzki, MD’03, and Audra Johnson Sieradzki, BA’02
Stuart Bassett Sikes, BA’86, and Jean Harwood Sikes, BA’86
Betsy Chisolm Silberman, BA’67
Paige Highfield Silence, BS’78
Vance Tucker Siler, BA’98
Robert M. Silgals, BA’74, and Sharon R. Silgals
Ann Benatar Silver, BA’81
Renee O’Bannon Silver, BA’79
Carol Grissom Silverberg, BS’81, JD’87, and Kaylen M. Silverberg, BS’81
Michael and Nancy Silverman (parents)
Alan M. Kirschenbaum and Barbara L. Silverstein (parents)
David Andrew Silverstein, BA’08
Fred S. Silverstein Jr. and Sandra Etheridge Silverstein, BS’68 (parents)
Peter Angers Simard, BA’84
Alan and Sandra Simkins (parents)
Elizabeth Anglin Simmonds, BA’70
Robert and Jean Simmonds (parents)
Henry F. Simmons Jr. and Londa Simmons (parents)
Nathan Wayne Simms, BA’89, and Melissa Kent Simms, BA’91
Tracy Adair Simms, BA’90
Arthur J. Simon, BS’75
Brian and Elizabeth Simon (parents)
Rebecca Paterson Simon, BA’94
Lawrence Andrew Simons, BA’75, and Ann Polk Simons, BSN’76, MSN’79
Joseph and Amy Simontacchi (parents)
Mary N. Simpkins, BS’77
John Simpson III, BA’96
Carol Cragon Sims, BS’79
Norman L. Sims, BA’71 (parent)
C. Paul Sims Jr., BA’73, and Sharon Sanders Sims, BSN’77, MSN’00
Alex and Ivy Sinaiko (parents)
Kristi LaCole Singletary, BA’08
Samuel and Deatra Singletary (parents)
William Marle Singletary, BA’69, MD’73
Sharad Kumar and Indira Sinha (parents)
Mark L. Sirak, BA’68, and Marsha Cohn Sirak, BA’69
Michelle Peden Sisco, BA’88
Millicent Moulder Sites, BA’66
H. Gray Skelton Jr., BA’64, and Annie Webb Skelton*, BA’65
G. Neil Skene Jr., BA’73, and Madelyn Miller Skene (parents)
Jeffrey Keith Skilling Jr., BA’08
Valerie H. Skinner (parent)
Katherine Stowers Skurski, BA’99
Patricia Gallagher Slate, BA’71
John G. Slater Jr., BA’67, MD’71
Sherry Gauthier Slawski, BA’67
Scott Mclean Slayden, BS’85, and Elizabeth Reynolds Slayden, BS’89
Janis Slepicka Sleeter, BA’70
Carolyn Mary Sloane, BA’05
John M. Sloop and Bonnie J. Dow
Thomas W. Slowey, BE’70, and Sandra Stratton Slowey
Philip J. Sluiter, BA’74, and Karen Voss Sluiter, BA’75, JD’80
J. Irvin and Beverly Small (parents)
Elizabeth A. Small, BA’83
John David Smart, BA’84
James Polk Smartt III, BA’89
Margaret Luther Smath, BA’78
David Michael Smiles, BS’03
Kathleen Flaherty Smiley (parent)
Suzanne Drexel Smiley, BA’74
John Boldog Smirniotopoulos, BS’08
Lyndsay Smith Hyde, BA’01
A. Fox Smith, BE’68, and Christy Tate Smith, BA’68
Alan C. Smith, BA’74
Andrea Paige Smith, BA’90, MBA’91
Ann Ottersen Smith, BA’76
Aubrey Leigh Smith, BA’01
Barbara Elaine Smith, BA’57
Barbara S. Smith*
Bob Dudley Smith, BA’52, and Jeanne Evans Smith
Bradford William Smith, BA’92
Brandon Smith, BA’96
Carolyn Birmingham Smith, BA’98
Catherine Houston Smith, BA’95
Charles Ray Smith, BA’55
Christopher James Smith, BA’96
Dave W. Smith, BA’89
Don A. Smith, BA’57
Elizabeth Brient Smith, BA’81
Ernest L. Smith Jr., BA’58
Elizabeth Grant Smith, BA’53
Graeme and Angela Smith (parents)
Harris Lake Smith
Heather Smith, BA’00
Henry Edward Smith IV
Hilton Charles Smith III, BA’03, and Janene Boyce Smith, BA’03
Ike M. Smith III, BE’54, and Helen Elizabeth Harrison Smith, BA’55
Jack Palmer Smith III, BA’98
James B. Smith Jr. and Whitney W. Smith (parents)
James Harmon Smith III, BA’93
John Abernathy Smith, BA’61, and Helen Bryan Smith, BA’62 (parents)
Kathy Dianne Smith, BA’84
Charles R. Smith III and Laura Burrus Smith, BA’80 (parents)
Leigh Ellen Smith, BA’98
Lester H. Smith, BE’54, and Kathryn Walston Smith, BA’53, MLS’70
Lindsay Ann Smith, BA’02
Lindsay Sevier Smith, BS’03
Lisa Peterson Smith, BA’85
Luther A. Smith, BA’75
Lyla Lee Lewellen Smith, BA’46
M. Hue Smith III, BA’63, LLB’66, and Dorothy Robertson Smith, BA’66
Malcolm Franklin Smith II, BA’78
Margaret Ann Smith, BA’49
Marilyn Koch Smith, BA’73, JD’76
Martha Barnes Smith, BA’61
Melissa Menotti Smith, BA’90
Michael Douglas Smith, BA’01
Miriam Atkinson Smith, BA’82
Murphy R. Smith, BE’70, and Joanne Parry Smith, BA’70 (parents)
Neal Smith, BA’70
Peter B. Smith, BS’75
Randall W. Smith, BA’84, M.Div.’88, and Beth Ann Pattillo, M.Div.’90
Robert Benjamin Smith, BS’01
Robert W. Smith, BE’63, and Janet Griffeth Smith, BA’64
Ronald Martin Smith, BA’84
Ronnie W. Smith, BS’83
Russell L. Smith, BA’68, and Judith Lavine Smith, BS’69
Andrew Riddick Smith-Mui, BA’08
Britt Paula Johnson Smithson, BS’93
Howard G. Smithson, BA’61, and Patricia A. Smithson
Mary Ann Clark Smokler, BA’85
Susan Claire Smyer, BA’91
Frank Stephen Snipes Sr., BA’60
Cynthia D. Snow (parent)
Hoyte Mason Snow, MA’57, and Peggy Barrett Snow, BA’52
Ronald Snow, PhD’66
Cara L. Snyder, BA’69
Gayle Fambrough Snyder, BA’56 (parent)
Jennifer Lea Snyder, BA’93
Charles Edward Soderstrom, BA’86
Daniel P. Solomon
J. Alan Solomon, BA’74, and Mary Margaret Solomon (parents)
Sarah Kathlyn Sommerkamp, BS’02
Michael Christopher Sontag, BA’06
Peily Soong, BA’97
Seng-Jaw and Mayhue Soong (parents)
Matthew C. Statler, PhD’98, and Roxanna Sooudi, BA’96
Robert T. Sorrells, BA’56, MA’57, and Dillman Baker Sorrells, BA’59
Krista Sorvino, BA’95
James M. Souby III, BA’68
Cathy Verlander Soud, BS’75, MAT’77
Martha Soule
Peter and Eve Sourian (parents)
Christophe M. Sowa
Alan Mark Sowell, BA’82
Lucile Cate Spain, BA’38, MS’39
Mamie Pang Spain, BS’92
Jane Poston Spainhour, BA’64
Larry Spalding, BA’65, JD’67, and Monica Faith Spalding
Fredrick and Debbie Spangler (parents)
Jane Spangler
James Stephen Spann, BA’01
Barbara Anne Pare Sparkes, BA’83
Sydney Lee Sparkes, BA’70, MA’72, MS’81
Courtney Elizabeth Sparks, BA’02
Cynthia Williams Sparks, EDD’87
Christopher and L. Beth Spaulding (parents)
David W. Spell, BA’89
Matthew Christopher Speltz, BA’93
Charles Norman Spencer, BA’72, MD’76, and Harletta Thomas Spencer, BSN’72 (parents)
Edmund B. Spencer, BE’60, and Virginia Anderson Spencer, BA’60
Richard S. Spencer, BS’88, ME’94
Craig Michael Spengler, BA’95, and Jean Ellen Spengler
Diane Cone Sperry, BS’81
Christine Marie Spinka, BS’99
James and Pamela Spivey (parents)
Laura Read Sprabery, BS’83
Donald L. Tietjen and Susan Sprague, BA’70
Tyler Spratlin, BE’75, and Elizabeth Kennedy Spratlin, BA’77
Meredith Evans Sprince, BS’07
Douglas Rudolph Sprong, BA’86
David D. Sproul Sr., BA’68, and Cindy Marlowe Sproul (parents)
Hugh B. Sproul IV and Noelle Hicks Sproul, BS’98
Robert Gordon Sproule, BA’93, and Tracy Taylor Sproule, BS’93
Constantine Tsinakis and Annell St. Charles, BS’73
Virginia White St. John
William and Stephanie Stabert (parents)
Meredith Tucker Stacy, BA’69
Charles William Staes (parent)
Noel F. Stahl, BA’70, JD’73, and Sandra Page Stahl, BA’70
Scott A. Stahl (parent)
Zachary Stalberg
John Gilbert Stallings Jr., BA’88, and Mary Celeste Stallings
Robert F. Stampfli, BA’67, PhD’71
Melissa Sue Stanley, BA’04
D. Thomas Stanton Jr., BA’38, MS’39
Kristen Petersen Staples, BA’61
Phillip O. Staples Jr., MA’74, PhD’75, and Jo Ann Wade Staples, MS’73, PhD’75 (parents)
Richard and Deanna Staples (parents)
John VanMeter Stapleton, BA’89, and Stephanie Crapple Stapleton, BA’89
O. Porter Stark, BA’68, JD’71, and Carol Rienschield Stark, BA’74, MS’82 (parents)
Ronald and Karen Stark (parents)
Jill K. Starkey (parent)
Marion Jefferson Starling III, BA’89
Harlan M. Starr Jr. and Nancy Sanders Starr
Kirk N. Starr, BA’67, and Janie Hendrix Starr
C. Richard and Susan Stasney (parents)
Anthony T. Statler, BA’50, MS’51
Abigail Victoria Stavrand
Priscilla Murray Steagall, BA’53
Elizabeth Stearns, BA’93
Richard G. Stearns, BA’48, MS’49
William A. Stearns, BA’67
John Crawford Steck, BS’83
Matthew Lovan Stedman, BS’04
Judith Bobo Steele, BA’67
Judith McGraw Steele, BA’74
Mark R. Steele, BA’69, and Carole Barnes Steele, BA’69 (parents)
Meredith L. Steele, BA’99
Lucy D. Steere, BA’73
Randee Newmark Steffen, BA’85
Adam Brett Stein, BA’92, and Monica Klapp Stein
Heather P. Stein, BA’00
Mary Meyers Steinau
Christoph Steinbruchel and Patricia A. Connelly (parents)
John Michael Steiner, BA’02, and Jennifer Rutherford Steiner, BA’02
Stephen and Alison Steinfeld (parents)
Wayne and Catherine Steinhoff (parents)
Michael Robert Steinmark, BA’00, and Tara Akins Steinmark, BA’02
Michael Andrew Steller, BS’81
Carl Herbert Stem, BA’57, and Linda Wheeler Stem
Sarah Sandlin Stender, BA’74 (parent)
Ruth Ann Von Dem Bach Stepanek, BA’81
Clifford Carl Stephan Jr., BA’82, PhD’88
Allison Ward Stephens, BS’82
Brian Christopher Stephens, BA’98
Chris P. Stephens, BA’89
Betty-Jo Ozmer Stephenson, BA’60
Charles V. Stephenson II, BA’48, MA’49, PhD’52, and Luellen Stephenson
Joan Leigh Stephenson, BA’83
Robert M. Stephenson Jr., BA’62
David N. Sterling, BA’96
Helen W. Sterling, BA’36, MA’38
Marcia Kemp Sterling, BA’65
Elden R. Sternberg, BA’54
Augusta H. Sterne, BA’75
Anna Simon Sternheimer, BA’32
Blair Laura Stevens, BA’08
J. Michelle Stevens, BS’92
Lloyd Carlyle Stevens, BA’88
Rachel Marie Stevens, BS’07
Richard and Jennifer Stevens (parents)
J. Donald Stevenson Jr., BA’78
Mary Elizabeth Keeling Stevenson, BS’99
Paul Bush Stevenson, BA’84
Amy Elizabeth Prochko Stewart, BS’88
Boardman Stewart and Lillian Campbell Stewart, BA’61, MAT’74
Harry B. Stewart* and Jean Hart Inman Stewart, BA’46
Helen Wilson Stewart, BA’92
Mary Michael Stewart, BA’94
Thomas L. Stewart, BA’71
Timothy Michael Stewart, BA’86, and Lucinda Steen Stewart
William D. Stiehl, BA’74
David S. Stierle, BA’71
David M. Stiles III and Ruth Ann Knauth Stiles, BA’89
Kate S. Stillman, BA’77
Gregory Guyer Stine, BE’95, and Deborah Davis Stine, BA’95
Alice Swearingen Stinebaugh, BA’83
Sarah Yancey Stipanowich, BA’76
Olivia T. Stockard, BA’68
Randy Morris Stodard, BA’86
Shellie Stodghill (parent)
Mark Stoeckle and Catherine Hart (parents)
Amanda Lee Stokes, BA’99
Diane Sparks Stokes, BS’84
Jennifer Winn Stokes, BA’95
Michael M. Stokes, BA’76
Sarah Ann McClendon Stokes, BA’84
George Stoll, BA’72
Bliss Rushton Stone, BA’00
Cecille Felknor Stone, BA’52
Debra Jones Stone, BS’82
Dee Ann Brown Stone, BA’86
Eugene A. Stone, BA’60
Gerald E. Stone, BA’54, MD’57 (grandparent)
Harry J. Stone, BA’74, MS’78, and Melinda Mayfield Stone, BSN’73
Mark and Kathleen Stone (parents)
Mark Thomas Stone, BA’79, and Kathleen Nissly Stone, BSN’81
Michael P. Stone
Richard D. Stone, BA’74, MS’78
William Pipkin Stone Jr., BA’57, MD’60 (parent)
Mark Saddler Stonecypher, BS’97
Edward Littleton Stoner, BA’01
Mary Roberta Stooksbury (parent)
Glenn and Judith Stoops (parents)
George and Nancy Storolis (parents)
Jeffrey Shelton Stortz, BA’97, and Brooke Bolton Stortz, BA’98
David Clayton Stotler, BS’79
Robert William Stout, BA’88, and Debbie Isbell Stout, BA’88
Eric Lansden Stoutz, BA’87
Shery S. Stovall, BA’66 (parent)
Samuel Bartow Strang, BA’86, and Perian Cassetty Strang, BA’90
Agnes Hale Strate
William K. Stratvert, BA’64
Alfred B. Strayhorn, BA’59, and Ruth S. Strayhorn
Mark Thomas Streeter, BA’99
David and Margaret Streitwieser (parents)
Bibb Lamar Strench, BA’84
Peter Lewis Strickland, BA’73
Susan Donoho Strickland, BA’64
Jennifer Patricia Stroebel, BA’07
Marilyn I. Strong-Townsend (parent)
Mark David Strother, BA’92
William T. Strout, BA’69
Christopher and Susan Strug (parents)
Thomas H. Warmath and Georgia J. Struthers (parents)
Jean Ellen Stryker, BA’84
Lori A. Stubbs (parent)
Daryl T. Stucka and Kristy Gullo Stucka, BA’94
Steven Kendall Stuehrk, BS’80
Jennifer Dunn Stuhr, BA’08
Stephen Gerard Stukenborg and Kathleen Springer Stukenborg, BS’86
Harold and Julie Stull (parents)
Lawrence B. Stumb Jr., BA’61, and Bolin Kane Stumb
J. Walker Sturdivant, BA’75
Shelley Sturman (parent)
Jacqueline Sturns (parent)
Elizabeth Butterworth Stutts, BS’85
Laura Brown Suber, BA’54
Sunil Suchindran, BS’99
Roger P. Sugarman, BA’72 (parent)
Delissa Nichols Sullivan, BA’83
Donald B. Sullivan, MA’63, PhD’65
Jane G. Sullivan, BS’76, MLS’77
Sarah Elizabeth Sullivan, BA’06
Timothy S. Sullivan, BE’94
William J. Sullivan Jr., BA’43
James C. Summers, LLB’50
Edmund Scott Sumner, BA’99
Gunnar and Deborah Sundby (parents)
Richard H. Sundermann Jr., BA’74, and Joan E. Sundermann
Jon Michael Sundock, BA’87, and Stephanie Crews Sundock, BA’87
Daniel S. Surface, BA’75, and Aileen Katcher Surface
Carl J. Surrett, BA’65
Nancy Sutherland, BA’63
Lauren Ramsey Suttle, BA’94
Lynn and RoseMary Svenpladsen (parents)
Frederick R. Swallow and Virginia A. Fargione
Jeffrey Charles Swann, BA’81
W. Hayes Swann Sr., BA’81, and Kathleen O’Shaughnessey Swann, BS’85
Sara Camp Swann (parent)
Adam Joel Swanson, BS’89, and Joanna Swanson
Ashley Price Swanson, BA’92
Gerry C. Swanson, BA’63
George H. Sweeney and Margaret Jane Sweeney
Margie Juanit Richardson Sweeney, BA’47
Stephen G. Sweet, BE’72, and Louise Lillard Sweet, BA’72
Thomas Carl Swensen, BA’83
John Steven Swenson, BA’80
Stephen and Mary Swenson (parents)
John P. Swezey, BA’56, and Carol C. Swezey
Charles Lee Swift, BA’70, and Anne Payne Swift, BS’71 (parents)
Laurie Littlejohn Swift, BA’77
William B. Swint, BA’99
Matthew James Szymanski, BA’03
Jerry and Karen Tabak (parents)
Charles J. Tabb Sr., BA’77, and Linda S. Tabb (parents)
Laura Elizabeth Taber, BS’08
Ann Vandevelde Tabor, BA’92, JD’97
Donna Crawford Taefi, BA’66
Lu Ann Tafoya (parent)
Charles Spencer Taft, BA’93, and Shannon Trigony Taft, BS’93
Eak and Nary Taing (parents)
Jill Sheridan Rapuzzi Talbot, BA’98
Joyce Sessoms Tallent, BA’48 (parent)
Yoshiko Tamura, BS’96, MD’00
R. Michael Tancill, BA’57
William H. Tandy Jr., BA’50 (parent)
John F. Tannehill, BA’60
Sanya Harris Tannen, BA’45
Earl M. Tapley, BA’45, MA’46
Bruce Lee Tarkington, BA’98, JD’01, and Jaclyn A. Tarkington
Lauren A. Tarola, BA’08
David H. Tart III, BA’62
G. Edward Tate, BE’50, MS’51, and Margaret McKeel Tate (parents)
George T. Tate, BA’52
Martha Smith Tate, BA’67
Philip Andrew Tate, BA’83
James S. Tatman, BA’69, and Connie F. Tatman (parents)
Frank and Laura Taube (parents)
Paul Michael Taupeka, BS’88
Lloyd Ross Taustine, BA’70
Burt Fowler Taylor Jr., BA’58
Elise Hudson Taylor, BA’86
Matthew P. Taylor and Erica Gregory Taylor, BA’98
Evelyn J. Taylor, BA’72
Fred Taylor, BA’54
Harvey and Janet Taylor (parents)
Henry O. Taylor (parent)
Jennifer Ann Salvado Taylor, BA’98
Jillian Cristen Taylor, BA’03
Joshua Lee Taylor, BS’07
Marilyn Kohrs Taylor, BA’58
Richard Reeves Taylor, BS’80
Robert C. Taylor Jr., BA’80
Robert L. Taylor Jr., BA’70
Robert L. Taylor Jr., BA’61, and Anne D. Taylor, EMBA’84
Jeremy Teaford and Carrie Banks Teaford
Steven Thomas Tedder, BA’95
Bradford Douglas Telfeyan, BA’02
Michael Gus Temple, BS’85
James and Alison Tennant (parents)
Anne A. Terhune (parent)
Joseph R. Terrazas Jr. and Virginia E. Terrazas (parents)
Daniel Voiers Terrell IV, BA’04
Charles R. Terry, BA’50, and Katherine Anderson Terry, BA’50 (parents)
James Allan Terry Sr.
Julia Christine Terry, BA’08
William F. Terry, BA’70, and Jo W. Terry (parents)
Fran Friday Tewkesbury, BA’79
Clarence and Jo Thacker (parents)
James and Mary Thacker (parents)
Reuben Thaker, BA’92
Elizabeth Nettles Thames, BA’61
Stewart Thau*, BA’60
Robert P. Thayer (parent)
Aaron Michael Thieme, BE’92, and Lynn Goldman Thieme, BA’92
Thomas Christian Thill, BS’97, and Shelley Armstrong Thill, BA’98
Andrew Lynch Thomas
Austin K. Thomas Jr., BA’65
James L. Thomas, BE’77, and Karen Ferguson Thomas, BA’77
John B. Thomas, BA’71, and Susan Spratt Thomas, BA’71
Justus Wayne Thomas, BA’80
Kenneth W. Thomas, BE’70, and Susan Upshaw Thomas, BA’70 (parents)
Lovick P. Thomas V, BA’40
Micheal and Lin Thomas (parents)
Paula Orcutt Thomas, BA’72
Sean Joseph Thomas, BA’96, and Ashley Noyd Thomas, BS’98
Zach V. Thomas Jr., BA’04
Abigail Collins Thompson, BS’78
Anthony D. Thompson, BA’64, and Sandra Brewster Thompson
Anthony Don Thompson, BA’99
C. Murry Thompson, BA’72, and Christine C. Thompson (parents)
Carolyn Yandle Thompson, BA’65
Peter R. Thompson Jr., BA’76, and Christine Canda Thompson, BSN’77 (parents)
Curt Nathan Thompson, BA’93
Dorothy Akers Thompson, BA’59
Gail R. Thompson
Hilary Holstead Thompson, BA’08
James Curtis Thompson, BA’83, MBA’88
James S. Thompson, BA’55
John and Janice Thompson (parents)
Robert G. Thompson and Kathryn P. Thompson, BA’71 (parents)
Lucy Margaret Thompson, BA’08
Helene Lampton Thompson, BA’65 (parent)
Mary McKenzie Thompson, BA’69
Randal and Maria Thompson (parents)
Robert Knox Thompson III, BS’79
Sara Garrett Thompson
Thomas A. Thompson, BA’59
William C. Thompson IV, BA’74
Keith R. Thornburg Sr. and Diane R. Thornburg (parents)
Keith Robert Thornburg Jr., BA’04
George M. Thorpe, BA’60
James B. Threlkel, BA’60, MD’63, and Eleanor Walker Threlkel, BA’60
Charles D. Thurman
George W. Thurmond*, BA’59 (parent)
James M. Thurmond, BA’56
Mark Allen Thurmond, BA’99
Robert P. Thurmond, BA’68
Jennifer Gibson Thurow, BA’98
Mary Louise Lea Tidwell, BA’45, MA’46
Stephanie Jo Tiedemann, BS’07
Bruce M. Tigert
F. Vance Tilley, BA’56
Ronald DeStefano and Cheryl E. Tillman (parents)
Thomas Dwayne Tillman, BA’81
Louis John Timchak III, BA’98
Herbert Timmerman III and Marilou Timmerman (parents)
Mamie Britt Timmons, BS’04
Maureen Anne Timoney, BA’87
Stephen C. Tippens, BA’59
Ethel Williams Tipton, BA’43
Carl R. Tisone (parent)
Bruce Tittel, BA’60, JD’63
Jeffrey S. Tlumak
Josephine Lightner Todd, BA’70
Richard D. Todd*, BA’74
Walker F. Todd, BA’66
Andre M. Toffel, BA’76
Thomas Tucker Toland Jr., BA’94
Herman and Donna Toles (parents)
Tonya Carey Tomecek, BA’89
Henry B. Tomlin III, BS’74, and Elizabeth Schwinghamer Tomlin, BA’74, MAT’75 (parents)
John F. Tomlin, BA’78
Peggy Proctor Tomlins, BA’71
Jason Stevens Tomlinson, ME’02
Enrique and Patricia Torres (parents)
Linda Ludwig Torres, BA’86
Christopher Andrew McGraw, BA’93, and Leslie Jo Tottenham, BA’93
David P. Toub and Phyllis Shapiro (parents)
Alexander S. Townes, BA’50, MD’53, and Emily Manchester Townes, BA’50
Gertrude Wiggins Townley, BA’69
Amelia Ruth Townsend, BA’05
Katherine McClintock Trammell, BA’85
Franklin A. Trapp, BA’97, and John H. Bubb
Stuart and Diane Traster (parents)
Pamela Camille Trautman, BA’70, JD’80
Blake McCutchan Travis, BS’08
Mack A. Travis, BA’65
William A. Travis Jr., BA’55
Catherine Cooksey Traylor, BA’96
Marcus Alfred Treadway III, BA’92
David and Laura Tredway (parents)
Ellen Elizabeth Tremaine, BA’08
William J. Tremaine, BA’72, and Kathleen Imre Tremaine (parents)
Julia E. Tribbett (parent)
Thomas N. Tribble, BA’69
Leo and Perphine Trice (parents)
Scott Jeffrey Trimas, BA’84
Jason E. Trock, BS’00, and Katherine Lambert Trock, BS’01
Peter Troesch
Bruce Jason Tromberg, BA’79
Susan Salmon Trotman, BA’83
Jeffrey Alan Trumbower, BA’82
Jason Michael Truss, BA’96, and Shannon Horn Truss, BA’95
Tom J. Truss Jr., BA’48, MA’50
Anne Tsamas (parent)
Mary Catherine Tubbs, BA’83, MBA’86
Claire W. Tucker (parent)
Lizette Saryusz-Dembowski Tucker, BA’77
Malinda Maxfield Tulloh, BA’59, PhD’69
Michael William Tune Jr., BA’80
Patricia Murphey Tunno, BA’54
Elizabeth Oldweiler Turk, BA’92
Yolanda C. Turley (parent)
Amanda Albright Turner, BA’98
Selwyn H. Turner Jr., BA’55, and Carol Davidson Turner, BA’62
Edward W. Turner, BA’04
Robert Neil Turner Jr. and Rebecca Averitt Turner, BS’92
Richard and Julie Turner (parents)
Robert W. Turner, BA’64, and Shirley B. Turner
Scott Martin Turner, BA’99
Lisa Heinisch Turney, BA’91
Lydia Arnold Turnipseed, BA’91
Jane Houchens Tuten, BA’57
Susanna Emily Twarog, BA’08
Gail Burke Tway, BA’90
Charles E. Tweedy III, BA’61
Dan and Bettie Twilley (parents)
James V. Tyler, BA’66
John F. Tyrrell III, BA’87
Barbara Beck Tytula, BA’61
Leslie Ann Walden Uddin, BS’93
Joel and Evelyn Udell (parents)
Miles August Uhde, BS’03
Amanda Lynn Ullman, BS’00
Krish Ullur and Pushpavathi V. Kemundale (parents)
William H. Ulrey, BA’59
Betsy Swint Underwood, BA’60
Emily Shelton Unger, BA’08
Rachel Diehl Unger, BA’08
Ann L. Unholz (parent)
Herschel Tucker Upshaw, BA’56, and Martha Grizzard Upshaw
Christopher Tod Urban, BA’97
Martina Urban
Katherine Brooks Urquhart, BA’47
Michelle Rooks Usey, BA’90
Miriam Bozeman Usry, BA’53
Erica Ann Utegaard, BS’06
Carter Charles Utzig, BE’81, MBA’85, MS’85, and Cathlean Wells Utzig, BS’83
Stephen Alexander Vaden, BA’04
Kelly Butler Valentine, BA’82
Lisa Christine Valeriani, BA’04
Ramon and Maria Vallejo (parents)
Anne F. Valpey (parent)
Kalliat T. Valsaraj, PhD’83
Timothy Justin Valz, BA’06
Francis and Leigh Anne Van Dusen (parents)
Gordon B. Van Dusen and Karen Stadler Van Dusen, BA’81
John R. Van Horn Jr. and Donna B. Van Horn (parents)
Dale Van Ort and Molly Nelson Van Ort, BA’62
James and Nancy Van Popering (parents)
Clinton D. Van Siclen, BA’75
Stephen S. van Wert, BA’90, and Dawn R. van Wert
Courtney Allen Van Winkle, BA’86
Chris and Michelle Vanderzant (parents)
George M. VanMeter Jr. (parent)
A. Pryor VanOverbeke Jr., BA’92
Charles A. Vantrease (parent)
Leslie F. Vantrease III, BA’76
Dana and Christine Varney (parents)
Marcia Walker Johnson Vásquez, BA’57
William M. Vaughan Jr., BA’64
Elizabeth P. Vaughn (parent)
Laura Christine Vaughn, BA’08
Susan Franklin Veillette, BA’84
Lauren Nicole Verduin, BS’06
Michael Blair Vermilion, BS’95, MBA’99
Roberta Henry Vest, BA’59
Park G. Vestal Jr., BA’70
Joseph Goode Vicars, BA’78
Kathleen Anne Vick, BA’08
Sarah Elizabeth Vick, BS’08
Martha Rose Vickers, BA’66, MAT’72 (parent)
Shirley D. Vickers, BA’54
David G. Vickroy, BA’63
Durbin Paul Vido, BA’88, and Jennifer Plisky Vido, BS’90
Jacqueline Vidrine
Michael J. Vietti, BA’74, and Margaret J. Vietti
Nadarajah and Chitra Vigneswaran (parents)
Anne Elizabeth Villari, BA’00
Tivursio and Alma Villarreal (parents)
Matthew Robert Virgil, BA’94
Michael Viscardi Jr., BA’98, and Sarah Johnson Viscardi, BA’98
Gabriela Vivanco, BA’02
Christina Byers Voelker, BA’78
Charles J. Vogl, BA’77
Joan Mahery Vogt, BS’77
Nathan Carl Frederick Vogt, BA’93
Michael Allan Voigt, BA’89
Arthur and Jodi Volk (parents)
Wilson Carlisle von Kessler, BA’89, and Caroline Williamson von Kessler, BA’89
Linda Vongkhamchanh, BA’08
Susan Simpson Vosburg, BA’66
Michael W. Voss and Gay Barber Voss, BA’72
Richard P. Voss, BA’77, and Lori B. Voss
Quentin and Gail Voyles (parents)
Harvey and Kathryn Wachsman (parents)
William J. Wade, BA’75, MS’79, and Ellen Elizabeth Cobb Wade, BA’74 (parents)
Eric Drennan Wade, BA’92
Grady L. Wade, BA’63
John S. Wade III, BA’73, and Sherry Reavis Wade
M. Todd Wade and Nicole Jennings Wade, BA’92
Dorothy Spencer Wagener, BA’71
Bryn Erich Wagner, BA’91
Dwight A. Wagner, BA’64
William Elliot Waite, BA’98, EMBA’04
Byron Waites, B.Div.’55, and Beverly Cate Waites, BA’54, MA’56, MAT’56 (parents)
John Anderson Waites, BA’84, MD’88, and Cindy Heinemann Waites, BA’84
Alexander Richard Wakefield, BA’94
Patricia Lee Wakefield, BA’72
Karen Hinson Wakeford, BA’69
Joseph Neil Walden Jr., BA’67, and Sandra Walden (parents)
Steven Michael Walder, BA’84
Hillary Breslauer Waldmann, BA’78
Ruth Rand Waldrop, BA’75
Bruce Marshall Walk, BS’78, and Melissa Massar Walk, BA’79
Stanley Denton Walker III and Catherine Fuller Walker, BA’85
Lyn Neal Walker, BA’70
Ronald and Kathryn Walker (parents)
Sarah Bassett Walker, BA’60
Thomas M. Walker and Susan Hoffman Walker, BA’75
William M. Walker, MLS’87
Ann C. Wallace (parent)
Charles Borden Wallace, BA’95
Craig A. Wallace (parent)
John W. Wallace Jr., BA’83
Keli Brett Wallace, BA’02
David Richard Wallace, BA’82, and Laura Montgomery Wallace, BA’83
William Lowell Wallace, BA’93, and Jennifer Wolden Wallace, BS’94
Stephanie Janelle Wallen, BA’05
James Gregory Waller, BA’92, and Dale Brasfield Waller, BA’91, MEd’93
Jay David Walls, BS’81
Judith Plas Walls (parent)
Alicia Ann Walsh, BS’91
Brian and Angela Walsh (parents)
David P. Walstad
Holly Young Walter, BA’81
William G. Walter, BA’61
Scott William Walters, BA’03
Michael C. Walther II, BS’89, MBA’90, and Beverly Rayburn Walther, BS’90, MBA’90
Mary Katherine King Walton, BA’69
David M. Wang, BA’82
Donald and Lucy Wang (parents)
Zhengfeng Wang and Ping Wan (parents)
Charles and Christine Ward (parents)
Charlotte Munn Ward, BS’77
James E. Ward, BA’61, and Mary Lee Parker Ward, BA’62 (parents)
John Anthony Ward III, BA’89
Kevin A. Ward
Harry Nathan Ward III, BA’91, and Kirsten Lorenz Ward, BA’90, MEd’92
Lacey M. Ward Jr., BA’69
Michael Robert Ward, BA’90, and Virginia Bondurant Ward
Elizabeth Schaeffer Ware, BA’84
Anita Lucile Wareing, MLAS’96
Margaret Pauline Warfel, BA’00
Mellie LaRoche Warner
Susan Fleming Warner
Virginia Hollowell Warner, BA’60
Virginia Osborn Warner, BA’49
Ava Ellwood Warren, BS’74, MA’75
David Warren, BA’89
John M. Warren
David Spencer Was, BA’05
James Michael Washburn, BA’80, and Susan Bolanovich Washburn, BSN’79 (parents)
Hayley Warshaw Wasser, BA’97
Ami Elizabeth Waters, BS’05
David Joseph Wathen, BA’90, MBA’96, and Elizabeth Portley Wathen, BS’91
Mary Montgomery Watkins, BA’65 (parent)
John DeForest Watson III and Ann Morris Watson, BA’80 (parents)
Blake A. Watson, BA’78
Bradley Ryan Watson, BA’01
Carol Jones Watson, BA’60 (parent)
Gregory Stewart Watson, BA’93
Herman A. Watson Jr., BA’55 (parent)
John Lynn Watson, BS’80
Mark Andrew Watson, BA’08
William E. Watson, BS’77
William and Elaine Watson (parents)
Philip G. Watt and Andrea Simkins Watt, BA’96
Donald G. Watts, BA’50
John Comer Watts III, BS’80
Lisa Watts (parent)
Mary Lee Sell Watts, BS’97
Sheila M. Watts, BA’74
Stephen E. Watts, BA’73
Francis W. Wcislo and Jane S. Wcislo
David Joseph Weader, BA’92
Martha E. Weatherford
Jason R. Weatherly and Elizabeth R. Weatherly
Malcolm Houston Weathers III, BA’83, MD’87, and Stephanie Weathers
Paul Taliaferro Weathers, BA’81
James Roy Weathersby Jr., BA’82
Anthony Dean Weaver, BA’79, MD’83, and Frances Harrison Weaver, BA’79
J. Michael and Merenda Weaver (parents)
William Patrick Weaver, BA’00, and Katherine Rosenblatt Weaver, BS’00
Paige Eleanor Weaver, BA’08
James A. Webb, BA’47, and Caroline Bartlett Webb (parents, grandparents)
Glenn F. Webb and R. Aileen Webb, PhD’77, MD’83
Sarah Virginia Webb (parent)
Christopher Thorp Weber, BA’95, and Kaylin Haverstock Weber, BA’96
Julie Renshaw Weber, BA’88
William and Sheila Weber (parents)
Wm. Randolph Weber, BA’74, and Sondra J. Weber, MA’74
Chad E. Webster and Julie Wade Webster, BA’95
Jon S. VanNevel and Melissa Reif Webster, BS’87
Phil D. Wedemeyer (parent)
Erin Rebekka Wedge, BA’02
David Anthony Weeks Jr., BA’81, and Amy Gregory Weeks, BA’81
Jeff Weeks, BA’71
Julia Goodall Weeks, BS’79
Wesley Grant Weeks, BA’92
Walter S. Weems, BA’74, JD’77, and Susan Long Weems, BA’77 (parents)
John Montgomery Weeter, BA’67
James M. Weidenbaum, BA’80
Lowell Scott Weil Jr., BA’90
Walter and Martha Weil (parents)
David A. Weilbaecher Jr., BA’89
Irving Weinberg, BA’32
Jonathan Paul Weindruch, BA’98, MBA’04, and Yi-Jan Wu, MBA’04
Martin and Phyllis Weiner (parents)
Matthew Christian Weinman, BA’02, and Mollie Palmore Weinman, MSN’05
Harris A. Weinstein, BA’62
Jon and Ilana Weinstein (parents)
Judith Lefkovits Weinstein, BA’59
John and Karen Weir (parents)
Rickey and Constance Weisner (parents)
David Stuart Weiss, BA’85
David W. Weiss (parent)
Tracy Lynn Weiss, BS’94
Norman Gold and Carol A. Weissbrod (parents)
Mary Ellen Long Weisskopf, BA’60
Amy Westall Welch, BA’83
Jonathan P. Welch, BA’83
Mary Tippens Welch*, BA’57
Susan Alley Welch, BA’95
Terry Lee Welch Jr., BA’98
Theodore B. Welch, BA’72
Robert Brown Weldon, BA’79
Richard B. Wellinghoff, BA’76
Ralph P. Wells, BA’78, and Katherine Rone Wells (parents)
Virginia Cloys Wells, BA’47
Wyatt Clinton Wells II, BA’86
David Edward Welp, BE’98, and Elizabeth McCord Welp, BS’95
Catherine C. Welsh, BA’75
Thomas J. Welsh, BA’51, and Mary McNaughton Welsh, BA’51
John W. Wepfer, BA’78, and Lucy Walt Wepfer, BA’81
David Matthew Werle, BS’90
Leslie D. Werner and Jeanne Utley Werner, BA’52
Lexy Stratton Werner, BA’95
Helmut W. Smith and Meike G. Werner
Jess M. Wesberry Jr.
Keith W. Weseli, BS’97
Pamela Graves Wessel, BS’88
Tommie A. West, MA’51, and Earle Huddleston West, BA’46, MS’53, PhD’61
Lon Foster West, BA’61, LLB’64, and Barbara A. West
Patricia Dabney West, BA’78
Sarah Louise West, BA’06
Shirley Merlin West
Ellen Brakebill Abbay Westbrook, BA’71 (parent)
Tommy and Deborah Westbrook (parents)
Elizabeth Thackston Westermann, BA’62
Thaddeus Russell Westhusing, BA’87
Anne Sullins Westmoreland, BA’73
John V. Wharton, BA’76
Charles and Elizabeth Wheatley (parents)
Curtis and Jessie Wheeler (parents)
Glynn P. Wheeler, BA’41, PhD’50
M. Elyse Wheeler, BA’74
William B. Wheeler, BA’74, and Roberta Green Wheeler, BA’74
Frances Sommers Wheelock, BA’79
Laura Ann Whetsel-Treadaway, BS’96, MEd’97
William G. Whitaker III, BA’64 (parent)
Allison Hall White, BA’93
Andrew Ward White, BA’07
Charles Cody White III, BA’83, and Carolyn Close White, BA’83
Claude C. White Jr., BA’60, MAT’67
John W. White and Dudley Brown White, BA’53 (parents)
Gwen Hale White
James G. White III (parent)
Jim White (parent)
Kent White (parent)
Larry J. White, BA’69
Laura Lee White, BA’84
Margo White, BA’86
James B. White and Mary Fitch White, BA’70
George Howard White III and Patricia Early White, BA’76 (parents)
Patricia Taylor White, BA’71
Rebecca Bullock White, BA’02
Rebecca G. White (parent)
Robert Merrifield White Sr., BA’67
Susan Smith White, BA’81
Thepher J. White, BA’71, MA’78
Thomas W. White, BA’63, and Monica Ann Stephens White
Vernon B. White Jr., BA’73, and Amy Glenn White, BA’74 (parents)
Tina Marcell Whitegeese, BS’04
Richard M. Whitehurst Jr. and Susan W. Whitehurst (parents)
Robert S. Whitelaw, BA’74
G. Phillips Whiteside and Cookie Cook Whiteside, BA’65
Virgil S. Whitesides Jr., BA’51
Walter H. Whitley, BA’61
Christina Benyunes Whitman, BS’82
Jerry and Barbara Whitmire (parents)
Alvin and Myra Whitney (parents)
Bernadette N. Whitsett-Hammond (parent)
Ana Elizabeth Whitten (parent)
Dean P. Whittier (parent)
Eric John Whittier, BA’99
Karen Susan Whittier, BA’84, MEd’91
Erin Leigh Whittle, BA’03
Marsha Cochrane Whitty, BA’63
Robert and Nancy Wibbelsman (parents)
Ralph W. Wible, JD’63, and Gayle Scott Wible, BA’65
Nicholas Wickes, BA’95
SueThomasson Wienstroer, BA’75
John Peter Wikswo Jr.
Brian W. Wilcox, BA’84, and Amy Rasmussen Wilcox, BA’86
Dana E. Wilcox, BA’96
Sarah Morgan Wilcox, BS’82
James Houghton Wildman, BA’97
Paul C. Wilgus, BA’67
Kelly Witt Wilhem, BS’88
Frank A. Wilk, BA’62, and Alva Herbert Wilk, BS’63 (parents)
Diana Thompson Wilken, BA’71
Colleen Finan Wilkerson, BA’90
Stephanie Parks Wilkinson, BA’96
Alison Brevard Wille, BS’95
Antenor R. Willems, BA’64
Anne E. Williams, BA’68
Betsy Harshbarger Williams, BS’99
Bruce C. Williams, BA’75, and Stephania Paparozzi Williams, BSN’74
Cynthia Coleman Williams, BA’89
David S. Williams, BA’68, and Nanette Williams
Diane Moore Williams, BA’52
Elizabeth Stearns Williams, BA’63
Fred Madison Williams III, BA’70
George R. Williams II, BA’49
Grant and Carolyn Williams (parents)
Alfred J. Williams and Harriet Kaye Williams, BA’56, MAT’57
Henry Jackson Williams, BA’58
James A. Williams, BA’55
Jean Beckmann Williams*, BA’42
Jerry Turner Williams
John C. Williams Jr.
M. Milford Williams Jr., BA’56
Marklin Haynes Williams, BA’80, and Laura Lee Williams
Mary Ann Keefe Williams, BA’48
Mary Moore Williams, BA’77
Mitchell H. Williams, BA’77
Pamela Diane Williams, BA’04
R. Clark Williams Jr., BA’63, and Margaret Love Beavers Williams, BA’63
Robert Davis Williams, BA’05
Scott Taylor Williams, BA’05
Teresa Kinermon Williams, BA’95
Thomas Williams, BA’88
Elizabeth Wilbourn Williamson, BA’87
Lindsey Elizabeth Williamson, BS’08
Donald and Betty Willig (parents)
Lynda Hawkins Willingham, BA’85
Nancy Scruggs Willis, BS’83
W. Reese Willis III, BA’87
William C. Willock Sr., BA’48
E. Kent Willoughby, BA’70
Kristen Leigh Willoughby, BA’07
Bob and Kathy Wills (parents)
Edward Terrell Wills, BS’08
Matthew B. Wills, BA’54
Ailene Bajach Wilson, BA’47
Betty Lackey Wilson, BA’60
Lawrence A. Wilson Jr. and Caroline Cumming Wilson, BA’86
Jon S. Wilson and Elizabeth K. Wilson
Eric Marshall Wilson, BA’93
William S. Longwell and Florence J. Wilson
Frank C. Wilson, BA’50
Heather Simpson Wilson, BA’87
Littell E. Wilson Jr. and Carolyn W. Wilson (parents)
Marie Collins Wilson
Mary Victoria Wilson, BA’73
Matthew Aaron Wilson, BS’96, MEd’00
Orme Wilson III and Mary Wilson (parents)
Paul M. Wilson III, BA’69
Ralph E. Wilson, JD’49, and Mary Ann Murray Wilson, BA’48
Sharman Maurissa Jewell Wilson, BS’05
Shelby Elizabeth Wilson, BS’02
Ashley T. Wiltshire Jr., JD’72, and Susan Ford Wiltshire
Sarah Pierce Wimberly, BA’91
Sarah Hart Winchester, BA’86
Lindsey Dantz Windham, BA’08
Phillip Alan Wines, BS’85, and Sherri Fleck Wines, BSN’86
Buckley Winfree and Jessica Adams Winfree, BS’98, JD’01
Gary and Sue Wingate (parents)
Nicholas Alan Wingate, BA’08
Charles E. Winger Sr. and Barbara J. Winger
James William Wininger, BA’00
James and Helen Winkle (parents)
David Alan Winokur, BA’88
Elizabeth Winston, BA’68
Craig and Christina Winterfeldt (parents)
Maggie Jane Winterfeldt, BS’08
Calhoun Winton, MA’50, and Elizabeth Myers Winton, BA’47 (parents)
Marla Lindsey Wirges, BS’94
Peggy Gaston Wiseman, BA’59, MS’60
Elizabeth Anne Wiser (parent)
Hunter Wetter Witherington, BA’02, and Molly Martin Witherington, BS’01
Charles W. Witherspoon Jr., BA’50, MA’51
Edward Newell Witherspoon Jr., BS’85
John L. Witherspoon, BA’59
David K. Witt, BA’63
Stephen Patrick Wix, BA’96
Joseph Collin Wohner Jr.
Kim Lazarus Wolensky, BS’79, MBA’80
Daniel Louis Wolf, BA’02, and Andrea Johnson Wolf, BS’02
David L. Wolfe Jr., BA’63, JD’66
Michael Scott Wolfe, MBA’89, and Ellen Morrison Wolfe, BS’81
Kirk Dana Wolfe, BA’80
Ryan Michael Wolfe, BS’06
John McDowell Wolff, BA’62
Mary L. Wolff, BA’72
John L. Wolford, BA’75, MD’80, and Libby Love Andrews Wolford, BSN’80 (parents)
Carol Ann Koster Womack, BA’76, MBA’82
Shannon Strother Womble, BA’88
Tee Jack Wongananda, BA’97
Carol Ecke Wood, BA’69
Caroline Gaines Wood, BA’89
Carter Ray Wood, BA’90, and Rachel Jackson Wood, BA’91
Judy M. Wood, BA’72
Karen Suzanne Wood, BS’85
Marshall R. Wood, BA’67, and Lynn Gaarden Wood, BSN’67 (parents)
Mary Shea Wood, BA’52
Robert A. Wood (parent)
Tracey Kottman Wood, BA’85
James E. Montero and Barbara Mery Woodard Montero, BA’99
Jeanne Rhea Woodberry, BA’58 (parent)
Beulah Marie Woodfin, BA’58
Raye P. Woodin III and Jane M. Woodin (parents)
Lera Wenger Woodring, BS’01
Thomas Schram Woodroof Jr., BA’80
Charles M. Woodruff Jr., BA’66, MS’68
Julie Melinda Jones Woodruff, BA’92
Jon Pointon Woods, BA’82, and Peggy J. Rooney
Joseph Ray Woods, BA’66, JD’69
Katherine Eleanor Woods, BA’08
Thomas and Alexandra Woodworth (parents)
Brad and Kristina Woolsey (parents)
Kenneth F. Wooten Jr., BA’45
Ellery C. Workman, BA’61, and Sue E. Workman
Roy K. Worman Jr. and Linda J. Workman (parents)
Louis and Linda Wortham (parents)
T. Cecil Wray Jr., BA’56
Bradley and Kay Wright (parents)
Charles Scott Wright Jr., BA’08
David R. Wright and Connie LaFevor Wright, BA’78, EDD’87
Dianne Cady Wright, BA’08
J. Kelly Wright, BS’77, and Judith Culotta Wright
James L. Wright Jr., BA’58
Leslie Ann Wright, BA’07
Madeleine Moreau Wright, BA’66
Meta Wright (grandparent)
Jeffrey G. Wright, MD’97, and Nicol Brock Wright, BA’84
Charles and Jan Wright (parents)
Michael Greg Wright, BA’78, and Stacey Emerson Wright, BA’78
Tommy and Tracey Wright (parents)
William Douglas Wurdack Jr., BA’85
James C. Wyatt III, BA’66
Matthew W. Wyatt
Madison Baker Wyche III, BA’69, JD’72, and Marguerite Ramage Wyche, BA’71 (parents)
Aaron Wyckoff, BA’65, JD’68, and Diane Footitt Wyckoff, BA’68
Robert L. Wyenandt, BA’68
T. Alexander S. Wyeth, BA’77
Charlene L. Wyman, BA’05
Walter Scott Wysong IV, BA’90
Gregory Elias Xethalis, BA’01
Allyson T. Yancey
Cynthia Kelsey Stow Yancey, BA’71
James Conway Yardley Jr., BA’02
Nicholas Fares Yared, BS’07
Michael A. Houser and Nancy C. Yarnell, BA’76
James and Sandy Yasso (parents)
Constance Siegrist Yates, BA’60
David R. Yates, BA’69
Ellen E. Yates, MA’74
Eugene W. Yates III, BA’71
Matthew H. Yates, BS’94
Carrie Elise Yeast, BA’08
Sally Stevenson Yeilding, BS’79
Blane and Sandra Yelton (parents)
G. David York, BA’59
Adam Robert Nagel, BE’05, and Heather Amber Yost, BA’04
Mark Thomson Youman, BA’91, and Kerstin McDonald Youman, BA’92
Allen Beard Young, BA’85
Stephen G. Young and Amanda Elizabeth Haynes Young, BS’89
Andréa Bouchey Young, BA’00
Heather Young, BA’81
Jay Maitland Young, BA’66
Jimmie and Jennifer Young (parents)
Katharine Elizabeth Young, BA’04
Kelley Elizabeth Young, BA’07
Nancy Hamel Young, BA’84
W. William Young, BA’55
William D. Young, BA’69, and Carolyn Weigel Young, BA’70 (parents)
Paul John Youngdale, BA’91, and Stacy Price Youngdale, BA’91
John Russell Younger, MA’65, and Jessica Moore Younger, BA’66
Rickie Scott Yudin, BA’05
Marel P. Zabriskie and Mims Maynard Zabriskie, BA’76
Laura Beverly Zachry, BA’88
Ira and Joy Zar (parents)
Catherine Callery Zdunkewicz, BA’81
Linda Gibson Zelenka, BA’64
Allison Dreeben Zeller, BA’93
James and Beverly Zern (parents)
Amy Daviss Zesch, BS’81
Liqiang Zhao and Li Li (parents)
Weizhong Zhao and Yuan Li (parents)
Xiang Dong and Biyun Zheng (parents)
Amanda Joy Zidell, BA’08
James McCord Zimmerman, BA’96, JD’99
Samuel H. Zimmern, BA’70, and Emily Fairchild Zimmern, BA’71, MA’78
William A. Zimmern Jr., BA’73, and Beverly H. Zimmern (parents)
Joel and Elizabeth Zipp (parents)
Thomas and Kathryn Zoller (parents)
Laurence A. Zuckerman, BA’75, and Sandra Green Zuckerman, BA’76
Sylvia Hodes Zuckerman, BA’49

Anonymous (2)


We are most grateful to the thousands of alumni and friends who contributed to the College of Arts and Science during fiscal year 2007-2008. As always, thank you all for your generous financial support of the College of Arts and Science in the past and in the future.

Membership on the list presented here is based on gifts received during the fiscal year of July 1, 2007–June 30, 2008. Gifts to the College of Arts and Science through the College Cabinet are counted in the Vanderbilt Fund and included in the Shape the Future campaign.

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