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Gauthier Receives Troland Research Award

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Isabel Gauthier, associate professor of psychology, has been named a 2008 Troland Research Award winner by the National Academy of Sciences. The prestigious Troland Research Award is given annually to young researchers (age 40 and under) to recognize unusual achievement and to further the recipient’s research within the broad spectrum of experimental psychology. Only two awards are given annually and each includes a $50,000 prize. 

Gauthier’s research focuses on how we perceive and recognize objects in our environment, how we develop expertise in perceiving certain images, and what changes occur in the brain as this expertise develops. 

Gauthier is founder of the Perceptual Expertise Network at Vanderbilt and co-principal investigator of the National Science Foundation’s Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center. She is a member of the Vanderbilt Vision Research Center, the Center for Integrative and Cognitive Neuroscience, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development and the Learning Sciences Institute. 

Photo by Steve Green.


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