with David Wood

Centennial Professor
of Philosophy,
Vanderbilt University

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Thinking Out
of the Lunchbox

Fall 2004

December 2004

Is Democracy a Universal Value?
John Stuhr
(Alton W. Jones Professor of Philosophy)
In a world with many cultures, traditions, and beliefs, is democracy a universal moral value? What is the moral significance of democracy? Is there an obligation to export it whenever possible?

November 2004

From Smokestack to SUV: A New View of the Sources of Environmental Harm
Michael Vandenbergh,
Associate Professor, Law School
The environmental laws enacted in the 1970�s generated substantial improvements in industrial pollution. After 30 years of environmental regulation of industry, individuals and households are now the leading source of many types of environmental harm. Professor Vandenbergh will explore the implications for regulatory agencies, community groups, businesses and the general public.

October 6, 2004

Is Education the Way Out of Poverty?
Dale Farran,
Professor of Education
It has been 40 years since Head Start was first conceived. Children from low-income families continue to drop out of school at high rates and participate in training beyond high school at very low rates. Should we care? Our attempts at early intervention are still viable but will require a considerably greater commitment of resources--as well as a change of values--to make a sustained difference.

September 1 , 2004

The Last Unwritten Page of Genesis: The Amazon Rain Forest
Marshall Eakin,
Professor of History
The Amazon River basin covers an area roughly the size of the contiguous United States and extends across eight South American countries. Much of this region is covered by the world's largest forest, and it has come under intense pressure from miners, ranchers, developers, and multinational corporations over the last generation. What will be the fate of the Amazon rain forest in the coming years as the pressures to develop the region increase? How will these nations of South America promote economic development and not devastate the region?