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Centennial Professor
of Philosophy,
Vanderbilt University

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Thinking Out
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Dr. David Wood
Centennial Professor of Philosophy
Professor of European Studies
Professor of Art

Email address:
Ph.D. University of Warwick

To learn more about David Wood see his faculty webpage for interviews etc.
or see photoshoot Day in the Life of Professor David Wood.

Dr. Wood's teaching and research interests lie in the possibilities of reading and thinking opened up by contemporary continental philosophy and by nineteenth century German thought. Current philosophical projects include: rethinking the ethics and politics of time; providing an account of truth that does justice both to its normative, 'existential' and metaphysical dimensions; various different approaches to the philosophy of nature (environmental philosophy, animals rights, thinking boundaries etc.); war and conflict; and the ‘worlds’ fractally contained in the things around us.

He is also an environmental artist and stages Art Events from time to time. See his art websites chronopod, and his entry at Metro Arts Commission. For more art, and information about Yellow Bird Sculpture Park see

Books and other writings:
* Time After Time [Indiana, University Press 2007]
* The Step Back : Ethics and Politics after Deconstruction : (SUNY, 2005)
* Truth : A Reader (ed. with José Medina) (Blackwell, 2005)
* Mirror Infractions in the Yucatan (for Robert Smithson) (2005)
* "Some Questions for My Levinasian Friends" in Addressing Levinas , ed. E. Nelson et. al. (Northwestern, 2004)
*Thinking After Heidegger (Polity Press, June 2002)
* The Deconstruction of Time (second edition, Northwestern, 2001)
* "What is Ecophenomenology?" Research in Phenomenology, Vol. XXXI, 2001.
* "Between Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis: Embodying Transformation" for Interrogating Ethics , edited Jim Hatley and Chris Diem, (Northwestern, 2001)
* "Comment ne pas manger: Deconstruction and Humanism" in Animal Others , ed. Peter Steeves (SUNY, 1999)
* "Kierkegaard, God and the Economy of Thinking", in Jonathan Ree (ed.) A Kierkegaard Reader , Blackwell, 1997
* On Derrida, Heidegger and Spirit (ed. and intro.) (Northwestern, 1993)
* Derrida: A Critical Reader (ed. and intro.) (Blackwell, 1992)
* Philosophy: The Antioxidant of Higher Education

Books in Progress:
* Things at the Edge of the World
* Fatal Projections
* Econstruction: Essays on Environmental Deconstruction

Current teaching:
Fall 2010
* Phil 115F Environmental Philosophy

Spring 2011
* Later Heidegger [Graduate Seminar]
* 20thC Continental Philosophy