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Attend a Leadership Studio

The Office of Student Leadership Development is proud to present The Leadership Studio. This open series will provide students with the opportunity to develop or improve on five critical skills that will make them effective leaders. All undergraduate students are welcome to participate in an afternoon or evening studio session.  To learn more, click on...... KEEP READING


January Student Leader

It is our pleasure to announce our Student Leader for the month of January. Join us in congratulating Cici and our previous student leaders by clicking on the image below. About Student Leader of The Month Every month, we will highlight an amazing person that added value to the fabric of our community at Vanderbilt...... KEEP READING

Maggy Recipients

The 2016 Magnolia Awards

Student leaders and organizations are encouraged to apply for a Magnolia Award.  Applications may be completed via Anchor Link and will be open until February 19th at 5:00 pm.  Some awards provide a monetary gift. About the Magnolia Awards The Magnolia Awards recognize the innovative and exceptional efforts of both students and student organizations at...... KEEP READING

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In Any Other Way, An Everyday Leader!

We tend to build leadership up to this esoteric, magnificent deed that you can only achieve if, a) you’re Spiderman, the Friendly Neighborhood Hero, or b) you’re the type of VIP Student Leader who prances around campus doing…whatever it is that a student leader does. Maybe it sounds presumptuous to say we’re all leaders, but...... KEEP READING


True Life: Being a Leader

After being here at Vanderbilt for a little over two years, after getting involved in various activities, meeting so many new people and having new experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what leadership isn’t. We are quick to identify those who hold presidencies and executive board members in student organizations as leaders, and surely, being...... KEEP READING


The “Rhodium Rule”

“Do unto yourself what inspires the best in others.” – Tim Milburn’s Rhodium Rule (Leadership Is Not About You) I know what you’re thinking.  You’re probably wondering what Rhodium is.  I also thought the same thing when I first read this rule.  Based on what I found on the internet (Wikipedia, Webster, Dictionary.com) and Tim...... KEEP READING

The Four Agreements

Let’s Agree To Agree

  I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. More often than not, I break them and they are often more aspirational than even an overachiever like myself can attain. My New Year’s Resolutions were always quite superficial.  How many times can one woman pledge to go to the gym four days a week?...... KEEP READING

butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect

Edward Norton Lorenz, an American mathematician, meteorologist and the pioneer of chaos theory, coined the term, “Butterfly Effect”.  According to Webster’s Dictionary, The Butterfly Effect is: “a property of chaotic systems (as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system”...... KEEP READING



Get in touch with your inner tortoise. If you still have finals, this may be hard to hear, but slowing down for a minute can do you more good than whatever work you think you could have achieved in that minute. In fact, if you have 20 minutes to slow down, go watch this TED...... KEEP READING


You Get What You Give

Facebook and other social media outlets have been overwhelmed by expressions of gratitude for the past 25 days. Thanksgiving is the time of year that people focus on making a public display of showing how thankful they are for everything and everyone in their life. Unfortunately, many of these people at the stroke of midnight...... KEEP READING

Every day leader

Everyday Leaders at Vanderbilt

The Office of Student Leadership Development would like to recognize the everyday leaders at Vanderbilt University. We believe that everyone can be a leader, and demonstrate qualities like accountability, ethical behavior, and communication, regardless of position or title. We want you to nominate a peer who you believe is an everyday leader TODAY! Click here...... KEEP READING

House (14)

Leadership Is…

Leadership is… What is leadership? That’s a pretty big question, and one with a lot of potential answers. In our office, the Leadership Excellence Philosophy Statement serves as our guiding definition but we wanted to know what some students and staff at Vanderbilt think.  So at our Open House event last week, we asked. Here...... KEEP READING


Leadership One Base At A Time

The concept of leadership can be very complex.  We cannot assign a single definition to this word nor can we demonstrate it in a single attempt.  If practiced, it requires you to remain committed and one cannot expect to practice it the same way twice.  But there are ways to make it easier to understand. Director of...... KEEP READING


Stop Talking and Listen

It is pretty rare that someone renders me speechless. Whether in a class discussion or a personal conversation, I always have something to say. It doesn’t matter if the topic is something I consider myself knowledgeable about or if it is a news article I haven’t read—you can count on me to contribute. Maybe I...... KEEP READING

No Matter How Small…

As I look and reflect on the community service that I was involved in, I always remember feeling a sense of accomplishment.  I get a feeling that what I do actually makes a difference in the world. In relation to leadership,service to the community is a great reminder that credentials are not necessary to make...... KEEP READING