Leadership Development Center (LDC)


A Need

The Leadership Development Center was created in 2001 to house the Principals' Leadership Academy of Nashville and the Institute for School Leaders. These outreach programs of the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organization were created out of a need for leadership development to replace an administrative cohort that was about to retire at a high rate.

Now the Center has been asked to help a large state department to change the way it does business.


The LDC hosts three major programs of professional development and service: the Principals' Leadership Academy of Nashville, the Educational Leadership Learning Exchange Program and the Vision Implementation Project .


Peabody College faculty have invested much time and energy into the Leadership Development Center's programs. World renowned researchers and scholars have been hosted by the LDC in many capacities.


Students at Peabody College have many opportunities to work with the LDC in practical and field-based work.

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