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(left to right, front to back)

Row 1: Professor Susan Berk-Seligson, Carole Wilson, Tonya Mills, Rubí Arana, Ana María Montoya, Camilo Plata, Will Young, Professor Mitchell A. Seligson, Guilherme Russo
Row 2: Professor Jonathan Hiskey, María Fernanda Boidi, Diana Orcés, Margarita Corral, Roody Reserve, Laura Sellers, Oscar Castorena, Mariana Rodríguez, Marco Araujo 
Row 3: Daniel Zizumbo-Colunga, Nicole Hinton, Trevor Lyons, Mollie Cohen, Georgina Pizzolitto, Frederico Batista Pereira, Professor Elizabeth Zechmeister 

(Not pictured: Alejandro Díaz-Domínguez, Brian Faughnan, Matthew Layton, Whitney Lopez-Hardin, Arturo Maldonado, Professor Cecilia Mo, Mason Moseley, Professor Efrén Pérez, Professor Mariano Sana, Professor Zeynep Somer-Topcu)

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Published every two weeks in English and Spanish, the Insights Series provides a short analysis of key policy-relevant data.

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