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  • 02/25/2015: Florida International University used AB data in a piece about marijuana legalization in Uruguay
  • 02/18/2015: The Christian Science Monitor used 2014 AmericasBarometer data on Argentina
  • 02/18/2015: Vanderbilt University published a press brief on an Insights report written on the death of the Argentine prosecutor
  • 02/16/2015: LAPOP alum wrote a piece in Infolatam about polarization and corruption in Argentina following Prosecutor Nisman's death
  • 02/16/2015: 2014 AB data used in a piece on tolerance in El Universo
  • 02/15/2015: Razon Publica used AB data on a piece on marijuana use in Uruguay
  • 02/15/2015: The Guyana Chronicle used LAPOP data in a piece on public trust
  • 02/14/2015: AmericasBarometer data used in La Tercera Dicion Impresa
  • 02/11/2015: Diario La Tribuna published a piece of the principle findings of the 2014 round for Honduras
  • 02/10/2015: teleSUR published a piece using LAPOP data
  • 02/10/2015: Presencia reports on LAPOP
  • 02/09/2015: 2012 and 2014 AB data used in a piece in LPerello
  • 02/09/2015: LAPOPs Mollie Cohen and Liz Zechmeister wrote a piece for Washington Posts Monkey Cage
  • 02/08/2015: 2014 AmericasBarometer data used in Gazeta do Povo
  • 02/07/2015: AmericasBarometer data on the principle problems facing Hondurans used in a piece in Presencia
  • 02/06/2015: 2014 AmericasBarometer data used in an article in O Globo
  • 02/05/2015: AmericasBarometer data on the most trusted institutions in Honduras featured in Tiempo
  • 02/04/2015: 2014 Honduras data used in La Prensa , AmericaEconomica and Proceso
  • 02/02/2015: AmericasBarometer data used in an article in Espectador on trust in the justice system
  • 02/01/2015: 2014 AmericasBarometer data on confidence in the justice system is used in an article in Infobae
  • 02/01/2015: Data on corruption in Mexico used in Nexos


  • 01/31/2015: Paraguay data on confidence in the justice system used in Ultima Hora
  • 01/31/2015: AmericasBarometer data on confidence in the justice system used in Infobae
  • 01/30/2015: Data on punitive measures against crime used in Listin Diario
  • 01/26/2015: AmericasBarometer data on fiscal discipline used in Los Tiempos
  • 01/26/2015: The Globe and Mail features AB data on voting in Canada
  • 01/25/2015: AmericasBarometer data used to create an infograph in El Telegrafo
  • 01/25/2015: Bolivia data used in El Dia
  • 01/24/2014: AmericasBarometer data on Uruguay used in Radio Montecarlo
  • 01/24/2015: LAPOP data on Venezuela used in La Patilla
  • 01/21/2015: AmericasBarometer data on Peru used in Cronicaviva
  • 01/15/2015: LAPOP data used in BS Noticias
  • 01/15/2015: 2014 AB data used to discuss the loss of political trust in an article for La Hora
  • 01/10/2015: Data on insecurity used in Peru21
  • 01/05/2015: 2014 data on trust in the armed forces is cited in Proceso
  • 01/03/2015: 2014 AB data on crime victimization used in Diario Correo 
  • 01/03/2015: AmericasBarometer data on Ecuador used El Telegrafo
  •  01/03/2015: AmericasBarometer data on Honduras used in El Heraldo