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Staff and Faculty


If you are a J-1 scholar/professor/specialist, you should also obtain a signature from ISSS.  Please have your department e-mail isss@vanderbilt.edu to confirm your current employment or bring a recent pay stub when you drop off the DS-2019. Although, the DS-2019 indicates that travel endorsement signatures are valid for up to one year, ISSS recommends that you have it signed more frequently, as the travel endorsement is evidence of your current status.  If you have had any difficulty entering the U.S. in the past, travel with a recent pay-stub so you can provide additional proof of your status.

To reenter the U.S. you should have the following in hand:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid Visa
  • DS-2019 signed for travel within last 6 months
  • Recent pay-stub and/or letter of employment from department

J-2 dependents must also have their DS-2019 endorsed for travel.