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Windstar Foreign National Tax Resource (FNTR)

All Vanderbilt employees, students, scholars with a nonimmigrant visa (i.e. not a US citizen or permanent resident) who have earned income from U.S. sources during 2012 are required by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file a federal income tax return.

Federal income tax returns must be filed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by April 15!

You will receive an email with the link and password to this tax software when it becomes available.

You MUST PRINT and MAIL your tax return, Windstar FNTR will NOT file your tax return electronically. Nonresident aliens are not eligible to file electronically. After you complete Windstar FNTR, you must print, sign, and mail the tax return.

You should keep a copy of the tax return.  Windstar FNTR will delete all tax records on June 16, (or earlier if so requested) so you MUST keep a copy of the tax return for at least three calendar years following the date filed (four calendar years in total).


Need a new 1098-T Form?

You may request a replacement 1098-T from the Student Accounts Website.


Where’s my W-2 Form?

You can download and print your W-2 from C2HR.  Log onto C2HR and Click the Taxes link on the bottom right menu.


Getting Your 1042-S

Your 1042-S was mailed to the address you provided in Windstar so please ensure your address information is correct.  If you have not received a 1042-S by March 20th, please contact International Tax Office immediately.

Please contact us by e-mail at ITO@vanderbilt.edu.


Windstar FNTR

As in previous years, International Tax Office has purchased the tax preparation software called Foreign National Tax Resource (FNTR).  The software is available free of charge to all Vanderbilt Nonresident Alien (employees, students and scholars) to assist you in preparing your tax return for U.S. Tax purposes. You can access the software at the following address: https://trr.windstar.com/.

FNTR is a web-based program and is used to file one of these tax forms:

• 1040NR
• 1040NR-EZ
• 8843

FNTR is easy to use.  All you need is your 1042-S and/or W-2 form and your immigration
information.  After you answer a few simple questions FNTR will generate the appropriate tax document.  You will print and mail the completed forms to the IRS along with the IRS copy of your W-2 and/or 1042-S.  In addition, FNTR provides online assistance as you go through the program.

Please note that Tennessee does not have State income tax requirements.  However, most other States do, so if you earned income in another State other than Tennessee during 2012,
you should contact your former employer or State tax office for information on that State’s tax filing requirements.

Finally, please bear in mind that the FNTR program is available only to Vanderbilt Nonresident Alien for U.S. Tax Purposes employees, students and scholar who need to file one of the three forms mentioned above.  It cannot be used by friends and family members who are not spouses or dependent children.


FNTR Intstructions

1. The FNTR Access Code for Vanderbilt University is provided by the International Tax Office, ITO@vanderbilt.edu.

2. Go to https://trr.windstar.com/ and click on the New User REGISTRATION link.

3. Complete the registration process by entering your full name, e-mail address and creating a user name and password.

4. Gather all of the requested documents listed on the instructions and use the information to complete the tax preparation questionnaire.

5. Once the tax forms are completed, review, print, sign and then mail the tax filing forms to the IRS at the address provided in FNTR  Remember to include all required supporting documents (e.g. 1042-S, W-2).


Employees Considered “Resident Aliens” for Tax Purposes

FNTR is for international employees who are considered a “Nonresident Alien for Tax Purposes.”  It cannot be used by employees who are considered a “Resident Alien for Tax
Purposes.”  FNTR will determine whether you are a non-resident or resident for tax purposes as you answer the questionnaire.

If you are unable to use the FNTR program because you are considered a “Resident Alien for Tax Purposes,” and need assistance with completing tax forms, we recommend that you seek the advice of one of the numerous tax preparation services in Nashville or visit the IRS website at www.irs.gov.

In addition, as in previous years, Vanderbilt has coordinated with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, to provide free on-campus, tax preparation assistance to Vanderbilt employees, students and scholars who earned less than $57,000 in 2012.  Information on VITA’s on-campus availability and location can be found at http://news.vanderbilt.edu.  Trained VITA volunteers will prepare your taxes and e-file them but please note that VITA staff may not be experts on international tax issues.

Another VITA resource is through the United Way VITA Program. Call the United Way Helpline at 211 or visit the United Way website: http://www.unitedwaynashville.org/community-work/financialstability/c/nashville-alliance-for-financial-independence/.

IMPORTANT:  Neither ISSS nor International Tax Office provides tax-related personal advice; cannot answer specific, personal tax related questions; and cannot prepare your tax return.