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Problems with your SSN application?

When F & J visa holders submit applications for a Social Security Number (SSN),
the agency must verify your immigration status in a system called SAVE. The SAVE
program and SEVIS are currently experiencing difficulties. Sometimes the systems
encounter technical problems or errors in a record.  If you experience an issue
with your SSN application, please contact ISSS for assistance.

When you contact ISSS at isss@vanderbilt.edu or 615-322-2753, please include the following information:

1. Benefit requested (SSN)
2. Family name
3. First name
4. Date of birth
5. Form I-94, “Arrival/Departure Record,” admission number (11 digits)
7. Applicant’s physical address (required), phone number (required), and e-mail
8. Address of the office where problem occurred (and the name of the official, if known)
9. Date of the latest visit to office
10. SAVE case number (if available)