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International Orientation Leaders (IOL)

Become an International Orientation Leader

International Student & Scholar Services is looking for enthusiastic Vanderbilt students to serve as leaders for International Student Orientation this fall. Each year, Vanderbilt welcomes students from as many as 60 countries to join our campus and community. International Orientation Leaders will help build a welcoming environment and provide guidance to students throughout their transition to life at Vanderbilt.

This program has been redesigned based on student feedback. Incoming international students will have the opportunity to sign-up to be in a group led by IOLs. In addition to assisting staff with the formal orientation, leaders will also develop activities over the course of the semester to carry out with their assigned group. IOLs will have the opportunity to help a group of 10-15 new international students adjust to life in the U.S. and at Vanderbilt.  Leaders receive training on leadership skill development, psychological and counseling resources, and on understanding the unique challenges that international students face.

The leader team is comprised of undergraduate, graduate, domestic, and international students, so all are encouraged to apply.


Support all incoming international students by:

  • Participating in the ISSS incoming student Facebook group by helping to answer questions and posting interesting or helpful information
  • Assisting with and participating in orientation day
  • Guiding and motivating students throughout the orientation program
  • Assisting with international student Move In (only undergraduate IOL’s are required to do this)
  • Participating in peer advising hours during the 2 weeks before orientation
  • Volunteering as available with other orientation events
  • Creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere at orientation events

Support their group members by:

  • Communicating with assigned students by email prior to their arrival
  • Arranging for a minimum of 5 activities for their groups during fall semester
  • Providing support and resources for their group members during their transition to Vanderbilt



International Orientation Leaders must:

• Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the university
• Be registered students for Fall 2015
• Commit to attendance at mandatory training and International Student Orientation and to arranging a minimum of 5 group activities throughout fall semester
• Be visionary, goal-driven and action-oriented student leaders who demonstrate the following:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Ethics
  • Service-oriented
  • Supportive of all


  • Applications and recommendations are due by Friday, February 27.

Please contact Heather Jones at 322-2753 or heather.a.jones@vanderbilt.edu with questions.