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DVD Rentals

Couldn’t make it to one of our films? Interested in viewing a movie from semesters past? The International Lens Film Series is now offering patrons the opportunity to borrow our previously screened films on DVD. If you’d like to borrow a film, stop into International Student and Scholar Services (in Vanderbilt’s Student Life Center, Suite 103), or you can email or call ISSS at or (615) 322-2753 to reserve your DVD. We are working toward having every film we have ever shown available for loan, so check out our updated list of DVDs below, organized by country of origin. For all film descriptions and trailers, click on each film title. Enjoy!

**Please note that films with multiple countries of origin listed (in their film description in the Archives) are categorized here by the FIRST country of origin in their description.


La Bataille d’Algiers (Spring 2008)



Captive (Fall 2008)

Los Muertos (Fall 2008)



The Clay Bird (Spring 2013)


Bosnia, Herzegovina

No Man’s Land (Fall 2013)



Favela Rising (Spring 2010)

Pixote (Spring 2008)

Waste Land (Fall 2013)



S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (Fall 2012)



A People Uncounted (Fall 2012)

The Red Violin (Spring 2013)

The Mighty Uke (Spring 2012)



Machuca (Fall 2008)



A World Without Thieves (Spring 2010)

Fearless (Fall 2010)

Hero (Spring 2009)

Last Train Home (Spring 2013)

Not One Less (Fall 2012)


El Salvador

Romero (Fall 2010)



9th Company (Spring 2011)



A Prophet (Fall 2013)

Dans Paris (Fall 2008)

Fela Kuti: Music is the Weapon (Spring 2011)

Free Men (Fall 2012)

Flanders (Fall 2008)

Hidden (Spring 2011)

House of Pleasures (Fall 2012)

La Vie En Rose (Spring 2013)

Les Contes de la Nuit (PAL format) (Fall 2012)

Looking for Cheyenne (Fall 2010)

Miral (Spring 2012)

My Life In Pink (Fall 2013)

Regular Lovers (Fall 2008)

Since Otar Left (Fall 2008)

The Chorus (Spring 2013)

The Princess of Montpensier (Fall 2012)

The Raven (Le Corbeau) (Spring 2008)

Winged Migration (Fall 2012)



Barbara (Fall 2013)

Good Bye Lenin! (Fall 2008)

Jerichow (Fall 2013)

Ode to Joy and Freedom: The Fall of the Berlin Wall (Fall 2009)

The Fall of Communism (ABC News) (Fall 2009)

The Lives of Others (Spring 2008)

The Princess and the Warrior (Spring 2010)

Yella (Fall 2013)



Granito (Fall 2012)



Moloch Tropical (Spring 2011)


Hong Kong

Infernal Affairs (Fall 2010)

Ip Man (Spring 2011)

Ip Man 2 (Fall 2011)



AIDSJaago (Fall 2013)

Devdas (Fall 2012)

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (Fall 2012)

Lage Raho Munna Bhai (Fall 2009)

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (Spring 2010)

Naya Daur (Fall 2009)

Swades (Spring 2009)

Vanaja (Spring 2008)

Veer-Zaara (Fall 2011)



City of Borders (Spring 2012)

The Land of Milk and Honey (Spring 2009)



Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (Spring 2010)

Milano Calibro 9 (Spring 2008)

Red Desert (Spring 2011)

The Unknown Woman (2 copies) (Spring 2013)



5 Centimeters Per Second (Fall 2012)

Departures (Spring 2013)

Ghost in the Shell (Fall 2011)

Godzilla (Spring 2012)

Paprika (Fall 2008)

Pulse (Spring 2012)

Ringu (Fall 2010)

Summer Wars (Fall 2011)

Twilight Samurai (Spring 2008)

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Spring 2012)

Tokyo Drifter (Fall 2009)



Mountains of Hope (Spring 2011)



Pray The Devil Back To Hell (Spring 2012)



I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (Fall 2008)



El Violin (Spring 2009)



Where Are You Going Moshé? (Spring 2012)


The Netherlands

Meet The Fokkens (Spring 2013)


New Zealand

Heavenly Creatures (Fall 2008)



5 Broken Cameras (Fall 2013)



Jose and Pilar (Spring 2013)

The Strange Case of Angelica (Spring 2012)



Tuesday, After Christmas (Spring 2013)



Hipsters (Fall 2012)

The Return (Spring 2008)


South Korea

The Host (Fall 2008)



Goya in Bordeaux (Spring 2010)

The Way (Fall 2012)

O Apóstolo (Spring 2014)



All About Darfur (Spring 2008)



Ingeborg Holm (Fall 2010)

Let the Right One In (Spring 2011)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Fall 2012)



Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Fall 2012)



As Old As My Tongue (Spring 2010)



Distant (Spring 2013)


United Kingdom

100 Days (2 copies) (Spring 2012)

Caravaggio (Fall 2008)

The Pervert’s Guide To Cinema (Fall 2011)


United States

12 Monkeys (Spring 2012)

abUSed: The Postville Raid (Spring 2012)

Amreeka (Spring 2013)

Aristide and the Endless Revolution (Fall 2010)

Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy (Spring 2014)

Between Floors (Spring 2010)

Beyond Belief (Fall 2011)

Beyond The Bricks (Spring 2012)

Blast! (Spring 2010)

Bully (Fall 2013)

Copyright Criminals (Fall 2010)

Dracula (Fall 2010)

El Norte (Fall 2011)

Erasing Hate (Fall 2012)

Eyes on the Prize (Spring 2011)

Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans (Spring 2009)

Flying On One Engine (2 copies) (Fall 2009)

Half the Sky (Fall 2012)

Harvest of Empire (Fall 2013)

Herman’s House (Fall 2013)

Let Them Know: The Story of Youth Brigade and BYO Records (Fall 2009)

Nashville (Spring 2012)

Not in Our Town (Fall 2011)

O’er The Land (Fall 2011)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Fall 2012)

Primary Colors (Fall 2012)

Quantum Hoops (Fall 2009)

Return to Paradise (Spring 2013)

Smoke Signals (Fall 2008)

The Human Experience (Fall 2013)

The Hurt Locker (Fall 2010)

The Magic Life (2 Copies) (Spring 2013)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (Fall 2010)

The Way We Get By (Fall 2009)

Traveling Light (Spring 2014)

Trimpin: The Sound of Invention (Spring 2010)



Whisky (Spring 2008)