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Outdoor Recreation

SEPT. 8   (Sat)
HIKE & SPLASH @ Cummins Falls State Park & Burgess Falls S.P., TN
Cost: $24         Sign-up by: Fri, Aug. 31 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 4 at 5 PM

Cummins Falls State Park is the newest in Tennessee’s great State Park system. We will do a short hike to a waterfall and hopefully scramble down to it so we can get wet! Burgess Falls State Park is less than an hour from Cummins Falls and it has 3 large waterfalls on a 1.5 mile hike. The final fall is the tallest, and the hike to the bottom is rewarded by a chance to get wet! The pools may not be deep enough for swimming, but you will get cooled off. Estimated trip duration: 8 AM – 5 PM.

SEPT. 9  (Sun)
KAYAKING @ Harpeth River, TN
Cost: $33         Sign-up by: Friday, Aug. 31 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 4 at 6 PM

This 6.4-mile trip is designed specifically for the beginner kayaker. The nearby Harpeth River is a gentle, State Scenic River, and kayaking is a great opportunity to paddle your own boat. All equipment is included in the trip fee. Enjoy a day a on the river. Estimated trip duration:  8 AM – 4 PM.

SEPT. 14 – 15  (Fri. – Sat.)
CAMPING & HIKING @ Bells Bend Park, TN
Cost: $33         Sign-up by: Fri, Sept. 7 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 11 at 6 PM

This trip will serve as a great introduction to camping! The Bells Bend Park is located west of Vanderbilt, in Davidson County. We have reserved the whole campground, so it should be a fun time.  We will get there in time to cook dinner and set up our tents. If it is not cloudy, this is a great location for star gazing. On Saturday, we will cook breakfast, break camp, and go for an easy 2 – 4 mile hike. Expect to see some wildlife and experience a peaceful feeling of being in this beautiful location. Estimated trip duration: 4 PM Fri – 12 noon Saturday.

SEPT. 16  (Sun)
CANOEING @ Piney River, TN
Cost: $34 Sign-up by:  Fri, Sept. 7 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 11 at 5 PM

The Piney River is only a little over an hour away, west of Nashville.   We will paddle a scenic 6.6 mile section of the Class I river.  This is a great trip for beginner paddlers.  Highlights include scenic bluffs and rock walls. Estimated trip duration:  8 AM – 6 PM.

SEPT. 22  (Sat)
(Beginner – Advanced)  CLIMBING @ Kings Bluff, TN
Cost: $22         Sign-up by: Fri, Sept. 14 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Wed, Sept. 19 at 5 PM

Wall climbers, it’s time to try the “real thing”! Kings Bluff is a great location for you to experience the fundamentals of rock climbing with our knowledgeable staff. Some climbing experience is preferred, so try the wall first! Shoe rental = $5.50 extra. Estimated trip duration:  9 AM – 5 PM.

SEPT. 22-23  (Sat. – Sun.)
HORSE RIDING, TUBING, & CAMPING @ Great Smoky Mountain National Park, TN
Cost:  $115      Sign-up by: Fri, Sept. 14 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 18 at 6 PM

This is a fun trip to the scenic Smoky Mountains. On Saturday, we will drive to Townsend and go tubing down the Smoky’ s Little River. Then we will set up camp in the Elkmont campground. Sunday morning we will go horseback riding on trails in the Park! The trip cost includes a 1-hour ride for beginners. Experienced riders can pay $30 more for a 2-hour ride. Estimated trip duration: 9 AM Sat. –  6 PM Sun.

SEPT. 23  (Sun)
KAYAKING @ Duck River, TN
Cost: $41         Sign-up by: Friday, Sept. 14 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 18 at 5 PM

The Duck River is a nice river with wooded banks and large, beautiful rock bluffs. We will paddle a 7.6 mile stretch of the river, from Cortner Mill to the Hwy 41 bridge, just east of Shelbyville. The mill provides a great place for swimming and playing in the water before we even start kayaking. Beginners are welcome on this Class I river. We may see…ducks! Estimated trip duration:  7 AM – 6 PM.

SEPT. 28 – 29  (Fri.-Sat.)
Cost: $112       Sign-up by: Fri, Sept. 14 Pre-Trip Meeting:  Tue, Sept. 25 at 6:00 PM

Whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River is packed with fun and excitement on back-to-back rapids! After camping out on Friday, we will be guided down the mighty Middle Ocoee in rafts of 5-6 paddlers each. No experience is necessary. We’ll eat lunch and have a chance to shower before heading back. The tip your guide is included. Estimated trip duration: 6 PM Fri. – 7 PM Sat.


To sign up for a trip, come to the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC), located on 2600 Children’s Way, kind of behind the Student Rec. Center, and pay a deposit or the full amount of the trip.   The ORC accepts cash, check, and the Vanderbilt Commodore Card.  For more info on trips, workshops, and equipment rentals, check out the web at www.vanderbilt.edu/outrec.


Outdoor Recreation Hours:
Mon and Fri 12 noon – 6 p.m.
Tue, Wed, and Thur 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.