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If These Halls Could Talk

Tuesday, Jan 31
Presented by: Shay Malone, Assistant Director, Office of Leadership, Development, and Intercultural Affairs
USA (2011) Dir: Lee Mun Wah. Over a weekend in Ukiah, California, a group of eleven students from around the country gathered to talk about the state of diversity on their college campuses. The students’ stories are starkly emotional, and highlight the complex issues that underlie the demographics of higher education. English. Not rated. DVD. This film will be followed by a diversity training session and is completely funded by the Office of Leadership, Development, and Intercultural Affairs.


Thursday, Feb. 2
Presented by: Dr. Ling-Hon Lam, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
China (2009) Dir: Hi Guan. At the onset of WWII, a dim-witted peasant is given a loyal Dutch cow who produces milk with alleged healing powers. This absurd duo becomes the un- likely hero and the last line of defense when the Japanese enter their town. A surrealistic, dark comedy with the gritty atmosphere of war, unravels as man and beast survive the elements of a hard-scrabbled existence. Mandarin with Eng- lish subtitles. Not rated. 105 mins. Digibeta.