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Vanderbilt Student Recreation

Vanderbilt Student Rec Center Presents:

Weight Fit Seminars, M / W @ 3:00 PM

These seminars provide an educational and practical experience in barbell, dumbbell, machine, and body weight training. Learn all the skills to perform a total body strength training workout by using these four areas. Starting September 5th. Contact mailto:Todd.Suttles@vandberbilt.edu for more information.

Sept. 5 & 7: Free Barbell Weights

Sept. 12 &14: Dumbbell Weights

Sept. 19 & 21: Machine Weights

Sept. 26 & 28: Body Weight Training


Intramural Registration

Registrations can be completed at the Office of Campus Recreation from 9am – 5 pm Mon. – Fri. For more info call 3-8186.

All Freshmen teams register by residence hall floors (contact RA).

Men’s and Women’s Programs

Home Run Derby (NO PRE-REG):  Sept. 4

Softball Registration: Aug. 24-Sept 2 Starting: Sept. 11

Volleyball Registration: Sept. 5-9 Starting: Sept. 18

Tennis League Registration: Sept. 5-9 Starting: Sept. 18

For a complete calendar of activities and more information, please check out our website at http://www.vanderbilt.edu/campusrecreation/intramurals/calendar.html