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Daniel Feuer

Class of: 2015
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Economics
Minors(s): Corporate Strategy, Organizational Leadership

Daniel’s freshman year at Vanderbilt was spent getting adjusted to the nuances of College life. As he explored many areas of study including medicine, economics and the arts his passions for business and medicine began to solidify.  Daniel spent his freshmen year on a volunteer internship with Nashville’s Jewish Federation where he worked with their accounting department to secure donations for a variety of causes as well as organize volunteering events for the Jewish Community of Nashville. Daniel spent his spring and winter breaks working with Smoothie Kidz, a non-profit organization founded by Daniel in 2004, which is dedicated to serving cancer patients through emotional and nutritional care.

The fallowing year, Daniel spent his time developing a foundation, Encore for the Cure, which works with musicians and students of Nashville to raise funds and awareness for children suffering from cancer.  The foundation’s operations are dedicated to bringing the joy of music and the arts to children inflicted by cancer. Through street performances, concerts and musical performances for cancer patients, Encore for the Cure works to fight for children with cancer.

Over the summer Daniel plans to work with Smoothie Kidz to develop a sustainable high school club program so that during the school year he can bring the organization to Vanderbilt’s campus with a collegiate club. He then hopes to use the lessons he’s learned from his work with the Jewish Federation and Encore for the Cure to improve the Smoothie Kidz program. Ultimately Daniel hopes to spend his junior year franchising the Smoothie Kidz program through the sustainable models developed throughout his summer project.

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Key Dates

  • December 1, 2017
  • Ingram Scholarship Program (High School Seniors) applications and letters of recommendation due.

  • TBD 2018
  • Ingram Scholarship Program (Current Vanderbilt First-Year & Sophomore Students) applications and letters of recommendation due.