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Kurt Lockhart

Class of: 2011
Hometown: Ames, IA
School: Arts and Science

Sports and service are two of Kurt’s passions, and the majority of his efforts in high school involved a combination of the two. As a junior, he put together a series of eight disc golf tournaments called the Iowa Charity Challenge. The tournaments, which were held all across the state, helped to raise awareness and funding for Iowa’s Ronald McDonald Houses. Over four hundred Iowans participated, helping to raise more than $7,500 for this charity.

Kurt’s other high school activities included working with youth. During his senior year, he coached a Pee Wee football team and a Little League baseball team in an inner city area. He also spent time tutoring and mentoring students at his high school and served as a teacher’s aide for various classes.

Kurt is very excited for the many opportunities to serve in Nashville. He plans on continuing to coach athletics at a nearby high school and working closely with area youth. He is also very interested in serving the homeless population in Nashville and Habitat for Humanity.