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Cramer McCullen

Class of: 2011
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
School: Arts and Science
Major(s): Spanish

At Vanderbilt, Cramer actively participated in several service activities with his primary focus on service work in Central America and China. Cramer mentors several latino immigrants from El Salvador and Mexico while also helping them learn English. Cramer has a passion for the Hispanic community in the States and abroad, and he hopes to pursue this passion in several ways. He is currently researching youth violence and gang issues in the local community and in Latin America. He plans to work with at-risk youth in the community and initiate programs to help change the cyclical nature of youth violence and poverty among the hispanic community. In addition, Cramer is passionate about medicine and using it to meet the physical needs of underpriviledged people.

This summer, Cramer is traveling to El Salvador to work with youth-at-risk, orphans, juvenile delinquents and gang members doing mentoring, English teaching, rehab and sports clinics. He hopes to learn more about what is being done in the areas where gang membership and violence is most prevalent and implement some of the successful programs within the Nashville community when he returns. Cramer will also be traveling to China to teach at an English camp. He will teach a class of 16-20 high school students.

After undergraduate study, Cramer plans to attend medical school. Eventually, he desires to do medical missions work part or full-time in Latin America.