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Madeline Myers

Class of: 2011
Hometown: Trion, GA
School: Blair School of Music

Madeline constantly strives to combine her energy for music with her passion for service. Since her freshman year at Vanderbilt, Madeline has been a volunteer piano teacher at the W.O. Smith Nashville Community Music School, a nonprofit music school for children from lower-income families. She served as a group counselor and piano accompanist for the W.O. Smith 2009 summer day camp. In addition to her work at the W.O. Smith School, Madeline is the Volunteer Coordinator of Music in the Clinic, a music program at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center that seeks to bring music performances into the clinic for patients and families. Madeline worked with Vanderbilt Volunteer Services to revise the volunteer certification process for the Medical Center, making volunteering easier and more accessible for students and community members. Additionally, Madeline recruited the talent of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra to become volunteer musicians for Music in the Clinic, creating “Symphony in the Clinic” with over 15 volunteers in the inaugural year. She also founded Vanderbilt Music Day at the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, bringing student performances to the stage of the Children's Hospital. With over 10 performances in the first year of the program, Vanderbilt Music Day hosted chamber music groups from Blair along with campus music organizations such as the Dodecs, the Swingin' Dores, the Vanderbilt Steel Band, and the Vanderbilt Community Chorus.

In the summer of 2010, Madeline volunteered at the Opus 118 Harlem School of Music in New York City where she coordinated service efforts between the school and area hospitals, taught a composition workshop for students, and composed music for the school’s string ensembles.

As Madeline begins her senior year, she plans to work closely with arts organizations in the area to make performances and productions available to socioeconomically disadvantaged youth in the Nashville community. She also hopes to use her love for the musical theater as a medium for social reform and humanitarian awareness.