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Current Scholars

Kevin Wolf

Class of: 2015
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
School: School of Engineering
Major(s): Biomedical Engineering

Kevin’s sophomore year was a continuation of his service interests of freshman year, with more focus on issues of homelessness and mentorship. First semester of his freshman year, he got overinvolved and spread himself thin in several different organizations, as most freshman tend to do. However, by the time sophomore year came around, he learned how to better allocate his time, keeping involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee and the Salvation Army.  Even though his former “little brother” from freshman year had to transfer schools, he continued his commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee by getting matched with a new mentee. While keeping in touch with his former mentee, Kevin visited his new mentee weekly, giving advice when applicable and tutoring him in mathematics.

In addition to his involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kevin was happy to spend some time with the Salvation Army and at Baptist Hospital. He enjoyed helping feed the homeless with a handful of other Vanderbilt students under the Jefferson Street Bridge at 2nd Avenue on Friday nights, and hopes to continue to do so this coming year. At the hospital, he worked through the emergency department, helping previous ER patients in need of a primary care physician set up follow-up appointments and establish a long-term relationship with a primary care physician.

Kevin spent this past summer in Kampala, Uganda working with Technology for Tomorrow Ltd. (T4T), an organization currently focusing on rainwater harvesting as a viable solution for water shortages in East Africa. He initially contacted Dr. Moses Musaazi, director of T4T, because of a connection between Dr. Musaazi and a former Ingram Scholar. He, along with Jordan Clark, researched the costs and benefits of rainwater harvesting, and he hopes to use this information to further advocate for rainwater harvesting in schools, houses, and organizations in Uganda. Now, after spending a summer experiencing Uganda and making himself aware of all the challenges associated with water scarcity and sanitation, Kevin hopes to continue his advocacy stateside for rainwater harvesting.

Kevin is very grateful for the Ingram family for their continued involvement in the lives of the Ingram Scholars; additionally, he is thankful Marshall Eakin, Bryn Sierra, and Chris Conder took time out of their busy summers to travel to Uganda to film Jordan and him and join them in their work on rainwater harvesting. After an eye-opening summer resulting in a renewed passion for service, Kevin hopes to dive into his third year at Vanderbilt with a newfound love for the service work he does. In addition to continuing service through the Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Baptist Hospital, Kevin hopes to perform research in biomedical engineering to contribute his knowledge to the fields of medicine and engineering.

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Key Dates

  • 12/01/2014 Ingram Scholarship Program (High School Seniors) applications due.

  • 03/01/2015 Ingram Scholarship Program (Current Vanderbilt First-Year & Sophomore Students) applications due.