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Gender-Related Study-Abroad Resources


Perspectives on gender roles and identities from other cultures are critical elements of informed discussion and debate on the many issues raised in Half the Sky. Direct exposure to differing attitudes and beliefs helps to contextualize our own, and helps to make us aware of the depth of these problems on a global scale.  Direct engagement often inspires us to work with others towards solutions that are sensitive to cultural difference.

Vanderbilt offers many opportunities to students interested in pursuing further study or research on  gender–related issues abroad.  Many of our partner institutions and programs offer coursework on these topics, or help support research on an array of issues, from gender identity to women’s health in developing countries.   Undergraduates may pursue this through the various study abroad programs offered through the Global Education Office (GEO).  A partial list of relevant programs, resources, and courses linked to GEO programs abroad is offered below.

Thomas Bogenschild, Ph.D.
Director, Global Education Office


American University in Cairo – Egypt

University programs, departments and centers:

  • Cynthia Nelson Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies: www.aucegypt.edu/GAPP/IGWS/Pages/default.aspx
  • Social Research Center – Gender and Women’s Empowerment: www.aucegypt.edu/research/src/Pages/Gender_and_Women.aspx
  • Degree Programs: Gender and Women’s Studies in the Middle East/North Africa, with specializations in Gender and Justice; Gendered Political Economies; and Gender and Women’s Studies in the Middle East/ North Africa (Master’s of Arts); Gender and Women’s Studies in the Middle East and North Africa (Graduate Diploma)
  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Marriage and Family in the Medieval and Early Modern Middle East; Gender, Power and Social Change; Women, Islam and the State; Literature and Gender; Comparative Gender, Adolescent, Youth, and Human Development Policy; Theorizing Gender; Approaches to Middle East/ North Africa Gender and Women’s Studies; Histories and Theories of Gender and Development; Gender and Migration; Gender and Feminist Research Methodologies; Women and Human Rights; Special Topics in Gender and Women’s Studies; The Marriage Crisis and the Middle East; Race, Class and Gender: Theorizing Political Identity; Gender and Power in Development; Sex Roles, Gender and Society

CIEE Dakar – Senegal

  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate):Gender and Development in Senegal and Sub-Saharan Africa

University of Cape Town (CIEE) – South Africa

  • University programs, departments and centers:

SIT – Uganda: Development Studies

  • Independent study on gender issues possible

SIT – Kenya: Health and Community Development

  • Independent study on gender issues possible



CIEE Shanghai – China

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Changing Roles of Women in China

City University of Hong Kong (exchange program) – China

  • University programs, departments, etc:
  • Various seminars regarding gender-related topics. Previous examples include “Single Women and Marriage in Japan,” “Beyond Parasites and Loser Dogs: Unmarried Women and the Family in Japan,” and “Women, Islam and Modernity.”
  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate):Women & Development in Asia; Gender, Culture and Society; Islam, Gender & Nation-making in Asia; Gender, Environment and Resource Politics; Gender, Labour and Human Rights; Gender Perspective in Social Work

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology – China

  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Marriage, Family and Kinship in Cross-cultural Perspectives; Women’s Literature; Women in China; Gender and Society; Gender, Development and Fertility

CIEE Tokyo – Japan

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Societies; Issues in Chinese Women’s History; Japanese Women’s History

National University of Singapore

  • University programs, departments, etc: Gender Studies minor: www.fas.nus.edu.sg/acad/subjects/gender-minor.html
  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate):Gender in Malay Societies; Gender Studies; Gender, Culture and Aging; Gender and Society in South Asia; The Problematic Concepts of ‘Gender’; Chinese Women: History and Literature; Women in Philosophy; Women Novelists; Men and Women in Modern Japanese Literature

Australia / New Zealand

University of Adelaide (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Introduction to Gender Studies; Gender, Work & Society; Community, Gender, and Critical Development; Honours Gender, Work, and Social Inquiry; The Politics of Sexuality; The Sexual Body

Australian National University, Canberra (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • The ANU Gender Institute:  genderinstitute.anu.edu.au
    • Gender, Sexuality and Culture (major); Gender and Sexuality (minor);  Gender and Cultural Studies (School of History and Language); Master of Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development (Gender and Development specialization)
  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective; Gender in China; Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Film; Gender in Korean History; Japanese Images of the Feminine: Literature, Film & Art; Real Men: Masculinities in Western History; History of Western Sexuality ; Popular Culture, Gender, and Modernity; Colonialism, Sex and Gender ; Women and Men in Australian History; Women in Italian Society; Law and Sexualities; Feminist and Critical Legal Theory; Gendered Politics of War; Gender, Globalization and Development; Sex and Death: The Philosophy of Biology; Sex, Gender, and Society

Monash University, Melbourne (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
  • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Sex and Crime ; Sex and the Media; Global Consumption, Sex and Race; Gender and Politics; Sexuality and Society; Men, masculinity and society; Genders, Sexualities and Religions in Southeast Asia; Sex, Gender, and Knowledge; Theorising Sexed Bodies: Contemporary Feminist Theory

University of New South Wales, Sydney (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc: Women’s and Gender Studies Program
    • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Art, Gender, Sexuality and the Body; Indigenous Australia: Gendered Identities; Fashion, Gender, Modernity and the City 1860-1960; Gendered Spaces;  Feminist Legal Theory ; Reading Women’s Writing; Society and Desire; Sex, Human Rights and Justice; Pornography, Art and Politics

University of Queensland, Brisbane (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Gender Studies (major)
    • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Gender, Culture, Race; Gender, Sexuality and Society: An Introduction; Aboriginal Women: Gendered Business; Genders & Cultures: Comparative Perspectives; Gender Studies: Themes and Debates; Women in Asian Literatures; Witchcraft & Demonology in Early Modern Europe & Its Colonies; Women and Music; Women, Reason, Desire: Feminism & Western Philosophy; World Women: International Perspectives on Politics & Culture; Gender Research: Approaches and Methodologies; Women, Ethnicity & Identity: Issues of Race & Representation in Gender Research

University of Sydney (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
    • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Introduction to Gender Studies; Sex, Violence and Transgression; The Body: Theory, Practices, Cultures; Bodies, Sexualities, Identities; Genders, Communities and Belonging; Masculinity, Mateship, and Men’s Lives, and Gender in Modern Asia;  Sexuality and Power in East Asian History; Gender in Modern Chinese Literature; Gender and Sexuality in German Literature; Sex and Scandal; Gender and Human Rights; Gender: Anthropological Studies; Reading Sexuality; Gender and the Development of Peace; Bodies and Passions; Gender in the Global Economy; Sex, Desire, and the Sacred; Sex, Race and Rock in the U.S.A.

University of Western Australia, Perth (IFSA/Butler) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Centre for Gender Studies, School of Social Science
    • Online journal: Outskirts: feminisms along the edge
    • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Sex, Gender, and Social Life; Gender and the Law; Feminist Analysis of Law; Women, Crime and the Criminal Justice System; Days of Our Lives: Gender in Australia; Gender and Power in Asia; Men and Masculinities in History; Reading Bodies; Sex, Bodies and Spaces; Sex, Gender and Social Life; World Views: Religion, Gender, and Society in Pre-Modern Europe

University of Melbourne, Melbourne (Exchange partner) – Australia

Murdoch University, Perth (CIEE) – Australia

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Gender Studies minor
    • Representative Course Samplings (undergraduate): Gender and Development; Women’s Studies


University of Auckland (IFSA-Butler) – New Zealand

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Women’s Studies
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Politics; Gender and Representation

University of Canterbury (IFSA-Butler) – New Zealand

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender & Development in International Relations; Gender in Focus

Victoria University (IFSA-Butler) – New Zealand

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender: Politics and Policy / Reproducing Gendered Bodies


IES Vienna Program – Austria

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Department of Sociology: Research Area – Feminist Theories and Gender Studies
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Ethics of Gender Relations; Women’s and Gender History; Murderous Women/Murderous Men Gender Positioning in Crime Fiction; Gender Studies/Muslim World; Race, Gender and Sexuality in African Literature; Gender, Economics and Postcolonial Critique; Social Protection and Gender in Global and Historical Perspective;  Specific Problems of Language Policy: Language Politics and Gender; Gender Trouble Revisited II: Policy, Feminism and Contemporary Performance Art; Education and Gender – Violence Experiences of Women with Physical and Sensory Disabilities – Pedagogical Implications; Education and Gender – Heteronormativity – Queer-/Feminist Contributions to Theories on Education; Gender and Politics; Diagnosis of Society: Gender and Intersectionality; Diagnoses of Society – The Gap Between the Global North and the Global South with Special Emphasis on the Gender Perspective; Islam and Gender in Southeast Asia: Agency in Local and (Trans)National Contexts; Gender Studies Theories and Methods; Gendered Topics in Legal Studies; Introduction to Gender Studies; Gender Specific Communication and Organization Skills; Gendered Topics in Science; The Female as Writer and Perspective in Austrian Literature After 194; Constructing Female Identities in Different Times and Places; Approaches to Jewishness, Paternal Memory and Female Roles

DIS Copenhagen – Denmark

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Women, Art, Identity; Gender, Body and Sexuality ; Gender and Sexuality in Scandinavia; gender Perspectives on Human Rights; Human Trafficking in Europe; Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy in Denmark; Sociology of the Family; Human Trafficking and Prostitution; Human Trafficking in a Global Context

Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) – France

Vanderbilt-in-France, Aix-en-Provence – France

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): French Feminist Thought: Literary and Critical

Vanderbilt-in- Germany, Regensburg (Exchange Program) – Germany

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): History of Women in Southeastern Europe, 19th-20th Centuries

National University of Ireland, Galway (IFSA-Butler) – Ireland

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Global Women’s Studies
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender, Work, and Family in Ireland 1850-1922; Women in Irish Society; Women’s Human Rights; Thinking Differently: European Women’s Studies; Irish Women’s Writing

Trinity College, Dublin  (IFSA-Butler) – Ireland

University College Cork (IFSA-Butler)- Ireland

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Sociology of Gender; Women and Literature

University College Dublin (IFSA-Butler)– Ireland

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Reading Gender and Sexuality

Utrecht University (Exchange Program) – The Netherlands

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender, ethnicity and culture critique; Historiography of Feminist Ideas; Transnational Feminis; Postcolonial Configurations: Gender, Genre and Race

SIT – Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans

  • Independent gender studies research projects available

CIEE Barcelona – Advanced Liberal Arts – Spain

CIEE Barcelona – Language and Culture – Spain

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate):  Social Structure; Social Stratification; Gender and the Family; Equality Policies and Plans; Women, the Family and the Labour Market; Legislative Policies and Equality Plans

Stockholm University (Exchange Program) – Sweden

SIT-Switzerland: International Studies and Multilateral Diplomacy

  • Independent research on gender studies issues available

University College London (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Politics

University of Edinburgh (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Gender and Politics
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Development; Global Politics of Sex and Gender; Discourses of Desire: Sex, Gender, and the Sonnet Sequence in Tudor and Stuart England; Islam Past and Present: Issues of Gender and Ethics; Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe; Women writers in Early Modern France; 20th Century Latin American Women’s Writing; Empresses and Others: Women of Imperial Rome; Feminising the Word: Woman and Medieval Literature c. 1180-1500

University of Glasgow (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Centre for Gender History
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Comparative Literature 1B-Heroes (Heroic Women; Gender, Conflict and Development; Gender And Identity In Post-Revolutionary Cuban Cinema; Gender And Identity In Soviet And Post-Soviet Russia; Gender and Class in Britain C1800-1930; Gender and Society; Gender, Politics and Power; Patriarchy, Sex and Gender in Early Modern Europe; Women And Gender Relations In Europe 1789-1918;The Politics of Gender and Development; The Politics of Gender in Development; Islam: Gender, Ethics And Pluralism; Sociology of Gender Relations; Sociology of Gender; Sexuality And Gender In Latin American Culture; 20th Century And Contemporary French Women’s Writing; An Exploration of Francophone Senegalese Women’s Texts: A Poet, a Platform and a Political Agenda; Czech, Polish And Russian Women’s Writing In English Translation; Domesticating The Dictators: Women’s Writing Under Stalin And Franco; Dynamic Dialogues: Women’s Voices in the Literature of Love; From Pocahontas To Post-Feminism: Women In American History’ Women in Modern Italy; Women’s Expressions Of Selfhood Across South America

University of Leeds (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Women in Medieval Scandinavian Literature; Bodies of Difference: Gender, Power and the Visual Arts; Gender, Culture and Politics: Readings of Jane Austen; Space, Place and Gender, 1760-1825; The Art of Romance: Love, Marriage and Gender in Medieval France; Gender, Sex and Cinema in France; Gender, Culture and Representation in German History 1871-2000; Race, Gender and Cultural Protest in the US since 1865; Gendering the Raj: Women, Imperialism and Nationalism in Colonial and Postcolonial India; Language and Gender; Gender and Entrepreneurship; Gender and Equality at Work in Comparative Perspective; Gender and Development; Gender and Violence; The Sociology of Gender; Religion, Gender and Society; Gender, Race and Culture

University of St. Andrews (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction: Gender and Genre; Authorising English: Society, Gender and Religion in late Mediaeval English Literature; The Weaker Sex? Women and Scottish Society 1800-1970; Women in Ancient Societies; Romantic Writing and Women

University of Stirling (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Language and Gender; Religion and Gender; Women, Crime and Society; Sport, Gender, Ethnicity and Identity

University of York (IFSA-Butler) – United Kingdom

  • University programs, departments, etc:
  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Indentity: John Locke to Jane Austen; Changing Fortunes? Women in 16th Century Europe; Women and the City in the Contemporary American Novel; Britons at Work: Gender, Class & Victorian Culture; Gender, Sexuality and Diversity

Latin America

CIEE Buenos Aires – Argentina

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Body, Gender, and Sexuality in Argentina: Representations, Experiences, Social Movements, and Politics (CIEE-FLASCO); Gender and Politics (Universidad de Buenos Aires); The Dilemma of Gender (Universidad de Buenos Aires); Female Writers and Writing (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Fortaleza, Brazil: Social Justice and Sustainable Development (SIT) – Brazil

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Race, Gender, and Sustainable Development in Brazil

SIT Brazil: Social Justice and Sustainable Development

  • Independent research projects on gender issues available

CIEE Santiago, Chile – Chile

  • University programs, departments, etc:
    • Centro de Estudios de Género y Cultura en América Latina, Facultad de Filosofia y Humanidades (Universidad de Chile)
    • Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios de Genero (CIEG), Facultad de Ciencias Sociales (Universidad de Chile)
    • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Representation of Women in the Works of Maria Luisa Bombal, Marcela Serrano, and Manuel Pui (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile); Anthropology of Gender (Universidad de Chile); Gender and Society (Universidad de Chile); Women in Latin American Society (Universidad de Chile); Feminismos (Universidad de Chile); Historia de las mujeres en Chile (Universidad de Chile); Memoria y movimientos de mujeres: las mujeres y la educación, una apuesta política (Universidad de Chile); Filosofía, educación y género (Universidad de Chile); Subjetividad, Sexualidades y Generaciones (Universidad de Chile); Género, educación y poder (Universidad de Chile); Masculinidades críticas y estudios queer (Universidad de Chile); Intervenciones psicojurídicas en violencia sexual (Universidad de Chile; Teoría antropológica: teoría feminista (Universidad de Chile); Family, Gender and Society (Universidad Diego Portales)

CIEE Santiago, Dominican Republic – Dominican Republic

  • Representative Course Sampling (undergraduate): Gender and Society of the Hispanic Caribbean; Literature of Latin American and Caribbean Women; Introduction to Women’s Studies; Women and Society

Middle East

SIT- Jordan: Modernization and Social Change

  • Independent research on gender studies issues available

Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Israel