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Film: Sometimes in April

Posted by mzimmerman79@gmail.com on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 in News.

This award-winning film recounts in chilling detail what it was like for a Tutsi family to live through the Rwandan genocide of 1994.  An excerpt from the film’s dialogue:

Jeanne: It’s happening, isn’t it?

[Looks silently at an equally silent Augustin before angrily returning to preparing            dinner]

Jeanne: I should never have listened to you! We should have left a long time ago for         Kenya or for Senegal, I don’t know, but…!

Augustin: I’m in the military. This is our home.

Jeanne: Yes, but tell me: how can I call this home when I’m living in constant fear,           Augustin? I already lost most of my family in ’92. There’s only us now.

Augustin: I can’t just get up and run! Abandon everything? What?

Jeanne: We should have brought Anne-Marie back sooner!

Augustin: She’s safer in the countryside than in Kigali. Come on!

Jeanne: [Snaps in frustration] Come on, wake up!… Nobody is safe in this country!

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