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Film: Amen

Posted by mzimmerman79@gmail.com on Friday, August 29, 2014 in News.


Tuesday October 14th at 7PM Divinity School Art Room

Our second event will be the 2002 film, “Amen,” by the Greek director Costa-Gavras.  The film is based loosely on the story of a Nazi SS officer, Kurt Gerstein, whose scientific research on water-purification led to the development of the poison Zyklon B, which was widely used in the death camps for mass-killing of Jews.  Gerstein’s horror at the uses to which his invention were put, and his courageous attempts to alert Swedish diplomats and Vatican officials about what was happening in the camps, make for a gripping narrative about the tensions between scientific ideals, national allegiance, religious conscience, and the demands of moral engagement in a time of war.



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