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Dr. Vittorio Luzzati: Science and the Holocaust in Italy

Posted by mzimmerman79@gmail.com on Monday, August 25, 2014 in News.


Tuesday November 4th at 7PM Commons Center MPR

Our final speaker, on Nov. 4, will be the scientist Vittorio Luzzati, born in Italy at almost the same time as Fascism itself, a member of a Jewish family closely related to the family of the eminent Holocaust writer Primo Levi. Luzzati witnessed as a teenager the rise of Mussolini’s anti-Semitism, until his family managed to flee to Argentina in the late 1930s. In 1947, after completing his university education in Argentina, Luzzati returned to Europe and pursued a scientific career in France.  He will participate in a Q&A session in which audience members can ask him questions about the experience of growing up as a Jew in Mussolini’s Italy, of becoming a scientist, and of digesting such diverse cultural backgrounds. Luzzati worked as a crystallographer in the early-postwar years when crystallography met with biology, and witnessed at first hand the discovery of the structure of DNA, and the determination of the 3D structure of proteins. Dr. Luzzati has been awarded the 2009 Guinier Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Small-Angle Scattering with macromolecules and lipids in solution. Dr. Luzzati will also be a speaker at the Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology on Nov.5.



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