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Past Series

Science, Technology, and the Holocaust (2014)

Neighbors Turning Against Neighbors (2013)

We Were There, We Are Here (2012)

Holocaust Remains (2011)

Different Speaking, Different Listening (2010)

Barriers and Boundaries (2009)

[Over]Sites of Memory (2008)

Broken Silence (2007)

Against Cultural Genocide (2006)

Legacies: Remembering, Forgetting, Reconciling (2005)

The Fragility of Democracy (2004)

Justice, Redress, and Restitution (2003)

Living on…A Tradition of Reflection (2002)

Resistance to the Holocaust (2001)

Arts of Remembrance (2000)

Making and Evoking Memory (1999)

Lives Unraveled: Shattered Generations of the Holocaust (1998)

The Holocaust: What Does it Mean (1997)

Revisiting the Holocaust (1996)

Women’s Voices From the Holocaust (1995)

The Holocaust After 50 Years: Preserving Truth and Memory (1994)

Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 (1993)

Hate and Human Frailty (1992)

Stories From the Holocaust (1991)

Moral Choices: Lessons From the Holocaust (1989)

Gyorgy Kadar: Survivor of Death, Witness to Life (1988)

The Holocaust: Where Were the Christians (1987)

Facing Evil: Witnesses, Heroes, Collaborators (1986)

Holocaust, Hiroshima and Hope (1985)

The Holocaust: Expressing the Inexpressible (1985)

Crimes Against Humanity: The Nuremberg Legacy (1983)

Images of the Holocaust: Art, Film, Music (1983)

The Holocaust and Moral Society–A Challenge to Ethical Responsibility (1981)

Surviving the Holocaust (1981)

The Holocaust Lectures (1979-80)

Holocaust: Jewish and Christian Perspectives (1979)