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E. Rachel Eskridge
Office of Wellness Programs and Alcohol Education



E. Rachel Eskridge, M.Ed. is the Director of Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education in the Office of the Dean of Students at Vanderbilt University. Previously, she worked for three years as the Outreach, Prevention, and Education Coordinator at the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center creating relationships, partnerships and programming across campus. She works specifically in the areas of alcohol and other drug prevention, suicide prevention, stress management, faculty and staff training, and coordination of care for students of concern. She created and oversees the peer educator group, LEAPS (Liaisons Educating & Advocating for Psychological Support).

Outreach and Education

Katherine S. Drotos CuthbertKatherine S. Drotos Cuthbert
Office of Wellness Programs and Alcohol Education

Katherine Drotos Cuthbert is the coordinator for the Office of Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education and the administrative facilitator for Vanderbilt Recovery Support, our Collegiate Recovery Program.  Katherine previously developed and implemented the Health & Wellness program at Nataki Talibah Schoolhouse of Detroit, which focused on self-care, substance abuse prevention, and nutrition.  As a former Professional Boxer, she has presented on holistic health throughout the state of Michigan.  Katherine received a Graduate Certificate in Complementary Medicine & Wellness from Oakland University and is currently in the Master of Liberal Arts and Science program at Vanderbilt University.