For Faculty & Staff

Most students adjust to the challenges of college life or graduate school on their own, or with support from family and friends. However, there may be occasions that indicate a need for professional help. Faculty and staff may be in a position to identify students who require additional assistance and refer them to appropriate resources.

The information, in this section, is provided to help faculty and staff with their interactions with students, as well as to provide crisis support resources directly to university faculty and staff. Please note that the below resources have been categorized in order to best match student needs with the appropriate resources; however, the categories are not mutually exclusive and some resources may be appropriate for a variety of circumstances.

Distress Intervention: Imminent Threat of Harm/Life Endangering Situation

Distress Intervention: Urgent but No Imminent Threat of Harm

Distress Intervention: Non-urgent or Minimally Disruptive Behavior

Mental Health Educational Resources and Trainings