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IFC Recruitment

Joining an IFC Fraternity

Freshmen men interested in pledging during their second semester should meet as many fraternity members during the fall semester and learn about the various activities sponsored by each chapter. The more people you meet in fraternities, the more options are likely to be available to you at the conclusion of the process.

On August 25, 2013 at 1 pm in the Student Life Center, there will be an information meeting for all men interested in joining a fraternity. They will have  the opportunity to visit all of the fraternities and meet their members. They will also be able to register for IFC Recruitment on-line, sign a grade release card, and pay the $20 registration fee. If they are unable to complete the process at that time, they may visit the Office of Greek Life in 207 Sarratt Student Center to sign the card and pay the registration fee. They will also be given information to go on-line to fill out the registration form. Men will not be considered registered for IFC Recruitment until their registration fee is paid, the online form is completed, and their grade release has been completed.

The deadline for registering for Spring 2014 recruitment has passed.  However if you have any questions about the process do not hesitate to contact the Office of Greek Life at 322-2048 or greeklife@vanderbilt.edu

Throughout the fall semester, potential members will be invited to attend activities and events with fraternity men.  It is encouraged to explore a variety of opportunities with as many fraternities as possible.  This open contact period will be followed by bid day on January 10, 2014.  This is a process of mutual selection for potential members and fraternity chapters.


In order to be eligible to join an IFC fraternity, men must have at least a 2.5 grade point average and have completed at least 12 credit hours.   In addition, potential members must have completed 3 hours of community service with a fraternity.  A potential member can attend service events to meet this requirement with any fraternity; it does not need to be the chapter that he ultimately ends up joining.

In addition, students are not eligible to join a Greek organization if they are placed on disciplinary probation.  Students can be placed on disciplinary probation for violations of state law and university policy, including but not limited to underage consumption of alcohol, intoxication, possession or use of fake identification, fighting or drug usage.  As such, men interested in joining should conduct themselves in a respectable manner and make responsible personal decisions so that their behavior does not prevent them from joining a Greek organization.

Deferred Joining

Since 1973, Vanderbilt has had a deferred joining system. Under this system, students have the entire fall semester to adjust to college academics and living in a residence hall. There is also the opportunity to observe the Greek community. The advantage to deferred joining is that students can make a more informed decision about whether to join a fraternity and which organization suits them best. Each group has its own character, but all have similar programs and activities. They all encourage academic achievement, community service, social activities, leadership development and strong friendships.

Pledging Information

The education period following recruitment lasts between 5-8 weeks. This time is used for brotherhood development and to teach new members about the history, traditions, structure, management and ritual of the chapter. While it is a serious time commitment, pledging should not interfere with classes or study time. Every chapter has a scholarship program that includes study hours for new members. Vanderbilt University and every international Greek organization prohibit hazing in any form during this new member education period. For more information about the laws and policies regarding Hazing, please click here.

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