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Social Chairs & Risk Management

Social Chairs and Risk Managers are responsible for coordinating the social events, risk management education, and the enforcement of University, respective governing council, and (Inter) National policies of the chapter. These chapter leaders are also expected to hold their chapter in full compliance with the IFC/Panhellenic Alcohol Policy. A list of these related Policies follows.

In addition to these polices, the Vanderbilt Fraternity & Sorority Standards also address party management and risk management specifically.

  • Chapter is not charged with and found responsible for any violation of local, state and federal laws, Vanderbilt University policies, or governing council and respective national organization risk management policies
  • Chapter plans at least three non-alcoholic social/brotherhood/sisterhood events each semester during the academic year. Examples include but are not limited to bowling, restaurant outings, laser tag, movie nights, pizza parties, etc.
  • Chapter has appropriate Insurance Form and Chapter Risk Management policy on file in the Office of Greek Life

Party Registration

Out of Town Travel Form
Off Campus Social Event Notification Form
Fraternity and Sorority Social Event Debriefing Form
IFC Party Patrol Checklist

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