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Publicity Chairs have a very unique duty to their fraternity or sorority. Not only do they promote chapter activities and events, they also create positive relationships and materials to inform the campus and surrounding communities about the organization.

A publicity plan is a planned program aimed at obtaining favorable media coverage for an organization’s activities – or for the organization itself, to enhance its reputation and relationships with fellow students, alumni, campus faculty and staff, and the Nashville community.

A basic tool of the publicist is the press release, but other techniques include news stories, internet releases, and social networking websites. For these releases to be used by the media, they must be of interest to the public. The releases are often customized to match the media vehicle that they are being sent to. The most successful publicity releases are related to topics of current interest. Publicity Chairs cannot wait around for the news to present opportunities. They must also try to create their own news.

In an effort to support the transition to The Commons experience, all fraternities and sororities are expected to adhere to the reservation guidelines pertaining The Commons Center. The Commons Center and thr adjacent laws may not be available to individual fraternities or sororities in order to have that space open for Commons related activities. For policies related to using space at the Commons, see below.

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