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New Member Education

New Member Educators have the distinct pleasure of introducing new members to the ideals and traditions of their fraternity or sorority. With this honor, comes the responsibility to also plan and implement a safe, educational, and balanced program that prepares new members for full, lifelong membership in their organization.

In addition, Vanderbilt University has specific Fraternity & Sorority Standards that address membership education. A new member educator should set personal and chapter goals with these in mind.

  • Chapter sponsors or attends at least four educational programs each year with approximately 65% of the chapter membership present at each program. One program each semester should address risk management issues including drugs, alcohol or hazing; one program each year should address diversity; and one or more additional programs may address issues of the chapter’s choice. Examples include but are not limited to attending speakers on campus, inviting speakers to chapter meetings, and GAMMA programs. The number of members who attend a given program should be included, attendance lists are not necessary.
  • Chapter initiates new members within 8 weeks of beginning the new member education process
  • Chapter submits new member education program by the deadline established by its governing council. This document should include a written outline for the new member education programs of the local chapter and national organization, a detailed new member education calendar, and a signed hazing statement

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