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House Manager

The duties of House Managers will vary by organization depending on the management of the facility. However, the Office of Greek Life and Vanderbilt University expect all chapters that have a facility to uphold standards for house appearance, grounds keeping, and overall maintenance. House Managers do their part to ensure that chapter members are educated on these standards, and that facilities adhere to them.

Close and lock all doors. This is for your safety and security.

Cleanup & Housekeeping:

  • Sign the Housekeeping checklist each day signifying work was done satisfactorily that day.
  • Trash is to be picked up and discarded in trash cans at the end of each night.
  • Cans and other debris are picked up and discarded in a trash can immediately following a party.
  • Decorations from a build party are discarded in (not around) the large dumpster located in the Greek alley no later than 8am Monday following the function.
  • Chapters may be billed for excessive trash left in the house through student damage.
  • Develop a strategy with the rest of the Executive Board to deal with members who continually leave trash out or damage the house. Housekeeping and the Area Maintenance Supervisor will monitor and make note of excessive trash.
  • Bring all couches and furniture inside after use on a daily basis. Couches and other furniture left outside overnight may be removed. A warning notice will be left either on the furniture, the house manager bulletin board, or via email/phone call before removing the couch. If action is not taken after leaving notice, the items may be discarded at the expense of the fraternity.

Maintenance & Improvements:

All work done must be approved by the University. Contractors must be authorized to do business on campus. The fraternity should not contract with contractors directly. Facility Improvement Forms should be submitted to use money from the fraternity’s on-campus account for house improvements. These improvements must be approved by both the alumni board and the University.

Moving In/Out & Summer Occupancy:

  • The house, including bedrooms, should be completely cleared of all personal belongings, including personal furniture at the end of the school year. Locks will be changed for the transition to summer. Summer occupancy must be approved by the University and House Corporation. This is to assure that all rooms and space are cleaned and repaired for the next resident. At the end of summer session the same procedure should be followed.
  • The University will identify one lockable space in the fraternity house for the upcoming year’s residents to store belongings over the summer. This room will be cleaned prior to items being placed for storage. No additional furniture can be stored. This can only be used for the upcoming fall residents.
  • Submit house closing forms for Thanksgiving, Semester, and Spring Break to the Office of Greek Life. Dates and deadlines will be distributed as we get closer to the closing periods. This report is generated and provided to VUPD as a means to offer better safety and security for the residents and the house.

Close and lock all doors. This is for your safety and security.

For all maintenance requests & concerns, please call Randy Clark at 343-7489. You may also contact the Office of Greek Life if needed.

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