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GDR Qualifying Examination Dates 2011-12:
> August 1-15, 2011
> October 3-17, 2011

> March 12-26, 2012




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> GDR Student lists by Area of Study: Ethics and Society, Hebrew Bible, History, HACTOR, Homiletics and Liturgics, Jewish Studies, New Testament, Religion, Psychology, and Culture, Theology
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After logging in to YES, you can search for all courses (i.e. divinity), for a particular course (i.e. DIV 2503), or for all courses taught by an instructor (with the advanced search, searching by last name).  Faculty, please note that YES displays the course information specific to the course designation, so the online grading tool is the best way to see your complete class roll if a course is cross-listed.

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Teaching Fellowships in the GDR
> Expectations for TFs and Faculty (pdf)

GDR Administration
> Paul DeHart, Chair
> James Byrd, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research
> Marie McEntire, Administrative Assistant for the Graduate Department of Religion (



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