General Requirements

Residency Requirement

Full-time students are expected to enroll in the Graduate School during each fall and spring semester. After completion of the required 72 hours for the Ph.D. degree, full-time students register for 0 hours of dissertation research at the minimum tuition rate of $200 each semester. Candidates for the Ph.D. degree who are away from the University must continue to register for 0 hours of dissertation research to remain in good standing.

After commencing graduate studies at Vanderbilt, a student may be granted leave of absence by the Graduate School for a maximum of one year.

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Foreign Language Requirements

Each graduate program determines what languages, if any, will be required for the master's and Ph.D. degrees and the competency required in each language. Requirements for each program are set forth in the Graduate School Catalog. Individual departments and the Psychological and Counseling Center administer language examinations.

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Transfer Credit

Graduate credit may be transferred from graduate schools of other accredited universities. Transfer is made only on recommendation of the chair of the student's major department and with approval of the Graduate School. Only those hours in which the student has achieved a grade of B or better will be considered for transfer. A maximum of 6 semester hours of transfer credit may be applied toward the master's degree and, in very special cases, 48 hours toward the Ph.D. The Graduate School will also treat as transfer credit courses taken by students in other schools of Vanderbilt and applied later to degrees granted by the Graduate School.

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Non-Degree Students

With approval of the Graduate School, non-degree students may register for selected courses in areas for which they are qualified. Such students file with the Graduate School an electronic application, including uploaded copies of unofficial transcripts, and written approval of the course instructor. These arrangements must be completed at least one week before registration. No more than 6 semester hours earned as a non-degree student may be applied to graduate degrees at Vanderbilt.

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