Student Web Applications

The Student Web Applications site contains links to many of the interactive web applications available to Vanderbilt students. Below is a short list of some of the more commonly used applications.

  • The YES System allows students to access their personal academic records online. This application requires the use of an e-password. If you do not have an e-password or have forgotten your e-password, please click here.
  • You may update your address with the University Registrar either online or by mail. Please follow the instructions below for your prefered update method.
    • Online: To update your address information online log into the YES System.
    • By Mail: To update your address information by mail follow the instructions on this page of the University Registrar's site.
  • The YES System will allow you to view available course along with the time and date they are offered and the location where they are offered.
  • The University Calendar has information about important dates during the semester.
  • The most recent version of the Graduate School Catalog is maintained here.